Why Do Democrats Protest Voter Fraud Prevention?

Every time someone comes up with an idea to prevent voter fraud and safeguard the voting system the Democrats protest.
Can anyone see this self-damning rhetoric constantly coming from the political entity that has a record of the most cases of voter fraud, voter registration fraud, and other corrupt and criminal activity?
Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin in a weekend speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation in Simi Valley, California, mentioned that he may push for the elimination of same-day voter registration. He stated:

States across the country that have same-day registration have real problems because the vast majority of their states have poll workers who are wonderful volunteers, who work 13 hour days and who in most cases are retirees. It’s difficult for them to handle the volume of people who come at the last minute. It’d be much better if registration was done in advance of election day. It’d be easier for our clerks to handle that. All that needs to be done.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos stated that he favored Wisconsin implementing the “motor-voter” system in which people could register to vote when obtaining their driver’s license at the state Division of Motor Vehicles.

The question again rises – Why would anyone object to safeguarding voters legitimate voting right? This last election about 70% of the voting age population voted. Because of the loopholes in the system – how much of that 70% were actually a legal vote? Despite Allen West conceding victory to Democrat opponent Murphy by a narrow margin for a seat in Congress from Florida, disturbing questions remain concerning the election of that district in that state and the way the St. Clair voting place was handled. A whistle blower was ignored when she pointed out unacceptable events going on and some pointing to criminal activity. It was even reported that there were union teamsters hanging around that were not part of the volunteer force that oversees elections.
What good is it to vote if your vote is countered by corruption and fraud?

Democrats reacted angrily to Walker’s comments.
“As evidenced by robust levels of voter turnout and participation, Wisconsinites take their civic duty seriously, and same-day voter registration has played a part in ensuring that every eligible elector is able to cast their ballot,” state party chairman Mike Tate said in a statement. Tate said Walker and Republicans want to make it more difficult for people to vote, citing the law passed last year requiring photo identification at the polls. While parts of the law have taken effect, two different judges have blocked the photo ID requirement, saying it is unconstitutional. The decisions are being appealed.

Think of how many people have driver’s licenses. Realize also, if one chooses not to have a driver’s license or is not eligible to have one, but old enough to vote – they can obtain a photo ID with verified address on it. Many states are or will be offering free ID service for those who cannot afford it.
I have found during the course of my life and observation that those who are elected to operate our government, from local to state to federal, common sense is not a requirement. That includes those who employed to supposedly serve the people in matters of state and personal business affiliated with government.
Wisconsin is one of eight states that allow same-day registration with California and Connecticut soon to have laws taking effect for same-day registration.
Is it coincidence that those states have a Democrat majority?
Looking at it from outside the box, there is no logical reason for protesting actions taken to prevent voting fraud. The reasons given by the Democrats are suspicious, to say the least – and reasonable suspicion viewing the history of voter fraud of the Democrat Party. While the Democrats over decades has not been the only ones caught cheating, election after election, the vast majority of incidents and seriousness of bona fide cheating events consistently points to the Democrat Party. The political entity that constantly drills the motto that they want “better” (betterequals more) government for the benefit of the People is the entity that politically supports labor union thugs who provide campaign cash in return.
Yeah, right.
Those that cheat in elections should be given the old fashioned “tar and feather” treatment and sent out of town on a rail. But at least spend time in prison.

Trade Unions: Corruption and Government Connection

The American labor unions have been around for sometime in our history, beginning with the construction industry that boomed after the Civil War in urban districts. The unions began as craft organizations, localized, and by 1900 had spread across the United States with little opposition. Union history has been violent and corrupt, various degrees and periods of time. Like coastal tides, corruption and criminal activities have risen and lowered during the course of that history. 

Samuel Gompers and Company
The American Federation of Labor (AFL) was founded in 1886 by Samuel Gompers and is the oldest of the unions that still exist, which later merged with CIO to become the AFL-CIO.
The late 1800s was the gilded ageof American capitalism and the power of corporate enterprise had become an element for public view as a philosophy of acquisition.
John Hutchinson, Imperfect Union; NY 1970; pp. 19-26]
Unions were initially an economic ideology, not a means of social reform, but a bargaining entity for the betterment of skilled workers who were offered little benefits and little bargaining power with their employers.
Unions also developed, after 1900, lobbying power and used the tool of bribery to influence legislatures and judiciaries; which in turn increased their power and influence. Union counted on loyal members and coercion and thuggery became tools to make it remain so.
There was violence between anti-union elements and those workers who had decided to stand up against union ways of doing business.
The bombings and killings in the coal mines during the 1870s was attributed to organizations like the Molly Maguires, similar to the Haymarket Riotin 1886; as well as the violence of railroad and steel industry strikes of that period of history.
I am tired of hearing about laws for the benefit of men who work in the shops.
Some legislatures sought to restrict union rights because of the growing corruption and power of trade unions.
Trade unions, like politics, had become a way to personal enrichment, bribery as a means to establish power and income.
Collective bargaining was preferred, the basic tool of unions, and was more production than strikes.
In the late 1800s local government in the United States had gained notoriety for its corruption; political and industrial dishonesty coinciding. It was the heyday of party bosses, corrupt political machines, and coercion within the law enforcement establishment.
anti-Tommany Hall Cartoon
Public tolerance finally spent itself and major companies came under the scrutiny of legislatures and law enforcement officials, who were not bought off. The first was uncovered in New York City within the Tammany Hall, headquarters of the Democratic Party of NYC. Its influence in city politics and corruption earned a reputation as being the worst-governed city in the United States.
Tammany Hall was not entirely corrupt. The organization assisted newly arrived immigrants to settle in their adopted country, but even then there was the underlying agenda to increase its voting base – the price paid for their assistance. At the time voters would be threatened at the polls and dissidents and supporters of Republicans found themselves unemployed due their disloyalty.
Intimidation required cooperation of the police in order for it to be effective. The Police Commission was controlled by Tammany Hall, which led to the New York state senate to appoint a special committee led by Senator Clarence Lexowto investigate the NYC Police Department.
The most fruitful enterprise of corruption was the construction industry that was rapidly expanding with New York’s growth and other major cities like Chicago.
In 1902 the construction trade unions in New York City combined to form the United Board of Building Trades, a powerful organization with only the bricklayers being unaffiliated. Extortion became part of the tools of the trade unions, and in 1903 New York newspapers began to report the increase in corruption, and in June of that year, Samuel J. Parks was arrested on a charge of extortion brought by Hecla Iron Works who claimed that Parks had demanded $1,000 (a lot of money then) in order to keep industrial peace within the ranks of labor. When Hecla refused to pay, Parks caused the firms 1,200 trade employees to strike at a loss of $50,000 to Hecla Iron Works.
Parks was released on a $5,000 bail one day after his arrest and the union put up $1,000 for his legal defense. With the help of Assemblyman Richard Butler, a resolution was called to condemn District Attorney William Travers Jerome for prosecuting Parks – and it worked.
The stronger a union is, the more it acts like a private state, secure in its power and with little overt need to use violence. Local culture and ideology play a large role because the response of local police, courts, and politicians to union aggression is pivotal. By 1810, union tactics were fully formed: bargain “collectively,” demand fixed minimum pay rates, enforce closed shops, stage strikes with picket lines, scab lists, strike funds, and traveling cards, and promote unity among skilled and unskilled workers and solidarity among locals of the same trade.
Some view the rise of socialism in America that has infiltrated our political and educational system as something new, but it is not. Between 1850 and 1900, Mises history of unions:
Nearly everything was tried in some form or other during this era: socialism, syndicalism, anarchism, cooperatives, political unionism, and, the most seductive idea of all, the welding of everybody (barring bartenders and bankers!) into one gigantic union. Some were secret societies with names like the Knights of St. Crispin, the Molly Maguires, and the Knights of Labor. Yet the main adhesive of British and European unions — easily aroused class antagonisms — was absent in America, and Marxist-style sentiments about the plight of the working class never became the dominant mood, contrary to some historical accounts. More often, American pubic opinion was horrified and disgusted by outbreaks of labor violence and union disruption of production, especially if the outbursts had revolutionary overtones.
Gangsters became a prominent ailment in major cities of America, especially New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and even New Orleans during the 19th century; most city gangs being poorly organized and local.
As Austin MacDonald wrote about city gangs:

Policemen dare not arrest them, district attorneys as a rule have not the courage to prosecute them, and few judges will pronounce a sentence upon them.

