Sarah Palin and Jim Brandenstine: 21st Century Patriots

Sarah-Palin-FoxSenator John McCain was among the 14 Republicans [voters should not reelect any of them] who backed the immigration bill in the Senate, which is not faring well [thank goodness] “as written” in the House. Senator McCain is from Arizona, which is one of the states hit most hard in the Mexican invasion across a border our government cannot [will not] secure, the same government whose military has secured the border [DMZ] between North and South Korea for well over 50 years. Sarah Palin has called him and other GOP RINOs to the carpet.

Sarah Palin was the vice presidential running mate in 2008 with Senator McCain. She was more qualified to be the presidential candidate, despite her newness to the Babylon atmosphere of Washington, DC. She is a favorite speaker and travels about all over the country. She is a sassy out-spoken person who, like when she became governor of Alaska, is not afraid to speak out against Republicans who do not tow the constitutional line.

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MRC-TV: Newt Gringrich Fed Up with Media

NewsBusters: [Brent Baker]

“I’m frankly, fed up, with the one-sided bias,” a frustrated Newt Gingrich asserted on Sunday’s Meet the Press, citing two blatant examples. First: “Where is the outrage over overt, deliberate racism” in Vice President Joe Biden telling a black audience “if the Republicans win you will be ‘in chains’”? …
Seconds earlier during the roundtable, NBC News eminence Tom Brokaw maintained Republican opposition to abortion is antithetical to full rights for women. “I think this is the century of women,” he asserted before fretting “there is even among some Republican women out there” the view that the “party doesn’t quite buy into that yet.” He contended “the social issues are very important to women. It’s their bodies, their lives, they feel that it’s not entirely embraced by the Republican Party. That’s my own judgment.”

These same people who say “their bodies, their lives” have no qualms about punishing citizens who use tobacco (outrageous taxes), want government (and themselves) to tell people what vehicle to drive, what food to eat, and are the kind of people who are always coming up with laws that will conform the People to their way of thinking and/or lifestyle. They are collectivists in a republic that stands for individual freedom, freedom of choice, and property rights.

Home of News Busters videos with Jodi Miller, [MRC-TV] Gingrich speaks out against Media manipulation and bias in this video:

RINO Romney: Choosing the Lesser Evil

The GOP establishment has pushed for RINO candidates in the primary election and the left-leaning was willing to play along. Why not? The top choice of the GOP establishment was Mitt Romney who calls himself a “moderate” Republican. But the Tea Party movement knows better and anyone else who has done any reasonable amount of research on this millionaire politician and former governor of Massachusetts (Taxachusetts).
In 1980, George H. Bush made an argument against Ronald Reagan that Mitt Romney is making in 2012 – that he was the most electable. 

