Alert: Attempt to Frame Liberty Activists via Child Porn

The IRS scandal investigations is about using government authority to intimidate liberty activists and conservative non-profit groups. There is another dastardly deed playing out against liberty activists being accomplished via email, as relayed to me by Oath Keepers.

Luke Rudkowski, Founder of We Are Change received an email designed to trick him into opening attached jpeg files containing child pornography. The following video shows how he might make enemies by asking important questions about the Bildenburg Group who Alex Jones [Infowars and Prison Planet] has commended for behind the scenes reporting concerning issues like how the Federal Reserve has and is destroying our nation economically.

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Michelle Malkin Memorial to Andrew Breitbart and Lauds Citizen Journalism

Michelle Malkin, long a “blogger” – a part of the “New” Media. She gave a speech at the Americans for Prosperity convention at Las Vegas in conjunction with RightOnline.
As demonstrated in this speech, the thing I like best about Ms. Malkin is that she will stand up against RINOs just as quickly as putting down democratic-socialists when it comes to constitutionality and ethical behavior in our government. Her emotions are real when she speaks of the late Andrew Breitbart and a courageous Russian woman who stood up against the tyranny of the Soviet Union and ended up in a government-controlled mental institution for truth in information to the Russian people. Here is the Malkin video YouTube release:

Sarah Palin Praises Bloggers, Tea Party and Wisconsin Voters

Sarah Palin – Tea Party Conservative

Sarah Palin is keynote speaker at Americans for Prosperity and lauds bloggers, Tea Party movement members, and Wisconsin voters who stood up to Big Government politicians and union thugs in the Recall Election recently held and won by Governor Scott Walker.
Of course, the whining political left immediately claimed that is was “big money” that won the recall election – totally ignoring the huge amounts of cash funneled from unions across the United States in order to achieve their victory in Wisconsin.
Those complaining were also short-changing the perseverance of Wisconsin voters in their stance for what is right, as well as giving a message to the unions that our government will not be held ransom by their tactics and parasitic organizations. Indeed, it was revealed that many union members and former union members had voted to retain Governor Scott Walker, as the victory in the last election showed they wanted him to remain as governor to continue work at reformation and improving the economy of Wisconsin.
The following is the YouTube video release of Sarah Palin and her speech as keynote speaker at the recent convention:

The Success of Wikipedia: A Review by a Blogger, Citizen Journalist

Songbird [Elle Rayne, Avatar below from Valdosta, Georgia] is an anthropologist, theatre geek, book lover, film buff, and a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan – she also wrote about The Glory of Wikipedia, May 11th 2008 …

ElleRayne I just came across Nicholson Baker’s fascinating review of Wikipedia: The Missing Manual by John Broughton. I was amazed by how charmingly Baker wrote about the (in)famous Internet encyclopedia, and quite nicely reflected my own thoughts:
“At the bottom of a short article about something, it would say. ‘This article about X is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.’ …

Indeed! I have edited Wikipedia many times myself, though never for ill or selfish purposes. …I have too much affection for the truth. I have been challenged for my lack of credentials even on my Newsvine articles; nothing on the Web is safe from those who believe that those with a doctorate and numerous published articles have knowledge that trumps the knowledge of the “little folk” who, thanks to the Internet, finally had a voice. Baker’s article explores the psychological appeal of Wikipedia, which he credits with its success, along with its early adoption of material from the 1911 Britannica (who knew?).
Admittedly, I never considered Wikipedia’s glorious success as the product of simple altruism, vigilance, and vigilantes; I was familiar with the cornerstone philosophy of Web 2.0, the “wisdom of crowds,” and accepted that it generally worked, with or without so-called “experts” input … Wikipedia’s glory is largely due to the glory of Wikipedia editing and the delight in exploring. Just like the inherited wiki itself, the success of Wikipedia brings the delight of editing round again, to the place it began.

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