Congressional Elections and Voting Responsibility

This is the year that the Republicans can gain Senate majority, but the RINOs must go in order to do what is needed to be done and that list includes the Speaker of the House, Boehner.
The two major actions needed to be focused upon is the immigration amnesty issue and Obamacare – added to the TARP issue to institute a debt ceiling, stop the Internet tax bill and start doing something about Benghazi.

Ann Coulter wrote in her article that the last three items are not as important; but I disagree. In fact the list is not complete. Ms. Coulter seems to think that a senator or representative cannot walk and chew gum too. And if they cannot – they do not belong in Congress.
A Constitutional Convention needs to be enacted in order to repeal the 16th Amendment and get rid of the income tax system and the IRS power once and for all.
Right now, as Republicans are preparing for election or reelection, some are once again faking loyalty to the Tea Party cause. They did the same thing last election.
It is time that RINO Republicans who say one thing and do another become harder to find in the seats of Congress, and it is up to you, the voters to do it. Yes, Democrats have to be replaced, their political club is rift with corruption and there is not any among them worth the money they are paid. But Republican members need to perform some soul-searching and decide if they are going to be constitutionalists or just political whores and wind bags.
And, to Ms. Coulter: You may not think it is an important issue concerning Internet taxation by federal government, but it is not just collecting MORE taxes from already financially strapped America – it is about gaining control of the last bastion of freedom – the Internet.
There are many issues on the table because We the People have not taken our responsibility as voters seriously. We have relied too much upon the media, who indirectly decides who wins primaries and how elections turn out. It is way past the time that We the People need control, and that cannot happen when voters think it does not matter who they vote for because they are all crooks. That is a cop-out and admittance to the fact that if government is filled with corruption, ultimately the blame falls upon those who put them in office.
Voters should be as careful about voting as one would be purchasing an automobile or a home – you need to ensure you get your money’s worth.

The Time to Decide What Type of Government You Want is NOW

What do you expect from your government?

What type of government do you think operates most efficiently?

First, a large institution operates less efficiently than a slim organized smaller entity. Indeed, the larger an institution grows, the more chance of fraud and waste.

Second, the larger institution requires more divisions and thus more people to operate, which increases cost of operation, especially when a private entity dictates employment – who can be employed and who can get fired.  An efficient institution that abides by the Rule of Law will cost less to operate.

What type of government would you like to have?

The founders of the United States were men of  intellect, educated in the classics of law and philosophy, and most were graduates of a college or university, except for Benjamin Franklin who, like Abraham Lincoln, was self-taught by reading profusely. Indeed, Mr. Franklin could speak French that was the diplomatic language of the day.

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Heeding the Warning Signs

constitutionallawThis essay represents what I call “brain food”, a presentation that asks questions and makes points, but ultimately it is a brain exercise for fellow citizens who have fallen under the spell of indoctrination by those who have gained power over our constitutional republic. It is an exercise of common sense and self-education.

During the course of the history of our government there have been those whose original purpose was not inherently evil when it comes to their elected tasks; they just did not stick to tried and proven principles – US Constitution and Bill of Rights – but instead thought they came up with a better mousetrap. This movement did not truly become evil until those organizing this assault upon rights and liberties Of the People became systematic and with a long-term agenda used by Marxists like Lenin and Stalin. That agenda was to place government in a powerful position, operated by a selected elite, in order to control the people. They craftily started with the federal education program taking advantage of that entity’s control over what is taught to children of the United States, slowly eroding those principles that made our nation so great in so many ways. The gist of that greatness, inspiration and fortitude, is because of the People, not the minority of self-esteemed elites who believe they can control other people’s lives for their own good.

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Election 2012: Obama on Bus and Romney on the Ropes

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.Declaration of Independence, 1776
Informal Obama
BH Obamais on a campaign bus tour and his slogan this time is: Betting on America.
His political ads accuse Romney of supporting the move of American jobs overseas, when in fact Obama and friends who promote unfair taxation, as well as taxing instead of budgeting, are causing businesses to steer away from the highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world. They also ignore the fact that some businesses expand overseas without closing down operations here in America – the auto-making industry is good example.

Obama’s stops are at places where Obama won majority votes in 2008.

His slogan, Betting on Americafits – he and his cohorts are betting that there will be enough naïve Americans and blindly loyal DNC members who will make the same mistake twice.
Obama is depicting himself as he did in the last presidential campaign: rolling up his sleeves informally, eating a burger at a local diner or enjoying an ice cream with some PR prop citizen in a meaningless conversation.
The usual political PR of any candidate. Hopefully Americans will see through his facade.
The Obama controlled media has been coordinating and generating ongoing and previous reports concerning immigration and health care; viewed as a win for Obama since the Supreme Court decision of recent news; totally ignoring the fact that Obama lied (again) when he said that ObamaCare would work without raising taxes (but didn’t mention making any new ones).
His tenure as President of the United States has been filled with issues that were presented when he was campaigning in 2008, but too many Americans ignored because their heart/mind was set upon putting the first “Black” American in the White House – ignoring same race Americans who were far more competent in performing that once sacred position within the US government — if that would be the most important factor in choosing a president.
Of course, the reports are designed to make it look like Obama has improved the economy and other situations that press Americans in these trying times.
According to WSJ, BH Obama is leading in Ohio and Pennsylvania [QuinnipiacPoll] – but polls are only used for propping PR campaigns designed to lead Americans to believe that a certain candidate will win. Remember polls are only a microcosm of the American scene – they do not cross geographical and political lines and only come from an aspect of society. The only poll useful would be a national poll, voted upon by every American through their television or some other high-tech device.
The poll last week showed 47% to 38% in Obama’s favor in Ohio and 45% to 39% in Pennsylvania; which I find hard to believe knowing the recent news of disfavor of that region over economic conditions; but the Obama and its media state that manufacturing and agriculture have improved for ten consecutive months. So why are the prices continually climbing?
If Obama and his counterparts in Congress win (including the “moderate Republicans” who kiss his butt) the election of 2012, ObamaCare will begin to go into full effect in 2014 with the IRS acting as the federal gestapo in making collections that will harm and ruin middle-class economic well being. It will cost at least $2.4 trillion at that point of time, and as history shows it, the expense will continually climb. So much for “Change We Can Believe In”.
Americans will have less choice than they had before and as the hallmark of the auto industry takeover as well as banking; it will be another takeover victory for Big Government that will know no limitations and certainly further ignore constitutional law.
Yes, Betting on America will be an instant replay of Change You Can Believe In– more lies and deceptions, more blaming everything and anything besides the federal government itself and those operating it.
Those with their eyes open and self educated in the workings of government and knowledge of the Constitution of the United States know where all of this is heading if reformation isn’t the key issue for the next president and Congress. Simply, Big Government will continue to run America into financial woes it will not be able to circumvent, just like what is happening in Euro nations.
And Romney, as the savior?
He is another lesser evil option because too many American voters do not know how important primary elections are, as well as letting the media decide what candidate gets media representation that isn’t all negative – like painting Ron Paul and other constitutionalists as “radicals”. Indeed, the federal government considers constitutionalists as a danger and have them on their “blacklist”.
Romney’s health care legacy in Massachusetts is biting him in the butt, as predicted. Mostly because he is having difficulty people believing him with his constant policy changes that are based upon mood swings.
The Obama media wanted Romney to win the primary – they feared those who preached constitutionality and made stands against Big Government advocates.
Romney has failed before when standing up against the opposing political spin machine.
Romney should be taking a stand against all that is Big Government, beginning with ObamaCare and say, as if he means to do it:
ObamaCare must be repealed – entirely.
Romney also needs congressional support in order to do this and it is up to American voters to ensure that constitutional congressional members are sitting in the seats of the Senate and House.
Other important issues must be addressed by the Romney camp and quit telling the American people what Obama has done wrong. We already know it. What we want to know is: Does he know what is wrong and have solid plans to correct it?
Mr. Romney is letting the GOP down already, and while the GOP establishment deserve it for promoting him in the primaries; the unfortunate fact of life is the rest of us are going to suffer.
Already there are murmurs of “I told you so”.
Frankly, I am tired of saying it. We the People had the same “lesser evil” option when it came to GW Bush, and he proved just as inefficient as I predicted. While he preached against Big Government, he used the Islamic fascist crisis as an excuse to increase the power of government and its intrusions. When faced with the voices demanding that the unfair and intrusive tax system be replaced, we only heard that he “was looking into it” – and he left office without addressing the issue or encouraging Congress to do something about it. Too many people don’t realize that the present tax system is part of the problem of both the economic and Big Government scene. I think almost everyone agrees that the IRS has too much power for a government agency.
If the American people really want change, I ask again:
Why in the hell are you voting for the same type of candidates that put us into this mess in the first place?
There is much to reform thanks to Obama and company, examining in brief his record:
  • He created a large amount of czars that are unaccountable to Congress.
  • He circumvented Congress by using the Environmental Protection Agency to implement cap-and-trade nonsense.
  • He used the National Labor Relations Board to circumvent the Employee Free Choice Act.
  • He used the Federal Communications Commission to circumvent the judiciary’s prescription on regulating the Internet.
  • He used the Department of Education to force national education standards.
  • He ordered the Department of Justice to cease enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act.
  • He ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to force private religious institutions to fund abortions and other measures contrary to their Biblical moral code.
  • He ordered the Department of Homeland Security immigration service to use “prosecutorial discretion” in order to stop the mandated deportation of illegal immigrants.
  • He claimed “executive privilege” to avoid investigation into “Fast and Furious” scandal, a scheme to promote the administration’s efforts to undermine the Second Amendment to gain public opinion against owning and keeping firearms.
BH Obama pledged to:
…fundamentally transform the United States of America.
But his supporters failed to get the details because his alteration is a move from the republic for which the Founders created to a form of democratic socialism“American style” – and encouraged as well as justified the domestic insurrectionof the movement called “Occupy Wall Street”.
Americans need to reclaim their independence and reinstate the Declaration of Independenceusing the ballot box as their means of this revolution.
We are stuck with a lesser evil; however, we should vow to ourselves to ensure that constitutional candidates with intestinal fortitude to stand against media bias and the political establishment in Washington in every election from now on. You can begin by ignoring the character assassinating TV and radio ads. You can being by researching candidates through sites like On the Issues– looking at their record and matching it with their rhetoric. If you do not have or do not want a home computer – go to the library and use theirs. Your tax dollars pay for it, use it.
We the Peoplemust constantly be vigilant against those who would usurp our rights and liberties and we must train ourselves and our children that nothing from the government is free – someone pays for it, and usually it involves giving up a certain right, usually freedom of choice.
Don’t pay attention to political party organizations, nothing but large clubs; who only care about their club and not the nation and its people. Besides, it is the candidate that is going to be held responsible when taking office, not the political entity.
Get out of the mind trap that politics is boring or not worth your time – tyrants are counting on non-participation and your ignorance. That is how they slip pork and other trash into bills that get passed into legislative law; all the while whittling away your rights and liberties.
Remember that your rights and liberties as an individual are important, but it should never counter the rights and liberties of a fellow American, I.E. homosexual rights concerning military service or organizations involving children (Boy/Girl Scouts/Sex Education).
Our nation was conceived under the values of Judeo-Christian concepts; however, “faith initiative” agencies in government should not be authorized. It has proven to be a jumping point for Islamic agenda of world domination; as well as wasting tax payer dollars.
Never believe or listen to those who profess that anyone who is a constitutionalist is a “radical” – it is because they do not want the truth to be public and do not want to retain the republic form of government that was established.
These are just some points off the top of my head and I am sure you have some of your own – but this provides the gist of the situation and how to solve the problems of Big Government.
I pray that more Americans wake up and realize how much they have been duped by both sides of the political fence, and you realize that each of us as individuals can truly unite as a collective and still retain individual freedom and liberties that were provided by those who worked so hard and gave so much to achieve it for ALL of us.
Think of yourselves as Americans – not diversity in pockets of multiculturalism – but Americans who are citizens (naturalized or born) that share the same dreams, the same purpose in life, and honor the same flag and Constitution. Citizenship are only for those who earn it, keep it, respect it, and abide by our laws. No amnesty for anyone who does not fit that category.
I hope you had a great Independence Day, now it is time to reflect upon its meaning, its history, its tradition and choose to follow the brave and solid citizen patriots that were before you and I.
And, if the documentation proves correct — Barack Hussein Obama is using a social security number of a person who was born in 1890. Jefferson’s Rebels provides the details of the latest lawsuit against BH Obama.
Another mark to include in the list aforementioned – Barack the Imposter. Barack with the Questionable Past.
If this was a Republican president or a president of another race — impeachment proceedings would have begun by 2010.
Obama’s legacy comes to one word: Corruption, and history will reveal this eventually.
His nickname as an Imposter really comes from his background as well as what he wrote in Dreams of My Father:

The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.
 Go to the library and read Obama’s books thoroughly. Terry Lakin did and paid the price when he demanded justice.

Convict Leads Obama in West Virginia Primary

No, this is not Light Side of Lighthouse humor – this is for real!
May 7thwas the Democratic presidential primary election in West Virginia and Keith Judd, who is serving a sentenced in 1999 for two counts of mailing a threatening communication with intent to extort money or something of value while making threats at the University of New Mexico, was a registered candidate.

Judd, pictured below, was sentenced to 210 months in federal prison and has appealed several times without success.

Keith Judd (Statehouse Bureau photo)
Judd paid his $2,500 filing fee (where do inmates get that kind of money?) and submitted a notarized certification of announcement from the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana. No one filed to be a delegate for Judd.
The citizens of West Virginia are upset with Obama after his crusade against the coal industry, which means that Obama will not get enough votes in the November 2012 election. In the primary election, in ten of the 55 counties of West Virginia, Obama received 105,854 votes compared to 72,544 votes for convict Judd. 
This is an example of what I have suggested for some time — those who register to campaign to hold public office should have a background check performed as part of the application. The last time I checked, those citizens who have committed a felony can (a) no longer eligible to vote and (b) no longer able to purchase (legally) a firearm.
If Obama would have had to have a security background check, he would never have been senator, much less a president.  
To save embarrassment, Obama should drop his bid for a second term. 
But I know he won’t. 
He is like Bill Clinton and hasn’t good character. 
At least Richard Nixon resigned rather than going through the process of impeachment – for lying; the same charges against Bill Clinton in which the spineless and corrupt Congress didn’t vote for impeachment in his case. Clinton knew he was guilty and actually had the gall to stand before the American people on television and lie to them – but still, people supported him. It’s because, they said, it was his private business having sex in the White House and committing adultery with a young intern was not really having sex. Conduct unbecoming of the President of the United States or any elected public official at any level.
When Americans, from any state, would rather vote for a convict than reelect a president – Wouldn’t one think that something is amiss?
Obama groupies are still in favor of this unconstitutional, do-nothing president. 
What an embarrassment – like Bill Clinton.
Jimmy Carter (but great humanitarian and naive) might have been one of the worst presidents, but at least he had character. 
Barack H. Obama is going to be at the top of the list in history books as the worst. 
As bad as GW Bush was about keeping promises and paying attention to domestic issues, Bush still outshines Obama. 
Meanwhile, in an unrelated news snippet: 
China has raised its already high tariff on the American auto industry at a high 25%. China needs the money to build its military might against the United States. In addition, GM is giving auto technology to China, which it already has in the form of the electric car.
What can our leadership and corporations be thinking?
That’s what a government-, union-run company does, apparently.
Jobs and technology are going to China – something that Obama claimed against Bush.

And The Beat Goes On, and On, and On

Reviewing the progress of the primary election, I feel that too many Americans are voting for whoever (Romney) seems to be the “inevitable” winner of the GOP contest to stand up against Obama.
Voters should vote for whomever they prefer – not what the media thinks or pushes to be the winner and certainly not the GOP establishment that is pushing their favorites for election.
It seems that the TV polls and media hype has determined that Romney is “the man”. It also helps to have a lot of campaign cash, outspending all the other candidates – too much on negative campaign ads, unfortunately, too many voters pay attention to them or solely use those to choose.

The only president in the 20thcentury to defeat a sitting president was Ronald Reagan and it was not because of the polls because at one point of the campaign, Jimmy Carter was leading in the polls over Reagan at 18%.

The big question is what candidate is going to be able to adequately fight the Obama political machine – not the stupid media polls. Reagan took the fight with logic, directly to Carter and ultimately won.
Today, the biggest issue is ObamaCare, when it comes to domestic affairs and then follows reformation or repeal of the income tax system, and, of course, government spending and intervention.
Newt Gingrich is a fighter and so is Ron Paul; but the latter has once again made to look the fool by the mainstream media, who ignored the truth about Obama in 2008 and helped get him elected – and we can certainly see the results of his “Change”.
While Washington dickers and the Primary Election circus continues, Iran is rattling its swords as usual, as well as North Korea – and our troops are still dying in Afghanistan for a populace who is unworthy of our efforts. Israel is still holding the bag, while US foreign policy continues to tell them to not reciprocate attacks or deter Iran nuclear program, because it would damage the “peace talks”.

Ron Paul is Crazy All Right – Like a Fox

Ron Paul is made to look like a fool – by those of the party he belongs to, and, of course, the political left. But he is not crazy – well, he is crazy, “like a fox”. He speaks the Truth and has intent since 1983 to put in the forefront that the people have not been informed, the true powers of government. President Wilson, and the Congress at the time, created the mess that put us into a terrible depression and we have been paying for it since. Government’s answer to solutions are not solutions. The Federal Reserve is a power that the Congress or the President has no control over – and they will make it look like it is good that it is a private institution separated from the government, but in reality it is an entity of power that undermines our government’s role in limited government and the issue of taxation without representation.
Watch this video
Ron Paul is only a danger to the established powers of our electoral process sitting on both sides of the political fence. We need more Ron Paul people in Congress, our Supreme Court and certainly in the White House.
This is why Ron Paul is the one to remain standing against the Obama Nation machine in the White House:

Primary Election 2012 – A Three Ring Circus

Here is a list of the problems in this Primary Election 2012:
  1. While the first two debates went fairly well, except for Mitt Romney introducing his style of campaign – make the other candidate look bad usual campaign tool; Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul were professional towards each other despite their difference in the Foreign Policy issues. Dr. Paul is adamantly against using military for foreign interventions instead of defense of America and its national security interests. They both admitted, however, that they were both fervent in their zeal to limit government to what the Constitution dictates instead of what has become “business as usual” on Capital Hill and the White House. Since that time, in my opinion, debates have been nothing but a contest of how much dirt they can bring up (not based upon fact, most often depicting only part of the story) on each other, especially if they are in close lead in terms of popularity polls and possible delegation votes.