The Good Old Boy establishment of the GOP was behind Bush because they thought Reagan was “too radical” to win the election; like people say about Ron Paul. They feared the defeat they got when Barry Goldwaterlost. Goldwater wasn’t radical, he just plain told the truth and saw the dangers of overspending and Big Government and the establishment nor the left-controlled media wouldn’t stand for that sort of thing – and believed in constitutional law.
The establishment also had its misgivings about John McCain, but he didn’t win because the public was aware that he was a RINO. John McCain didn’t make friends when he turned his back on fellow veterans in several pieces of legislation in Congress.
But Reagan persevered and campaigned with ideas of pro-growth, supply-side economy and just plain common sense speeches – promises he kept. He didn’t brag or make stupid speeches that were contrary to his previous policy record – like Mitt Romney. His honesty worked and Reagan swept through the nomination process and the rest is history.
The election results of the real world and the support of primary delegates, and not the painted one by the media, is what helped Reagan win. He went on to serve two terms and even most left-controlled media liked him. He kept a smile when asked stupid questions from reporters and those who tried to trip him up into saying something that could be construed as something else. Romney is going to lose in that respect, and I am not talking about the primary election.
If Romney makes it through this convention with no surprises that someone else is chosen, America’s only hope is that a responsible candidate will run as an independent against both Romney and Obama. Or do Americans have to choose the “lesser evil” again?
Newt Gingrich is a knowledgeable and eloquent speaker and can withstand any intense debate, answering them with one-liner quirky rhetoric. He was trying to imitate Reagan’s style and even claimed his policies were comparable. But despite Gingrich’s campaign rhetoric of being against the establishment, his past record of sidling up to the political enemies and those who do not stand for individualism and constitutional law showed that he was just as much a RINO as Romney and Rick Santorum
Ron Paul is a maverick, but his major problem is that he is too much of a perfectionist and people fear his overbearing Libertarian ideology.  But he is sincere, honest, and his record is squeaky clean and he stands by his principles. The media and the GOP establishment worked together to make look the fool. His game is not over because he is winning delegates. He has not given up nor has he lost yet against the fight against the GOP establishment and the Obama-owned media.
The GOP establishment should be worried – Ron Paul is picking up delegates.
Newt Gingrich is a good idea man, however; and he was the chief architect for Contract With America that the American people thought the Republican Party believed enough in to actually follow its fine points. Mitt Romney refused to sign it. He stated:
In my view, it is not a good idea to go into a contract, like what was organized by the Republican Party in Washington, laying out a whole series of things that they party says ‘these are the things we are going to do’. I think that’s a mistake”.
It was a mistake because Romney doesn’t believe that campaign promises should not be put in writing – it is easy reference for voters with short memories. Politicians like it when voters don’t remember things politicians do in the past when they seek election or reelection.
The Contract With America was what allowed the Republicans to become the majority of Congress in 1994. Romney was one of the few Republicans to lose an election that year.
Today, Mitt Romney is making the same mistake by promising not to take America back to the pro-growth years of Reagan and his Reaganomics. The man just doesn’t have common sense or learns from past mistakes. However, he will change his policies, not for good reasons, but just what he thinks people want to hear. You can see this when he sucks up to the people of every state he wants votes out of; often making plainly that he is not sincere, and sometimes just plain lies.
Reagan cut taxes across the spectrum of tax rates and even attempted to rid the income tax system of the progressive tax rate nonsense, but did not propose a flat tax – maybe it wasn’t thought of yet. History shows us that when taxes are cut, especially for middle class working folks, it promotes jobs, produces higher wages (which edges against cost of living difference), and allows the achievement of personal, individual prosperity.

Collectivism, unlike individualism, does not promote prosperity. It is true that all men(and women) are created equal, but not all CAN be equal when it comes to wages and prosperity – and for a myriad of reasons, like levels of education and work attitudes.

Romney is a millionaire who pays less of a percentage in income taxes than other Americans making less. Who is going to believe him when he stands up and argues against Obama’s neo-Marxist class warfare arguments concerning equal taxation or any related argument? Few. Only people like Ann Coulter, who used to be a conservative crusader, but has involved into a bubble-headed bleach blondewho is a mouthpiece for the GOP establishment. Romney’s experience as a businessman does not necessarily mean he will excel in economic issues, if elected president. It is because he not only represents the GOP country club establishment, but he lives it. One can also see a problem with Romney and economic issues when one examines who his economic advisers are in this election campaign. They are remnants of GW Bush’s failed domestic policies that began the horrible recession we are experiencing know and continues to get worse because of Obama.

I foresee that the GOP establishment and Romney will end up increasing payroll taxes, cutting social security benefits by delaying retirement age even further, as well as changing the Social Security benefit formula to the effect of one-third of what it is now. Of course, this would not solve the problem with the Social Security funding, because they are ignoring why Social Security funds are bankrupt – Congress has used money that was supposed to be a “trust” fund, never used for anything else but Social Security. Remember when Clinton bragged about “surplus” funds? If that were true, those funds should have been put into the Social Security trust fund to replace that which was taken; but instead it was those funds that was included to make it look like there was a budget surplus. Besides, how can any government have a surplus when there is still a national debt? Unfortunately, too many Americans didn’t think of it in that way.

