A Not-So-Transparent President (and Congress)

Obama-HaloWhen Obama ran for president in 2008, one of his unfilled promises was a more “transparent” government, which he accused the Bush administration of failing to do. Those who are associated with Obama have, more or less, promised the same thing. While the Democrats were wrong about fabrication of intelligence reports to get Congress to approve the Iraq War, the Bush administration’s NSA was also intrusive and many were against the so-called “Patriot Act”, legislation whose name was changed in order to make congressional members feel they were “unpatriotic” if they did not pass it. However, the transgressions of Bush and company pales in comparison of the unconstitutional, unethical and downright corrupt executive administration under the reign of BH Obama. Bush did not put any great effort in correcting domestic issues, as well as his Republican counterparts in Congress – like work at repealing the 16th Amendment and getting rid of the income tax system: forever. That alone would have helped the economy greatly, and contrary to congressional believe, also aid the federal government economically. Promises made at the GOP convention were never enacted, and Bush, like previous presidents, did not enforce immigration laws while talking of amnesty law and other factors that would never help the situation. The most under-handed thing that Bush did was secretly hold meeting concerning the forming of a North American Union with Canada and Mexico – clearly violating our sovereignty; thinking they could devise a system that would not fail as the European Union did. The way our armed forces is evolving, our future sovereignty is raised in extreme doubt – as well as the quality and professionalism of troops.

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Info Highway: April 15th 2013 and Notes From My Desk

hand_point2– Senate Democrats are holding up a resolution to honor deceased Margaret Thatcher, who died at age 87. Apparently the tribute made by Obama and Bill Clinton was a front. The tribute cites M. Thatcher as a –

…life-long commitment to advancing freedom, liberty, and democracy and for her friendship to the United States.

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Organized Labor in the United States

Organized Labor in the United States

Activists Protest Supreme Court Decision On Corporate Political SpendingElection 2012 - Tax Reform Not Campaign Issue, AgainDuring the 1850s, improving economic conditions led to the first national labor unions. The typesetters, iron molders, hat finishers, stonecutters, and cigar makers all formed permanent groups. When the Civil War followed, labor shortages encouraged other groups to create their own unions. During and immediately after the war, railroad workers formed brotherhoods; locomotive engineers unionized in 1863, conductors in 1868, and firefighters in 1873. Other artisan professions joined in unions but fell victim to the industrial changes after the war. The Knights of St. Crispin started in 1867 as an association of shoemakers; the introduction of shoemaking machinery doomed the union to extinction within a decade.

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Hostess Closes Doors: More Than 80,000 Lose Jobs and Twinkies in Jeopardy

I fail to see how a unionized worker can have the gall to go on strike during an national economic period when people are thankful just to be working … This month, Hostess Bakeries, a long established American icon like baseball, is going down for the count in the month of November 2012. Last year, Hostess lost $341 million, so what did labor union workers demand – compensation from money not available. Hostess CEOs stated that in order for the corporation to continue, a request was made to accept a lower compensation for an undetermined period of time.

Unions have failed to remember what Samuel Gompers, the founder of the American Federation of Labor stated more than 100 years ago: what workers need is a company that operates at a profit. In other words, what is good for the company is good for the workers – theoretically, if the management keeps that line of thought.

The strike that ensued over this forced Hostess to file for bankruptcy and a judge cleared the way for Hostess Brands, Inc. to fire its 18,500 workers and wind down its operations. The pieces and merchandise that includes Twinkies and other goods are liquidated to the highest bidder. Nature’s Pride, Dolly Madison, and Drake’s were interested in the liquidation. It was reported that Hostess in Irving, Texas wanted to close because it was spending $1 million a day in payroll without any income received. Hostess stated that about 3,200 employees will remain for the liquidation process, but need to look for employment.
Blame for the financial debacle was a presented as a myriad of reasons: Management missteps, rising labor costs, and changing tastes. The union strike dealt the deathblow. The liquidation involves the closure of 33 bakeries, 565 distribution centers, 5,500 delivery routes, and 570 bakery outlet stores.
As CEO Gregory Rayburn stated:

We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike.

The bad thing is that when the brands are bought and restarted in production, Hostess workers will not get their jobs back. Hostess filed in the early part of this year, the finalization culminating just a few days ago in the legal court process. It was the workers last chance given last week to return to work or face a shutdown of the company, despite earlier in the year conceding that bankruptcy was in the horizon. Of course, Hostess had faced bankruptcy before, in 2004, but was not forced to close its doors.
According to MSN Money, Twinkie lovers around the world will have no fear – the product said to outlast any other food product on the shelf in lieu of some major disaster will survive the bankruptcy – Hostess just will not produce it.
The Los Angeles Times, mouthpiece for powerful labor unions and big government in Los Angeles, city of trade unions wrote:

Let’s get a few things clear. Hostess didn’t fail for any of the reasons you’ve been fed. It didn’t fail because Americans demanded more healthful food than its Twinkies and Ho-Hos snack cakes. It didn’t fail because its unions wanted it to die. It failed because the people that ran it had no idea what they were doing. Every other excuse is just an attempt by the guilty to blame someone else. …

Keister Award

It’s true that the company had done almost nothing in the last 10 years to modernize or expand its offerings. But as any of the millions of Americans who have succumbed to Twinkie cravings can attest, there has always been something about their greasy denseness and peculiar aftertaste that place them high among the ranks of foodstuffs that can be perfectly satisfying without actually being any good. … Example: Just before declaring bankruptcy for the second time in eight years Jan. 11, Hostess trebled the compensation of then-Chief Executive Brian Driscoll and raised other executives’ pay up to twofold. At the same time, the company was demanding lower wages from workers and stiffing employee pension funds of $8 million a month in payment obligations. [no source provided] Hostess management hasn’t been able entirely to erase the paper trail pointing to its own derelictions. Consider a 163-page affidavit filed as part of the second bankruptcy petition. … The company had known for a decade or more that its market was changing, but had done nothing to modernize its product line or distribution system. Its trucks were breaking down. It was keeping unprofitable stores open and having trouble figuring out how to move inventory to customers and when. It had cut back advertising and marketing to the point where it was barely communicating with customers. It had gotten hundreds of millions of dollars in concessions from its unions, and spent none of it on these essential improvements.

