Obama Speaks Up About Trayvon Martin – And Information Jury Knew Becomes Public

BH Obama released a written statement concerning the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial and it is a statement that reflects that this president is not concerned about a nation divided, if he did he would not have made his “If I had a son” statement. Now he calls for people to accept the verdict, while his DOJ is seeking ways to enact revenge, requested by the racial organization of NAACP [founded by Mary “White” Ovington] …

And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher. But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.

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Reasons For Serious Reformation of the Federal Government

How much scandal, anti-constitutional and anti-United States acts, policies, and agendas does it take for the US Congress and the American citizens to realize that Obama and associates are detrimental to the future of the United States of America? Indeed, considering the past two administrations, how much does it take for the American people to demand that We the People return to control our government as prescribed by the US Constitution and elect individuals who actually believe in the Constitution and respect its limitations of power of the federal government and adherence of state governments to the unionified laws of the Constitution?

Beginning with the most recent:

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State of OUR Union: June 3rd 2013

John Stossel [Gas Myths] A Testament that it is government that is cheating Americans, not oil companiesThe oil business is fiercely competitive. If one company charges a penny too much, other companies steal its business. Apple’s profit margin is about 24 percent. McDonald’s makes 20 percent. Oil companies make half that. Per gallon, Exxon-Mobil makes about 7 cents. Governments, by contrast, grab about 27 cents per gallon. That’s the average gas tax. If anyone takes too much, it’s government. … Almost no one seems to speak up for a true free market in energy, with competition, innovation and unfettered consumer choice. People say regulation is needed to counter industry ‘greed.’ But if anyone’s greedy here, it’s government — and unlike oil companies, government doesn’t have to work hard and compete to give you good service at the lowest possible price. Government just sits there, telling companies to charge less, telling car companies to make smaller and more dangerous cars, mandating and subsidizing alternative fuels like ethanol — and then telling us that we benefit from the politicians’ efforts. The truth: We rarely benefit.

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Michelle Malkin Memorial to Andrew Breitbart and Lauds Citizen Journalism

Michelle Malkin, long a “blogger” – a part of the “New” Media. She gave a speech at the Americans for Prosperity convention at Las Vegas in conjunction with RightOnline.
As demonstrated in this speech, the thing I like best about Ms. Malkin is that she will stand up against RINOs just as quickly as putting down democratic-socialists when it comes to constitutionality and ethical behavior in our government. Her emotions are real when she speaks of the late Andrew Breitbart and a courageous Russian woman who stood up against the tyranny of the Soviet Union and ended up in a government-controlled mental institution for truth in information to the Russian people. Here is the Malkin video YouTube release:

Sorting Through Myths and People in Glass Houses

The Internet is a great place for information and knowledge; however, it has its share of information with no viable sources (which means it becomes an opinion that is not factual) and just plain made-up-stuff to get the dander up on readers who don’t check it out. Chain email is another problem of spreading myths and flat-out lies.
What is happening is that some “conservatives” are becoming as moon-batty (check out Moonbatteryfor use of this term) as Michael Moore and his Hollywood supporters.

When I state that society in America must reform itself in order to reform the government, an example would be the communist movement in the United States, who, by the way, supports Barack Hussein Obama.