Mitt Romney is doing pretty much the same thing when he falsely brags of how he saved the auto industry.
What needs to be done now is change the Social Security accounts into personal accounts rather than increasing the eligible retirement age – each person would determine what age they retire because they would have the choice of using the funds for private investing. Which means they must have enough in that fund in order to retire and live on benefit checks for the rest of their lives. Many will choose to work longer to ensure that they have more in their retirement accounts (which is their funds and can be passed on when they die to beneficiaries); which will mean that their retirement income checks will be bigger and they can live comfortably in their aging years.
All the good ideas of good government and the ideology of Ronald Reagan who was once a Democrat until he saw their progression towards socialism; is too sophisticated and has too much common sense for RINOs like Romney and the establishment that leads him around by a nose ring.
GOP Establishment Don’t Learn From Mistakes
More Americans want to prosper again and make more decisions without interference from do-gooders in Washington. They are sick of the liberal-sociocrats who think they can live their lives for them. Clinton stated publicly that most Americans do not have the responsibility to manage their Social Security funds – and no one was enraged, nor did the media pick up on that public remark.
Newt Gingrich may have had some kinks along the path of his career, but he would have been a better pick than Mitt Romney and would also have the ammunition and know-how to stand up against the Barack Obama political propaganda machine. The same can be said of Ron Paul.
If Romney actually gets the presidential win in November of 2012, America will once again be disappointed because they were forced to vote for the lesser evil. America’s future will remain in dire straits, it will just take longer with Romney than it would with Obama. But the disappointment will be equal.
The more Mitt Romney talks the less I like him or believe he is sincere, and the media has more fodder against him.
America doesn’t need Obama nor does it need Romney as President of the United States — they need someone who actually acts upon what needs to be done to reform the republic created as a more perfect union by our founders, not what the establishment has created with the grace of apathetic voters. America also needs the same caliber of men and women in Congress, for despite opinions, a good president can’t get anything done with a good old boy legislation and who doesn’t represent good statesmanship. Time to Wake Up America!
Shake the foundation of the GOP and Democrat establishment — support Ron Paul! He is the only candidate that sticks to the policy of individualism, pro-growth (gold standard, etc) and hope he gets the delegates to stand up against Obama for 2012.

We The People: Taking Back Control

The Founders of the United State of America and its Constitution and Bill of Rights were aware of the dangers of private bankers and financial institutions controlling America’s currency, which in turn would put the United States Government literally in its control.

It is why they established limited powers in government and out of those powers they granted the US Congress the power to regulate currency. …

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies … If the American People ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency … The banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

We can thank the administration of Woodrow Wilson for signing bills that allowed this to happen and members of Congress during that period of our history as well. Later Woodrow Wilson confessed that he had made a serious mistake by signing the legislature that would create and turn the power of currency over to a private institution secretly run by the financial cartel of the time, thus creating the Federal Reserve System that would be detrimental to the United States of America and its people:

The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy.… A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the Nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men … We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world – no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.

President Franklin D. Rooseveltfurther cemented the unconstitutional process with his “New Deal” program that included the Gold Bullion mandate. Presidents and members of Congress that followed continued the dangerous charade – a secretive institution that controlled the currency and the economic stability of the United States.

Ron Paulis made to look the fool by the mainstream media, who in turn are a tool of the Washington elite, the establishment, whose portion is the banking cartel we know as the Federal Reserve. He should instead be praised for standing against a powerful entity that is detrimental to the welfare of our democratic republic and its People.
Too many Americans pay attention to negative television ads and misleading or ignorant pundits who don’t want Americans to know the truth, just as what occurred in the 1900s concerning the banking cartel whose power is unconstitutional and bent on personal gain without concern about national welfare. Newt Gingrichagrees with issues concerning the powers of the Federal Reserve Bank and its system. The other two candidates, Romney and Santorum, have not addressed this important issue that should be on the top of the list along with limiting government powers back to laws of the Constitution, as well as drastically reforming the tax code system established by the 16thAmendment that had been disavowed by the Supreme Court – also in the early 1900s.
In this election year of 2012, We the People have had the opportunity to properly examine the congressional record of candidates through the power of Internet – the greatest dissemination of knowledge and information in the history of humanity – which the Government is now trying to also control and use as a tax base to match their wasteful and overspending practices that has been going on for decades.
The American people continually complain that there are no candidates that campaign for elected offices that do not lie, deceive, and make false promises. Yet, in hopes of “Change” they continually elect individuals that are of the same type and give too much substance in political clubs, their ads and their propaganda administered through the too powerful media instead of focusing on what the candidate’s record shows and obvious character flaws based upon fact.

It is indeed a travesty that politicians refuse to abide by constitutional law and use trickery in order to get votes and pay attention to special interests rather than the welfare of the People of the United States as a whole. Yet, these abused powers and acts that are detrimental to our democratic republic can only be gained because the American voter chooses their candidates through false information because they do not perform their homework on the important subject matter as elections.

Therefore, reformation must begin by Americans taking advantage of a wealth of information and knowledge available to educate themselves in the matters concerning the Constitution and its amendments and ensuring that those elected comply. It takes involvement out of our busy lives, to be sure; but the long-term benefits make it all the worth while.