Political pundits on both sides of the fence have slung blame upon each other, as The Inquisitr reported:

With 15,000 Hostess workers fired immediately after Judge Drain gave approval for Hostess to begin emergency liquidation, political pundits from both the right and the left have begun slinging mud at each other. As previously reported on The Inquisitr, some of the Hostess workers, who agree with the Bakery Union’s decision to walk away from negotiations, have been blaming Bain Capital-style greedy Hostess executives for giving themselves raises while asking union employees to take stiff cuts to salaries, pensions, and health insurance. This narrative is derailed by the fact that leading members of the Democratic Party, and one of its top donors, were behind the demise of Hostess. … although some of the accusations ares true. As the Bakers Union says, the Wall Street Journal reports that in July 2011, top executives received a 75 to 80 percent pay increase. What makes this executive pay raise so ridiculous is that two months prior to this Hostess posted a $341 million net loss from a recorded net revenue of about $2.5 billion. The Teamsters Union could not stand for this outrage and the multi-million dollar CEO Brian Driscoll disappeared from the scene in March of 2012. When Greg Rayburn became Hostess’ sixth CEO in a decade he was considered a company turnaround expert. Rayburn quickly reduced those same executives’ salaries to one dollar a year, which included his own pay of $125,000. He did this to combat Hostess’ $860 million debt load and the $2 billion in unfunded pension liabilities to various unions’ workers. … According to American Thinker, the Teamsters, notably, are not affiliated with the AFL-CIO , while the Bakers are part of the labor federation headed by Richard Trumka. It is claimed that “Trumka has a long and sordid history of selling out union workers for his personal political power and career advancement.” Clarice Feldman chronicles for readers of American Thinker Trumka’s “sell-out of the mine workers when he headed the United Mine Workers of America, allying with President Obama, who has made clear his intent to close down coal mines and destroy mining jobs, sacrificing his members’ livelihood, while his political sway earned him a promotion from his own union to head up the entire AFL-CIO and emerge as one of Obama’s key allies.” …
At the end of the the Twinkies saga, the final nail in the coffin was that the Bakers Union called for a strike despite Judge Drain having “serious questions as to the logic behind the decision” and walked out on negotiations. A union is supposed to represent the workers to their benefit, not get them fired

While I had been researching and following this event and in the middle of writing the last article, J. Bartelson sent me the following satirical chain email:

Hostess Bakeries have closed their doors due to union demands.They have no more Twinkies on the shelves.

No more Ho Ho’s to be found. [Swiss Cakes]

The cupcakes are gone.

However, there is still a Ding Dong left …

Thanks to progressive government and those who vote for them.

Union Boss Gives Speech at DNC

The Democrats’ National Convention is revealing much about how corrupt the party is.
BH Obama’s and Joe Biden’s buddy, Richard Trumka is the AFL-CIO union boss. That in itself is not condemning. In 1999 Trumka was alleged to have been involved in a money-laundering scheme when he was treasurer of the AFL-CIO. He refused to testify.

Trumka has taken the Fifth Amendment both before a Congressional committee and court-appointed election monitor, but remains in office despite a 40-year old AFL-CIO rule calling for removing of officials taking such refuge.

A few years before that incident, the widow of Eddie York, a nonunion contractor, shot in the back of the head and killed while leaving a work site near a UMW strike, charged Trumka and other United Mineworkers union bosses in a $27 million wrongful death suit. After four years, UMW lawyers settled in 1997, two days before the judge was to rule evidence in the criminal trial. Violence and corruption is the norm in union history, and on September 4th, Trumka and Biden were watching the DNC in Biden’s private suite. The next day, Wednesday, September 5th, Trumka spoke in a speech to the convention.

Frank Trumka, Big Boss, Big Money
The Democrat Party and Obama have overseen Labor Board rulings and perks provided for union power over American workers within the ObamaCare legislation. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ 2012 platform is full of promises to oppose Right to Work laws, government-sector monopoly bargaining reforms – no private entity has the constitutional right to oversee employment within the federal government or state government. Obama and friends are also against laws to protect workers’ right to a secret ballot in unionization campaigns. Secret ballots are for the protection of voting workers, for in the past with no secret ballot, union workers readily identified who voted “No” – and you know what happened then.
A former federal prosecutor, Charles LaBella, warned about AFL-CIO and its union boss, Richard Trumka. Big Labor is behind Big Government – Obama and friends.
Remember when it didn’t matter to Democrat voters about associates of BH Obama in 2008? One would hope it matters in 2012. Can they not see the result in the past four years?
Yet, there are signs in local communities, two of them quite big, in the front of homes that read: OBAMA THEN, OBAMA NOW
Obama and Big Money

It is not only disgusting, but frightening that there are that many Americans so blind to truth, who would readily see the Constitution trashed and everyone’s liberty gone because of false government promises.

Unions, like Teamster Local 974 have funneled union member fees into political action committees, as found out by Dylan McHenry, Ford technician in Minnesota. He has received free legal aid via National Right to Work Foundation.
Big Money from unions is pouring into campaign treasury of Obama and friends.
Hypocrisy is the descriptive word.
It is time to remove unions from government business and afford workers a choice whether they want to join a union or not. That means, among other things, secret voting ballots and stiffer enforcement of law and penalties against union illegal actions.
Unions have not noticed that the era of Al Capone is long gone – and so is the need for unions who have helped ruin our economy and the employment work force arena. Like Big Government, they are unwanted in a constitutional republic.
Workers are waking up, however they need our support in ensuring that union-paid politicians are not elected who belong to the same party that is forever attacking free enterprise and chasing corporations overseas.

No Obama – No Unions in OUR government – Election 2012

Election 2012: PACs – Political Action Committees

Controversy and political discussion has ensued over the so-called “Super PACs” that raises millions of dollars, initiated and inspired by Republicans to compete against political opponents (Democrats) that produce vast amounts of campaign funding through trade unions and donors who donate large sums of money. Both political parties use a PAC to collect donation funding.

PACs also are used in the lobbying process. In the Citizens United v. FEC decision in January of 2010, “SuperPACs” are allowed unlimited spending in support of or opposition to a candidate, as long as the SuperPAC operates completely separate and independent from the candidate

This is the main reason there have been discussions concerning PACs.
As Tom McGinty and Brady Mullins wrote at Wallstreet Journal:

The hours spend by union employees working on political matters were equivalent in 2010 to a shadow army much larger than President Barack Obama’s re-election staff . . .