  2. While the initial insertion of non-issue campaign subject material like condoms and contraceptives was brought up by a moron who asked about it in the early debates; the subject continues, mainly by the mainstream press who seems to want the GOP primary debates look bad – their non-objectivity showing through as usual, as well as bias reporting.
  3. It is quite evident in this primary election what candidates are supported by the GOP establishment – the same people of power within the GOP that believes that being a moderate is key to success. In a way it is, for the opposing political party-club – who is delighted to see such division and debates that look like a three-ring circus. Gingrich and Paul represent a separation from the establishment; and thus are hindered by bad press. All it takes is for voters to go to On The Issues website and look at the political record of the candidates – we already know about Romney’s stance on government controlled health care because he implemented in his home state as governor and it might be worthy to note that Massachusetts is one of the highest taxed states in the Union. He is in the lead with Santorum the evangelist congressional big spender because the GOP establishment looks upon them as moderates – being able to be formed by the Washington mentality that has been in place for decades – and thus why our nation is in so much trouble economically as well as the slow process of loss of rights and liberties.
Meanwhile, concerning the contraceptive issue – an area that should have nothing to do with government and only between a doctor and patient; Rush Limbaugh has been hailed as the “great uniter” in this primary political turmoil. He put a Georgetown law student in her place when she insisted that she is “entitled” to $3,000 worth of contraceptives during her tenure at the Georgetown University – her name being well-known by now – Sandra Fluke.Even columnists chuckled at this government fund parasite, eater of taxpayer dollars, to imagine why she would need $3,000 worth of contraceptives. It also demonstrates how well sex education in public schools has promoted promiscuous sex rather than what they had originally intended. Indeed, in the 1980s there were 10% children born out of wedlock and today it is a little over 40% – another record for government in its ability to handle situations that belongs to the private sector.
Sandra Fluke, in her zeal to obtain taxpayer funded contraceptives claiming it was her “entitlement” actually tried to testify before a congressional committee – wasting congressional time as well as taxpayer funding. She was denied to attend the federal Health and Human Services committee table, which candidates Gingrich and Paul are determined to reduce that agency or even dissolve it because it does not comply with a limited government policy.
As far as Sandra Fluke being dubbed a “slut” – only professionals need $3,000 worth of contraceptives – so, Fluke, if the “shoe fits – wear it”. Who knows, maybe like one pundit said – she should just write it off her income tax as a business deduction.
What Sandra Fluke is doing and too many Americans think in the same vein of thought – taxpayers are required to pay for other citizens “entitlements”; when in fact, according to the Constitution, the government, especially when spending taxpayer funds, is not in the market to hand out or guarantee “entitlements”. Nothing wrong with helping people help themselves, like work programs and organizations like Habitat for Humanity – but these social parasites need to wake up to reality and start weening themselves off government programs and other taxpayer’s money.
Here is a video [below] of sorted TV ads and interviews of candidates for GOP primary election – a thee-ring circus indeed.

The GOP establishment needs to sit back reassess itself, if not, Obama is going to win. Romney will NOT stand a chance in debate with Obama because he hasn’t a record of consistency. The video includes Obama’s hypocrisy and ends with Ron Paul’s speech about how American foreign policy and sending troops to foreign problematic circumstances has created anti-American views. 

Congressman Ron Paul makes more sense than any other candidate – on ALL the issues.
Who do you think would be able to stand up to the Obama Nation political machine in November 2012? 
And, finally, in testament against the 16th Amendment and the government agency that Americans have looked upon as an “American Gestapo” – the IRS – view the report.

GOP Establishment and Chrysler Half-Time Ad

Vladamir Lenin, father of communist Soviet Union and Nazi propaganda chief for the Nazi Party of the 1930s stated that —
He also stated:
The goal of socialism is communism. [Lenin was a staunch supporter of Karl MarxCommunist Manifesto]

Can you relate to any of the statements above to the realities taking place within our government and those elite who want to control us from cradle to grave?

The “stimulus” tax cut is due to expire at the end of February, a political gimmick that saved a person making an annual amount of $50,000 at $80-month savings – it certainly hasn’t “stimulated” the economy. Economic growth slowed in 2011 compared to 2010; however due to the fact that 2012 is election year – no taxation was increased.

And, where did the funding come from? Why our Social Security “Trust Fund”, of course. Makes no difference – Democrat or Republican – that “stimulus” gimmick will drain $100 billion out of a fund meant only for the Social Security program spending – AGAIN. 
These are the same politicians (and those serving before them) who have convinced the American people, especially the gullible younger generation, that the “Baby Boomer” generation is and has used up the Social Security funds and forecast bankruptcy within a decade. They didn’t tell the people, however, that most Baby Boomers have been paying into the system all their lives, some starting at the age of 16 (like myself – working part-time in high school at night to afford a car to drive to school every week and weekend activities). They paid their dues, but the fund is still continues to be depleted – but not from Social Security benefit payments. These same politicians who pass legislation that budgets taxpayer funding for foreign infrastructures and welfare payments to foreign nation and its people while Americans are losing their homes and middle-class folks ending up in the street because of no job, same bills, and foreclosure.
As Patriot Post reported:

That’s not to say Social Security’s “trust fund” wasn’t already an accounting farce. The money taken from today’s workers finances today’s retirees because politicians have been raiding the “trust fund” for years — all that’s left are Treasury IOUs. Social Security ran a deficit of approximately $45 billion last year, and even the IOUs will run out within the next generation.

And, the Republicans who have been elected on campaigns to “change” things, like Obama promised:

As for the deal, it includes once again extending the “doc fix” for Medicare — preventing 27 percent cuts to reimbursement rates — as well as unemployment benefits. Republicans saw the Democrats’ election-year trap and caved on their insistence that the $100 billion the government would otherwise have collected in payroll taxes be offset by other budget cuts. They could do little more than retreat, lest they face disingenuous accusations that they don’t care about the poor and middle class.

You better believe that Congress and Obama will be ready and eager to hike taxes starting on January 2013, much like the former Wisconsin governor, Jim Doyle did after he got elected. With the help of his cronies and spineless state politicians, he signed, hardly in office for one month, a $1 billion tax increase that included a 38% increase in state fees (a title transfer at $45 became $75, for example) – the highest and worst tax increase in the state of Wisconsin. And the voters didn’t request to recall him, like they are doing Governor Walker, who actually cut expenses. The beef is from the unions and the whiners who work for government. While all of us pay into retirement programs, government workers were getting a free ride with no payments. Governor Walker signed a program for them to pay 6% and a match from employer – the same as private sector folks do. Oh my, what a bunch of complainers they were.
Back to the feds …
Democrat majority leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), gave the tax increase plan away when he said:
Democrats will continue working to extend this middle class tax cut, and Republicans will rightfully get blamed if Americans see their taxes go up on March 1.” Insert “January 1, 2013.
Rep. Allen West (R-FL) stated:
Our party firmly believes in the safety net. We reject the idea of the safety net becoming a hammock. … What Republicans have long understood is that poor communities are best served when they’re empowered to care for themselves. The more they come to rely on government checks, the less they learn to rely on their own ability and ingenuity. For this reason, the Republican value of minimizing government dependence is particularly beneficial to the poorest among us. Conversely, the Democratic appetite for ever-increasing redistributionary [sic] handouts is in fact the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today, and it does not promote economic freedom.
I don’t know what Republican Party that representative refers to, but the track record in the past decade of the GOP has not been good in terms of limiting government and working to reform tax system and repeal the 16thAmendment. It is because the established elite, lately referred to by Newt Gingrich as the establishment, that calls themselves “conservative” but are, in fact, RINOs. Listen to Rush Limbaugh concerning Gingrich’s fight against the status quo establishment within in his own party – of whom one of them is running against him for president: Mitt Romney and close-second is Rick Santorum. With the media complying with “let’s get Gingrich” abiding by the wishes of the GOP establishment. It is not the first time that Newt has took on the establishment, who joined Democrats between 1994 and 1996 (around the time he was chief architect of Contract With America). Every time the GOP establishment has said that Gingrich won’t last because he is not part of the status quo … he actually BELIEVES in limited government and responsible spending. He is an historian, and can show how certain patterns of history must be used as a guideline for the future, which means that some things work and others don’t – and too often those in government are in it for themselves and those that support them in terms of special interest – something that Newt Gingrich has been accused of (by the establishment and Democrats). Pretty sad when he must fight the political competition as well as the GOP base known as the establishment.
Look at it this way … we have heard the word “change” it seems forever, for at least ten years – but the only changethat occurred is nothing what was expected. Just goes to show you, always ask for details when a politician says the word “change” – the immediate response should be “in what way?”
Mitt Romney is NOT conservative, a true conservative, or a true constitutionalist. He is whatever the people want him to be in order to get elected. His political tactics is the status quo and quite like the liberal-democrat program – constantly work on making people believe the opponent is evil and corrupt. Out the window goes his claims … changing in midstream from pro-choice to pro-life and says on a roll to stop ObamaCare when he installed a mini-program of the same in the state of Massachusetts where he was governor. And, Rick Santorum, how can we believe he will put a curb to government spending when he has a record of being the Republican earmarking king of Congress?
Ron Paul? He lost his possible support when he preaches not just industrial hemp being legitimized, but wants to totally stop the Drug War, granted it has, for the most part, been a failure; as well as his isolationist view of foreign policy – a part I agree with is that we send too much of the taxpayer funding to other nations, still not learning we cannot buy friends and it is not our job to supply welfare to people in Africa. Let the private sector, like Red Cross, et cetera [private, no-profit entities], send blankets, food and the essentials to places suffering from drought, famine, pestilence, and natural disasters because that is what the American people are all about – but it is not the government’s position to use taxpayer funding (without their permission) to spend it on anything but the operation of our government and our nation’s national security. Giving funds/money only gets as far as the 3rdworld government, and rarely for the benefit of the people who live there.
In this, the Gingrich message is clear and, as Ron Paul even stated in the first and second debate of Primary Election 2012 – we agree and worked together on issues of limited government and overspending, but we just cannot agree on foreign policy.
Newt Gingrich’s personal life has been shoved into the limelight and more occasions that one can count on fingers and toes – yet, when a president (Clinton) is confronted for having sexual relations with a young and gullible intern in the Oval Office – the immediate response IS: “It’s his personal life”. In addition, there is a law on the books to this day that states: “innocent until proven guilty” – if someone is being investigated for ethics issues, and no one can find any evidence and drops the accusations – why is the media, the political left, and the GOP establishment still bringing this up as if Gingrich was found guilty?
It is because the GOP establishment doesn’t want to lose their status quo – their hand, like their counterparts in the opposing political party/club that is tied in with BIG money, which goes hand-in-hand with BIG government – like the Federal Reserve’s power and control that is something only the Congress is constitutionally legal to decide upon and act upon.
And, in closing, I would like to present a video that talks about the Clint Eastwood Chrysler TV ad shown at half-time in the Super Bowl. Clint Eastwood was shocked he was misunderstood, and I believe that he didn’t mean for it to come out like it did – but then, he should have examined the script first before accepting the job. And, by the way, proceeds earned for that ad were totally given to charity of his choice – probably something to help folks out during this economic hard times in the country that Clint loves. Clint is a conservative and believes in the Constitution and that America can only reform if the Americans do it, not the politicians with their double talk. He ran and was elected as mayor because he didn’t like what he saw in his town of Carmel, the way the previous mayor and the city council was ruining his beloved (and beautiful town, I visited several times in the early 1970s and again in early 1980s) – running as a Republican. There are few conservatives left in Hollywood – most either Christian Scientists or tree huggers who join other groups of hypocrites vehemently against this and that while they fly around in jets and drive expensive gas guzzlers; as well as wanting Americans to give up property rights because of a small owl that is supposed to be endangered, but wasn’t and so on. Clint Eastwood is one of those few who is for logic when it comes to most anything political.
Here is the video that discusses the ramifications of Chrysler ad, that came out in the wrong time, a time when people are furious over the bailout by the GW Bush and BH Obama administrations of private businesses, the auto industry, with taxpayer funds; so the wording in the ad was an insult, not a boost for many Americans. Of course, if you are an Obama supporter – you saw nothing wrong there. Anyway, here is the video:

Primary Election 2012: Ron Paul GOP Maverick

If you have been watching the primary election debates, on TV or at YouTube, you may have noticed that it began quite well, then the negativity started – beginning with Mitt Romney listing off things against Newt Gingrich, who at the time was leading in the popularity polls. Newt and Ron remained cordial to each other and came right out with the main issue(s) that they disagreed upon, pointing out that the main thing they had in common was that the government requires extensive reform and must become limited according to constitutional law. About the third time there was a televised debate during a particular state primary campaign, the moderator asked Mitt Romney a direct question and he circumvented the question and began to immediately bring up Gingrich’s personal life concerning his first wife as well as when he was being investigated by Congress (who did not find him guilty) of an ethics charge. Then when the moderator asked him why he was being so negative when he had complained earlier that candidates should remain focused upon issues not destroying the character and/or popular opinion of opponents – he wailed that others were doing it to him in so many words. The other candidates only made one-line remarks only when Romney would go into a tangent about another candidate. 

The object of the whole primary election campaign is to see who is going to actually pull of reformation of our government and solve the problems of issues at hand – only being accomplished if: (1) the candidate beats the Obama Nation machine in November 2012 and, (2) if elected, they can get the present reluctant and inept Congress to accept the task at hand to make those reformations work.
This reformation would include a major change in how many departments are allowed to continue to exist, especially ObamaCare, sucking up tax dollars and it’s not even kick started yet. Get Congress to pass a no earmark bill and a bill that would finally put a leash on the lobby system so it works the way it was designed, et cetera.
Ron Paul take on the issues in bullet and numbered paragraphs of his quotes and congressional record i:
  • For 30 years Ron Paul has been for – limited government, free market, sound dollar, and constitutional principles. He not only talks about it, he has tried while serving in Congress to show his fellow congress men and women what will work to get America on the right track and lead other nations by example, not foreign aid. He does not put political party above principles and does not conform to the established elite within any party. He remains a member of the GOP because he sees potential in its reformation, just as he sees potential in the American People to unite and stand against the established elite who do not want to give up status quo and their power cliques in Washington.
  • Years before this economic mess started, Ron Paul was warning people that we must follow another path. Establishment Republicans, RINOs talk the talk, but whenever they had the opportunity for a majority in Congress and when rarely they succeeded, most spent more time appeasing the Democrats rather than stand up to them. They called it compromising. Somethings you can reach a “middle ground” – but when it comes to the Constitution of the United States and the rights and liberties of the American People – there is No compromising.
  • Ron Paul served in the military as a Flight Surgeon in the US Air Force and in the Air National Guard – so when he talks about the military or to those serving, he understands and relates, as well as knows we need a strong defense to protect what is ours and the American People, putting our national security first and reduce the spread of our military might across bases that total between 700 and 1,000.
  • Ron Paul has made a plan and has voiced this plan to reduce $1 trillion in honest spending cuts, not superficial during the first year of his presidency. He also plans to abolish five unconstitutional federal departments and, with the help of Congress, balance the federal budget by year three. Here is where his work will be cut out for him when I mention “with the help of Congress”. Other presidents, like Ronald Reagan wanted a limited government and get rid of the complicated, unfair and intrusive income tax system – but he did not have a Congress that would go all the way.
  • Ron Paul will begin to author legislation immediately when swearing into the office of President of the United States to repeal Roe v. Wade under the definition that life begins at the time of conception and removing judges who do not comply. This means there will be no taxpayer dollars that pays for unwanted infants. Over five million infants have been murdered since Roe v. Wade established that abortion was up to the woman. Those same women who state it is their body have forgotten that the infant in the womb is a living being. Abortion should be an exception to the rule for circumstances regarding mother’s health and in cases of rape and incest – not a free ride for irresponsible sex and certainly not at the taxpayer’s expense. The same women who claim it is their body and they can choose what to do with it are insisting on heavy taxation and anti-smoking laws against the freedom of choice for those that smoke. The smoker is penalized by paying higher health premiums and life insurance premiums – taxation is not meant to be a punishment, it is a means to raise revenue to operate the government, not for social engineering ventures. Mitt Romney was pro-choice and now changed to pro-life; and while there is nothing wrong with changing one’s mind, especially for the positive – Romney is the type of candidate who will say anything or change anything to get elected. Can he be trusted to carry out what he has said in the primary debates and rallies? His record shows NO. Rick Santorum is known in Congress as the earmark king, and who has voted against legislation that will prevent earmarking and other safety factors in passing legislation. He runs a close second to saying one thing and doing another like Mitt Romney. Ron Paul has been consistent in the past 30 years and has tried to implement all that he preaches. His record is squeaky clean – no public scandals or ethic problems. 
    On Ron Paul’s desk he had a plaque that read: 
  • Ron Paul has been constantly and insistently saying that the Federal Reserve System needs a full audit and then end it – money, its printing, etc, is the power of the Congress, not a separate banking entity controlled by anybody’s guess.
  • Ron Paul consistently stood up for the Second Amendment and the right for lawful Americans to choose to implement it, protecting their life, property, and fellow Americans.
  • Ron Paul created a plan to stop illegal immigration and secure our own borders instead of the borders of other nations.
  • There are people saying that Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance and using this as an excuse to not vote for him. While others have dropped out or, like Newt Gingrich, see popularity polls diminish, Ron Paul is gaining momentum – far more than the last time he ran for president. Why? Because more people are seeing that the same type of elected officials who belong to the establishment elite clubs of the two traditional political parties have not performed their assigned duties as the representative of the America People, the interests of the United States
  • There are people who parrot the progressives, RINOs, and the media that supports them saying that Ron Paul is for no government. Impossible and a lie. No government means no anarchy. There is a difference between a limited government and no government.
  • Ron Paul has promised to work hard to rid our nation of the national health care system called ObamaCare. Mitt Romney stated this also; however he set up a mini-ObamaCare in his home state of Massachusetts – so what makes supporters believe him?
  • People call Ron Paul a Libertarian as if that was as foul a descriptive word as “sociocrat”, “socialist” or “progressive” in ideology. He does not belong to the Libertarian Party, he is a member of the Republican Party (GOP) – and presents himself as a constitutional conservative with certain ideologies corresponding with the Libertarian; and contrary to belief, the Libertarian is not for overthrowing the government or dissolving it – just reforming it. This is propaganda coming from the opposition and it surprises me to hear conservatives follow this diatribe of the RINO establishment and the Liberal-Progressives who have used fear for decades and plays upon the emotions of the American People. We finally have a candidate who presents himself with honest, logical and truthful ideology without using the fear tactic, and too many Americans discount him – despite his congressional record of standing up for what is right – constitutional right. During a period where the anti-constitutionalists are coming out directly that want to either do away with the Constitution as conceived, or change it into an unrecognizable useless document when it comes to freedom of choice, rights and liberties.
  • Avid supporters are growing, and a record number of youthful Americans are joining the ranks because they are tired of the establishment and their status quo – more important to them than the future of America and the welfare of its People. Ron Paul himself was pleasingly surprised, just as he was surprised about what took place as explained in the next bullet paragraph.
  • Supporters have also put together a campaign called the Money Bomb, to match the expenditures of the opponents who use most of their money making the other guy look bad (mostly character assassination and misquoting); but Ron Paul supporters want to use it to show how different their record is compared to Ron Paul, a true constitutional conservative.
  • No other candidate’s record can match that of Ron Paul – so why are Americans not supporting him and raising those popularity poll percentages. The real test will be on each of the state’s primary election day, as well as the delegates within the Convention of 2012.