The people in the group pictured above don’t realize, along with the residents of Hollyweird who take the side of Islamic Fascism, is that IF America did become communist, the state would never allow someone like the person pictured below to be in public or if America fell under Sharia Law, the same person and persons in both photos would find themselves with NO freedom. …
Myths are circulating about concerning election fraud, some of it based upon truth and some not. Michele Malkin provides some facts:
FACT: Scytl is a Spain-based business that specializes in “electoral security technology” and electronic voting applications. Its cryptographic research initially was funded by the Spanish government’s Ministry of Science and Technology and later was spun off as a private-sector e-voting venture.
FACT: In January 2012, Scytl acquired U.S.-based SOE Software. SOE writes “election management” programs that assist officials with everything from “Internet voting to election night reporting and online poll worker training.”
And also provides fiction:
FICTION: According to alarmists, Scytl’s acquisition of SOE amounts to a complete takeover of America’s election system. No, not really. While SOE boasts of a presence “with 900 jurisdictions as customers in 26 states,” there is no single contract that the federal government has entered into, or could, with Scytl to count the 2012 presidential election votes. Much of the work Scytl/SOE analysts do is number-crunching and graphics software work after local and state officials have done the vote-counting.
And, the following fact is why I don’t use the computerized version of the voting polling machine and still use paper ballots:
FACT: The security risks of e-voting are still a legitimate concern. University of California at Berkeley computer science professor David Wagner wrote a critical report for the Pentagon about the privacy and accuracy shortcomings of Scytl’s military voting program in 2004 — which prompted the feds to cancel the initial program, according to PBS.
The danger of a computerized voting system is just too critical with the chance of cheating.
It is untrue that George Soros owns Scytl. There I have said it, so there won’t be a Myth Blaster article on this one – it is circulating about in the chain email I mentioned previously.
However, Soros is highly involved and has been involved in the presidency of one Barack H. Obama, alias Barry Soetoro. He has been behind, in terms of donations, to infamous organizations like ACORN(remember this scandal if you think of voting for Obama in 2012), Democratic super-PAC ($1 million) and the GOTV operation. All of which Huffington Post always denies. Truth has and will prevail.
And for the final Malkin fact:
FACT: Over the past five months, investigative journalist James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas team have exposed systemic lapses at precincts in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Vermont and Washington, D.C. The ballots of famous public figures have been forked over to complete strangers; disenfranchisement of legitimate voters is routine. While Minnesota and New Hampshire legislators have passed new voter integrity/identification laws, O’Keefe now has been targeted for investigation and possible prosecution for blowing the whistle. And Attorney General Eric Holder is striking his usual see-no-evil, shoot-the-messenger, play-the-race-card pose.
The solution to all this is to vote smart, support election integrity folks like O’Keefe and oust criminal elements from Washington and state governments.
And speaking of racial concerns, race-baiting, specifically; Chris Matthews is at it again calling the GOP chairman, Michael Steele, the Grand Wizard and his followers the “grand wizard crowd” on his MSNBC show. By the way, Michael Steele is black. Grand Wizard meaning the terminology of KKK leadership. Looking again at historical fact – members of the Democrat Party have been members of the KKK – not Republican; and it was Democrats who had a candidate for pro-slavery against the debate with Lincoln in the Douglas-Lincoln Debate. It was the Democrat Party that maintained racism in the southern states of America. It was a Republican president that not only freed the slaves, but instituted the groundwork to make slavery illegal in the United States. Yet, until recently, American black people have primarily supported the Democrat Party. That number has declined because more blacks are educated and are middle-class citizens who have realized the race-baiting, shell game played by the Democrat Party.

Chris Matthews is by no means unique among NBC’s race-baiters. After NBC was caught red-handed doctoring George Zimmerman’s 911 call to a police dispatcher, in an effort to make him out to be a racist, Steve Capus, president of NBC’s news division, said it was “a mistake and not a deliberate act to misrepresent the phone call.” That’s a baldfaced lie, for it’s almost impossible to make such a mistake. Furthermore, the producer who allegedly was fired remains a secret. When Texas Gov. Rick Perry referred to our national debt as a “big black cloud that hangs over America, (a) debt that is so monstrous,” MSNBC’s Ed Schultz said, “That black cloud Perry is talking about is President Barack Obama.” Matthews chimed in to say that Perry’s vision of federalism is “Bull Connor with a smile.” … While appearing on MSNBC, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter referred to Trayvon Martin’s death as an “assassination.” Nutter had better worry about the 118 “assassinations” in Philadelphia so far this year. To their own detriment — and that of the nation — black people are being used to further the liberal big-government agenda. Black people have been misled to think that their problems are with white people and government and that black politicians are the solution. There’s not a speck of evidence supporting either vision — despite the election of a white African as president.

The Democrats, Progressives, Sociocrats or whatever are the ones who are actually racist – because they use ethnic groups for their own political gain, fodder, and propaganda.
And the political cartoon by Henry Payne is great, depicting Hillary Clinton’s decision to throw a blind dissident to the Chinese communist wolves:
Of course, moon-batty folks can be found on both sides of the political fence, but they are more outrageous and outlandish when it comes down too facts. More often than not, those criticisms and accusations made by the political left, the progressive-socialists, they have committed themselves or worse. We have to select our sources carefully on the Internet, and even at this location, I expect readers to check me out. That is the way it should be. Not like Huffington Post always taking one side, right/wrong or not factual.
The old saying goes: “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks” – Democrats are in a completely glass house.