The money collected by unions from its members in fees are used in lobbying and other political expenditures designed to have legislators and legislation geared toward the unions’ benefit.
So which is the “evil” practice of using donations – PAC or union money collected from union members?
After the success of Governor Scott Walker retaining the office he was voted in for in a landmark recall event, more was won than just an election. It established a movement of the People demanding the right to work without paying an entity to do so and dissolve the accumulated power that unions have developed through money and intimidation; as well as through the power they have developed within government itself.
Thanks to legislation passed in 2005, the money unions spend on political donations and lobby related activities must be reported.
When Governor Scott Walker  won the recall election of 2012, the media hyped discontent of Democrats and union bosses, stating the election was won by Walker because of big money; a completely transparent case of hypocrisy considering that trade unions that were not even in Wisconsin were pouring money into the recall election movement – more than what Governor Scott Walker could raise in donations.
Union reports to the Federal Election Commission that is passed to Congress showed a total of $1.1 billion from 2005 to 2011 that were used for political bargaining, donations, and lobby activities.
Reports to the federal Labor Department show an additional –
“$3.3 billion that unions spent over the same period on political activity.” [Wallstreet Journal, July 10th 2012]
Those costs reported for polling fees, money spent to persuade union members to vote in their favor, and for food (Bratwurst) to feed protesters in Milwaukee against Scott Walker. That funding does not come from contributions to a PAC, but from union dues of members – without their approval.
Corporations use the lobby process like the unions, however they are not as transparent as unions are required to be after the law was passed in 2005. Corporations, however, use their political funds differently and do not coerce or intimidate their employees to vote for who they want elected. Also, corporations spread their donations evenly with about 55% to Democrats in 2008; compared to union political donations of 92% to Democrats in the same year. Unions have always used money to buy votes. The gist of union power lies in cooperation of the government through politicians in the legislation concerning government employees that has cost taxpayers incredible amounts of tax money.
Union money spent in politics and lobbying was 13% of their total spending budget from 2009 to 2010. One out of eight workers belong to a trade union, but its strength lies in the control of government by infiltrating the government employee sector where a strike could cause a standstill in government operations (or a private business). In the former case it increases cost that comes out of taxpayer funding.
Combined with loss of union jobs, union membership fell “to 1.6 million in 2011 from 13.7 million in 2005“.
Unions spent $316 million in 2011-2012 to attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker – just for doing what he promised in campaigning for governorship; in other words – doing his job. While the previous governor (Jim Doyle, Democrat) not only increased state debt, but imposed a record $1 billion tax bill in the first two months of his second term; despite his campaign promise NOT to increase taxation. The AFL-CIO in Milwaukee spent money to feed thousands of union member protesters for several weeks in order to convince people that Scott Walker should be recalled.
Unions have outlived their usefulness, unlike the Constitution they ignore and/or seek to change or rescind. The same issues they accused GW Bush, for example, is what the Democrats put into practice – ten fold.
During Obama’s election campaign unions spent a great deal of money to get a Democrat elected.
    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers = $2,473,400.
    Operating Engineers Union = $2,299,672.
    American Association for Justice (that’s definitely a pun) = $2,106,000.
    Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union = $1,823,800.
    Service Employees International Union = $1,654,000.
    Air Line Pilots Association = $1,582,500.
    Plumbers/Pipefitters Union = $1,572,975.
    United Food & Commercial Workers Union = $1,567,853.
    Laborers Union = $1,564,000.
    American Federation of State/County/Municipal Employees Union = $1,558,685.
    International Association of Fire Fighters = $1,550,600.
    AT&T Incorporated = $1,358,950.
    American Bankers Association = $1,295,200.
    Associated Builders & Contractors = $1,218.00.
    National Auto Dealers Association = $1,212,500.
    National Association of Realtors = $1,150,000.
    National Beer Wholesalers Association = $987,500.
    United Parcel Service = $948,208.
    National Association of Home Builders = $854,000.
    Credit Union National Association = $812,099.
    Every Republican is Crucial PAC = $812,000.
    Freedom Project = $805,398.
There is a large gap between Democrat and Republican political donations, as one can see.

Pennsylvania CAP: Fighting Union and Political Corruption

It seems that Pennsylvania is progressing toward what Wisconsin has done and continues to do, as American Spectator reported about a new group that is seeking out corruption and other shady things happening, who call themselves Citizen’s Alliance for Pennsylvania (CAP):
What CAP calls the “FBI-partisan collusion of career politicians, labor unions and trial lawyers that has mired the Commonwealth in corruption and economic stagnation.”” The labor unions in question are, but of course, precisely the same as they were in the Wisconsin showdown. Public employee unions. All of which were given collective bargaining rights in Pennsylvania in the way back of 1968 — under a Republican governor. What really fries the shorts of CAP members is the aforementioned “collusion” they see between both parties, the kind of thing that can end up with two Speakers of the House — one from each party — sharing a cell in the Big House.
The article refers to Democrat Bill DeWeese and Republican John Perzel who are presently on their way to become incarcerated – both being former Speakers of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The former Senate Democratic Leader was getting a $330,000 annual pension.
For years I have cried foul about elected public officials receiving any kind of pension in regards to their duties and terms in government office. They are elected officials, not employees of the state and federal governments; therefore they are not authorized to receive retirement benefits other than what they can get for paying into the Social Security system or within a private pension plan of their own. And, friends, taxpayers – YOU – are paying for this and getting far more than you would ever dreamed of getting as retirement checks. Maybe the legislators would be more apt to fix the social security system (and quit raising the retirement age for full benefits) if they had to use the system along with the rest of us.
As Benjamin Franklin put it:

Place before the eyes of men a position of POWER that shall the same time be a place of PROFIT, and they will move heaven and earth to RETAIN it.