On January 16th, 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution went into effect, which prohibited the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors; that represented government’s intervention into matters pertaining to society and individual freedom of choice. The result became the infamous Roaring Twentiesor ProhibitionEra when the violent gangs became more organized when led by savvy leadership. Unions also flourished during this period and organized crime lords began to see that unions provided another means of revenue along with making, transporting and selling liquor out of secret night clubs calledSpeakeasies.
The Gangs of New York, made famous by the filmof the same name, were prolific in the early part of the 1800s; with names like Roach Guards in 5-Points, Manhattan, Plug Ugliesin Baltimore, Maryland, and Dead Rabbitswho were originally part of the Roach Guards and the rivalry resulted in the Dead Rabbits Riot that lasted two days of street fighting. Primarily Irish gangs, they were centralized in an area called 5 Points.
They were the forerunners of racketeers, organized gangsters (the Mob), and the Mafiosothat sprang from immigrant neighborhoods of New York and slum areas of Chicago.
Within that period, mobsters found that controlling union leadership was not only profitable, but afforded them more opportunity to have assets within the political and judicial local governments. To the more intelligent gangster leadership it was an opportunity to branch out into the “legitimate” business sector and thereby affording them the opportunity to circumvent the new income tax laws that came about in the 1930s, which allowed them to hide their ill-gotten gains. Later, corrupt banking systems and bankers, especially offshore, would also be a means to “launder” ill gotten money, especially from the sale of illegal drugs on the street. In some form or fashion, the organized crime leadership had infiltrated the already corrupt trade unions; controlling the clothing and trucking industry as well as the waterfront of major port authorities through its control of labor.
As the corruption increased, so did arrests, even after Prohibition ended and the collapse of the Stock Market in 1929.
During the Great Depression, Congress legislated six major bills concerning labor that favored unionists that revolutionized labor markets: Davis-Beaconin 1931, Norris-LaGuardia(1932), National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933 that became known as the minimum wage law. The Democratic Party had become deeply entrenched and rubbing elbows with the corrupt entities ruled by unions and racketeers, and in the FDR era became infiltrated by socialist influence.
The depressed economy didn’t deter the trade unions, indeed it presented a golden opportunity to obtain members from the ranks of job hungry Americans. During this period the unions expanded into the theatrical business as well as becoming international by crossing the border into Canada and forming the International Unionconglomerate.
After the second World War ended, unions organized the culinary workers and coin machine operators another extension of revenue for unions in the United States.
A successful committee member became a union boss, whose name was James Riddle Hoffa, known as Jimmy Hoffa. Definitely tied in with the criminal syndicate element, he disappeared in July 1975 and never has been found, although several theories have persisted even today.
With the teamster union becoming international, a brotherhood was formed and grew to be the largest in the United States.
The AFL-CIO merged in the 1960s, based in Chicago.
Since 1960, a sharp decline in union influence has come about in Western countries, which includes the United States. As the Mises Institute wrote in its history:
While the overall rate of decline has recently slowed, the decline in private sector union membership has been partially concealed by union growth in the public sector. Between 2000 and 2008, for example, BLS data show a decline in unionization among privately employed wage and salary workers from 9.2 million to 8.3 million, and an erosion in union density from 9.0% to 7.6%. Private-sector membership peaked at 17 million in 1970, so in total membership has fallen by over half since 1970. Membership among government-employed wage and salary workers grew modestly from 7.1 million to 7.8 million since 2000, with a stable density of 36.9% in 2000 and 36.8% in 2008.

Public-sector unions are on pace to claim an absolute majority of union members in a traditionally private-sector-dominated labor movement within a few years. Government jobs constitute the “healthy” part of organized labor where external competition provides little or no discipline against union inefficiency, costs, and privilege. From 900,000 union members in 1960, government membership rocketed to 4 million by 1970, nearly 6 million by 1976, and 7 million by 1993, with a growth slowdown to 7.8 million by 2008.

We can thank President John F. Kennedy‘s Executive Order 10988for the promotion of unionism in federal bureaucracy, which he signed in January of 1962. iJFK had received a considerable amount of campaign support from unions. Government bureaucracy expanded increasingly since then. It has been proven that unions, a private entity, has been part of the issues of government expansion that has culminated into today’s economic crisis. Mises Institute:

First, when labor combinations or cartels capture monopoly control over whom employers can hire and impose higher wage rates, the number of jobs available in these companies and industries declines. This is the simple result of the law of demand: when unions raise the price of labor, employers purchase less of it. While an increase in labor productivity can partially offset higher labor cost, labor productivity cannot be raised cheaply or it would have been done already. Unions are clearly an anti-competitive force in labor markets.
Second, workers priced out of work by unions remain unemployed or obtain jobs at nonunion companies. A larger labor supply depresses wage rates there, so union wage rates come partially at the expense of lower nonunion wages.
Third, cartels flourish only where rewards are high and organizational costs low. Historically, highly paid craft workers (known as the “aristocrats of labor”) organized instead of “downtrodden,” low-wage workers because they met two conditions:
  • Union wage rates often decreased employment relatively little because demand for skilled workers was “inelastic,” that is, employment levels were relatively “insensitive” to changes in wage rates, at least in the short run.

  • Craft workers also could organize at low cost because they were few in number, had a common mindset, low turnover, and few or geographically concentrated employers.

The National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation (Mark Mix) wrote an email to me with the following information:

Union militants have threatened and harassed the courageous charter school teacher who is leading the fight to defend Wisconsin’s new government-sector Right to Work law. … WISN-TVin Milwaukee reported that “she had been blistered by negative and vicious emails and phone messages at school and on Facebook, including one suggesting she get protection. Some militants even launched a “Fire Kristi” campaign. …Wisconsin union bosses tried every tactic imaginable to protect Big Labor’s monopoly bargaining power over Wisconsin government employees. They shut down schools, bused in out-of-state agitators, and demanded their allies in the state legislature flee to Illinois to delay a vote. Then the union bosses wasted millions of dollars – of their own members’ forced dues – on a failed recall campaign to install a pro-forced unionism majority in the Wisconsin Senate. Union hotheads bombarded the Kenosha, Wisconsin teacher with threats because she refuses to toe the union-boss line. The onslaught of harassment and threats picked up after Lacroix exercised her First Amendment rights and appeared in a TV commercial supporting Governor Scott Walker, who signed the reforms into law. … Foundation attorneys are prepared to take all appropriate legal actions to defend Lacroix, and if necessary, provide for the security of her and her family.
In 2005, the National Right to Work Foundation hired 24-hour security for a North Carolina worker who received detailed threats after he successfully challenged a sweetheart deal between his employer and the United Autoworkers (UAW) union. Union goons routinely employ violence and terror tactics against innocent workers who dare to speak their own minds. …
It is beyond time to remove unions, a private sector organization, from its parasitic and powerful influence within our state and federal government. This action taken in Wisconsin represents a possible beginning to do so across America, and clearly demonstrates that unions with their big money and strong-arm tactics cannot win against We the People. For government is for We the Peopleand not union bosses or any other organized entity that promotes government that is not constitutional.
Executive Order 10988 and any legislation that pertains to it on congressional record must be rescinded. Unions cannot be allowed to control labor within government.
It is questionable that the candidate for presidency, Mitt Romney, has the intestinal fortitude to perform such a task. We can only go by his past record, and that shows that although he is clearly a person with character, he chooses the “comfort zone” when it comes standing for constitutional government. He and others may call him a “moderate” – but in truth he is a RINO.

However, it is clear that Ron Paul, a Republican treated like a third-party candidate during the primary elections is the man for the job. If the delegates of the state conventions can see this, he may have a chance to be on the ticket for running against both Romney and Obama in a landmark political move that is all legal. It hasn’t been done before because no one had the incentive to run against the GOP political establishment who is clearly NOT for reform, but instead wants Washington to operate its business as usual; masking sellouts as “bipartisanship”.

Constitutional law should never be compromised. It is about time that elected officials owe up to their sworn oaths upon taking office that they will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and abide by its articles and amendments.
And, in an unrelated circumstance, check out Jefferson’s Rebels poignant and compelling article concerning the corruption of this Executive administration and the demands to know the facts by members of Congress (which is their job), and instantly brings to mind the major question — 
Why isn’t Eric Holder being fired?  
Why isn’t impeachment preceedings being fast tracked into Congress?
i JFK won the 1960 election with the help of mobster Giancana and his father’s, Joseph Kennedy, connection from prohibition era with the old mob leadership.

Sarah Palin Praises Bloggers, Tea Party and Wisconsin Voters

Sarah Palin – Tea Party Conservative

Sarah Palin is keynote speaker at Americans for Prosperity and lauds bloggers, Tea Party movement members, and Wisconsin voters who stood up to Big Government politicians and union thugs in the Recall Election recently held and won by Governor Scott Walker.
Of course, the whining political left immediately claimed that is was “big money” that won the recall election – totally ignoring the huge amounts of cash funneled from unions across the United States in order to achieve their victory in Wisconsin.
Those complaining were also short-changing the perseverance of Wisconsin voters in their stance for what is right, as well as giving a message to the unions that our government will not be held ransom by their tactics and parasitic organizations. Indeed, it was revealed that many union members and former union members had voted to retain Governor Scott Walker, as the victory in the last election showed they wanted him to remain as governor to continue work at reformation and improving the economy of Wisconsin.
The following is the YouTube video release of Sarah Palin and her speech as keynote speaker at the recent convention:

Walker Recall After-Action Report

Well, Governor Scott Walker won the recall election – thanks to Wisconsin voters; but in the aftermath the leftist media, Democrats, and unions are whining about it.
After the recall election was over, NBC with host Chuck Todd asked this pointless and ridiculous question:

Looking back, do you have any regret of going at the issue of collective bargaining itself” …

What do you think, Todd? Do you actually think, Todd?

After Scott Walker became governor he began working at trimming spending in government and working with the business industry; which certainly worked: Wisconsin state percentage rate of unemployment is down to 6.7% – one of the lowest in the nation. Of course, certain counties in the state have a higher than average unemployment rate, like Door County, but it is still lower than it was when Jim Doyle was governor.

Todd is also ignorant of the fact that by reforming collective bargaining for public employment has also caused an improved economy.
In answer to Todd at left-media NBC, Governor Walker replied:

No, I think in our case the product itself was positive – and we’ve documented more than $1 billion dollar with the savings, in fact, for the first time in twelve years property taxes went down on a median valued home and statewide we went from a $3.6 billion dollar deficit to a $154 million dollar surplus. 

Governor Walker’s only regret was not taking extra time before initiating the move against overtime and collective bargaining abuse, to explain it more to the people.
Apparently some people got it, even those belonging to the unions, because for the first time they could opt out – and some did. They were also the ones who were union members who were for Walker’s reformation policy (and success) and voted to keep him as governor.
Then, of course, all across the progressive world of America, the media, unions, and sociocrats wailed that it was big money that won the election, referring to Walker’s money raised which was higher than Barrett, the opposition. This clearly showed, once again, the hypocrisy of the political left and the parasitic unions: they were gathering support and donations from within Wisconsin and from other states.
Schultz at NBC – Perplexed and Angry
MSNBCalso contributed to the cause of unions and sociocrats with Shultz lecturing union members who voted for Walker. According to their report: 27% of public employee union members voted for Walker. And it was 38% figure for union member household voters (spouses, et cetera) who also voted for Walker. Schultz was fit to be tied, stating:
you got to explain to the country and to your union why the hell you did that.
Well, Schultz, you probably wouldn’t understand it, but it was the correct thing to do.
And what did Schultz view as the problem of this outcome?
He reiterated what Obama said in the 2008 campaign referring that …

people who live in rural areas vote for Republicans because they have a tendency to “cling” to guns and religion, and suggested that Obama was correct in his diagnosis.