  • Ron Paul has the fortitude, armed with knowledge of government and constitutional law, to stand up to the Obama Nation political team and win the November 2012 general national election for President of the United States.
The following are numbered items that can be found recorded at The Issues website, which provides the voter/reader extensive information and quotes of each candidate’s stand on the issues at hand:
  1. Right to privacy is explicit, but not for contraception. (Jan 2012)
  2. Efforts to fund abortion ranks among stupidest policies. (Apr 2011)
  3. Deregulate the adoption market. (Apr 2011)
  4. Day-After-Pill allows individual moral choice. (Apr 2011)
  5. Roe v. Wade decision was harmful to the Constitution. (Apr 2008)
  6. Get the federal government out of abortion decision. (Nov 2007)
  7. Nominate only judges who refuse to legislate from the bench. (Sep 2007)
  8. No tax funding for organizations that promote abortion. (Sep 2007)
  9. Voted YES on banning federal health coverage that includes abortion. (May 2011)
  10. Voted NO on restricting interstate transport of minors to get abortions. (Apr 2005)
  11. Voted YES on banning partial-birth abortions. (Apr 2000)
  12. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be auctioned off. (Jan 2012)
  13. Audit the Fed. (Jan 2012)
  14. Let Italy fail; or we face a 10-year recession. (Nov 2011)
  15. Don’t bail out banks; bail out homeowners. (Oct 2011)
  16. Go after crony capitalism; defend real capitalism. (Nov 2011)
  17. Auditing the Fed revealed $5 trillion loaned to foreign banks. (Oct 2011)
  18. We spend $1.5 trillion on wars; start by cutting there. (Sep 2011)
  19. 1980s had huge deficits, despite Reagan’s message. (Sep 2011)
  20. Wall Street is dumping its trouble onto Main Street. (Sep 2008)
  21. Great nations and empires end for financial reasons. (Feb 2008)
  22. We’re worse off than in 2000, due to Bush and Congress. (Jan 2008)
  23. The People, not Government, are supposed to run the economy. (Jan 2008)
  24. Restore GOP by returning to less government and fiscal conservationism. (Dec 2007)
  25. Weak economy is source of resentment against immigrants. (Dec 2007)
  26. Government out of regulating economy and out of our bedrooms. (Jan 2007)
  27. We’ve come to accept debt, wealth confiscation, and big government. (Dec 1987)
  28. We owe foreigners $2.7 trillion and more printing won’t do. (Feb 2008)
  29. Wasteful government spending backed by both parties. (Apr 2008)
  30. Voted NO on $192 billion additional anti-recession stimulus spending. (Jul 2009)
  31. Voted NO on monitoring TARP funds to ensure more mortgage relief. (Jan 2009)
  32. Voted NO on $15 billion bailout for GM and Chrysler. (Dec 2008)
  33. Allow $3 on 1040 form to pay off National Debt. (Sep 2000)
  34. Supports the Cut-Cap-and-Balance Pledge. (Jan 2012)
  35. End the Federal Reserve. (Sep 2010)
  36. No federal marriage licenses and no state licenses either. (Aug 2011) … This idea would work best or at all if the income tax system, which monitors whose married, head of household and other nomenclature is required to be known by the government no longer is required – because income tax will no longer exist. It boils down to the fact that marriage is between people, a private matter and the religious entity (if any) they belong to. Like Ron Paul states in the next item …
  37. Let churches marry couples, without government document. (Jun 2011)
  38. Government is totally unnecessary for gay marriage laws. (May 2011) … the gist of this issue is the fact that the income tax system favors married couples when it comes to deductions; therefore, get rid of income tax and for the most part this issue would be moot.
  39. Voluntary associations are better than quotas. (Apr 2011) … referring to civil rights issues.
  40. Definition of marriage is free speech. (Apr 2011)
  41. National ID card is part of fear-based government. (Feb 2008) … like the government’s attitude (Obama Nation administration) towards the Tea Party movement with a higher record of peaceful protest than the progressives, for example, the anti-war crowd suing for peace burning a recruitment center in California. That was unheard of when it came to Tea Party rallies, who the mainstream press tried to make the movement appear to be a bunch of weirdies.
  42. Civil Rights Act was more about property than race relations. (Dec 2007)
  43. Against ID for immigrants; it leads to national ID card. (Dec 2007)
  44. No affirmative action for any group. (Sep 2007)
  45. No need for Marriage Amendment; DOMA is enough. (Sep 2007)
  46. Use power of presidency to restore habeas corpus. (Sep 2007) … Background: On April 27th, 1861, the writ of habeas corpus was suspended by President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War. It was in response to riots, local militia actions, and the threat that the border slave state of Maryland would secede from the Union, leaving the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, surrounded by hostile territory. It was chosen to be suspended because of a proposal to bombard Baltimore by General Winfield Scott. Lincoln was also motivated by requests by generals to set up military courts to rein in “Copperheads” or Peace Democrats, and those in the Union who supported the Confederate cause. Congress was not in session to consider a suspension of the writs. His action was challenged in court and overturned by the US Circuit Court in Maryland. … When Congress convened in July 1861, a joint resolution was introduced into the Senate approving the president’s suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, but filibustering by Senate Democrats and opposition to its imprecise wording by Senator Lyman Trumball prevented a vote on the resolution before the end of the first session, and the resolution was not taken up again. ….the Writ of Habeas Corpus was again suspended during Reconstruction when the South arose against it, which included the Ku Klux Klan, so Congress passed the Force Acts (1870-1871) and the Civil Rights Acts of 1871) that permitted the president to suspend habeas corpus if conspiracies against federal authority were so violent that they could not be checked by ordinary means. The writ was suspended by President Ulysses S. Grant in nine South Caroline counties and the act was ended by the sunset clause by the close of the next regular session of Congress. Once again, writ of habeas corpus was suspended by the Philippine Commission on January 31st, 1905, which brought about the US Supreme Court case Fischer v. Baker, U.S. 174. And again following the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941 when habeas corpus was suspended and martial law was declared for the remainder of World War II. Again, in 1996, following the Oklahoma City bombing, passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton in the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. And finally, in the 21st century, on November 13th, 2001, the Presidential Military Order gave the President of the United States the power to detain non-citizens suspected of connection to terrorists as enemy combatants. The power was used to detain and try detainees at Guantanamo Bay by the order of President GW Bush. The power has been argued vehemently within Congress and elsewhere in court cases, et cetera, ever since afraid of its abuse in the name of the war against terrorism.
  47. Don’t ask, don’t tell is a decent policy for gays in army. (Jun 2007) … controversially changed and extended by President BH Obama.
  48. Gender-equal pay violates idea of voluntary contract. (Dec 1987)
  49. In times of war, our freedoms are threatened at home. (Dec 1987)
  50. Rights belong only to individuals, not collective groups. (Dec 1987)
  51. Inflated currency benefits some industry’s CEO salaries. (Sep 2010)
  52. Auto company nationalization is fascism. (Sep 2010)
  53. Big business demand for easy money causes inflation. (Dec 1981)
  54. Voted YES on Bankruptcy Overhaul requiring partial debt repayment. (Mar 2001)
  55. Repeal ObamaCare reporting requirements for small business. (Jan 2011)
  56. Replace “hate crime” with equal penalties for equal assaults. (Apr 2011)
  57. Too many capital convictions have been proven errors. (Apr 2011)
  58. Eliminate ultimate penalty & incarcerate for life. (Apr 2011)
  59. Opposes death penalty at both federal and state level. (Jan 2008)
  60. Changed opinion to anti-death penalty due to many mistakes. (Sep 2007)
  61. Opposes “hate crimes” legislation. (Sep 2007)
  62. Voted NO on enforcing against anti-gay hate crimes. (Apr 2009)
  63. Voted YES on funding for alternative sentencing instead of more prisons. (Jun 2000)
  64. Voted NO on more prosecution and sentencing for juvenile crime. (Jun 1999)
  65. Blacks disproportionately imprisoned for victimless crimes. (Jan 2012)
  66. Cancel the drug war, and cancel its violence. (Nov 2011)
  67. Our drug war is driving our immigration policy. (Sep 2011)
  68. We do not need laws to tell us not to use heroin. (May 2011)
  69. Drug wars allows drug lords to make a lot more money. (Apr 2011)
  70. Someday we’ll wake up and end the Second Prohibition. (Apr 2011)
  71. War on drugs is out of control; revert control to states. (Dec 2007)
  72. Repeal most federal drug laws; blacks are treated unfairly. (Sep 2007)
  73. Inner-city minorities are punished unfairly in war on drugs. (Sep 2007)
  74. $500 billion on War on Drugs since 1970s has been a total failure. (Sep 2007)
  75. Legalize industrial hemp. (Jan 2007)
  76. Drug wars fosters violence at home and breeds resentment abroad. (Oct 2011)
  77. Societal inconsistency on alcohol contributes to drug use. (Dec 1987)
  78. Voted NO on more funding for Mexico to fight drugs. (Jun 2008) … Mexican government corruption has made this funding a waste of taxpayer dollars.
  79. Voted NO on military border patrols to battle drugs & terrorism. (Sep 2011)
  80. Voted NO on subjecting federal employees to random drug tests. (Sep 1998)
  81. War on Drugs has abused Bill of Rights. (Dec 2000)
  82. Legalize medical marijuana. (Jul 2001)
  83. Ban federal funding for needle-exchange programs. (Mar 1999)