And The Beat Goes On, and On, and On

Reviewing the progress of the primary election, I feel that too many Americans are voting for whoever (Romney) seems to be the “inevitable” winner of the GOP contest to stand up against Obama.
Voters should vote for whomever they prefer – not what the media thinks or pushes to be the winner and certainly not the GOP establishment that is pushing their favorites for election.
It seems that the TV polls and media hype has determined that Romney is “the man”. It also helps to have a lot of campaign cash, outspending all the other candidates – too much on negative campaign ads, unfortunately, too many voters pay attention to them or solely use those to choose.

The only president in the 20thcentury to defeat a sitting president was Ronald Reagan and it was not because of the polls because at one point of the campaign, Jimmy Carter was leading in the polls over Reagan at 18%.

The big question is what candidate is going to be able to adequately fight the Obama political machine – not the stupid media polls. Reagan took the fight with logic, directly to Carter and ultimately won.
Today, the biggest issue is ObamaCare, when it comes to domestic affairs and then follows reformation or repeal of the income tax system, and, of course, government spending and intervention.
Newt Gingrich is a fighter and so is Ron Paul; but the latter has once again made to look the fool by the mainstream media, who ignored the truth about Obama in 2008 and helped get him elected – and we can certainly see the results of his “Change”.
While Washington dickers and the Primary Election circus continues, Iran is rattling its swords as usual, as well as North Korea – and our troops are still dying in Afghanistan for a populace who is unworthy of our efforts. Israel is still holding the bag, while US foreign policy continues to tell them to not reciprocate attacks or deter Iran nuclear program, because it would damage the “peace talks”.

Congressional Alert: Big Government Taxation of Internet

We all knew that the federal government was working towards it – but who would ever think it would be a senator who claims to be conservative and belongs to the Republican Party (Club)?
Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) have joined together to promote a bill that be one of the largest tax increases in US history – a levy on ALL Internet sales. State governments have already taxed the Internet in this way.
As usual, they have named the bill in a way that sounds like it is a good thing, you know, like the Patriot Act.
It is the Marketplace Fairness Act (S. 1832), first proposed in November of 2011 by Senator Michael Enzi (R-WY) now in the Committee on Finance

Conservatives thought that such bill was proposed by the democratic socialists, like Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, whose state has become a poorhouse from corruption and taxation, who is quickly going to join California as a nanny-state going bankrupt.

Dick Durbin, Far Right in photo, Politics: Far Left
This would mean that cost-saving websites like Amazonwould be forced to collect sales tax – indentured tax collectors as is the custom of the US federal and state governments. Worse, it will the small online retailers competition and put some out of business – detriment to the economical cycle that is needed to pull out of this deep recession.
Once again, government screws up our lives. They NEVER stop wasteful spending – they just either increase existing tax base or devise new methods of taxation. Americans, since the inception of the 16thAmendment has been paying taxes upon taxes – money taxed is re-taxed once, twice or three times over. Today, it leaves little for middle and lower income folks to spend on important things in life, necessary things; while those that are operating our government continue on the path of spending away money they don’t have. Literally, if any of the populace did what Congress does – the prisons would be overcrowded.
All because our government cannot and will not handle revenue as if it were their own; spending other people’s money is much easier.
I once admired Lamar, an affable and intelligent fellow whose successful 1979 gubernatorial campaign trademark was his folksy grassroots plaid shirt. After a couple of terms as governor, he accepted an appointment as Secretary of Education from George H.W. Bush in 1991. In that role, he unfortunately supervised the expansion of that department rather than its contraction as proposed by Bush’s former boss, Ronald Reagan. Predictably, after Lamar’s move to Washington, he progressively lost touch with his grassroots base and began a slide into the mediocrity of Republican moderation — which often renders its adherents ideologically indistinguishable from their Democrat opponents. I diagnose this condition as Chronic Potomac Fever, which infects too many well-meaning Republicans after they take up residence inside the Washington Beltway. By 2002, Lamar had become a card carrying “establishment Republican.” After his well-funded but narrow primary defeat of a strong conservative, Rep. Ed Bryant, Lamar went on to win the Senate seat vacated by Fred Thompson. To the detriment of conservatives and our Constitution, Lamar was elevated to Conference Chairman of the Republican Party from 2007 until 2012. However, given the influx of conservatives into the House and Senate ranks in 2010, Lamar announced his resignation, noting he was “stepping down from leadership to regain my independence.”The day after Lamar announced his support for the Internet tax, he sent me this explanation — which aptly demonstrates just how disconnected he has become.“This bill is about states’ rights; closing tax loopholes that basically subsidize out-of-state businesses at the expense of Tennessee businesses… Today, if you buy boots from a store in Nashville, by law the store collects the sales tax you owe and sends it to the state to pay for our roads, schools and other services we ask the state to provide. But if you buy the same boots online from a company outside Tennessee, that company doesn’t collect the sales tax you owe the state. … That’s not right. If businesses are going to fail or succeed, it should be based on the services they provide and the price of their products — not on whether a company can successfully avoid collecting sales taxes that their Tennessee competitors can’t get around collecting.”
First, if the feds are levying taxes on the Internet – how does this aid the states?
If Lamar Alexander is worried about tax loopholes, why is he NOT pushing to repeal the 16thAmendment – the income tax system has more “tax loopholes” than any tax system devised – a lawyer’s dream come true?
The senator is not being honest. Congress is scrambling to fix a runaway deficit – and all they can determine is that they need more funds to roll in, rather than sit back and take a look at how much US dollars is going to foreign nations and its people and how inefficient social programs, departments and agencies are still in operation when it no longer does what it was intended to do.
The government, in some cases, has literally taxed people to death.
Mark Alexander, no relation to Lamar, wrote that he replied to the preposterous excuse of raising taxes:
I replied to his contorted and disconnected marketplace reasoning with a reality check, noting first that under our present Constitution, if I purchase a product from another state, it is NOT subject to state taxes in my state of residence unless that vendor has a retail presence in my state. That has been the standard for interstate commerce for generations, whether placing orders by mail, by phone or by Internet (Quill v. North Dakota regarding the latter). Thus, suggesting that I “owe the state” sales tax when I purchase a product from another state is patently false. (Of course, some states endeavor to circumvent the sales tax exclusion by implementing “use taxes” — without much success due to the ludicrous complexity requiring that citizens track and report every purchase when filing state tax returns.) Further, it is absurd to suggest that the “boot purchase” example — avoiding sales tax — is the force that drives online sales. In some cases, people will go into a retail outlet, find a product they like, and then search online for a better price. I believe that is morally wrong. (And in regard to Sen. Alexander’s laudable desire to support local businesses, those boots were probably made in China or India.)The vast majority of Internet sales are driven by product, price comparison and convenience — old-fashioned free enterprise competition — not by short-circuiting a local vendor’s sale to avoid sales tax. In fact, many items purchased on the Internet may not be available in a local market.
Lamar Alexander asserted:

If businesses are going to fail or succeed, it should … not be on whether a company can successfully avoid collecting sales taxes that their Tennessee competitors can’t get around collecting.

Lamar disregards the fact that there is shipping costs – something that has risen like everything else because of the cost of fuel – which the feds get about 30% per gallon price, by the way.
The Marketplace Fairness Act, those that are for passing it, care not a hoot about the people in business and make like the Internet, which replaced most of the catalog mail business, has never paid sales tax for out-of-state purchases – only people living there and making purchases. Lamar also doesn’t add in his scenario the fact that a person, a tourist, from another state pays whatever state they physically purchase items in. So what is the point, senator?
The federal government is already beyond its limitations, and its inefficiency shows it. Now they want to pass a levy on the last free entity in America – the Internet, which goads them because they do not control it. The feds want to generate billions of dollars for state governments, I have not determined how much the feds get out of it – but that is what the summary of the bill implies. Do we, or should we, believe that the federal government is not going to take the cream off the top before states get their portion? And, how in the devil are they going to determine how much of those sales is from one state to another. It is about the central government taking control, when it is plainly clear in the Constitution that some things should be left to the state governments and the reasons why the Founders limited government.
During this time of a deep recession and economic uncertainty – no thought of tax increases should be on ANY politicians mind. And, so saying, there is one of the problems – they are politicians when campaigning, but they are supposed to be statesmen when they obtain office – abiding by the oath they took before taking that office.
And, here is something that didn’t cross my mind, but Mark Alexanderthought of:

If you are curious as to why online behemoth supports the Internet sales tax measure, it is because Amazon already has locations in many states, meaning Amazon sales in those states are already subject to sales tax. But Amazon’s support is more sinister. Determining, collecting and delivering state and local sales taxes on every purchase massively increases transactional overhead for small businesses that compete with Amazon. But Amazon is positioning itself to “rescue” those poor little businesses by processing all their transactions — in return for substantial surcharges on the taxes collected, of course. Caveat emptor!

RINOs, who call themselves “moderate” and in the name of “compromise” have helped create Big Government, politicians like Lamar Alexander who has allowed the glamor of Babylonian Washington, DC to corrupt him like so many others. Indeed, the “popular” candidates in the GOP primary are not going to fair better – they are “moderates” – RINOs, except for Ron Paul and secondly, Newt Gingrich .