You, Schultz, and others like you who support progressive democratic-socialism in America, who have been brainwashed for decades can’t understand and/or cannot think for yourselves. Common sense, thanks to folks like Schultz, is a thing of the past.
It is more important to stick with a political party than doing the correct thing. And, if that political entity is wrong in what it is doing as far as policy, the object is not to actually fix a problem, but instead point fingers at someone else and continue doing what they are doing without any regard for change that would actually make it better. Couldn’t do that, it would make like that particular political entity or individual was actually going about their elected task in a wrong manner.
In 1919, after Boston police went on strike to protest the city’s refusal to recognize their new union, Gov. Calvin Coolidge ordered the National Guard into the streets. Sam Gompers, the legendary father of American labor, wrote the governor that the Boston police had been denied their rights. Coolidge’s terse reply put him in our history books:
“Your assertion that the Commissioner was wrong cannot justify the wrong of leaving the city unguarded. … There is no right to strike against the public safety by anyone, anywhere, any time.”
Ronald Reagan’s firing of the striking air traffic controllers, whose union had been among the few to endorse him, marked him as a leader willing to act against a powerful union if the public interest commands it. Gov. Scott Walker is now in that tradition. He has just routed a recall campaign that began with state senators disgracefully fleeing to Illinois rather than provide a quorum and mobs occupying his capitol. … The Badger State rout of Big Labor was total.
Governor Walker in addition to reducing the collective bargaining oppression, also told the unions to collect their own dues. It is incredible that unions expect the federal and state government to take union dues from paychecks at taxpayer expense in administrative expenditures. Well, that isn’t the case in Wisconsin anymore.
Something remarkable happen when Governor Walker made that move:
With their union dues no longer taken out of their paychecks, tens of thousands of Wisconsin public employees refused to pony up those dues and quit their union, instead. Many union members do not believe they get their money’s worth from unions that claim to represent them, and would prefer to get out of the union and keep the dues money themselves. This desertion by their members represents a massive vote of no confidence in unions like the America Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Service Employees International Union and the American Federation of Teachers. AFSCME in Wisconsin lost 34,000 of its 62,000 members last year alone.
I will tell you what is happening here, just in case you didn’t figure it out on your own: Americans are waking up to the long-running propaganda of the political left and its unions, strong-arm tactics, as well as purchasing politicians like prostitutes, with campaign dollars in order to continue its stranglehold on government employees and siphoning taxpayer money into their bank accounts.
One cannot blame people like Schultz, he was probably taught in school by union teachers that collective bargaining is an established right; despite not being written into the US Constitution.
I mean when a teacher chastises and screams at and embarrasses a student for speaking out against President Barack Obama, and even telling him it is against the law doing so – there needs to be a clean up of teachers, just as in the US Congress, to rid those kind of people. They are providing not only incorrect information and making up their own history and rules, but creating another generation of sheeple – products of a tyrannical nanny state. Thank goodness for a student who recorded that incident on his cell phone. I never did find out if the teacher was fired, but she was immediately put on suspension. I don’t want those kind of teachers being with my children the amount of hours they are, for who knows what is going on that hasn’t been reported.
With the results and state facts aforementioned, one can see that some union members had no choice and are actually victims of a corrupt and overbearing system. As Buchananpointed out:
Where there were twice as many Americans working in manufacturing as in government in 1960, today the reverse is true. We have 22 million workers in government and 11 million in manufacturing. This is an immense and costly army for taxpayers to sustain.
So now you know when a politician preaches that he or she is going to “create jobs” – remember – government can only “create” jobs by hiring directly and making government bigger and more of a burden on the taxpayer. Government can only “create” jobs another way, a better way – by limiting itself in the degree of intrusion upon the private sector, which history shows does a far better job.
What is happening in America has already happened in Europe, which is why Greece, Italy, and Spain are going bankrupt. I do hope that the Governor Walker recall election is only the beginning. It is time long past due to remove a privately operated business entity like the unions (and they want to bad mouth oil companies), and get them out of the business of government. Traditionally, our government, especially the feds, have offered reasonably good wages and salaries, often higher than the private sector, to attract well qualified employees.
[See also Kyle Drennen story]
If we continue to follow the European models of socialism, we will end up like them. And, who will bail US out? Europe? China? Russia? South American nations?
Yeah, right.
States and cities have begun to cut their labor force; except for troubled states whose citizens keep electing the wrong people, like Obama’s state of Illinois and Jerry Brown’s state of California.
Another interesting statistic, while union members dwindled in the private sector to about 6.9%, until now, in the historic Walker recall election, union membership was growing in government labor. Unions are finding out that the American people are sick of their corruption and that they have become nothing more than a parasite, one that ends up killing its host.
Scott Walker deserved to win. The only reason why the recall election was initiated was because he was doing what he was elected to do. It takes longer to fix a situation than it does to use preventive methods, but We the People of Wisconsin can see the results of his methods and realize that maybe, just maybe, our nation is heading back to when the Constitution was the law and “welfare of the People” didn’t mean entitlements.
Union workers that can now opt out are bringing home at least $1,000 a year extra. They can use that for their retirement investments, or whatever. 
The process will be slow, but things would get better if voters would choose candidates who are constitutionally minded, and actually do what they are elected for and paid to do.
Meanwhile, the White House remains silent on the issue.
Jodi Miller NewsBusted Video on the Walker Win – Unions & Democratic-Socialists Whine …

Governor Scott Walker Wins Recall Election

Much to the relief of Wisconsin citizens who have fought so long to attain the right guaranteed by the Second Amendment to “keep and bear arms”; as well as the fight against unions involved in government affairs, civil employment, that has caused an increase in state (and federal) expenditures (tax dollars) in the cost of government personnel employment. Now, those employed by our state government will pay into their own retirement like the rest of the working class; and yet have more benefits than those taxpayers who are paying toward their salaries and wages – which is higher than the state’s average rate for those employed in the private sector.

Walker stated in his victory speech:

Tonight, we tell Wisconsin, we tell our country and we tell all people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make tough decisions.
Indeed, the history of some state governments and certainly the federal government’s legislative branch, have clearly demonstrated that it is easier to go along with the “crowd” rather than stand up for the rights and liberties of the people who put them in office; as well as honor and enforce the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States.
Millions of dollars flowed into the state of Wisconsin in opposition, as well as support, of the Walker recall election. It was a landmark recall that had been orchestrated not as a cause that was not because of ethical transgressions or illegal acts of a governor, but because a governor stood against the power of the trade union and the selfish and spoiled people who are employed to be civil servants of the People. To many people who are employed in government office positions have the attitude that they are doing their fellow citizens’ favors by performing their job; when in fact they are servants of the people and not the other way around.
Whiners of the political left who work in government positions, like teachers, have developed an attitude that it is their right to allow unions to control the personnel budget of government, whether it be state or federal. This recall election outcome has shown differently.
Whatever campaign propaganda was delivered in this unjustified recall election, does not deter from the gist of facts: Governor Scott Walker was being hounded for doing what he was elected for, performing his tasks as a governor should, and keeping campaign promises. Those promises included creating an atmosphere that would keep businesses in Wisconsin, and encourage them to work at expanding their business, which in turn creates additional employment for the betterment of the people of the State of Wisconsin, not just for those who belong to unions.
Tom Barrett, while moaning about losing the recall election, made a statement about unity, reported by MSN:
We are a state that has been deeply divided and it is up to all of us, our side and their side, to listen. To listen to each other and to try to do what is right for everyone in this state. The state remains divided and it is my hope that while we have lively debates, a lively discourse which is healthy in any democracy, that those who are victorious tonight, as well as those of us who are not victorious tonight, can at the end of the day do what is right for Wisconsin families.
Tom Barrett, the Democrat Party, and the unions have been the ones promoting disunity. For part of the political platform that is written into the ethics and policies of the Democrat Party is to “divide and conquer”. Barrett failed to mention the TV/radio ads that used character assassination and every political propaganda trick in the book to make this recall election go to his favor.
Mitt Romney, candidate for the presidency, Election 2012, stated on Walker’s behalf:
Governor Walker has demonstrated over the past year what sound fiscal policies can do to turn an economy around, and I believe that in November voters across the country will demonstrate that they want the same in Washington, DC. Tonight’s results will echo beyond the borders of Wisconsin.
It remains to be seen, as many citizens believe, whether or not Romney will be a solid base towards real reformation of our federal government or just all talk like too many times in the past. Mitt Romneyis still viewed by many as a voter’s choice only because the opponent, Barack Obama, is far worse in leading our country. However, it can be rightfully said that Romney has better character and value qualities than the incumbent president that presently sits in the Oval Office – when he is not on vacation or golfing.
It is interesting that President Obama, much to the chagrin of Wisconsin Democrats, who did not stop in Wisconsin in his trip to Minnesota to campaign for Tom Barrett.
Could it be because Obama’s approval rating as dropped so low?
Only speculation at this point.
Governor Walker also had a unity statement:
Tomorrow is the day after the election. Tomorrow, we are no longer opponents; tomorrow, we are one as Wisconsinites.
Democrat leadership in Washington were watching this recall closely, as well as unions, to see if there will be implications caused from it in the upcoming general election.
They are correct in worrying, and there is no sympathy coming from here. The Democrat Party has been long-time coming when reformation is the issue. They have moved from the true sense of liberalism to democratic-socialism in the span of the last fifty years; and this has escalated under the leadership, as President of the United States, of Barack H. Obama.
The bottom line:
Labor unions belong in the private sector, their right to do so as long as they stick to ethical and civic laws; however, labor unions do not have the right to oversee employment of civic employees of either state or federal government. It is recommended to the legislative branch of both state governments and the federal government that they create an amendment to the United States Constitution that forbids any private sector entity (unions) to have the power of control over employment within the personnel agencies and offices of government. It is not only an affront to constitutional law of limited government, but it is also detrimental to fiscal responsibility of the budgeting of taxpayer dollars.
Any private entity that develops power that promotes increased, and unnecessary, cost of operation of government should be regarded as detrimental to the constitutional mandate of limited government, as well as the rights of We the People.
Historically, Wisconsin has not backed (as a majority) a Republican candidate for presidential election since Ronald Reagan in 1984; but this recall election outcome may indicate, especially since Obama did not involve himself. The traditional “swing” state whose latest polls show that Wisconsinites favor Obama over Romney from 6 to 10 points. Obama won Wisconsin votes in 2008 by 14%, despite people like myself warning them that he was not the right person for the job. Still, there are too many Wisconsinites who retain favor for Obama for the following reasons (given):
  • He is a member of the Democrat Party.
  • He is the first “Black” President of the United States.
And still others state for reasons for continued backing of Barack Obama, like “I like him”. No logical explanation, no consideration for job performance and campaign promises not followed through (except for ObamaCare, which was a disaster before it was implemented).
Americans have continued the practice of voting based upon emotion, propaganda, and loyalty to a political party (club); despite statistical and real-time facts being presented against their political stance.
And there are still other Americans who will not participate in politics, that includes voting, because it is disdainful, argumentative, and they just have no interest. They are the Americans who are the most delusional and the least patriotic. They rely on TV/radio ads and political rhetoric to decide who they vote for, never knowing much about their previous actions and policies within their voting record or the record of the candidates political career. And most of those described are not familiar with constitutional law, know who their representatives or senators are, and decide that all politicians are “corrupt” and thus voting is a waste of time.
It is hard for me to believe that Americans would, so blindly and consistently, allow politicians who do not uphold their sworn oaths of office and have the power over our private lives. They will certainly complain about the conditions or issues in America – state or federal issues – but do nothing to work upon reforming by choosing their candidates more carefully. Part of the blame goes to the infrastructure and curriculum of our educational system, which the union and progressives have wisely gained control. There is an ulterior motive to “dumbing down” the youth of America and not allowing open discussion or critical thinking when it comes to our government. It is part of the grand scheme of making government increasingly powerful in order to do what they perceive as good government – big government with little or no limitations, centralized by federal authority established against the Constitution as well as the reasoning that caused the framers to create it.
Like Arizona, Wisconsin is a state that could become a leader in true reform and not the false “changes” promised, with little detail as to what changes are to occur, that was promised in the Election 2008.
Let’s hope that our “swing state” reputation and political reasoning swings into the direction of a limited and constitutional government.
I must conclude this article with a hearty thanks to fellow citizens in this landmark stand against big government and the unconstitutional insertion of power by labor unions. And, although I doubt it, but it is wishful thinking, that those that voted for Barrett and big and wasteful government will wake up to what the Tea Party and reformation movement is truly about — We the People in control of OUR government.