  84. Distribute sterile syringes to reduce AIDS and hepatitis. (Jan 2009)
  85. Sponsored bill letting states legalize industrial hemp. (Apr 2009)
  86. Student loan program is a total failure and unconstitutional. (Nov 2011)
  87. Stop enforcing No Child Left Behind; allow opt-out of system. (Sep 2011)
  88. Competition helps, but vouchers invite bureaucratic control. (Apr 2011)
  89. No-Child-Left-Behind hooks institutions on federal funding. (Apr 2011)
  90. Evolution doesn’t support atheism nor diminish God. (Apr 2011)
  91. School prayer is not a federal issue. (Apr 2008)
  92. Private funds for art work better than government funds. (Apr 2008) … no more taxpayer dollars for depictions of vagina on an image of the Virgin Mary or ceramic penis hanging on a cord and calling it “art”.
  93. Close Department of Education, but don’t dismantle public schools. (Dec 2007)
  94. Encourage homeschooling & private school via tax write off. (Dec 2007)
  95. Don’t impeach judges for decisions on legislature prayers. (Sep 2007)
  96. Present scientific facts that support creationism. (Sep 2007)
  97. Equal funds for abstinence as contraceptive-based education. (Sep 2007)
  98. Tax-credited programs for Christian schooling. (Sep 2007) … many would say this is in violation in the concept of separation of church and state. If there is no income tax, the tax credit is moot.
  99. Guarantee parity for home school diplomas. (Sep 2007)
  100. Voted NO on $40 billion for green public schools. (May 2009)
  101. Voted NO on $84 million in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges. (Mar 2006)
  102. Voted NO on allowing vouchers in DC schools. (Aug 1998)
  103. Voted YES on vouchers for private and parochial schools (Nov 1997)
  104. Abolish the federal Department of Education. (Dec 2000)
  105. Sponsored bill for private scholarships to public schools. (Feb 2003)
  106. Supports a Constitutional Amendment for school prayer. (May 1997)
  107. No nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain; it’s other states’ garbage. (Oct 2011)
  108. Absurd to let global bureaucrats try to manipulate climate. (Apr 2011)
  109. Big oil profits OK; Big Oil subsidies are not. (Jun 2007)
  110. Voted YES on barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. (Apr 2011) … fiasco before and always will be.
  111. Voted NO on enforcing limits on CO2 global warming pollution. (Jun 2009) … Global Warming has been proven a hoax and a mistake ONE scientist’s “discovery” has shown that errors in computer simulations produced false results. Besides, it was only 10-15 years ago that the “sky-is-falling” scientists predicted another Ice Age – which I am sure may happen again sometime up the road in the history of Earth.
  112. Voted NO on removing oil and gas exploration subsidies. (Kan 2007)
  113. Voted NO on tax incentives for renewable energy. (Feb 2008) … something for private sector to iron out and invest in, as well as develop.
  114. Voted NO on keeping moratorium on drilling for oil offshore. (Jun 2006) … If our government had acted upon violations found, the Gulf oil spill would not have happened and BP would have been forced to clean up their act or ditch the operation.
  115. Voted YES on scheduling permits for new oil refineries. (Jun 2006)
  116. Voted NO on prohibiting oil drilling & development in ANWR. (Aug 2001)
  117. Repeal the gas tax. (May 2001)
  118. No EPA regulation of greenhouse gases. (Jan 2011)
  119. Recycling consumes more energy than it saves. (Apr 2011)
  120. Neglected property rights during the industrial revolution. (Jan 2008)
  121. Property rights are the foundation of all rights. (Sep 2007)
  122. Scored 14% on Humane Society scorecard on animal protection. (Jan 2007)
  123. Voted NO on $2 billion increase for Cash for Clunkers program. (Jul 2009)
  124. Voted NO on protecting free-roaming horses and burros. (Jul 2009) … this is a matter for private organizations; besides, the maverick population has exploded to the point they are definitely NOT endangered.
  125. Voted NO on environmental education grants for outdoor experiences. (Sep 2008)
  126. Voted NO on $9.7 billion for Amtrak improvements and operation through 2013. (Jun 2008)
  127. Voted YES on barring website promoting Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump. (May 2006)
  128. Voted NO on increase of Amtrak funding by adding $214 million to $900 million. (Jun 2006)
  129. Voted NO on speeding up approval of forest thinning projects. (Nov 2003) … environmental whackers have been telling us to “save the trees” and now they want to “thin forests”?
  130. Give tax breaks for start-up farms for 10-year commitment. (Jan 2008)
  131. Stop considering manure as pollutant or hazardous. (Sep 2011) … not specified, but cow manure can pollute and endanger water system to introduce E-coli and other harmful disease causing properties; however, horse manure is not considered a pollutant or danger.
  132. Repeal requirements for compact fluorescent bulbs. (Jan 2011).
  133. Let parents decide on mental health screening for kids. (Jan 2005) … government has TOO MUCH control over our children, using them for own purposes.
  134. Voted YES on reducing Marriage Tax by $399 billion over 10 years. (Mar 2010).
  135. We don’t even accept elections from overseas. (Jan 2012)
Ron Paul’s foreign policy ideology is what hurts him the most; however, like most presidents, will tone it down once he reviews the situation that a president has access to; while still keeping the gist of his ideology. But this hurts him in getting votes; despite the fact that many Democrats are anti-war – but big government enthusiasts.
136. In Latin America, standing up for allies has meant military. (Jan 2012)
137. We installed Shah in Iran; we should mind our own business. (Aug 2011)
138. Worldwide interventionism requires perpetual fear. (Apr 2011)
139. We spend $1 trillion a year overseas; it’s needed at home. (Sep 2008)
140. Stop interfering with Latin America; talk and trade instead. (Dec 2007)
141. No foreign aid; no treaties that commit US to future wars. (Jun 2007)
142. No nation-building; no world policeman; no preemptive war. (Jan 2006)
143. UN membership leads to impractical military conflicts. (Feb 2003)
144. Policy of non-intervention, neutrality, & independence. (Dec 1987)
145. Avoid ratifying Law of the Sea Treaty. (Sep 2007)
146. Voted NO on supporting democratic institutions in Pakistan. (Jun 2009)
147. Voted NO on cooperating with India as a nuclear power. (Sep 2008)
148. Voted NO on deterring foreign arms transfers to China. (Jul 2005)
149. Voted YES on keeping Cuba travel ban until political prisoners are released. (Jul 2001)
150. Voted NO on $156 million to IMF for 3rd-world debt reduction. (Jul 2000)
151. Voted NO on Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China. (May 2000)
152. Voted NO on $15.2 billion for foreign operations. (Nov 1999)
153. Allow Americans to travel to Cuba. (May 2000)
154. Foreign aid often more harmful than helpful. (Dec 2000)
155. Ban foreign aid to oil-producers who restrict production. (May 2001)
156. Sponsored bill to end the Cuban embargo. (Apr 2003)
157. Sponsored resolution to withdraw from UNESCO. (Jun 2004)
158. Member of House Foreign Affairs Committee. (Mar 2011)
159. Allow travel between US and Cuba. (Feb 2009)
160. US abroad unconstitutional and unaffordable. (Sep 2010)
161. Free trade helps all of Latin America, even Cuba. (Jan 2012)
162. China trade benefits American consumers. (Jan 2012)
163. Trade sanctions never worked on Cuba, and won’t work on Iran. (Aug 2011)
164. Free trade agreements threaten national sovereignty. (Apr 2008)
165. FactCheck: NAFTA Superhighway not a conspiracy; it’s I-35. (Feb 2008) … when he last run for president, he made some statements that “FactCheck” disclaimed.
166. No North American Union; no WTO; no UN. (Sep 2007)
167. IMF empowers politicians by causing inflation. (Dec 1981)
168. Allow Americans to own gold; end large-scale foreign sales. (Dec 1981) … FDR is the one that stopped private ownership of gold, listening to the idiots who counseled him on economic matters. It was never repealed by Congress and should be. Afraid of hoarding? Ridiculous, it is like saying a savings account, money market or stocks is “hoarding” – it’s an investment. Too much useless and detrimental legislation still on the books.
169. Voted NO on promoting free trade with Peru. (Nov 2007) … still researching this to see why.
170. Voted NO on implementing CAFTA, Central America Free Trade. (Jul 2005) … researching.
171. Voted NO on implementing US-Australia Free Trade Agreement (Jul 2004) … researching.
172. Voted NO on implementing US-Singapore free trade agreement. (Jul 2003) … researching.
173. Voted NO on implementing free trade agreement with Chile. (Jul 2003) … researching.
174. Voted YES on withdrawal from the WTO. (Jun 2000) … due to allowing China to join without cleaning up their human rights issues first.
175. Voted YES on ‘Fast Track’ authority for trade agreements. (Sep 1998)
176. No restrictions on import/export; but maintain sovereignty. (Dec 2000)
177. Block NAFTA Superhighway & North American Union. (Jan 2007) … NAU was an unconstitutional plan to unite Canada, Mexico, and US, endangering our sovereignty as well as other serious issues, like national security. As far as NAFTA superhighway, FactCheck wasn’t completely correct in evaluating Ron Paul’s assessment. Mexican truck drivers were not being held to the same strict Dot regulations as US truck drivers, as one example – and it tied in with the NAU (North American Union) plan that GW Bush (original architect was his father, GH Bush, as well as implementing the terminology and advocate of a “New World Order”) was putting together behind closed doors and without congressional notification or approval.
178. Everything government does is a mandate. (Sep 2011)
179. Don’t use Executive Orders for controversial laws. (Sep 2011)
180. Enough bipartisanship; gridlock can be the friend of liberty. (Apr 2011) … reason why GOP, even with majority, cannot get things done because of their timidness and belief they MUST compromise on everything – not with the Constitution and our rights and liberties.
