Curing the Health Care Crisis the Republican Way?

Obamacare worksIf I had all the money I funneled into healthcare insurance policies and never used it – I would have enough to pay for anything that may happen; in-patient or out-patient with some left over for retirement supplement.


Because those in government would not have access to it.

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Issues That Concern US Foreign Policy and Why It Needs Fixed

In the GOP New Hampshire debate on January 8th, 2012, Rick Santorum stated:

As commander-in-chief, Rep. Paul can pull all our troops back of overseas, put them here in America, leave us in a situation where the world is now going to be created huge amounts of vacuums all over the place, and have folks like China and Iran and others. Look at the Straits of Hormuz. As I said last night, we wouldn’t even have the Fifth Fleet there.

Ron Paul replied:

We’re still running a foreign policy of Woodrow Wilson, trying to make the world safe for democracy. And, look, we have elections overseas, and we don’t even accept the elections. Change in foreign policy is significant. But that’s where a nation will come down if they keep doing this. We can’t stay in 130 countries, get involved in nation building. We cannot have 900 bases overseas. We have to change policy.

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Democratic-Socialists: Spending and Increasing Taxes For a Better Economy

In October 2013, the Heritage Foundation, a think-tank organization, stated that President Obama (do not leave Congress off the hook) raise taxes to the tune of $3 trillion.

It must be kicking in because my Internet company just added $2 increase in federal/state taxes amount over what I paid last month. Rates on many things go up, while people are still out of work, or have reduced hours, and most can’t make enough to match the rising costs. And this is before the Obamacare system fully kicks in.

Joe Biden, the moron vice president who makes moronic statements (which the corporate Democrat-Socialist controlled media blew off) as the likes of Nancy Pelosi, who one time caught in an open mic describing the signing of the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (March 23rd, 2010): This is a big fucking deal. Yeah, like FDR’s New Deal and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Joe Biden is what Dan Quayle was to Republicans in political history. Here is a Joe Biden classic about government overspending:

There will be a huge increase in murders and rapes if the federal government doesn’t spend more money to help the economy.

Obviously, Biden is well-tuned in using the Marxist-Socialist tool: fear to get followers and party-loyalists.

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Are Congressional Members Finally Going to Enforce Rule of Law?

The GOP is exploring the potential options that would allow Congress to file civil or criminal charges against members of the Obama administration and even President Barack Obama himself.

How many times have we heard this announcement with no results?

Rep. Tom Marino [R-PA] stated in a radio interview that the president continues to show a disregard for the law. He also argued Attorney General Eric Holder is never going to hold the Obama administration accountable.

So much for check-and-balance system as well as federal accountability and congressional over-watch.

Sarah Wolf was quoted saying that – Marino is looking to investigate, identify and prosecute people within the administration, up to and including the president if it comes to that.

Additional source: Huffington Post.

ALSO: (1) Obama job approval is resting at 45% [lower than Bush in second term] and expected to slip lower. (2) Gang of Eight Bill has hidden components: Gives Corporations Amnesty


Blue Slipping and Constititional Powers

The Senate immigration-amnesty bill has not been sent to the House, the theory is that Senator Harry Reid knows it is unconstitutional because all bills pertaining to revenue must originate in the House. Hmm …

Beginning in 2012, this issue was brought up regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare] bill that passed Congress – which originated in the Senate; yet the Supreme Court only questioned the part of the IRS imposing a tax for those that did not comply; which is a direct tax, which is unconstitutional, which means the income tax system being a direct tax forced out of the wages [stolen] and salaries of Americans is also unconstitutional.

This whole scenario is an example of how Supreme Court justices pick and choose and alternate their “interpretation” of constitutional law – and part of the reason of the growth of big government and corruption within our federal system.

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Is Rush Limbaugh Finally Awakening with Other Americans?

july-4th_animatedI write about Americans awakening to see that the problem with OUR government is not just one political party/entity and our duty to let other Americans see for themselves what is truly happening.