Benjamin Franklin, 1787
The CAP folks are tired of corrupt dealings between lobbyists, unions, and politicians; and are following the lead that became popular with the people: Governor Chris Christie, New Jersey; Mitch Daniels, Indiana’ Bobby Jindal, Louisiana; and Governor Scott Walker. They saw how unions commandeer the government employees, like they do in the private sector, including intimidation to vote the way they want union employees to vote – and the high and rising cost that taxpayers must pay out of their earned income for people who make more than they do and receive better benefits. So, they are saying: “What’s wrong with that picture” and “We’ve had enough”.
It all began when the Pennsylvania legislature decided to vote a salary increase for themselves that depended upon the length of service (remember why term limits are pushed) from 16% to 34% increase. No hearings, No debates. No committees. It was 2am in the morning of July 5th 2005. I guess they were celebrating Independence Day in their own way. And how ironic when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was the first seat of government for our nation. Clearly it was against the Pennsylvania Constitution, any constitution in the United States for that matter. So, CAP moved to repeal the pay raise. The repeal succeeded and wrath came down upon both political parties. In the following year elections, 17 legislators lost their seats.
Two years later another incident occurred: “Bonusgate”. This time it involved legislative caucuses who had been caught, as CAP described:
using millions of dollars in taxpayer money to get lawmakers re-elected. Five legislators and over twelve staffers were sent to jail – and that is how two Speakers of the House ended up as cell mates in prison, I am sure in total bipartisan cell sharing.
PACs (Political Action Committees) formed between twenty labor and trial bars who accumulated $30 million; while lobbyists for small businesses only collected $2 million.  Pennsylvania as so many other state governments – and the federal government – are run by public employee unions and trial lawyers. Remember I pointed out that the worst presidents were lawyers in an overall look at presidents?
Benjamin Franklin was a capitalist and a successful entrepreneur, long before he entered the business as statesman. And, yes, indeed, he was a statesman, not a politician. The difference between them is that a politician continuously seeks to remain in office as long as possible and while doing so is paying more attention to special interest groups and those who will make his/her life better through cooperation. The statesman is there to represent the People and safeguard the Constitution on behalf of the People and ensure that legislation passed does not transgress from either one. In other words, statesman actually earn those high-dollar salaries. But they still, as elected officials and not employees, are not authorized (or shouldn’t be) to receive taxpayer funded retirement checks. Now you know why it is so hard for the US Congress and state legislators to pass legislation that limits terms served consecutively. They tend to get to comfortable and don’t want to leave, and yet do not do what they are paid to do. Well, at least by the taxpayers.
Unions, and not just in Wisconsin, spent millions of dollars to try to put a stop to Scott Walker’s make sense governorship — and despite all of that funding, failed. Reason is because citizens are finally waking up or just speaking out and saying – We are not taking it anymore!. Why too many waited this long is beyond me. It seems people wait until the conditions are unbearable, but at the same time longer time to fix.
But the point is that trade unions are finally getting what they put out, and it is not going to be pretty. Trade unions are just as much an organized crime entity as any mafia/mobster group could be – just not as violent. They are parasites that eventually kills the host.
Let’s hope enough Americans see the light and join the cause in putting a stop to it — beginning with kicking trade unions out of government employee business. It’s unconstitutional anyway – a job for Congress and designated government departments – not a private entity who thinks nothing of using the union dues of its members to pay their way to political power.

Obama File: Legacy of Anti-Semitism

In an added light upon President Obama’s anti-Semitism, Mitt Rodney scheduled a trip to Israel, which brought to the forefront that President Obama has avoided visiting Israel even when he was visiting Middle East nations, a crucial ally in the region. Bloggers on the Internet and other sources have pressed the point that Obama is a closet Muslim, attending Muslim school while overseas and registered as a Muslim. When he returned to US and moved to Chicago, marrying Michelle, they attended the infamous racist church of Reverend Jeremiah White for the next twenty years.
Primary “Black” Muslims in America, the only nation that uses skin pigmentation to distinguish themselves within a religion, are anti-Semitic. A prime example would be the Nation of Islam

As with so many other things, BH Obama is not what he has painted himself in order to become a senator and then President of the United States. There are gaps and mysteries up to the point of time he became a community organizer. Except for being a lawyer and teaching constitutional law at a university – he had no real qualifications as a senator and especially as President of the United States. Although he studied political science, his experience with foreign affairs and duties as commander-in-chief were extremely limited.

To put it bluntly – BH Obama’s whole campaign from his slogan of Change You Can Believe In down to his personal philosophies, affiliations, and underlying racist tendencies, he certainly has not been a president who promised to unite America in terms of racial/ethnic diversity. In fact, he has further alienated groups of people and increased animosity between social classes, especially the 48% who pay little or not taxes versus the rest of the population that picks up the tab. This does not mean that I am against providing a helping hand or in better terms a boost for those whose lives have been devastated by turn of events and circumstances; but definitely against those who expect citizens who make more than they do pay all the taxes – AND provide financial support for their social-welfare programs.
In only 100 days into his term as President, BH Obama demonstrated what kind of president he was to be, as Ben Shapiro wrote on May 6th, 2009 at Townhall:

One hundred days into Barack Obama’s presidency, he demonstrated cowardice abroad and demagogic tyranny at home. On the 105th day of his presidency, he demonstrated his clear-cut anti-Semitism. . . . Rahm Emanuel, the president’s hatchet man, delivered a message to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. According to the Jerusalem Post, Emanuel stated, “Thwarting Iran’s nuclear program is conditional on progress in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.” The message is clear: America will bar any action against Iran unless Israel makes concessions to the Palestinian Arab thugs who seek to eviscerate all Jewish presence east of the Mediterranean.
Emanuel isn’t the first Obama lackey to link American opposition to Iran with Israeli concessions. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Congress, “For Israel to get the kind of strong support it’s looking for vis-a-vis Iran, it can’t stay on the sidelines with respect to the Palestinians and the peace efforts.” The two issues — Iranian nuclear development and the Israeli-Arab conflict — “go hand in hand.” . . . The Obama administration knows this. They simply don’t care. Their position is clear: America’s ally, Israel, is no longer valuable. Sacrificing it in order to win Obama global popularity points is a worthwhile pursuit. The Obama administration offers Israel a choice between being a victim of suicide via territorial concessions to the Palestinian Arabs, or a victim of homicide via Iran. And the Obama administration forces that choice so that Obama can smile and wave at cheering throngs of Jew-hating maniacs who populate the Muslim world. This is anti-Semitism at its finest. Not even in the heyday of the Carter administration did such anti-Semitism find expression in American foreign policy. . . . Obama is concerned when a Muslim state populated by radical Muslim sympathizers makes territorial concessions to those radical Muslim sympathizers. He is concerned that those Muslim terrorists will be within 100 miles of a Muslim capital. And he is worried that Muslim terrorist attacks on Muslims will escalate. Yet Obama advocates for territorial concessions by Jews to radical Muslims. He presses Jews to hand over territory not 100 miles from the capital, but constituting half the capital itself. He knows that each time Israel has made territorial concessions, Muslim terrorists have upped the ante — most recently in both Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. And he knows that the Palestinian Arabs have never and will never lay down their arms. Yet he threatens Israel with allowing its nuclear annihilation if Israel refuses to authorize euthanasia.
During the election campaign, I wrote that Obama was “the most dangerous candidate for the state of Israel since its creation in 1948.” I wrote, “Any American Jew who votes for Obama ought to be ashamed of him or herself.” My words were not strong enough. Any Jew who continues to support Obama’s foreign policy should turn in his badge as a Jew — that means you, Rahm Emanuel. And all Americans who support Israel must stand up against a president who values the genocidal murderers in Muslim lands over our democratic allies in the Jewish State.

In December of 2011, Obama’s US ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, told a conference hosted by the European Jewish Union that –
Israel is to blame for growing anti-Semitism harbored by people of Muslim faith.

According to the account in the Israeli paper, “The legal experts at the event were visibly stunned by Gutman’s words, and the next speaker offered a scathing rebuttal to the envoy’s remarks.” 