181. Tax-funded elections are worse than campaign finance reform. (Apr 2011)
182. People shouldn’t be able to vote to take away others’ rights. (Apr 2011)
183. Paper money makes Congress believe it has no spending limit. (Sep 2010)
184. Introduced Federal Reserve Transparency Act with Senator Sanders. (Sep 2010)
185. Veto every single bill that violates the 10thAmendment. (Sep 2011)
186. Some Executive Orders are legal; but power has been abused. (Sep 2011) … referring to former president and especially President BH Obama.
187. I believe in market regulation, but not federal regulation. (Sep 2010)
188. Government “insurance” is really just a transfer payment. (Apr 2011)
189. I vote for term limits, but they won’t solve anything. (Apr 2011)
190. The “living Constitution” is the death of democracy. (Apr 2008)
191. Constitution defines much smaller government. (Feb 2008)
192. Received the most campaign contributions from the military in 2008 election (Feb 2008)
193. Dismantle agencies that have no Constitutional role. (Dec 2007)
194. Supports compulsory term limits, not voluntary for himself. (Dec 2007)
195. No federal voter ID card; but state ID cards OK. (Sep 2007)
196. Constitution was written to restrain the federal government. (Sep 2007) … the amendments, first ten, called the Bill of Rights, was installed to ensure that the People had their rights and liberties and what state governments and elected officials could do and could not do. States’ rights were included with one stipulation that they must abide by constitutional law that majority states must voted for and ratified as amendments.
197. We are drifting rather rapidly into a totalitarian state. (Sep 2007) … this should scare Americans more than the Libertarians, believing the propaganda rhetoric ensued by both traditional political party-clubs.
198. Disallow lawsuits that stop public officials invoking God. (Sep 2007)
199. End government secrecy; restore openness of information. (Aug 2007) … this is a tricky proposal when it comes to bonafide national security issues.
200. With NeoCon philosophy, Cheney is more powerful than Bush. (Aug 2007)
201. Conservatives support big government war policies. (Jun 2007)
202. Close departments of Energy, Education, & Homeland Security. (May 2007) … researching alternative to Homeland Security or proposing to return it back to where there was just an FBI and CIA. Need more clarity on this statement.
203. Our government routinely lies to us. (Dec 1987)
204. Federal abuses today worse than King’s in 1776 revolution. (Dec 1987)
205. Spending without taxation causes inflation. (Dec 1981)
206. Voted NO on Senate pay raise. (Jun 2009)
207. Voted NO on granting Washington DC an Electoral vote & vote in Congress. (Apr 2007)
208. Voted YES on protecting whistle-blowers from employer recrimination. (Mar 2007)
209. Voted NO on prohibiting lawsuits about obesity against food providers. (Oct 2005)
210. Voted YES on restricting frivolous lawsuits. (Sep 2004)
211. Voted NO on banning soft money and issue ads. (Sep 1999)
222. Reduce the salary of Members of Congress. (Jan 2011) … not sure about this one; however, I am sure that congressional members who are elected officials should not receive retirement programs – that should be what they can obtain privately or via the social security program like the rest of us. Receiving retirement benefits after serving eight years is an abomination and insult to the American People and an unnecessary drain on the Treasury.
223. Require all laws to cite Constitutional authorization. (Jun 2009)
224. Repeal automatic Congressional pay raises. (Jan 2008) … Amen.
225. Gun free zones don’t make any difference. (Apr 2011)
226. Ease procedures on the purchase and registration of firearms. (Nov 1996)
227. Let airlines make rules about passenger guns to fight terror. (Sep 2007)
228. Supports the Second Amendment; rated “A” by NRA.
229. Individual right to self-defense at home and as self-defense [anywhere]. (Jan 1999)
230. Ban gun registration & trigger lock law in Washington DC. (Mar 2007)
231. No point in keeping guns you can’t access. (Sep 2010)
232. Agrees with Newt Gingrichon 2ndAmendment & gun control, limited government, and national health care.
233. Government should not protect you from yourself. (Dec 2011)
234. Markets instead of lobbyists writing drug laws. (Sep 2011)
235. Vaccinating 12-year-olds against HPV is bad medicine. (Sep 2011)
236. States can mandate insurance, but it’s a bad idea. (Aug 2011)
237. Let people opt out of Medicare. (Jun 2011) … that depends upon the People – one would balk at leaving a program that they have been paying into for a long period of time.
238. Private medicalsavings accounts, not government meddling. (Apr 2008) … government needs to rescind regulation that requires someone to have health insurance in order to open a medical savings account; however, getting rid of income tax will make this issue moot.
239. Legalizing prostitution is about protecting liberty. (May 2011)
240. Transfer funds from debt & empire-building to healthcare. (Oct 2007) … was he talking about the money saved by the People or government health care?
241. Insurance companies & government make health care unaffordable. (Oct 2007)
242. Socialized medicine won’ work; nor managed care. (Oct 2007)
243. Managed care is expensive and hasn’t worked. (Sep 2007) … referring to experience in other nations.
244. Insurance reward for avoiding tobacco, alcohol, obesity. (Sep 2007) … not government’s job or responsibility – taxation is for obtaining revenue to operate government – not for social engineering and punishing a segment of the population (so-called “sin tax” is unconstitutional).
245. Oppose mandated health insurance and universal coverage. (Sep 2007)
246. Voted NO on the Ryan Budget; Medicare choice, tax and spending cuts. (Apr 2011)
247. Voted NO on regulating tobacco as a drug. (Apr 2009)
248. Voted No on expanding the Children’s Health Insurance Program. (Jan 2009)
249. Voted NO on overriding veto on expansion of Medicare. (Jul 2008)
250. Voted YES on requiring Rx prices for Medicare Part D. (Jan 2007)
251. Voted NO on limiting medical malpractice lawsuits to $250,000 damages. (May 2004) … this was lobbied by insurance companies to pass; however, it certainly didn’t mean or require them to lower their insurance premiums for malpractice insurance.
252. Voted NO on limited prescription drug benefit for Medicare recipients. (Nov 2003)
256. Voted YES on allowing re-importation of prescription drugs. (Jul 2003)
257. Voted YES on small business associations for buying health insurance. (Jun 2003)
258. Voted NO on capping damages & setting time limits in medical lawsuits. (Mar 2003)
259. Voted NO on subsidizing private insurance for Medicare Rx drug coverage. (Jun 2000)
260. Voted NO on banning physician-assisted suicide. (Oct 1999)
261. Voted YES on establishing tax-exempt Medical Savings Accounts. (Oct 1999)
262. Abolish federal Medicare entitlement; leave it to states. (Dec 2000)
263. Limit anti-trust lawsuits on health plans and insurers. (Mar 2002)
264. Expand medical savings accounts for employers & individuals. (Feb 1999) … wouldn’t it be better and more rewarding to make “insurance payments” to a medical savings account rather than an insurance company who only pays 80% and leaves you to pay for the rest? – An insurance company that refuses to cover some things? You can accumulate a nice medical “nest egg” if you stay fit and start it when you are young; use it in later years when medical issues arise or injuries caused by getting older, et cetera. Of course, banks and financial institutions would need to pay more interest than they do – presently an insult at less thanone percent for a general savings account. Long term savings account like money markets and CDs would be the type the medical savings account would fall under, thus more interest than a general savings account. Compounded, one could quickly begin to build an account that would handle even major medical issues. Instead of paying $400 or more a month for insurance premiums that don’t pay everything and make you co-pay 80% and with a deductible, that $400 per month could begin to add up, if you keep yourself healthy as possible. Remember, people abuse national health care programs by showing up at the clinic/hospitable for every ache and pain and sniffle, while those that maintain their own medical insurance/savings accounts will go to doctor or clinic when it is required and cannot be taken care of at home.
265. Expedited licensing for biosimilar products. (Mar 2009) … being a medical doctor/surgeon, Dr. Paul is knowledgeable about these issues.
Now – Homeland Security
266. We supported Taliban; differentiate them from al Qaeda. (Jan 2012)
267. Getting bin Laden OK; Iranian nukes not OK. (Jan 2012)
268. 17,000 troops for Baghdad embassy? (Dec 2011)
269. The Patriot Act is unpatriotic; it undermines our liberty. (Nov 2011) … the name of this bill before legislation made those against it feel “unpatriotic” to be against any part of or the entire bill.
270. Water-boarding is torture; illegal, uncivilized, and immoral. (Nov 2011) … beheading non-Islam civilians and Muslims who convert to Christianity is worse, strangulation and hanging for transgressions against Qur’an? What if water-boarding, that does not put the person being interrogated in a life-death situation saves many lives by obtaining information? Legitimate issues on both sides of the question concerning – What is acceptable torture?
271. Military spending is not necessarily defense spending. (Sep 2011)
272. Abolish the TSA; let airlines establish security. (Sep 2011)
273. Many terrorists have been properly tried in US courts. (Aug 2011) … solve this issue by declaring war on terrorism; wait, Congress did that for President GW Bush, didn’t they? Terrorists, organized terrorism, Islamic fascists or fundamentals are enemies of the free world. Granted that if we get our noses out of the affairs of Arabs, who can’t get along with anyone, not even themselves; then maybe we will not have to deal with them. However, what about the rest of the world. Can we afford to be an island onto ourselves? If we are the last bastion of freedom standing out of all the nations, how long do you think we can survive? No nation-building, but also we should encourage others to follow our suit in seeking a democratic republic by being a good model.