Wisconsin – America is Watching

Every election campaign the same thing is said from the Republican camp, the conservative movement; but America still remains in trouble. Its citizens are losing rights and liberties from legislation and executive orders, but just at a faster rate because of the Obama administration. If you look at the results and/or accomplishments, even when GW Bush was in office – any improvement is negligible and only has slowed down the destruction of our constitutional republic as it was created.

Glenn Beck spoke about the first annual gathering of FreePAC in Dallas, Texas concerning an organization called FreedomWorks:

What FreedomWorks is doing is the first ever global Tea Party event and their asking 9/12ers, and Tea Party activists, and people that just believe in freedom to get together, and work together, learn together, link arms…it is going to be a historic event…grab your tickets and do it now.

The GOP is not as conservative as advertised, looking at it as a whole. There are too many RINOs – and the GOP establishment poster boys for nomination in the primary elections are RINOs, too often not following through with their promise of reformation of our government. I realize that too much rests upon the executive branch by the American people, only because of the pompous hoodoo that the people have come to believe.
What we need are constitutional conservatives. The general public, the conservatives and moderate liberals, just don’t trust Mitt Romney. He has to often said one thing and did another or changed his mind about his views for whatever reason. Changing views or plan of action when the atmosphere or times change is acceptable. That is comprising.
But the Constitution should not be compromised and should be the foundation and principles of every piece of legislation to reach the voting floor. Indeed, there should be a constitutional committee that screens each and every bill proposed for a vote to become legislation, for it constitutionality.
In elections, name calling is not the adult way to conduct oneself, in fact it is not the way in any circumstances in a civilized society. But every election we are lambasted with TV and radio ads doing just such a thing, and although the Democrats have the worst record, the Republicans are often to blame as well. Problem is that too many Americans, because they rely on emotion instead of logic, pay attention to the crud. I may watch it, but take little salt in any TV/radio campaign ad that isn’t informing me what the candidate intends to do if elected. A good example is the campaign against Governor Scott Walker, a recall vote, that is costing taxpayers’ money because government union workers don’t want to pitch in for their own retirement benefits. Now instead of getting it free with their good wages, they have to pay into the program like the rest of us.
He is being lambasted for working with Wisconsin businesses to improve the situation here in Wisconsin, which in turn creates new jobs and brings those laid off back to work. What do the campaign ads from union thugs and Sociocrats say? Walker is in cahoots with business. You know, the usual Marxist rhetoric that has been political propaganda tool for well over fifty years now. FDR used it.
Wisconsin was drowning in debt until the governor’s fiscally conservative measures erased Wisconsin’s $3.6 billion deficit. Rather than adopting the Democratic Party’s “cure-all” prescription of raising taxes, Walker lowered them, signing a property tax freeze and lowering school property taxes. Wisconsin is expected to have a budget surplus by 2013. Governor Walker made tough decisions during tough economic times. Walker’s proposal allowing union participation to be voluntary and requiring union workers to contribute to their generous benefit plans sent Wisconsin state senate Democrats reeling – literally. Once they realized Walker wasn’t going to back down, they absconded to a neighboring state in a childish display of political theatrics.
Once it was enacted, the bill President Obama once described as “an assault on unions,” became a pathway to independence. Wisconsin schools and local governments were given the freedom to live within their means when they were granted the ability to hire, fire and compensate based upon performance. The nonpartisan group, Wisconsin Taxpayer’s Alliance, reported that the savings from employee benefits “allowed districts to reduce costs” allowing districts like the Kaukauna school district to control their own destiny and convert a $400,000 deficit into a $1.5 million surplus. Walker’s success in Wisconsin is a threat to labor unions, Progressives and the Democratic Party. According to the New York Post, New York unions are sending resources “to oust the union-busting Walker on June 5 and stop the anti-union movement from spreading to other states.” …
A win for Walker will be a win for the rest of us because his policies could serve as an antidote to the economic contagion spreading across this country. No matter who wins in Wisconsin on June 5th, or in Washington this November, our economy will not improve without making tough choices. Either way, the job requires a strong leader and skillful surgeon, and Governor Scott Walker has proven he is up to the task.
The figures and statistics are on Scott Walker’s side.
Keep Walker in and elect more like him – elected officials who actually do something.
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Wisconsin Recall: We the People vs Unions and their Puppets

The day to vote to either recall or retain Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin is approaching soon – Tuesday, June 5th. I have already given an overview as to who and what organizations are behind this ridiculous election where voters have to go back to the neighborhood voting places and vote again. I believe that most will still choose Scott Walker.

Do Wisconsinites really want to “turn back the clock” and have a Governor like Jim Doyle who raised taxes $1 billion that included state fees that were raised 38%?
Do we really want to see more jobs lost because businesses are taxed so heavily that they would rather move out of state?

Do we really want to see corruption return, as in the Doyle-Casino scandal (which disappeared off the net when he was reelected – Wisconsinite voters have short memories)?

Those protesting against Walker to be recalled are puppets (“useful idiots”) of the trade unions that are behind this campaign against our governor who is doing what he said he would do when he asked We the People to vote for him.
The video after this article will plainly show that government workers, whether it be state or federal, have had it good and now that cutbacks must take place to reduce government cost – they don’t want to pay for their own retirement programs. Governor Walker made sure that cuts were made in this way to prevent any layoffs, which would increase unemployment, of government employees.

The biggest culprit in this bizarre scenario is the Teachers’ Union. First, unions are a private business institution that has no business getting involved with government operations – but that is exactly what they have been doing since politicians allowed them to interact through government employee system. It has been standard practice to ensure wages and salaries were offered to government employees and provide essential benefits in order to obtain and retain good, competent employees. But experience dealing with some of them demonstrates a different picture.

Government employees, as the video and an article by Kyle Olson points out, make more money than the average worker, has better benefits than the average worker – and it is paid, large part, by the workers representing 86% of the private sector working class to pay government employees in Wisconsin that only represent about 14%.
Unions also raise the cost of government, as demonstrated in the private sector, unions have bankrupted companies and corporations because union workers want more and more money, which in turn, a portion goes to the unions. On an average, the union worker pays out about $1,000 per year to trade unions.
How would you like to have paid holidays for every government declared holiday? Government workers are usually the only ones that get paid time off for every government declared holiday.
Teachers start at a wage that private sector workers must earn after years of employment – and they only have to work nine months out of the year.

Compared to the producer class, Milwaukee’s teachers are getting a pretty sweet deal. When school is in session, teachers work almost 4 hours less each week than the standard private sector employee does. And instead of getting the usual two weeks off each year, Milwaukee teachers enjoy nearly 14 weeks vacation. All told, the typical producer-class employee works well over 600 hours a year more than the typical government school employee. You would think with this workload, total compensation for government teachers would be a lot less than for private-sector workers. But when you add salary, retirement and health benefits, a first-year teacher’s total compensation is almost $56 per contracted hour worked. For a fifth-year teacher, it’s over $60 an hour. A tenth year teacher, more than $66 an hour. And teachers can retire sooner, too, at age 57. … Producer-class workers earn less than $735 a week. For a typical 40-hour week, that works out to just over $18 an hour. … Next time you see government employees demanding that you sacrifice even more for them, remind them that a public servant is supposed to serve the public, not turn the public into their servants.

Governor Walker is not catering to Wisconsin businesses and corporations for personal gain, he is trying to keep business here and get more business to come here – which means MORE JOBS.