And why shouldn’t this be the attitude of the US Department of State when Hillary Clinton has also proved herself anti-Semitic. Of course, CNNtried to denounce that image. Both Obama and Hillary have received large amounts of donations from anti-Semitic organizations – some being foreign organizations.
Questions arose in March of 2011, according to The Hill and Newsmax.
Apparently, candidate Mitt Romneyis intending to turn that situation around by visiting Israel before elections – something Obama hasn’t done in his entire first term of four years.
It is just another notch in the stick of transgressions that will make BH Obama go down in history as the worst president, even beating Jimmy Carter record. Pretty pathetic when there has been 44 presidents.
Actually, Carter was inept, not corrupt, and tended to appease dictators and tyrants instead of drawing lines and a firm foreign policy; but in the case of BH Obama, his administration is full of corruption and corrupt individuals from the very beginning, like appointing a person to the US Treasury, in charge of IRS, who didn’t pay his taxes, not what was due, as an example of the beginning of Obama’s term. And now a serious scandal concerning his attorney general whom he refuses to fire and any allegations based upon documented proof is met with media bias and cries of racism– because Holder is “Black”.
As with is the case too often throughout society, cries of racism appears even when cold, hard facts are presented and often a person is caught in the act of some crime or corrupt action. What they are trying to tell us is that African Americans – “Black” Americans cannot be accused or prosecuted because of their skin pigmentation and their victim attitude of being descendents of slaves and victims of civil rights issues of the past.
This is one person who will not fall into the category of being afraid to show/tell the truth regardless of race, religion, age, or gender. Congress has not prepared impeachment proceedings or even hinted about it just because of that fearful racism syndrome. 
Of all the eligible Americans out there, like Allen West, why on earth did the American people choose this imposter, if then intended to vote for someone to become the “first Black President”?
In regards to Allen West, they certainly cannot claim racism when he presents the travesties this president commits:
It certainly would be a plus for Mitt Romney to choose Allen West as his VP in this campaign to oust the dictatorship of Obama the Imposter, and not because of his skin pigmentation or race.
Allen West is a retired Army officer, extended knowledge of the terrorist and Middle East situation, including Islamic fundamentalist history. He is bright and intelligent and insists that government should operate within the concrete foundation and principles of the Constitution of the United States. He is a man of action, not just words.
Of course, people of his race often refer to him as an “Oreo” or traitor to his race. But those slurs come from those who have been political slaves to a party that once favored slavery and tried to prolong its existence, i.e., Lincoln and Douglas Debate.
[See video at end of article]
Of course, the Democratic Party would never admit this. They pander, like the Carpetbaggers of the post-civil war America, for votes and financed by big business and trade unions, like what they constantly accuse the competition.
Unless we can wrestle control of our education system from the progressives, BH Obama is going to have a legacy that people today refuse to believe – or are afraid to.
History, historians seeking the truth, reveal much more than the American media has for a long time.
Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, does not qualify to be entered in my series of Wicked People in History; but if I choose to start a series of Corrupt People in American History, he will be on the long list.
And … if We the People are ever going to be united as citizens of the United States, we really have to put aside “Black” this and “White” that, and interstate prejudices and all the other syndromes Americans have developed over time. 
It is We the People who will put America back into greatness as the republic for which it was formed – not a democracy, not a theocracy, or a socialist nanny state — but a REPUBLIC.
Hope everyone had a great and safe Independence Day.

 If American citizens whose ethnic background matches Allen West — he represents what Martin Luther King said when he stated that a person should be judged by his character and not the color of his skin … and Mr. West certainly would have promoted pride in his American ethnic background, truly giving the status as “First Black American President“.
But instead the people chose the Imposter.

Indeed, Allen West is a “rising star” — a representative of Tea Party and other freedom pursuing organizations that want our government to promote our nation as the republic for which is was founded and adhere to the limitations of the articles and amendments of the US Constitution. As Mr. West said: the Constitution and the Declaration was to promote the welfare of the People – not PROVIDE welfare for the People and take away their rights in the name of Big Government.
Why didn’t the GOP political establishment push for this man to be on the ticket of the primary election 2012? Is he “too radical” like the media and establishment proclaimed about Ron Paul?
Make this man the VP so he can instill and side with Mitt Romney to ensure that the presidential candidate doesn’t waiver in this fight for true reformation of our government and instill self-reformation of the American people to once again be proud to say: “I am an American of the United States of America and swear to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States and its amendments.
We the People must also look for candidates like Allen West in order to clean out Congress of the “business as usual” politicians who cater to special interests, unions, and the status quo. We don’t need “moderates”, we need patriot constitutionalists in Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House. Make the separation of powers once more the solid basis for a government that checks and corrects itself under the power of the People. We need congressional members who are not afraid to stand against corruption and anti-constitutionalism no matter what political club they belong to. The United States of America was not founded to be a democracy or a socialist nanny state — but a Republic.
We the People can do it – but we need to ignore the media and the political elite that has slowly taken over every aspect of American society that has lost its character, integrity, and pride. 
Learn and know constitutional law. Start reforming our society by instilling the basics of virtue within our families — family units that stick together and raise children by example.
The family is the core of any nation, as We the People are in unification; for if that core is corrupted and dissolved, the nation will surely fall afterwards.
Watch video when Allen West confronts the Black Caucus.
Watch/listen video: Obama is a Marxist.
Watch video: Allen West Talks About Tea Party. [unfortunately in the middle there is a problem with audio, but you can still hear what he is saying]
Watch video: Resurrecting the American Spirit.

Trade Unions: Corruption and Government Connection

The American labor unions have been around for sometime in our history, beginning with the construction industry that boomed after the Civil War in urban districts. The unions began as craft organizations, localized, and by 1900 had spread across the United States with little opposition. Union history has been violent and corrupt, various degrees and periods of time. Like coastal tides, corruption and criminal activities have risen and lowered during the course of that history. 