274. Patriot Act is radical departure from 4thAmendment. (Apr 2011)
275. 100 detainees have died of torture under US custody. (Apr 2011) … unverified and researching.
276. Conscripting is unconstitutional – including national service. (Apr 2008)
277. US Spends$572 billion on foreign operations. (Feb 2008)
278. Suicide terrorism stops when we stop intervening abroad. (Dec 2007) … possibly.
279. Violating habeas corpus will be used against us. (Sep 2007)
280. Protect military chaplains’ right to pray in preferred faith. (Sep 2007)
281. Voted NO on extending Patriot Act’s roving wiretaps. (Feb 2011)
282. Opposes Patriot Act and Iraq War. (Jan 2007)
283. Voted YES to continue military recruitment on college campuses. (Feb 2005)
284. Voted YES on permitting commercial airline pilots to carry guns. (Jul 2002)
285. Voted YES on deploying SDI. (Mar 1999)
286. Voted No on continuing intelligence gathering without civil oversight. (Apr 2006)
287. End draft registration; all-volunteer forces. (Dec 2000)
288. Terminate selective service. (Jan 2007)
289. Free postage for troops serving abroad. (Jan 2009)
290. Military spouses don’t lose voting residency while abroad. (Feb 2009)
291. Incentives like benefits create illegal alien problem. (Nov 2011)
292. Pay attention to US borders, not international borders. (Aug 2011)
293. Sending 12 million illegals home won’t and shouldn’t happen. (Apr 2011) … here Ron Paul does not leave much room for case-by-case basis because everything is not “black and white” scenarios.
294. Let churches provide services for immigrants, not state. (Jun 2011)
295. If economy was good, there’d be no immigration problem. (Dec 2007) … false, immigration regulations allow checking immigrants medically, weeding out criminals with background checks, and ensuring that too many immigrants in one year do not exceed jobs available. Illegal immigrants, who wish to be law abiding, often turn to crime when they cannot find work; and because they are living in ghettos most of the time, their children are subject to peer pressure in joining gangs, et cetera.
296. No amnesty, but border fence isn’t so important. (Jun 2007) … border security is important.
297. Keep rule barring immigrants from running for president. (May 2007) … children of immigrants born in US can be presidents if chosen to and elected.
298. Voted YES on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment. (May 2004)
299. Voted YES on extending Immigrant Residency Rules. (May 2001)
300. Voted YES on more immigrant visas for skilled workers. (Sep 1998)
301. Sponsored bill banning student visas from terrorist nations. (Jan 2003)
302. Voted YES on preventing tipping off Mexicans about Minuteman Project. (Jun 2006)
303. Voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border. (Sep 2006) … it passed, how come it is not finished?
304. End all incentives and amnesty for illegal immigrants. (Jan 2006)
305. Government services in English only. (Mar 2008)
306. Declare English as the official language of the United States. (Feb 2007)
307. Government destroys jobs; the market creates jobs. (Sep 2011)
308. Right to organize; but no special benefits for unions. (Oct 2007)
309. Mandated wages & unions hurt unprotected workers. (Apr 2011)
310. Voted NO on overriding presidential veto of Farm Bill. (Jun 2008)
311. Voted NO on restricting employer interference in union organizing. (Mar 2007)
312. Allow an Air Traffic Controller Union. (Jan 2006)
313. Member of the Congressional Rural Caucus. (Jan 2001)
314. Accused of racism and racist remarks in 1980s newsletters. (Dec 2011)
315. Freedom is based upon tolerance and non-violence. (Dec 2011)
316. Congress should never prohibit Christian faith in public. (Jun 2011)
317. 1971 dropping of gold standard prompted first run for office. (Sep 2009)
318. Just about everything Congress does is unconstitutional. (Jul 2009)
319. Ron Paul advocates Ayn Randeconomic platform. (Nov 2008)
320. We lost because we’re neither compassionate nor conservative. (Feb 2008)
321. Liberty promotes peace, and peace promotes prosperity. (Feb 2008)
322. Republicans don’t act like Republicans anymore. (Jan 2008)
333. Religious affiliation: Protestant. (Nov 2000)
334. Member of the Republican Liberty Caucus. (Dec 2000)
335. Abolish Social Security system is broke; allow young people to get out; but not overnight. (Sep 2011)
336. Create personal retirement accounts within Social Security. (Jul 2000)
337. Voted YES on reducing tax payments on Social Security benefits. (Jul 2000)
338. Allow young people to get out of Social Security; it’s a failure. (Jan 2008)
339. Federal government won’t keep its entitlement promises. (Mar 2007)
340. Sponsored bill to put Trust Fund into market certificates. (Jan 2003)
341. Never voted to spend one penny of Social Security money. (Dec 2007)
342. Voted YES on raising 401(k) limits and making pension plans more portable. (May 2001) … again a moot subject if 16thAmendment is repealed.
343. Tax code is the symptom; spending is the problem. (Nov 2011)
344. You don’t “pay for” tax cuts; they give people’s money back. (Sep 2011)
345. AdWatch: Taxpayer’s best friend; never supported an increase. (Feb 2008)
346. Disastrous tax code contributes to underground economy. (Sep 2009)
347. Repeal 16thAmendment and get rid of income tax. (Feb 2008)
348. Spending money doesn’t stimulate the economy; reduced taxes do. (Jan 2008)
349. Get rid of IRS; get rid of income tax; get rid of spending. (Dec 2007)
350. The most sinister of all taxes is inflation tax. (Dec 2007)
351. I have never voted for a tax increase; and never will. (Nov 2007)
352. Immediately work to phase out the IRS. (May 2007)
353. Inflation is a form of taxation on poor & middle class. (Dec 1981)
354. Voted YES on permanently eliminating Estate Tax (death tax). (Apr 2001)
355. Voted YES on eliminating the “marriage penalty”. (Jul 2000)
356. Overhaul income tax; end capital gains & inheritance tax. (Dec 2000)
357. Repeal the Death Tax. (Jan 2009)
358. Taxpayer Protection Pledge: no new taxes. (Aug 2010)
359. Supports the Taxpayer Protection Pledge (Jan 2012)
360. Government computer snooping makes National ID Card inevitable. (Dec 1987)
361. Voted YES on promoting commercial human space flight industry. (Nov 2004)
362. Voted NO on banning Internet gambling by credit card. (Jun 2003)
363. Voted NO on allowing telephone monopolies to offer Internet access. (Feb 2002)
364. Trusts the Internet a lot more than the mainstream media. (May 2007)
365. Prohibit the return of the Fairness Doctrine. (Jan 2009) … Ronald Reagan administration revoked this bill – advisers told Reagan: “The only thing that really protects you from the savageness of the three networks– every day they would savage Ronald Reagan – is the Fairness Doctrine, and Fowler is proposing to repeal it!Reagan didn’t listen and supported the effort to repeal it and later vetoed the Democratic-controlled Congress’s effort to make the doctrine law. Again, in 1987, Democrats in Congress attempted to change the FCC decision and codify the Fairness Doctrine, but the legislation was vetoed by President Reagan. Another attempt to revive the doctrine in 1991 was stopped by President HW Bush, just be threatening to veto it. Again the Democrats tried again in 2008, with Nancy Pelosi as head of it. It was all because they didn’t like what conservative talk shows were saying, despite the fact that 90% of it was absolutely true. US Representative Anna Eshoo (Democrat of California) insisted that she would work at bringing it back, saying: “It should and will affect everyone”. Yes, indeed, freedom of speech will be affected and government will have control of radio broadcasting like FDR did during WWII – in the name of national security.
Ron Paul is also against war, at least war not legislated by Congress as well as the welfare programs. He voted NO on treating religious organizations equally for tax breaks. (Jul 2001) and voted NO on faith-based organizations within the government offices. His major stand on this: Abolish federal welfare; leave it all to the states. (Dec 2000). Although there is a difference between a “hand up” and a “hand out” in regards to certain social programs, like Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that strives to help people help themselves to obtain their own affordable home through their own sweat, a down payment affordable and a mortgage like everyone else. 
My personal take, if it weren’t for his radical ideas concerning certain issues, specifically many people are worried about his foreign policy – not the part of no more aid to other nations when we are experiencing a huge national debt and a bad economical situation; but concerned about going too much in the opposite direction concerning our military strength or rather where our troops should be to be ready to be called when needed. The other, and I can relate to it, the overboard ideology concerning regulation of drugs, specifically illegal and harmful drugs, not talking about hemp. That is the only real differences between Paul and Gingrich — yet Americans are listening less to Newt than Ron in recent poll statistics. Newt has and is fighting against the establishment of the good old boys in the GOP hierarchy. 
In the recent CPAC 2012 speech (YouTube) – he is back on track to discuss solving the issues and problems with more realistic goals than Dr. Paul, something the American People can relate to and not be afraid of going too far in the opposite direction. 
For many, Ron Paul has had a good congressional record, standing up and facing the GOP establishment and refusing to compromise his principles in the name of “bipartisanship”. However, in Congress is where he should remain, for as a Commander-in-Chief he scares many people by being too far into the right sector of politics, and while he is conservative, he has retained much of his libertarian ideals developed years before.  
Next spotlight for Primary Election 2012 will be Newt Gingrich.
i –Data retrieved from On the Issues.