I was raised by parents that told me that doing the right thing is much harder than following the crowd and doing the right thing. It isn’t always popular, but in the long run more satisfying to do what is right.
I must confess that I voted for the other Republican candidate in the last election for governor; but, I am sure going to choose Scott Walker this time. He is doing what he said he was going to do – that in itself is a good thing. Are jobs picking up as fast as we like? No. But it is better than it was last year, and it will get better if we keep a steady course and do the what is right.
Contrary to the opposition’s propaganda, Governor Walker did not eliminate collective bargaining. Linda Chavez told the real story in recent article:

The Wisconsin recall election of Republican Gov. Scott Walker is not going quite like the unions and the Democratic Party expected. Back in 2011, many pundits thought that the governor had overreached when he took on public employee unions, restricting — though not eliminating — collective bargaining rights. But he did so because he inherited a state in dire financial shape with a deficit of $3.6 billion and public employee pensions and benefits that threatened to bankrupt the state. When a Republican-controlled legislature tried to pass legislation to rein in the abuses, Democratic representatives literally fled the state to make a vote impossible. As a result of some clever parliamentary footwork that separated fiscal items in the bill so that a quorum would not be required to pass the legislation, Walker managed to get the bill passed. The unions sued, unsuccessfully, and the bill became law, incurring the wrath of Wisconsin’s powerful unions — public and private sector. … Even in a heavily union state like Wisconsin, union membership is tiny compared to the total labor force. And when it comes to public employees, most taxpayers realize that they are actually footing the bill for salaries and benefits, which more often than not exceed their own. When many workers have no health insurance, they may feel chagrined at having to fork over more taxes to pay for Cadillac policies for union members whose own healthcare contributions are much smaller. When most employees get two weeks paid vacation if they’re lucky, they may resent paying full time salaries to teachers who work only nine months a year and spend only five hours a day in the classroom with week-long holidays, professional development and snow days off. … If Walker does survive the recall election June 5, it will put the state of Wisconsin in political play for the GOP in the presidential election. It seemed unlikely that Wisconsin, which went for President Obama by 14 points in 2008, would be a tossup this year. But the Republican base has been energized by the unions’ attempt to oust Walker. Independents, and even some fiscally conservative Democrats, may also jump ship from Obama in the fall. If so, the electoral map looks better for Mitt Romney, which is why some in the Obama campaign are worried that their friends in the labor movement may have overreached.

Unions must be booted out of government business. Their power and corruption is quite evident here. Unions from other states have even funneled money to Wisconsin unions because this is now a national issue. Americans, politicians, and union bosses are watching for different reasons, but same purpose – to see where this goes and to mark it as a turning point.
This isn’t just about Scott Walker, this is about unions strong-arming American workers, taking away their freedom of choice, and, like a parasite, killing its host.
And teachers who keep asking for more and more benefits and larger salaries are part of an important element that makes a nation great or not – educating the leadership and voters of the future; yet compared to other nations we have been steadily falling from the fifth spot towards the 25th spot on the list of best educated individuals and best educational institutions from kindergarten to colleges and universities. It is a travesty and detrimental to America’s future. Progressives want to keep the people ignorant and only know what they want them to know; and accuse their opposition with anything they can think of, most of which they have or presently are committing themselves.
The following important and factual video was produced by EAGF(Education Action Group Foundation), for whom Kyle is founder and CEO, that is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that promotes sensible education reform. Please watch this, it isn’t too long, but most important. And after watching it, I hope you understand why Scott Walker needs to remain Wisconsin’s governor. Recall elections are designed to be used against elected officials who are not performing their jobs. Governor Scott Walker is being recalled for performing his job. That statement only should open a few eyes.

Please go to your voting polls, if you are a registered Wisconsin voter, and vote to keep Scott Walker. And, if you didn’t vote for him before or didn’t bother to vote – please attend and show the unions and selfish government workers that We the People are not going to take nonsense from the minority that is supposed to be public servants.

The sooner voters do the right thing, the sooner Governor Walker can get back to what he was elected for.
Thank you in advance for your vote for Governor Scott Walker.

Constitution 101: Principles of Law and Historical Wisconsin Recall

Presently, our legal system is a combination of common law and free-market traditions that have been mixed with 20th century social and political ideologies that often are contradictory and conflicting. The two major ideologies in conflict is: Liberty or Constitutional Democracy (republic) and Socialism. The first promotes individual freedom, disdains government intrusion, and promotes a nation For the People; which means that the nation of people as a group and/or several groups advocate individual rights and liberties for all. Socialism controls the power of government to where the collective becomes more important than the individual and the state is more relevant than the collective, ruled by a political elite whose agenda is personal gain and control of the populace by an elite group that governs whatever way it sees fit.

If we are to follow the principles that created our nation, conceived and created by the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States, it provides a powerful restraint upon the powers of government at federal, state, and local levels. Today, those principles have been adulterated by politicians over a period of many decades to where politicians buy votes through promised benefits, the load of the cost of those benefits being put upon a smaller majority of people.

It is no longer a clear-cut distinction between the traditional two political entities, one called Democrat and the other Republican, for both, except for a pitiful few, promote socialism in one degree or another.
After the campaign to make themselves look good by making the opposition look bad, they continue status quo as they did before, if reelected, or begin a lifetime goal of using the redistribution of other people’s money, the American taxpayer. This further increases their power by the conforming elements or groups of the populace who pay less taxes and expect welfare benefits, government handouts, to be an entitlement, a right, as if it were constitutional law.
Within those two traditional political entities there are divisions. Christian conservatives who must put religion within the elements of civic law and those conservatives who don’t. Social conservatives are also in argument with libertarians over the issue of individual liberty and just how far it can go before it becomes a corruption that threatens other citizen’ individual liberty or indirectly affects society as a whole. With religion it is morality and with civic entities it is virtues – both being important in a healthy society and a society that wishes to remain free under the real entitlements of the Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.
All of this creates division among the People of the United States and to further divide the nation, ethnic and religious beliefs are used as political tools to obtain votes needed for either political party to gain the majority in the legislative branch of government as well as the executive and judiciary branches, relying on the political tool of emotion instead of reasoning. Thomas Jefferson believed deeply upon reasoning, whether it concerned politics, education, or religion.
Social Security has been called the “grand social experiment” – but in reality it was an experiment in modified socialism in which its authors and those behind it at the time felt there could be a sound marriage between democracy and socialism; thus we have democratic socialists today who have taken on the name from liberals to progressives.
The political left, the democratic socialists (“progressives”) has gained control of legal and government agencies and departments, one of the most crucial is the Department of Education. The original group that began experimenting with democracy learned from the socialist platform of Marxism that control of the education of a nation’s youth guaranteed future loyal citizens to their cause and believing that the government must control the people for their own benefit.
On the political right, there are a few constitutionally minded individuals, but for the most part in the present government, they refer to themselves as “moderates” that work cohesively with the political left in a delusional concept of bipartisanship; when in fact they are just destroying the constitutional republic that unified a people, created a new nation that promoted individual liberty – not collective slavery to the elite operating the government presumed to be in control of the people because they still have the right to vote. But even the voting process has become corrupted, just as the three branches of government has, and to what degree depends upon who is holding public office.
Fixing problems/issues caused by previous public officials is most unpleasant and a hard task to take on. One can ask Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin in that matter. He campaigned to be governor knowing problems he would face, set up a “list of things to do” and began performing those tasks when taking office through the majority vote.
Things were fine until he did what needs to be done in other states and within the federal government system: reduce the power of unions over the people’s freedom of choice. He provided the opportunity for citizens to decide that work as public employees for the state government to make a choice whether to have a union or not. The term used by the media and unions is collective bargaining. Unions are a private-sector entity that has gained power within our government to escalate its cost and provide yet another brick to building government’s centralized power, as well as power over the earned income of the people. Unions have used several methods to come to the point if someone wanted a job that paid well, or just needed a job, they had/have to join a union. The privilege of such membership and employment protection averages at least $1,000 per year.
In addition to the union issue, Governor Walker made the government employees contribute towards their own retirement, like the rest of working America. What happened was, unlike his predecessor, he reduced government spending instead of increasing cost of government upon the people.
The primary whiners about Governor Walker’s kept promise to reduce government spending, create a better environment for businesses that would lead to more jobs, which in turn dropped the percentage rate of unemployment – were the members of the teacher union. Of course, they were egged on by the union leadership in that respect, but what these people are saying in regards for a demand for recall is that:
“Government spending reduction must take place as long as it doesn’t affect me”.
By being employed by the government, the taxpayers, they are part of the process of spending and budgeting. Simple.
Those union leaders who are raising such a fuss make two or three times a year more than Governor Scott Walker does. And the government employees under union control? They make more at their starting rate than the average American makes by a large margin, including benefits that other citizens wished they had – some just wishing they had jobs.
This Wisconsin recall issue has become focused upon by other states and citizens across America because it shows a stand against a private industry, unions, that have taken control of government; when in fact, unions should not be allowed to interfere with government, public employees. Unions from state to federal level has increased the cost of government. Before unions public employees were given fair and above standard wages in order to attract citizens in required positions of employment – so the need for unions is moot. In addition, before unions, government employees didn’t have to pay a fee from their paychecks to unions who theoretically controlled jobs and placements.
Bottom line: Unions, a private organization, should not be allowed to control or oversee government public employment. Government, We the People who pay for it, cannot afford to pay for government employees who make considerably higher wages than we do working in the same position in the private sector.
The principles that established our laws, the Constitution and its amendments, was founded with logic and reasoning; and thus We the People must also use those principles to safeguard and ensure that those we elect abide by those principles and follow the Rule of Law: constitutional law.
So, the divisions between the political entities is moot, because all politicians should become statesmen and stateswomen who hold constitutional law as the foundation of their principles and policies while performing their tasks required of their elected office. That can only happen if society reforms its way of thinking, reeducate themselves, and know everything there is about constitutional law and the record, character and background of those candidates we choose to elect.
In the case of the citizens of Wisconsin who are bent upon replacing Scott Walker with Tom Barrett in a recall election. If Scott Walker loses to Tom Barrett it would be returning the type of government that Jim Doyle operated and who caused the issues we face today and Governor Walker is working to fix. 
Effectively, those people who are taking the side of the unions and Tom Barrett (same thing), believing their propaganda, are asking that our government return to a frivolous spending entity that expects the people to continue paying more and more while government spends and expands until, like a parasite, it kills its host. 
Tom Barrett has a long record in politics:
Barrett and Walker
Mayor of Milwaukee: As mayor, I will not raise property taxes. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 7th, 2003. Mayor Barrett raised property tax seven times in his eight years as mayor, likening himself as Jim Doyle as governor. (Milwaukee City Budget, http://city.milwaukee.gov). In addition to that legacy, Milwaukee has become the fourth in the list of poorest cities in America. 
State Assemblyman: Voted to raise the state fuel tax, adding cost to consumers at the pump. (Milwaukee Journal; July 3rd, 1987)
State Senator: Voted for a tax increase that was more than $500 million. (Milwaukee Sentinel; July 4th, 1991)
Representative, US House of Representatives: Voted for the largest federal tax increase in US history that included increasing fuel tax. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; March 11th, 2004 and 1993 Budget Reconciliation, House Vote record #406, adopted on August 5th, 1993.
One of the mistakes We the People have been making is electing lawyers to public office. Any attempts of getting a handle in unconstitutional mandates and legislation and limiting government, they have errantly tried to find, and have succeeded, in finding loopholes in the law. That is what lawyers do when practicing their trade.
The true purpose of law and government is to protect fundamental rights, maintain citizens choice to choose (when it does not violate the rights of another citizen), and to resolve conflicts between individuals and groups in a fair, just, and constitutional manner. Politicians today pick and choose what they will enforce. A good example would be the serious issue about illegal immigration. They do not enforce immigration laws because they want an “easy” way out in the form of an amnesty, which has been done before, but only encouraged more to cross our borders illegally and stay long enough to wait for amnesty. 
High Court Subversion
The illegal immigrant, usually with false documentation, has become bold enough to actually go into the streets of cities and protest – calling those that want the laws of US immigration to be enforced, racists. Another growing element of illegal immigrants are advocating what they call a “revolution” in which they claim that certain areas of the United States rightfully belong to Mexico. This points to their ignorance of history where Texas, for example, was a republic that was friendly towards Mexico until the Mexican government turned on them with tyranny. 
US Sovereignty
But the true claimant should be the Spanish who landed in Mexico, Florida, California started settlements and built monasteries to convert the natives to Christianity. Going back further than that, the Aztec and Mayan civilization was not located north of the Rio Grande River; therefore the real estate of the United States belongs to our nation legally. In our early history when we wanted to expand we made purchases like Louisiana from the French and Alaska from Russia. We were and never have been a conquering nation or one that looked to colonize the territory of another, because we were established as a democratic republic and that form of government has no such interests. We have accumulated territory along the way, but they are territories with their own government, sworn allegiance to the United States and protected by it – from their own free will.
The United States Constitution came closest to establishing limited government upon individual rights, but didn’t follow through in order to protect it from the courts, legislatures, and lawyers in a more concrete fashion. An example would be playing with the words in the Second Amendment which is a simple paragraph and to the point. Fortunately the Supreme Court has performed its purpose and put those who think the Second Amendment does not provide the right of citizens of the United States to keep and bear arms in their place as progressives
If people think the language in the Constitution is not understandable, then it is a testament to the “dumbing down” of our educational system by the progressives that is the blame.
During the session of the 104thCongress a Constitutional Caucus was formed spearheaded by Rep. J.D.Hayworth (AZ) in 1995, and sent a letter of announcement that explained that it …