Samuel Gompers and Company
The American Federation of Labor (AFL) was founded in 1886 by Samuel Gompers and is the oldest of the unions that still exist, which later merged with CIO to become the AFL-CIO.
The late 1800s was the gilded ageof American capitalism and the power of corporate enterprise had become an element for public view as a philosophy of acquisition.
John Hutchinson, Imperfect Union; NY 1970; pp. 19-26]
Unions were initially an economic ideology, not a means of social reform, but a bargaining entity for the betterment of skilled workers who were offered little benefits and little bargaining power with their employers.
Unions also developed, after 1900, lobbying power and used the tool of bribery to influence legislatures and judiciaries; which in turn increased their power and influence. Union counted on loyal members and coercion and thuggery became tools to make it remain so.
There was violence between anti-union elements and those workers who had decided to stand up against union ways of doing business.
The bombings and killings in the coal mines during the 1870s was attributed to organizations like the Molly Maguires, similar to the Haymarket Riotin 1886; as well as the violence of railroad and steel industry strikes of that period of history.
I am tired of hearing about laws for the benefit of men who work in the shops.
Some legislatures sought to restrict union rights because of the growing corruption and power of trade unions.
Trade unions, like politics, had become a way to personal enrichment, bribery as a means to establish power and income.
Collective bargaining was preferred, the basic tool of unions, and was more production than strikes.
In the late 1800s local government in the United States had gained notoriety for its corruption; political and industrial dishonesty coinciding. It was the heyday of party bosses, corrupt political machines, and coercion within the law enforcement establishment.
anti-Tommany Hall Cartoon
Public tolerance finally spent itself and major companies came under the scrutiny of legislatures and law enforcement officials, who were not bought off. The first was uncovered in New York City within the Tammany Hall, headquarters of the Democratic Party of NYC. Its influence in city politics and corruption earned a reputation as being the worst-governed city in the United States.
Tammany Hall was not entirely corrupt. The organization assisted newly arrived immigrants to settle in their adopted country, but even then there was the underlying agenda to increase its voting base – the price paid for their assistance. At the time voters would be threatened at the polls and dissidents and supporters of Republicans found themselves unemployed due their disloyalty.
Intimidation required cooperation of the police in order for it to be effective. The Police Commission was controlled by Tammany Hall, which led to the New York state senate to appoint a special committee led by Senator Clarence Lexowto investigate the NYC Police Department.
The most fruitful enterprise of corruption was the construction industry that was rapidly expanding with New York’s growth and other major cities like Chicago.
In 1902 the construction trade unions in New York City combined to form the United Board of Building Trades, a powerful organization with only the bricklayers being unaffiliated. Extortion became part of the tools of the trade unions, and in 1903 New York newspapers began to report the increase in corruption, and in June of that year, Samuel J. Parks was arrested on a charge of extortion brought by Hecla Iron Works who claimed that Parks had demanded $1,000 (a lot of money then) in order to keep industrial peace within the ranks of labor. When Hecla refused to pay, Parks caused the firms 1,200 trade employees to strike at a loss of $50,000 to Hecla Iron Works.
Parks was released on a $5,000 bail one day after his arrest and the union put up $1,000 for his legal defense. With the help of Assemblyman Richard Butler, a resolution was called to condemn District Attorney William Travers Jerome for prosecuting Parks – and it worked.
The stronger a union is, the more it acts like a private state, secure in its power and with little overt need to use violence. Local culture and ideology play a large role because the response of local police, courts, and politicians to union aggression is pivotal. By 1810, union tactics were fully formed: bargain “collectively,” demand fixed minimum pay rates, enforce closed shops, stage strikes with picket lines, scab lists, strike funds, and traveling cards, and promote unity among skilled and unskilled workers and solidarity among locals of the same trade.
Some view the rise of socialism in America that has infiltrated our political and educational system as something new, but it is not. Between 1850 and 1900, Mises history of unions:
Nearly everything was tried in some form or other during this era: socialism, syndicalism, anarchism, cooperatives, political unionism, and, the most seductive idea of all, the welding of everybody (barring bartenders and bankers!) into one gigantic union. Some were secret societies with names like the Knights of St. Crispin, the Molly Maguires, and the Knights of Labor. Yet the main adhesive of British and European unions — easily aroused class antagonisms — was absent in America, and Marxist-style sentiments about the plight of the working class never became the dominant mood, contrary to some historical accounts. More often, American pubic opinion was horrified and disgusted by outbreaks of labor violence and union disruption of production, especially if the outbursts had revolutionary overtones.
Gangsters became a prominent ailment in major cities of America, especially New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and even New Orleans during the 19th century; most city gangs being poorly organized and local.
As Austin MacDonald wrote about city gangs:

Policemen dare not arrest them, district attorneys as a rule have not the courage to prosecute them, and few judges will pronounce a sentence upon them.

On January 16th, 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution went into effect, which prohibited the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors; that represented government’s intervention into matters pertaining to society and individual freedom of choice. The result became the infamous Roaring Twentiesor ProhibitionEra when the violent gangs became more organized when led by savvy leadership. Unions also flourished during this period and organized crime lords began to see that unions provided another means of revenue along with making, transporting and selling liquor out of secret night clubs calledSpeakeasies.
The Gangs of New York, made famous by the filmof the same name, were prolific in the early part of the 1800s; with names like Roach Guards in 5-Points, Manhattan, Plug Ugliesin Baltimore, Maryland, and Dead Rabbitswho were originally part of the Roach Guards and the rivalry resulted in the Dead Rabbits Riot that lasted two days of street fighting. Primarily Irish gangs, they were centralized in an area called 5 Points.
They were the forerunners of racketeers, organized gangsters (the Mob), and the Mafiosothat sprang from immigrant neighborhoods of New York and slum areas of Chicago.
Within that period, mobsters found that controlling union leadership was not only profitable, but afforded them more opportunity to have assets within the political and judicial local governments. To the more intelligent gangster leadership it was an opportunity to branch out into the “legitimate” business sector and thereby affording them the opportunity to circumvent the new income tax laws that came about in the 1930s, which allowed them to hide their ill-gotten gains. Later, corrupt banking systems and bankers, especially offshore, would also be a means to “launder” ill gotten money, especially from the sale of illegal drugs on the street. In some form or fashion, the organized crime leadership had infiltrated the already corrupt trade unions; controlling the clothing and trucking industry as well as the waterfront of major port authorities through its control of labor.
As the corruption increased, so did arrests, even after Prohibition ended and the collapse of the Stock Market in 1929.
During the Great Depression, Congress legislated six major bills concerning labor that favored unionists that revolutionized labor markets: Davis-Beaconin 1931, Norris-LaGuardia(1932), National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933 that became known as the minimum wage law. The Democratic Party had become deeply entrenched and rubbing elbows with the corrupt entities ruled by unions and racketeers, and in the FDR era became infiltrated by socialist influence.
The depressed economy didn’t deter the trade unions, indeed it presented a golden opportunity to obtain members from the ranks of job hungry Americans. During this period the unions expanded into the theatrical business as well as becoming international by crossing the border into Canada and forming the International Unionconglomerate.
After the second World War ended, unions organized the culinary workers and coin machine operators another extension of revenue for unions in the United States.
A successful committee member became a union boss, whose name was James Riddle Hoffa, known as Jimmy Hoffa. Definitely tied in with the criminal syndicate element, he disappeared in July 1975 and never has been found, although several theories have persisted even today.
With the teamster union becoming international, a brotherhood was formed and grew to be the largest in the United States.
The AFL-CIO merged in the 1960s, based in Chicago.
Since 1960, a sharp decline in union influence has come about in Western countries, which includes the United States. As the Mises Institute wrote in its history:
While the overall rate of decline has recently slowed, the decline in private sector union membership has been partially concealed by union growth in the public sector. Between 2000 and 2008, for example, BLS data show a decline in unionization among privately employed wage and salary workers from 9.2 million to 8.3 million, and an erosion in union density from 9.0% to 7.6%. Private-sector membership peaked at 17 million in 1970, so in total membership has fallen by over half since 1970. Membership among government-employed wage and salary workers grew modestly from 7.1 million to 7.8 million since 2000, with a stable density of 36.9% in 2000 and 36.8% in 2008.

