Hillary Clinton Candidate for 2016? You’ve Got To Be Kidding

hillary_wickedwitchofamericaWhen it comes to coverup and denials, Hillary Clinton is a pro. It began with the Whitewater Scandal, which Wikipedia has entitled “controversy” in the posting. She backed her husband’s lies in the scandal that led to impeachment proceedings that ended up a failure. Still today, she blames Monica Lewinsky for that big scandal instead of her sexual predator husband when this month she declared that Lewinsky is a narcissistic loony toon.

Hillary has preached about feminism and women’s rights, and joined progressives in the false allegations that the Republicans have an anti-women policy. So many times this female politician has been called for testimony and her vicious nature revealed with her “What does it matter?” remark. Her hypocrisy and lies have been recorded countless times, but to the liberal-progressive socialist, she is an example of the ultimate feminist.

It is conceived that she has 47 bodies in her political wake (along with husband) and a former Secret Service agent wrote how vicious and unfeeling the socialist troll could be. That count does not include those killed at Benghazi under her leadership as Secretary of State.

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Victim of Big Government and IRS Testifies Before Congress

Election 2012 - Tax Reform Not Campaign Issue, AgainCatherine Engelbrecht is the founder of King Street Patriots and president of True the Vote (an organization for voting reform to fight fraud), an organization that applied for non-profit status. She and her husband are in business together and never had difficulty with federal authorities until Catherine decided to be a responsible citizen and fight corruption and a government that does not adhere to limitations prescribed by the Constitution of the United States. She has taken a stand against big government and its corrupt practices of using its agencies and departments of federal authority to harass and destroy political opposition to the progressive socialist movement that began in the 1920s.

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Reasons For Serious Reformation of the Federal Government

How much scandal, anti-constitutional and anti-United States acts, policies, and agendas does it take for the US Congress and the American citizens to realize that Obama and associates are detrimental to the future of the United States of America? Indeed, considering the past two administrations, how much does it take for the American people to demand that We the People return to control our government as prescribed by the US Constitution and elect individuals who actually believe in the Constitution and respect its limitations of power of the federal government and adherence of state governments to the unionified laws of the Constitution?

Beginning with the most recent:

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Addressing Voter Fraud: The System That Cancels Out Your Vote

The Democrat Party and George Soros believe in Joseph Stalin’s philosophy that it is not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.

lighthouse9_animatedIn 2008 and 2012, St. Lucie County, Florida clearly was suspect in voting fraud, even a volunteer blew the whistle on the operation in 2012 – but the corporate media ignored it and authorities denied and shelved it as preposterous. Yet, a YouTube video of the whistleblower shows a different story, and attempts to interview the person in charge of vote counting [and recounting] failed. Because of this and fraud elsewhere, like in Ohio and Indiana where people were put on trial for fraudulent voting and convicted, many believe it is the only reason Obama won the close election of the popular vote in 2012 by only 51.2% [over 65 million votes]. Voting fraud cost Allen West his reelection.

Of the GOP poster boy, Mitt Romney would not have been the president to champion true reform in the federal government’s steady growth and economic failure; but would have been the “lesser evil” in choosing a president.

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Vietnam Veteran Tells It Like It Is

Bob Russell is a retired Vietnam War veteran who served in the US Special Forces and now is a senior writer for the Tea Party Research Team. I would like to pass on his words about our nation’s present status, of which you can read his posting in its entirety HERE.

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Tell Me Now, How Does Obama’s Administration Work Differently Than Bush Administration?


On the Coronation of Lord Obama  Check out the Foxhole posting: Obama Plans to Scour Your Finances.

Peninsula News - Mother's Day and Emergency Landing

On the Coronation of Lord Obama   Looks like the Marxist tool of Obama is going to backfire on him … The Hill. …

With Obama’s poll numbers dipping to near 50 percent, Republicans have seized on the issue, criticizing the president for canceling the tours as a stunt to hurt Congress, where lawmakers have long arranged White House tours for their constituents. … The canceled tours prompted a pointed question to Obama from House Administration Committee Chairwoman Candice Miller (R-Mich.) during the president’s meeting with House Republicans on Wednesday. Miller asked why Obama put an end to the tours instead of just cancelling the congressional Christmas party or the congressional picnic.

Peninsula News - Mother's Day and Emergency Landing

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Obama, Democrats, and RINOs – Fiddle While US Burns

Election 2012: Knowing Importance of Constitutional CongressIt has taken the Democrat controlled Senate four years to pass a budget supposed to be done annually. Government spending has pushed the national debt to over $16 trillion, and it continues to rise while unashamed politicians continue to fund other nations, foreign people and organizations, spend on mandatory “culture diversity” classes for all federal department employees, funding illegal alien students, and on and on.

The national debt equates to $52,000 per citizen of the United States, including children. So writes John Boehner at his blog.

Recently the Speaker finally spoke back to President Obama and senators who has been putting the blame on and stated that it is long past due to take proper action …

Mr. Boehner reiterated his position on the sequester on Tuesday, saying that it’s up to the Senate to act. President Barack Obama and Democrats have been pushing to replace the cuts with a combination of tax increases and more targeted cuts. Republicans have said they already passed two bills in a previous session of Congress to replace the sequester and that they agreed to tax increases in the year-end fight known as the fiscal cliff. “We should not have to move a third bill before the Senate gets off their ass and begins to do something,” Mr. Boehner said. He criticized the president for traveling the country to promote his plan to replace the sequester.

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