Nancy Pelosi: Spokesperson For Obamacare

The faithful Obama stooge is at it again, the wealthy socialist once again demonstrates there is no bounds to her hypocrisy and moronic ideology …

Frankly, the woman needs professional help. How can this woman look at herself in the mirror or sleep at night?

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Price to Be Paid for Incompetence

John Kerry was a big mistake on the part of BH Obama [among many mistakes] when he chose him to be Secretary of State, as with most of those he has chosen for his cabinet and department/agency heads. Indeed, Eric Holder is still the US Attorney General despite committing perjury before a congressional hearing in the investigation of the ‘Fast-N-Furious‘ operation/scandal and has yet to divulge full information concerning the actions, or rather non-actions of the President and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who bailed out when the scandal of Benghazi broke out. John Kerry stated when taking office he would ‘get to the bottom of Benghazi’ – we are still waiting; too busy seeking to bomb Syria.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton: Instead of a Trial, Former Secretary of State Receiving an Award

Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of State who resigned in the midst of a serious scandal in Benghazi that caused, along with the President, the death and injury of Americans serving there is now the recipient of National Constitution Center 2013 Liberty Medal. A slap in the face for those who have suffered from her corrupt career life in politics and the law office she was part of early in her husband’s career, but people like Nancy Pelosi are thrilled. It makes about as much sense as Al Gore and Barack Obama receiving a Nobel Prize.

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Snowden: Whistle-Blowing Hero or Traitor?

Edward Joseph Snowden [June 21st 1983], a former technical contractor and CIA employee working for government contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton is big news in the mainstream media. The mainstream coverage is mostly concerned with charges of espionage and theft of US government

property for his actions in leaking to the public classified information that led to the discovery that NSA (National Security Agency) is intercepting US telephone communications, including email under a program entitled PRISM without proper legal warrant. The original exposé was published by The Guardian and Washington Post. An intelligence historian, Matthew M. Aid, stated that disclosures linked to Snowden have confirmed longstanding suspicion that NSA’s surveillance in this country is far more intrusive than we knew.

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Reasons For Serious Reformation of the Federal Government

How much scandal, anti-constitutional and anti-United States acts, policies, and agendas does it take for the US Congress and the American citizens to realize that Obama and associates are detrimental to the future of the United States of America? Indeed, considering the past two administrations, how much does it take for the American people to demand that We the People return to control our government as prescribed by the US Constitution and elect individuals who actually believe in the Constitution and respect its limitations of power of the federal government and adherence of state governments to the unionified laws of the Constitution?

Beginning with the most recent:

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Pelosi Demonstrates She Does Not Understand Constitution She Supposedly Protects

More evidence of Nancy Pelosi’s stupidity revealed in a recent statement. Endorsing the Obama and Feinstein anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, she stated that members of Congress took an oath to “protect and defend”. (“…protect and defend the Constitution and the American people”). This is also another example of how these sociocrats and its media mouthpiece adds and alters what has been said or written. The actual oath, and apparently Pelosi did not take it serious enough to remember it, is to:

…support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

In effect, she just pleaded guilty to the fact she has broken her oath of office, not only not understanding what the Constitution’s article means, but also has no clue what her sworn oath of office is. Pelosi is an embarrassment to the nation and shame on Californians for keeping her in office for such a long time.
If she agrees with Obama, Feinstein, and company, then she is not defending the Constitution. If she defends gun control actions that has already been in place and apparently has not worked, than she is not “defending the American people”. In either aspect, Pelosi and others like her in Congress are not worth the salary they are paid.