Public-sector unions are on pace to claim an absolute majority of union members in a traditionally private-sector-dominated labor movement within a few years. Government jobs constitute the “healthy” part of organized labor where external competition provides little or no discipline against union inefficiency, costs, and privilege. From 900,000 union members in 1960, government membership rocketed to 4 million by 1970, nearly 6 million by 1976, and 7 million by 1993, with a growth slowdown to 7.8 million by 2008.

We can thank President John F. Kennedy‘s Executive Order 10988for the promotion of unionism in federal bureaucracy, which he signed in January of 1962. iJFK had received a considerable amount of campaign support from unions. Government bureaucracy expanded increasingly since then. It has been proven that unions, a private entity, has been part of the issues of government expansion that has culminated into today’s economic crisis. Mises Institute:

First, when labor combinations or cartels capture monopoly control over whom employers can hire and impose higher wage rates, the number of jobs available in these companies and industries declines. This is the simple result of the law of demand: when unions raise the price of labor, employers purchase less of it. While an increase in labor productivity can partially offset higher labor cost, labor productivity cannot be raised cheaply or it would have been done already. Unions are clearly an anti-competitive force in labor markets.
Second, workers priced out of work by unions remain unemployed or obtain jobs at nonunion companies. A larger labor supply depresses wage rates there, so union wage rates come partially at the expense of lower nonunion wages.
Third, cartels flourish only where rewards are high and organizational costs low. Historically, highly paid craft workers (known as the “aristocrats of labor”) organized instead of “downtrodden,” low-wage workers because they met two conditions:
  • Union wage rates often decreased employment relatively little because demand for skilled workers was “inelastic,” that is, employment levels were relatively “insensitive” to changes in wage rates, at least in the short run.

  • Craft workers also could organize at low cost because they were few in number, had a common mindset, low turnover, and few or geographically concentrated employers.

The National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation (Mark Mix) wrote an email to me with the following information:

Union militants have threatened and harassed the courageous charter school teacher who is leading the fight to defend Wisconsin’s new government-sector Right to Work law. … WISN-TVin Milwaukee reported that “she had been blistered by negative and vicious emails and phone messages at school and on Facebook, including one suggesting she get protection. Some militants even launched a “Fire Kristi” campaign. …Wisconsin union bosses tried every tactic imaginable to protect Big Labor’s monopoly bargaining power over Wisconsin government employees. They shut down schools, bused in out-of-state agitators, and demanded their allies in the state legislature flee to Illinois to delay a vote. Then the union bosses wasted millions of dollars – of their own members’ forced dues – on a failed recall campaign to install a pro-forced unionism majority in the Wisconsin Senate. Union hotheads bombarded the Kenosha, Wisconsin teacher with threats because she refuses to toe the union-boss line. The onslaught of harassment and threats picked up after Lacroix exercised her First Amendment rights and appeared in a TV commercial supporting Governor Scott Walker, who signed the reforms into law. … Foundation attorneys are prepared to take all appropriate legal actions to defend Lacroix, and if necessary, provide for the security of her and her family.
In 2005, the National Right to Work Foundation hired 24-hour security for a North Carolina worker who received detailed threats after he successfully challenged a sweetheart deal between his employer and the United Autoworkers (UAW) union. Union goons routinely employ violence and terror tactics against innocent workers who dare to speak their own minds. …
It is beyond time to remove unions, a private sector organization, from its parasitic and powerful influence within our state and federal government. This action taken in Wisconsin represents a possible beginning to do so across America, and clearly demonstrates that unions with their big money and strong-arm tactics cannot win against We the People. For government is for We the Peopleand not union bosses or any other organized entity that promotes government that is not constitutional.
Executive Order 10988 and any legislation that pertains to it on congressional record must be rescinded. Unions cannot be allowed to control labor within government.
It is questionable that the candidate for presidency, Mitt Romney, has the intestinal fortitude to perform such a task. We can only go by his past record, and that shows that although he is clearly a person with character, he chooses the “comfort zone” when it comes standing for constitutional government. He and others may call him a “moderate” – but in truth he is a RINO.

However, it is clear that Ron Paul, a Republican treated like a third-party candidate during the primary elections is the man for the job. If the delegates of the state conventions can see this, he may have a chance to be on the ticket for running against both Romney and Obama in a landmark political move that is all legal. It hasn’t been done before because no one had the incentive to run against the GOP political establishment who is clearly NOT for reform, but instead wants Washington to operate its business as usual; masking sellouts as “bipartisanship”.

Constitutional law should never be compromised. It is about time that elected officials owe up to their sworn oaths upon taking office that they will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and abide by its articles and amendments.
And, in an unrelated circumstance, check out Jefferson’s Rebels poignant and compelling article concerning the corruption of this Executive administration and the demands to know the facts by members of Congress (which is their job), and instantly brings to mind the major question — 
Why isn’t Eric Holder being fired?  
Why isn’t impeachment preceedings being fast tracked into Congress?
i JFK won the 1960 election with the help of mobster Giancana and his father’s, Joseph Kennedy, connection from prohibition era with the old mob leadership.

Walker Recall After-Action Report

Well, Governor Scott Walker won the recall election – thanks to Wisconsin voters; but in the aftermath the leftist media, Democrats, and unions are whining about it.
After the recall election was over, NBC with host Chuck Todd asked this pointless and ridiculous question:

Looking back, do you have any regret of going at the issue of collective bargaining itself” …

What do you think, Todd? Do you actually think, Todd?

After Scott Walker became governor he began working at trimming spending in government and working with the business industry; which certainly worked: Wisconsin state percentage rate of unemployment is down to 6.7% – one of the lowest in the nation. Of course, certain counties in the state have a higher than average unemployment rate, like Door County, but it is still lower than it was when Jim Doyle was governor.

Todd is also ignorant of the fact that by reforming collective bargaining for public employment has also caused an improved economy.
In answer to Todd at left-media NBC, Governor Walker replied:

No, I think in our case the product itself was positive – and we’ve documented more than $1 billion dollar with the savings, in fact, for the first time in twelve years property taxes went down on a median valued home and statewide we went from a $3.6 billion dollar deficit to a $154 million dollar surplus. 