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government has grown out of too much government.Thomas Jefferson

Primary Election 2012 – A Three Ring Circus

Here is a list of the problems in this Primary Election 2012:
  1. While the first two debates went fairly well, except for Mitt Romney introducing his style of campaign – make the other candidate look bad usual campaign tool; Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul were professional towards each other despite their difference in the Foreign Policy issues. Dr. Paul is adamantly against using military for foreign interventions instead of defense of America and its national security interests. They both admitted, however, that they were both fervent in their zeal to limit government to what the Constitution dictates instead of what has become “business as usual” on Capital Hill and the White House. Since that time, in my opinion, debates have been nothing but a contest of how much dirt they can bring up (not based upon fact, most often depicting only part of the story) on each other, especially if they are in close lead in terms of popularity polls and possible delegation votes.

  2. While the initial insertion of non-issue campaign subject material like condoms and contraceptives was brought up by a moron who asked about it in the early debates; the subject continues, mainly by the mainstream press who seems to want the GOP primary debates look bad – their non-objectivity showing through as usual, as well as bias reporting.
  3. It is quite evident in this primary election what candidates are supported by the GOP establishment – the same people of power within the GOP that believes that being a moderate is key to success. In a way it is, for the opposing political party-club – who is delighted to see such division and debates that look like a three-ring circus. Gingrich and Paul represent a separation from the establishment; and thus are hindered by bad press. All it takes is for voters to go to On The Issues website and look at the political record of the candidates – we already know about Romney’s stance on government controlled health care because he implemented in his home state as governor and it might be worthy to note that Massachusetts is one of the highest taxed states in the Union. He is in the lead with Santorum the evangelist congressional big spender because the GOP establishment looks upon them as moderates – being able to be formed by the Washington mentality that has been in place for decades – and thus why our nation is in so much trouble economically as well as the slow process of loss of rights and liberties.
Meanwhile, concerning the contraceptive issue – an area that should have nothing to do with government and only between a doctor and patient; Rush Limbaugh has been hailed as the “great uniter” in this primary political turmoil. He put a Georgetown law student in her place when she insisted that she is “entitled” to $3,000 worth of contraceptives during her tenure at the Georgetown University – her name being well-known by now – Sandra Fluke.Even columnists chuckled at this government fund parasite, eater of taxpayer dollars, to imagine why she would need $3,000 worth of contraceptives. It also demonstrates how well sex education in public schools has promoted promiscuous sex rather than what they had originally intended. Indeed, in the 1980s there were 10% children born out of wedlock and today it is a little over 40% – another record for government in its ability to handle situations that belongs to the private sector.
Sandra Fluke, in her zeal to obtain taxpayer funded contraceptives claiming it was her “entitlement” actually tried to testify before a congressional committee – wasting congressional time as well as taxpayer funding. She was denied to attend the federal Health and Human Services committee table, which candidates Gingrich and Paul are determined to reduce that agency or even dissolve it because it does not comply with a limited government policy.
As far as Sandra Fluke being dubbed a “slut” – only professionals need $3,000 worth of contraceptives – so, Fluke, if the “shoe fits – wear it”. Who knows, maybe like one pundit said – she should just write it off her income tax as a business deduction.
What Sandra Fluke is doing and too many Americans think in the same vein of thought – taxpayers are required to pay for other citizens “entitlements”; when in fact, according to the Constitution, the government, especially when spending taxpayer funds, is not in the market to hand out or guarantee “entitlements”. Nothing wrong with helping people help themselves, like work programs and organizations like Habitat for Humanity – but these social parasites need to wake up to reality and start weening themselves off government programs and other taxpayer’s money.
Here is a video [below] of sorted TV ads and interviews of candidates for GOP primary election – a thee-ring circus indeed.

The GOP establishment needs to sit back reassess itself, if not, Obama is going to win. Romney will NOT stand a chance in debate with Obama because he hasn’t a record of consistency. The video includes Obama’s hypocrisy and ends with Ron Paul’s speech about how American foreign policy and sending troops to foreign problematic circumstances has created anti-American views. 

Congressman Ron Paul makes more sense than any other candidate – on ALL the issues.
Who do you think would be able to stand up to the Obama Nation political machine in November 2012? 
And, finally, in testament against the 16th Amendment and the government agency that Americans have looked upon as an “American Gestapo” – the IRS – view the report.