Election 2012: Usual Mud Slinging

Harry Reid: Obnoxious Hypocrite
Reid and now Pelosi is making a big issue over what Reid stated: that Romney hasn’t paid his taxes in ten years, yet during the primary election he released his tax returns for 2010, which clearly showed he paid taxes. It is hypocritical since a member of Obama’s cabinet and the Secretary of Treasury was found to have cheated (made a “mistake”) on tax return. Like Boehner stated: “It’s a side show” – president does not reveal those records, so why should someone else. Members of Congress are not required to make public their tax records, and the GOP leadership is correct – it is a private matter. Romney made public his 2010 tax returns and that is good enough for me. More important matters concern me – like this would be a moot issue if there was a flat income tax with NO deductions. No cheaters and everyone pays the same rate, while those that make more money still pay more than those with less – because it is a PERCENTAGE system – flat percentage rate with no progressive rates. Democrats are always whining about fairness – what could be fairer than that? If there is a flat tax rate, then maybe, just maybe, those clowns in Congress will have a limitation as to what they will receive to spend – and do a budget, as the rest of us must.

Harry Reid has been involved in scandals during his career and has no business pointing fingers, especially when it is based upon not proof. Just because someone “told him”? 

Pelosi is a known socialist and her rhetoric about Republicans only caring about the wealthy is old tactics that surprisingly still work. Yet, companies that have donated large sums of money to Democrats have gotten better tax breaks than other companies – of course, they won’t tell you that. It is not equal across the board. It is not within the power of Congress to do so, and shouldn’t be.
Politicians use tax paying made public a requirement for running for office, when it is not. What should be made mandatory is that candidates must pass a background check (and maybe a drug test) before they are allowed to run for office.  
Democrats are people that live in glass houses and throw rocks at others. Their poster boy sitting in the Oval Office has a shady past, an imagined and made up biography, and if he were anyone else would be advised to seek psychiatric counseling. The matter of whether or not Obama was born in Kenya and registered in Hawaii is still legitimate – but the Left looks at it and describes it as lunacy.
When Obama was running for Illinois Senate, his campaign rival was Jack Ryan, who had to drop out of the race because the Obama team managed to get his divorce records unsealed and leaked it to the media, who was eager to spread mud on anyone except a Democrat. Proof was when all the allegations that pointed to Obama’s shady and mysterious past, was not looked into at all or aggressively as Jack Ryan’s divorce records.
Most of the time politicians use imagined mud to sling against opponents, all the while not addressing to the voters just what they will do if they are elected – and how they will address issues at hand. If Romney or any other political candidate that was not a Democrat would have made up an imaginary biography, he would have been toast. But Obama not only continues to be the president, but has the audacity to run for a second term after performing actions that are impeachable offenses. But that word will never be heard, like we constantly heard when GW Bush was office – everyone is intimidated in being painted a racist, just for telling and presenting the truth.
Reid and Pelosi are making accusations based on one factor: “someone told them”. The media is making, as it is such a big deal. Reid’s statement is automatically denounced when he accused Romney of not paying taxes in the past ten years when this year he made public his 2010 tax returns. To some, his making such records public gave those more to whine about when they stated that Romney did not pay enough taxes. Well if they did not, it is not because he and others cheated, it is because he went with the system. Therefore, the system needs to change to ensure that everyone pays the same percentage rate and there will be no need to argue over such things. With no deductions, there is no chance of cheating – unless there is income that is not declared.
Romney is releasing his 2011 tax returns, as he did on his 2010 tax returns, but that is not going to be enough for the democratic-socialists – they are saying he has not paid taxes in ten years. This is truly a lie, like the GOP leadership stated, because his 2010 returns showed he spent millions on taxes and annually give a lot to charity. Much more than Obama or any of the whiners have paid in taxes or donated to charity.
Obama is fishing. He knows his record is horrible in terms of accomplishments and filled with corruption and scandals. He has to convince the voters that Romney is worse or will be worse if president, then he has been. That is all of it in a nutshell.
While Romney does not have a good record in sticking to principles, he is going to have to change that if he is elected as the next president. The reformation required to get the United States back on its feet and on track is going to take perseverance, as well as stick to principles of constitutional law.  He is also going to require a Congress that will work with him and a Supreme Court with non-politically motivated justices that uphold the Constitution and not “interpret” it according to foreign laws and special interests.