will explore ways to return power to the states and the people and restore a limited, constitutional government. It will focus on educating Congress and the public on the importance of returning the American government to “constitutionalism”.

This was a time when the political right had gained majority of Congress with the advent of Contract With America. It was a time for hope. But the movement did not get much support from the media, who, with the help of the political left, mad jokes and called it the “Contract On America”. The government continued to tax and spend and majority of voters catered to mainstream media’s advocacy for Big Government and social engineering programs, as well as voters continuing to vote for the same reasons – those that promised that government would make their lives better through legislation.
In addition to that caucus, think tanks had been formed, and among those organizations on the long list is Cato Institutewhose main purpose of its membership was to re-instill the purpose of government back to why it was created and limits its powers, thus making it more efficient and less costly. Today, Cato Institute is the prime think tank that considered to be mostly a libertarian point of view. Among reputable think tanks, a great source of information for those seeking reformation of our government to a constitutional republic, American voters, thanks to the Internet, can access useful information it seeks to use when choosing political candidates. Unfortunately, too many American voters rely upon media who, with political entities, use negative TV ads and other tools in order to keep the status quo. Out of that list are some think tanks that have developed a reputable name for themselves:
  • Claremont Institute – to restore principles of the American founding fathers … establish a limited and accountable government that respects natural law, private property, promote stable family life, and maintain a strong national defense.
  • Heartland Institute – American conservative and libertarian think tank based in Chicago that advocates free market policies and issues that include government spending, taxation, healthcare, tobacco, global warming, information technology, and free-market environmentalism.
  • Heritage Foundationto formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense – inspired and founded during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. It remains a strong influence upon US public policy, though its results have not materialized. It is considered the most influential conservative research organizations in the United States.
  • Hoover Institution – located at Stanford University in California, it is part of the library of Herbert Hoover founded in 1919 before Hoover became president. Its mission statement: representative government, private enterprise, peace, personal freedom, and safeguards of the American system. It is influential in the American conservative and libertarian movements whose list of scholarly membership include Edwin Meese, Condoleezza Rice, George Shultz, Thomas Sowell, and Amy Zegart.
The political left has its think tanks as well, like:
  • New Democrat Network – established by Simon Rosenberg in 1996 after he split from the Democrat Leadership Council, and was political strategist for Michael Dukakis and Bill Clinton presidential campaigns as well as the Democratic National Committee. It was a concerted effort to change the label of the political left from liberal to progressive that promotes the progressive movement opposing conservatism and advocating American democratic socialism. Primarily concerned with better working conditions for women and other labor-related issues, promoting policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson who established the progressive movements of social engineering and an American form of socialism. The term “New Democrats” was made popular by Hillary Clinton. The organization is also involved in a Hispanic Project begun between 2003 and 2004 that seeks bonding with Hispanic voters by promoting amnesty programs for undocumented immigrants in order to expand the voting base of the Democratic Party.
  • Progressive Policy Institute – founded in 1989 under the concept of “New Democrats” it covers a wide range of policy issues and describes itself as centrist. Founded by Walter Mondale, the party has since melded into the New Democrat public policy institution that supported the No Child Left Behind Act, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). The organization both supported and criticized some policies of GW Bush; but opposed the partial birth abortion ban and the expiration of the 1994 assault weapon ban. It also opposed the Bush tax cuts that is presently due to expire if the present Congress does not continue it.
Joel M. Skousen wrote a list of comprehensive criteria that distinguishes good principles and bad ones, or incomplete ones. in the essay In Defense of a Principled Approach to Law:
  1. Each individual, capable of being self-responsible, can rightfully claim as fundamental rights any action or state of being that all others can simultaneously claim without forcing others to serve their needs
  2. Individual sovereignty is the underlying authority behind every legitimate form of cooperative government
  3. Families have a special, temporary form of sovereignty over the health, welfare and education of their children until those children are capable of being responsible for themselves.
  4. The only proper way to establish a government among free and sovereign individuals, with police powers of enforcement, is by initial mutual agreement of all parties, and the subsequent agreement, on the same terms, of all those joining the compact at a later date.
  5. Nothing done under government authority has any validity if it violates or limits a fundamental right, unless such limitations have been specifically agreed upon by all citizens participating in the governmental process
Rules of rights and liberties are those of government, for example, individuals and families have sovereignty over their own affairs as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others. It is an element of the international “golden rule”. Government should provide in its main goal defense for the fundamental rights of all citizens. Citizenship should be a covenant and a qualification, not entitled just by birth. For with the rights provided for citizens, responsibility is intertwined. Government should be financed by user fees for direct services of individuals and other taxes should be universal, uniform, and equal to all citizens and business institutions. Taxes should never be used beyond its sole purpose of raising revenue, as in social engineering or singling out a certain group of citizens; such as the overtaxed tobacco and alcohol products. Military and the police should only be used where a direct threat exists to the fundamental rights of its citizens and to enforce constitutional law. Any assistance given to foreign nations where a significant threat has been determined, should be carried out only by voluntary procedures.
The three areas of sovereignty are: individual, family, and nation. Those areas of sovereignty deal with life, liberty, ownership, and self defense. Those concerns of sovereignty should be safeguarded unless it infringes upon rights of others or present an immediate threat to the life of individuals, such as children. Family sovereignty is important, just as its nucleus and strength makes a strong nation. Our government, influenced by progressives; have corrupted the concept of marriage, which is the business of church and private organization, not government. A child also has fundamental rights and becomes independent once he or she is capable of meeting the qualifications of citizenship. The power of the state has traditionalism been the ruling element of legal age maturity, which has no basis upon the principles aforementioned.
As Joel Skousen wrote in his essays:

Given a high level of evil influences in a pluralistic society, most good parents would exercise their freedom to form covenant societies with other like minded people in order to shield their children from many of these harmful influences.

In general fundamental rights:

By the fundamental character and essential nature of freedom, the inviolable, fundamental rights of man shall never be made subject to political confirmation. They exist regardless of the nature and institution of governments on earth, and cannot therefore be denied, rightfully, even by a majority of persons using democratic powers. While they may be listed for reference and voluntary approval in a constitution, they are not, by nature, subject to the ratification or amendment process.

When it comes to matters of state government rights, in light of the recent Arizona state laws that decided to enforce federal immigration laws when the federal government would not:

Secession does not have to mean war, only that each body’s ultimate sovereignty be respected. The northern states clearly violated the sovereignty of the southern states in forcing them back into the union. Such use of force clearly sets a precedent that no matter how tyrannical the Federal government becomes, no state or individual can leave. The peaceful right to secession should be stated in the constitution, and it should protect the fundamental rights of citizens both ways. In other words, no state could secede by majority rule, unless it continued to allow individuals who wished to remain part of the union to do so, without territorial integrity.