Rush Limbaugh in the past constantly was on the prowl against Democrat Party member wrongdoing, and rightly so; however, he did not address the problems with GW Bush and GOP members on Capitol Hill. Well, maybe Limbaugh is one that has awakened in his latest commentary.

Greg Richter freelance writer at NewsMax wrote on July 3rd:

The Republican Party made a huge mistake not embracing the tea party in 2010, and it cost them in 2012, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday. But Limbaugh predicts another huge tea party turnout in the 2014 midterm elections. The reason: There’s no single candidate on the ballot to take them sit home – and the things that angered them in 2010 have gotten worse.

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Nation Divided: 150th Anniversary of Battle of Gettsyburg and 237th Anniversary of Independence Day

General Meade (left) and General Lee

One hundred and fifty years ago, the Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the American Civil War, sometimes referred to as the “War Between the States” in July of 1863. It lasted three days and 50,000 casualties [killed, wounded, or missing] littered the Pennsylvania countryside, now a national park, wearing the Blue or Grey uniform that marked the Union and Confederate troops. Of the 3,900 buried there, about 25% of the dead were unknown.

General Robert E. Lee had planned to win the battle to force the North to give up the war who had just defeated the Union army at the Battle of Chancellorsville in the months between May and June of 1863. It was a victory over a larger force, but it was also a tragedy because he lost his best officer, General Stonewall Jackson who was accidentally fired upon by his own troops and died of pneumonia, weakened by his wounds. The initial goal was to acquire badly needed supplies from the rich farming districts of Pennsylvania; but the goal was to send the Union forces into retreat and force peace through threats of invading the Northern states. Thus, the Battle of Gettysburg marked the bloodiest battle of the war and a decisive moment in the war between the states.

On the first day of battle, General Lee had been ill and some of his subordinates were new and inexperienced. Lee’s valued cavalry officer, J.E.B. Stuart, provided a fast-moving and flanking force; helping the Confederates to control the battlefield on that first day. However, General Ewell had not secured a key piece of terrain, so on the second day the Confederates were unable to break the Union position, which also strengthened the Union’s hold.

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A Republic For Which It Stands …

SellingOnline_v2It is no wonder why people get confused or frustrated with politics. There is the myriad of descriptive words to wade through, but it does not have to be so complicated nor does one need a degree in political science to understand the founding principles of the subject.

Those who find politics boring may be correct; however what people view as politics with varying views fail to realize that those who are practicing it are legislating their freedom and liberty away as they live out their daily lives. It is what the average politician today hopes for. It is time to change that perception and get more Americans involved with what could change their lives not for the better, as Big Government advocates would have us believe.

We often hear the terms “Left” and “Right” and are told that on one extreme of the political left there is socialism and communism, and in the extreme right Nazism and Racism. It is a misconception, but let’s look at if from the simple spectrum of reality.

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State of Our Union: June 9th 2013

  • The US spends at least $80 billion a year on intelligence operations and yet federal leadership insists that we do not secure our southern borders and continue to allow illegal aliens to enter and remain in the United States with no background check. American citizens are spied upon by leadership who is not required any background check in order to campaign for public office in federal government, mistakenly relying upon the media to objectively investigate the background of candidates. BH Obama is a prime example that limitations provided by the Constitution must be adhered to, as well as a complete background check of ALL candidates for public office be conducted as part of the candidates application.

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Feds Need to Focus Upon Important, Threatening Issues

The people we elected, or rather were elected, have a job to do, and one of them is not getting entangled in same-sex marriage issues. We have a myriad of problems that are endangering not only our way of life, but most likely the very existence of our nation and the world too many have come to take for granted.

Marriage laws are initiated, enacted, and enforced at state government levels. The reason is: it is not within the enumerated powers limited to the federal government. Anything that does not concern federal government should be delegated to state governments and, in turn, delegated to county from the state as necessary.

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