Governor Walker’s only regret was not taking extra time before initiating the move against overtime and collective bargaining abuse, to explain it more to the people.
Apparently some people got it, even those belonging to the unions, because for the first time they could opt out – and some did. They were also the ones who were union members who were for Walker’s reformation policy (and success) and voted to keep him as governor.
Then, of course, all across the progressive world of America, the media, unions, and sociocrats wailed that it was big money that won the election, referring to Walker’s money raised which was higher than Barrett, the opposition. This clearly showed, once again, the hypocrisy of the political left and the parasitic unions: they were gathering support and donations from within Wisconsin and from other states.
Schultz at NBC – Perplexed and Angry
MSNBCalso contributed to the cause of unions and sociocrats with Shultz lecturing union members who voted for Walker. According to their report: 27% of public employee union members voted for Walker. And it was 38% figure for union member household voters (spouses, et cetera) who also voted for Walker. Schultz was fit to be tied, stating:
you got to explain to the country and to your union why the hell you did that.
Well, Schultz, you probably wouldn’t understand it, but it was the correct thing to do.
And what did Schultz view as the problem of this outcome?
He reiterated what Obama said in the 2008 campaign referring that …

people who live in rural areas vote for Republicans because they have a tendency to “cling” to guns and religion, and suggested that Obama was correct in his diagnosis.

You, Schultz, and others like you who support progressive democratic-socialism in America, who have been brainwashed for decades can’t understand and/or cannot think for yourselves. Common sense, thanks to folks like Schultz, is a thing of the past.
It is more important to stick with a political party than doing the correct thing. And, if that political entity is wrong in what it is doing as far as policy, the object is not to actually fix a problem, but instead point fingers at someone else and continue doing what they are doing without any regard for change that would actually make it better. Couldn’t do that, it would make like that particular political entity or individual was actually going about their elected task in a wrong manner.
In 1919, after Boston police went on strike to protest the city’s refusal to recognize their new union, Gov. Calvin Coolidge ordered the National Guard into the streets. Sam Gompers, the legendary father of American labor, wrote the governor that the Boston police had been denied their rights. Coolidge’s terse reply put him in our history books:
“Your assertion that the Commissioner was wrong cannot justify the wrong of leaving the city unguarded. … There is no right to strike against the public safety by anyone, anywhere, any time.”
Ronald Reagan’s firing of the striking air traffic controllers, whose union had been among the few to endorse him, marked him as a leader willing to act against a powerful union if the public interest commands it. Gov. Scott Walker is now in that tradition. He has just routed a recall campaign that began with state senators disgracefully fleeing to Illinois rather than provide a quorum and mobs occupying his capitol. … The Badger State rout of Big Labor was total.
Governor Walker in addition to reducing the collective bargaining oppression, also told the unions to collect their own dues. It is incredible that unions expect the federal and state government to take union dues from paychecks at taxpayer expense in administrative expenditures. Well, that isn’t the case in Wisconsin anymore.
Something remarkable happen when Governor Walker made that move:
With their union dues no longer taken out of their paychecks, tens of thousands of Wisconsin public employees refused to pony up those dues and quit their union, instead. Many union members do not believe they get their money’s worth from unions that claim to represent them, and would prefer to get out of the union and keep the dues money themselves. This desertion by their members represents a massive vote of no confidence in unions like the America Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Service Employees International Union and the American Federation of Teachers. AFSCME in Wisconsin lost 34,000 of its 62,000 members last year alone.
I will tell you what is happening here, just in case you didn’t figure it out on your own: Americans are waking up to the long-running propaganda of the political left and its unions, strong-arm tactics, as well as purchasing politicians like prostitutes, with campaign dollars in order to continue its stranglehold on government employees and siphoning taxpayer money into their bank accounts.
One cannot blame people like Schultz, he was probably taught in school by union teachers that collective bargaining is an established right; despite not being written into the US Constitution.
I mean when a teacher chastises and screams at and embarrasses a student for speaking out against President Barack Obama, and even telling him it is against the law doing so – there needs to be a clean up of teachers, just as in the US Congress, to rid those kind of people. They are providing not only incorrect information and making up their own history and rules, but creating another generation of sheeple – products of a tyrannical nanny state. Thank goodness for a student who recorded that incident on his cell phone. I never did find out if the teacher was fired, but she was immediately put on suspension. I don’t want those kind of teachers being with my children the amount of hours they are, for who knows what is going on that hasn’t been reported.
With the results and state facts aforementioned, one can see that some union members had no choice and are actually victims of a corrupt and overbearing system. As Buchananpointed out:
Where there were twice as many Americans working in manufacturing as in government in 1960, today the reverse is true. We have 22 million workers in government and 11 million in manufacturing. This is an immense and costly army for taxpayers to sustain.
So now you know when a politician preaches that he or she is going to “create jobs” – remember – government can only “create” jobs by hiring directly and making government bigger and more of a burden on the taxpayer. Government can only “create” jobs another way, a better way – by limiting itself in the degree of intrusion upon the private sector, which history shows does a far better job.
What is happening in America has already happened in Europe, which is why Greece, Italy, and Spain are going bankrupt. I do hope that the Governor Walker recall election is only the beginning. It is time long past due to remove a privately operated business entity like the unions (and they want to bad mouth oil companies), and get them out of the business of government. Traditionally, our government, especially the feds, have offered reasonably good wages and salaries, often higher than the private sector, to attract well qualified employees.
[See also Kyle Drennen story]
If we continue to follow the European models of socialism, we will end up like them. And, who will bail US out? Europe? China? Russia? South American nations?
Yeah, right.
States and cities have begun to cut their labor force; except for troubled states whose citizens keep electing the wrong people, like Obama’s state of Illinois and Jerry Brown’s state of California.
Another interesting statistic, while union members dwindled in the private sector to about 6.9%, until now, in the historic Walker recall election, union membership was growing in government labor. Unions are finding out that the American people are sick of their corruption and that they have become nothing more than a parasite, one that ends up killing its host.
Scott Walker deserved to win. The only reason why the recall election was initiated was because he was doing what he was elected to do. It takes longer to fix a situation than it does to use preventive methods, but We the People of Wisconsin can see the results of his methods and realize that maybe, just maybe, our nation is heading back to when the Constitution was the law and “welfare of the People” didn’t mean entitlements.
Union workers that can now opt out are bringing home at least $1,000 a year extra. They can use that for their retirement investments, or whatever. 
The process will be slow, but things would get better if voters would choose candidates who are constitutionally minded, and actually do what they are elected for and paid to do.
Meanwhile, the White House remains silent on the issue.
Jodi Miller NewsBusted Video on the Walker Win – Unions & Democratic-Socialists Whine …