Often the discussion of liberties and limited government turns to the founding of our nation and the comparison of our government today. Skousen wrote:

The American revolution was unique in history, being a revolution of the higher, educated class of people. A much larger percentage of the educated, landed class that has ever existed before or since were well schooled in the English traditions of law and liberty. Very few of the leaders we have in power today have that same allegiance to liberty. A Constitutional convention today would be controlled by those who believe in raw democracy and many forms of socialism.

Constitution 101, Hillsdale College
In conclusion of this portion of Constitution 101 series, I would like to reiterate that citizens of the United States must take it upon themselves, as they have in home-school programs, to educate themselves in constitutional studies like those provided by G. Edward Griffin. His video, Collectivism and Individualism presents a clear-cut view of how our political system has moved so far away from the creative ideology of the founders of the United States.
It is We the People that must make those who operate our government to conform to those principles and solid foundation of constitutional laws. The issues that threaten America today would be resolved more readily and efficiently if those principles were put into practice. 

Progressive Propaganda in Recall Walker Campaign

The nation is watching Wisconsin as the battle between Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin unions continues, meanwhile, other teachers are grabbing their retirements and some leaving because of financial woes in many states dictates a not-so-bright future because of economic failure and government overspending – and most importantly, because of the parasite called unions.
The average union worker pays the union bosses $1,000 a year to keep their jobs, theoretically.

Michael Keegan, President of the progressive-socialist organization called People for the American Way, whose name is a misrepresentation because the American way is the way of the Jeffersonian republic, not the dictates of Marxism. He has written a scathing article (Huffington Post, a premiere socialist media mouthpiece) against Scott Walker, whose recall election will be on June 5th, 2012. He claims that the Koch Brothers, billionaires, are running anti-union TV ads, and of course uses the progressive term: “right-wing”.

Keegan claims that the protestors and TV ads “bash” health care reform (ObamaCare), progressives (socialists), immigrants (only illegal ones), and American Muslims. Odd, I never seen any vote for Walker ads that even mentioned Muslims, much less “bash” them. And it is all for, according to Keegan and his socialist associates, to stand up for the interests of big business; using the same old cliché used by socialists since its creation as a political element.
Few articles have I read that is so filled with socialist propaganda than this one, but then again look at the source: Huffington Post – an Internet media phenomenon that heralds socialism, but refuses to call it what it is, instead calling themselves “progressives”.
Despite the record of getting the budget back on track and reducing Wisconsin state government spending, and much better job than the previous progressive governor: Jim Doyle, who implemented the biggest tax increase in our state’s history at $1 billion – which included raising state fees 38%. I guess these people want Wisconsin to return to those days.
My only beef with Governor Walker is that he did not drop the huge increase in state fees (and licensing) to a more realistic number, especially since he is working well at reducing government spending.
First of all, it is businesses that create and maintain jobs and if the economy goes sour and businesses fail, guess what? You have what we have now a poor economy and uneven (what the progressives backwardly call “unfair”) – where some companies pay less taxes than others through government tax cuts that the Democrats promote for those who are good political contributors. Plain and simple. And, yes, to a degree this is happening within the GOP establishment; however, you will find the most corruption is tied in to the Democrats, from election fraud, union thuggery and politics, to securing votes from undocumented aliens and voters in graveyards.
The major problem, when it comes to unions, is twofold: (1) unions have gained too much power and (2) they have worked their way into government through government employees and corrupt politicians. Unions have helped create economic distress and stress upon the cost of living index – and even have literally put businesses into bankruptcy. In addition, their thug-type attitude and actions against those that use their right of freedom of choice are forced to join unions. Government has done little to stop this parasitic entity.
Governor Scott Walker only told government employees (union members) that they must pay into their retirement fund like the majority of Americans do across the country, and put a muzzle on union thugs and what they call “collective bargaining”.
It is plain and simple racketeering, just like Jesse Jackson’s campaign against businesses in trumped up charges of inequality.
The biggest whiners in the progressive group in Wisconsin are the teachers. They average $40,000 annual salaries with benefits and only have to work nine months. Sweet deal. This, of course, doesn’t mean their job is menial or even easy, it is just that taxpayers are paying for their wages, the administration, and all the infrastructure tied into it – with not enough return. Our educational system is as bankrupt as our nation soon will be. We have been falling behind for decades and no one stops to think that what they have been doing all along, believing that more tax dollars will fix the problem, will fix it. Hello? If what you are doing is causing a problem, isn’t it time to look at a more viable and realistic and different solution?
That will never do for the progressives. And the rest of America has had their fill of it.
That is why Scott Walker was elected. And that is why Wisconsinites are backing him up on June 5thto show the unions and their whining progressive-socialist membership that we have had enough of their thirst for power, money and skullduggery.
You won’t believe the article when your read that Keegan blames Wisconsin’s “shortfall” budget on Walker, when actually it has improved over the previous occupant of the governor’s mansion. Walker knew he had a mess to deal with and dealt with it, as promised. Now Keegan is going to blame him for the economy before he was in office?
Doesn’t this remind you of Obama in several ways?
Keegan is right, however, Americans have the right to associate and form a union; however, they also have the right to not associate and form a union; and unions, a private entity, has no business in government employee matters.
Just as unions have put businesses into bankruptcy and economic stress with their growing wages, so union bosses can collect more dues, so it is with government; except that government just prints more paper money to meet the growing costs that is caused by overpaid employees – meaning they make much more than the comparable job in the private sector WITH benefits that would make you drool.
That is what this is all about.
Union bosses make two or three times what Governor Scott Walker is being paid with taxpayer revenue. And, there isn’t a week that goes by when one reads that at least one union person is up for charges of fraud, et cetera.
Keegan states that unions have become a “scapegoat”. No, Mr. Keegan, the taxpayer is sick of the cost and headache of big government, whether it be state or federal; and they also want to decide without being coerced or threatened into becoming part of a union – taxpayers have the right to say NO to unions because it makes the cost of government too high.
Think of it this way – your taxes are being paid toward government employee wages (and so are they paying taxes, to be fair), and they make more than you do!
Don’t listen to progressive whiners, and especially union thugs. Unions had a great purpose once, but power and money made them corrupt. It is time to set them in their place.
Vote for Scott Walker this June 5th, Wisconsinites.
And as far as “People for the American Way” – let’s look at the names of the leadership/board members:
Alec Baldwin … who said eight days before the impeachment of Bill Clinton:
If we were in another country … we would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families, for what they’re doing to this country
He has been a pain in society’s rear for some time. He’s pompous and has a bad temper. Apparently that is why Kim Basinger divorced him. Baldwin is also a strong supporter of PETA, which is a fanatical animal rights organization who has exterminated more animals than they have saved. Needless to say, Baldwin is a progressive-socialistand supports those that are.
Kathleen Turner … an actress that has played in “hot” roles and a talented actress. She is a donor to the Democratic Party, part of Hollywood’s progressive click, and was one of the first celebrities to endorse John Kerry in his bid for the presidency. Less volatile than Baldwin, but definitely a supporter of progressive-socialism. She was sued by Nicholas Cage for falsely writing in her autobiography that he was arrested twice for DUI and possible stole a Chihuahua. She apologized publicly.
And, of course, the President: Michael B. Keegan, the author of the misinforming piece published by Huffington Post. All in the views of progressive-socialism.
In another article, yes at Huffington Post, Keegan calls “class warfare” imaginary. I guess if you tell lies long enough, you end up believing them yourself. Apparently he hasn’t compared the Democratic Party platform and rules of engagement with the writings of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky (community organizer/mentor of Barack H. Obama, alias Barry Soetoro).
Keep Governor Scott Walker, vote for him on June 5th — progressives hate him because he is doing his job. 

What Affects Wisconsin on June 5th Affects All States of the Union

It must be known to readers by now the request for recall of Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin has passed the required votes and a recall election is scheduled for June 5th, 2012. The recall is based upon the views and complaints of union members that work for the Wisconsin state government, to include the teachers’ union. It is the public employee and teachers’ union that has been instrumental in escalating the matter this far, and is now under national scrutiny, because, if Governor Walker IS recalled, it will show the strength and force that unions have over labor in the private sector as well as the government employment sector. This boils down to the constitutionality of government employees being allowed to have private sector-controlled union entities that meld special interest into the mechanics of government operation and drain the treasuries of government paid for By the People.

As Peter Ferrara wrote at TownHall:
Our Founding Fathers carefully eliminated in American law every special legal privilege of the old aristocracies of Europe. They strongly favored instead equality under the law, later enshrined in the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause, which means not equality of result, but that everyone plays by the same rules. A recall election for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is scheduled for June 5. But on the ballot that day will effectively be whether we should establish in law after all these years a new aristocracy in America, not subject to the democratic will of the people like everyone else, with special legal privileges, including the right to plunder the taxpayers with virtual impunity. That new aristocracy is state and local government public employee unions. Nationwide, these public employee unions plunder taxpayers for pay for state and local government workers that is on average 45% more than the taxpayers paying those salaries make in the private sector. The bill to taxpayers for each of these workers includes an average hourly wage of $26.25, plus another $13.56 in hourly costs for benefits, for total hourly costs of $39.81, or $80,000 per year on average. …the Manhattan Institute’s E.J. McMahon reports that for public school teachers in Milwaukee, the annual cost of family health coverage is $26,844, for which the teachers were paying nothing. State and local government workers today are not exploited in sweat shop conditions for poverty wages as the workers in union lore of old. Today it is taxpayers who are the ones being exploited. Governor Walker offended the public employee union gods now seeking his recall with his state budget reforms enacted early last year. … Walker, based on his experience serving as County Executive for Milwaukee County for 8 years, and in the state legislature for 8 years before that, focused on cutting the growth in state and local government spending instead. That spending restraint included requiring state and local government workers to contribute to their own benefits more like private sector workers. After all the yelling and screaming in Wisconsin, in the end these workers were only required to contribute 5.8% of their salaries towards their pensions, matched by their government employers (taxpayers), and 12.6% of the costs of their health insurance, with the other 87% paid by taxpayers. This compares to private sector workers paying on average 21% of the cost of their company health insurance, with most private sector workers having no pension. The budget reforms also limited collective bargaining to negotiations over salary, but not over benefits or working conditions and rules. This gave counties, cities, and school boards the flexibility to make management changes to reduce costs, without laying off workers and reducing services to the public, and to increase efficiency in serving the public.
The key point in this excellent analysis by Mr. Ferrara is that, as I have advocated all along, that government employees are not the elite of society that they should receive far higher wages than the average compared career field (and that especially includes federal government) and receive benefits without paying a portion of it – like the private sector. This IS Big Government, and that is what constitutional Americans and those advocating the “Tea Party” movement is all about. Therefore, this is not just a crisis that concerns the state of Wisconsin, but instead it is a preview of what could happen all across America – the further strengthening of unions who have infiltrated and taken control of public employment at the expense of taxpayers.
Governor Walker is only implementing what he said he would do when he campaigned for the governorship. Now that it affects those that have sucked up taxpayer funding and kept an attitude of “better than the private sector” – they are not happy, and neither is the power-grabbing unions.

We have seen what unions can do with the right politicians working for them – look at the auto industry bailout and the literal takeover of General Motors by the federal government and United Autoworkers Union. As for results of what Governor Walker has accomplished:

Walker’s collective bargaining reforms have added up to over $1 billion in documented savings for state and local governments in Wisconsin in the first year alone. That enabled the entire state deficit to be eliminated without yet another tax increase, and without layoffs of teachers and other government workers, except in three school districts that have continued to resist implementing the reforms. The reforms have also resulted in the smallest property tax increase in 15 years, and the first decline in local school tax assessments in 6 years. In short, Walker’s reforms are working. The right of collective bargaining for private sector workers is not at issue in Wisconsin, though President Obama and the Democrats want to confuse the public on precisely that question. Under current law, there are plenty of market and legal checks on private sector unions to keep them from abusing the public. The ultimate limit if they push too far is that their company will be driven out of business. Though that does happen sometimes, that is only when management fails to do its job in resisting excessive union demands. Otherwise, within current market and legal checks, private sector unions actually perform a helpful market function in ensuring that employers keep up with market wages and working conditions as expeditiously as possible. Not so for government unions, which are two words that together spell oppression. Federal, state or even local governments cannot be driven out of business. They gain their revenue forcibly through taxes. As a result, there is no market limit to how much such unions can pirate from the public. … Government employees work for democratically elected officials representing the will of the people, not greedy miscreants exploiting them for personal profit. This is another reason why there is no legitimate role for government unions, and there should be no collective bargaining rights for government bureaucrats. The democratically elected Congress or state legislature cannot sit down and bargain with government employee unions as equals. Government employees are subject to the democratically expressed will of the people like everyone else. They are not and should not be treated like aristocrats with special legal privileges, exempt from democratic governance. If government workers feel their pay and working conditions are inadequate or oppressive, they can join the democratic process to elect new representatives like everyone else. Private sector workers, by contrast, cannot elect new employers.

Such fundamental, unworkable problems with government unions used to be commonly understood, which is why even an ultimate liberal like Franklin Roosevelt would not recognize such unions. And that is why strikes by government workers have been commonly prohibited in American history as well. … These are the reasons that federal employees have no legally recognized collective bargaining rights at all. Governor Walker’s reforms would still provide for more collective bargaining for Wisconsin government workers than allowed those so badly oppressed federal workers, whose wages are set by an act of Congress rather than by collective bargaining. … The June 5 Walker recall vote in Wisconsin represents a critical turning point for the entire nation. If the public employee unions prevail in recalling Walker because he dared to challenge their legal privileges and political power, these unions will be entrenched nationwide as the new American aristocracy, which the common serfs are doomed to serve and pay. … Walker faces the might of the national public employee union machine, as well as the national Obama political machine, which sees the public employee unions as the core of its political base. If the American Dream is to remain available to working people, and not just bureaucrat aristocrats, then Scott Walker must survive the recall, and his reforms must remain intact. That means patriots across America must respond to this Paul Revere moment with maximum possible support for the Walker campaign, which can be found on the Internet. Or what was won at Lexington and Concord 237 years ago will be lost in Madison this year.

For Wisconsin voters: This is an important time to show up at the voting polls and decide whether you want unions to control government or We the People. That is the gist of this argument that escalated into a recall election that will cost taxpayer funding as well as their future prosperity. Those selfish government employees and their parasitic unions need to realize and be thankful they have jobs while those in the private sector are beating the streets and checking their newspapers for a chance to be employed. When one looks at the average wage of compared positions within those government jobs, you wonder what the devil they are complaining about. Mr. Ferrara is correct – a new aristocracy has shown its ugly head, and wasn’t that part of the reason why we rebelled against a government across the seas in the 18thcentury?
FDR, Democrat demagogue counterpart to Republican Ronald Reagan, supported unions, but knew full well that unions did not belong in government. Unions have slowly infiltrated its power into government thanks to naive or corrupt politicians.
Vote to keep Scott Walker as governor. He shouldn’t be recalled for doing what was expected, correcting the plunder of the state government of Wisconsin by the previous governor and his sociocrat buddies in the state legislature. Where was a cry for recall when Governor Jim Doyle raised taxes each time he started a term, after saying he wouldn’t, and in the first month of his second tenure, passed the highest tax increase in the history of Wisconsin – $1 billion. The state fees were raised 38% during a time when Wisconsinites, like other Americans, were trying to make ends meet with an economy pushing towards a national/global depression.
Vote on June 5thto retain Governor Scott Walker to continue his policy of reducing Big Government and the cost of keeping it.
Isn’t it time to fix that?
Letting unions and the government employee elite having their way will not change that reality. They say they are for the “little guy” but in reality they use the them for their own agenda.
The nation is watching what we do on June 5th– give in to the unions and selfish public employees or not; and it is significant in the sense that it will be a precedence of future elected officials who actually work at reducing government spending and making life better for We the People.
Wisconsin voters have the right to ask for a recall, assuming it is justified – it is a good process; however, those trying to recall Governor Walker are just the union’s and progressive’s “useful idiots”. It is the same reason why there is not enough Americans yelling about the income tax system – there are too many not paying their fair share of taxes, relying upon others to foot the bill. And the tax rate can be reduced, thereby improving economy, if those in government wouldn’t spend the people’s money like drunken sailors. Politicians know that by making Americans dependent upon their programs, they have control. Too many want to keep that control. This is, in effect, what is happening in Wisconsin and the recall movement.
Unions have outlived its usefulness, and indeed has become a parasite that is devouring individual freedom of choice as well as its parasitic operations that has led to economic ruin. There isn’t a week that goes by that some union official isn’t caught performing unlawful acts. It is and has been a corrupt mechanism that once aided workers into a working life of better conditions and who was originated by socialist and communist organizations and then taken over by elements of the crime syndicate who found a legal means to racketeer and plunder the American economy. In reality, public employees have wages and benefits that those in the private sector would be pleased to have, yet the public employees are always asking for more utilizing the union tactics of what is called collective bargaining. Indeed, the word “collective” versus “individual” is the key word that identifies its socialist/communist origins. It began as a means for the common folk to bargain with the aristocracy and today that bargaining chip has become the aristocracy that the original union concept fought against. A worker has no choice in matters of strikes or even belonging to the union itself through peer pressure and plain, ugly union thug tactics. This must stop in the private sector and unions should not be allowed in the government employee sector, with their wages and benefits directed by the Congress of the United States whose constitutional powers are granted in the Constitution of the United States. Just as the Federal Reserve System should be removed from its seat in power, so must go the unions that feed off taxpayer funding.
The horror to think that government employees must pay into their own health care programs! It is high time that they face reality with the rest of the population. Teachers are an important aspect of a civilized nation — important in its growth and education of youth that will be future leaders, inventors, et cetera; however, they are well compensated in earnings, the basic average of entry level being $40,000 for nine months of work, not twelve; as well as receiving benefits that other citizens would relish. It is because of unions that education (one reason) has been increasingly unaffordable; as well as not getting the quality education expected of that much funding paid by We the People
In another article, I am going to address the long-needed reformation of the American educational system, where reform means that the American people get what they pay for and what they put into the system and at the same time acknowledging the importance of productive teachers that are mentors, that create good students who make productive and educated citizens.
It is important to note: Governor Walker stood by principles of lowering cost of Wisconsin government WITHOUT raising taxes or lay-off of government employees. Those complaining are doing so because they now have to pay into their health care and retirement system like other people do in the private sector — all instigated by the powerful and corrupt unions. 
Unions have bankrupted industry in Wisconsin (and other states), ruined educational system across America, where the student isn’t the priority any longer, and corrupted the political system by funneling vast amount of funding to secure political control. 
Stand up and be counted — vote to keep Governor Walker on June 5th.

Milwaukee (4thPoorest City in America)Journal Sentinel complains about unemployment, created long before Walker took office: Wisconsin Missing Out on U.S. Jobs Gains (forgetting that it is easier to prevent a crisis than fixing it, which the latter takes longer.)
Vote against Big Government – choose Scott Walker on June 5th. (Did you know that CEOs of unions against Walker make twice (or more) as much as the Governor of Wisconsin is paid?)

Poll: Wisconsin Voters Now Oppose Walker Recall By 11-Point Margin

Wisconsin Recall is High-Stakes Bet for Unions (like the Obama takeover-bailout of GM and financial institutions)
The Right to Recall and, in Wisconsin, the Wrong (Viewing the progress of the recall petition – I and others believe the Left cheated, just as they do in elections.)
GOP Foolishly Ignores Recall Battle in Wisconsin (an example of how the GOP establishment is out of touch with reality – look at their poster boy to run against Obama in Election 2012 as an example). Did you ever notice that “liberal” progressives never protest peacefully? Look at the Tea Party rallies and compare.