Thomas Sowell and His Random Thinking Makes More Sense Than Contemplaters of Progressive Thought

ConstitutionParty-1Thomas Sowell wrote in one of my favorite styles in his article, the style of Random Thoughts on a passing scene, February 11th 2014 – here is some highlights of that recent article:


  • I am so old that I can remember when sex was private. “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” applied to everybody.
  • It is fascinating to see academics full of indignation over the “exploitation” of low-wage workers by multinational corporations in Third World countries, when it is common on their own academic campuses to have young men get paid nothing at all for risking their health, and sometimes their lives, playing football that brings in millions of dollars to the college and often get coaches paid higher salaries than the president of the college or university.

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Reflections Upon the State of OUR Union

Anyone who wishes for armed conflict or war is either fooling themselves or a liar – or both.

Alex Jones is a patriot and a constitutionalist, who has been on the band wagon to wake people up to where the United States is heading. He often loses it concerning the outrageous acts of federal [and some state] government, or rather those who have been elected to operate on our behalf as ‘We the People’.

Constitutionalists like Bill Whittle and Glenn Beck converse in a more calmer state, but I believe they may get the message across [and warnings to Americans] than someone who loses their temper – not that Mr. Jones does not truly believe that We the People must insist upon reformation and the return of what government is and represents as created by the Founders. Of course, Mr. Jones’ confrontation with authorities, acting as a media form, has a right to be angry at the establishment created by apathetic citizens allowing political prostitutes to run their government.

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More Information About Zimmerman Case and More Senseless Repercussions

Here is some information that could not be released until the Zimmerman trial was over – and the media has ignored from the beginning. They were so busy trying to make Zimmerman appear as a racist and Martin a victim of racism that they did not bother to get any objective details. Check out:

What Obama Can Learn from a Legal Intern by Keith Koffler

Photo of George Zimmerman’s Black Great Grandfather at CF News-13. Remember, the media did not talk much about Zimmerman’s Peruvian mother.

And the racial lynch mob does not accept the verdict, as Bruce Thornton explains at FrontPage Mag entitled Race-Industry Leeches.

And, rightfully so, NBC is being sued by Zimmerman for editing 911 Call and should sue the media [CNN] for displaying his social security number during a trial broadcast.

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Reflections: Playing ‘Devil’s Advocate” Concerning George Zimmerman

Looking at an alternate view concerning George Zimmerman, questions that the prosecution did not ask or information not used – playing the “devil’s advocate”, so to speak …

Orlando Sentinel:

George is a Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends.

His mother is Peruvian-American, and George grew up in Manassas, Virginia, where neighbors describe the Zimmerman’s as very religious – George was an altar boy and evening receptionist at the family’s parish, All Saints Catholic Church. The Zimmerman children attended Catholic school through the eighth grade, then public high school. The family moved to Florida about a decade ago. George married Shellie Nicole Dean, a cosmetologist, in 2007.

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James Holmes’ Lawyers Plead Not-Guilty Due to Insanity while Zimmerman Trial Approaches End

[AP/Yahoo] – James Holmes in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting trial pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. To me, accepting a plea of insanity is itself insane, making as much sense as charging a person who commits a violent act under a ‘hate crime’ law. One does not commit violence against another because they ‘like’ them. Degrees of homicide has been established because of varying circumstances of intent, as well as manslaughter for those who inadvertently because of careless actions cause the death of someone; but to plea insanity to escape death penalty or some leniency of the court is ridiculous.

Why should taxpayers fund the cost of keeping a person around for life in prison when a dog can be sentenced to death just for injury of a person by biting?

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From My Desk: An Easter Message

ESJS_027Tomorrow is Good Friday, a very special day for Christianity, a prelude before Easter Day that commemorates the victory of Jesus Christ against death. It is a tradition for Christians to attend mass and churches to remember what the founder of Christianity represents and the covenant with God.

Adore God. Reverence and cherish your parents. Love your neighbor as yourself, and your country more than yourself. Be just. Be true. Murmur not at the ways of Providence.
Thomas Jefferson

Those who are not Christians use the day to gather with family for a traditional feast enjoying the unity of the family nucleus, an entity that has slowly disintegrated in the society of the United States.

In a speech given by Ronald Reagan in the following video, he stated:

I have said that we must be cautious claiming that God is on our side. I think the real question we must answer is: Are we on His side?


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Reflections on Martin Luther King Day

Today is Martin Luther King Day, set aside for the man who spearheaded the Civil Rights movement, trying to make change through peaceful means, for violence only breeds violence. He was the founder of a revolution, but it was of words and pen and example that won the day, not ammunition and weapons. It coincides with the inauguration of the second term of Barack Hussein Obama, the first African American President of the United States. That is where comparison of achievement ends. BH Obama could not hold a candle to Dr. King.

As Frice at Human Events wrote in 2006, wrote of the Republican Party and civil rights:

… From its founding in 1854 as the anti-slavery party until today, the Republican Party has championed freedom and civil rights for blacks. And as one pundit so succinctly stated, the Democrat Party is as it always has been, the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism. It was the Democrats who fought to keep blacks in slavery and passed the discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws. The Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan to lynch and terrorize blacks.
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Reflections: Political Reality

Whether we wish to accept it as reality and deal with it, or leave it to the endeavor of others, politics affects each of our lives in some form or fashion. To think that politics is too distasteful or boring (like some view history) is to not exercise or provide the opportunity to participate in a cherished liberty. There living elsewhere who wish they had that liberty.
The truth is that by having an attitude, as aforementioned, you are putting actions and events of your life in the hands of others – fellow citizens as well as politicians, who are more concerned with what affects them and/or the zeal for advantages of power. I feel that Americans have fallen into a state of apathetic coma since the assassination of JFK, when we began to realize that Dorothy was not in Kansas any longer.
Not everything is set in stone, black in white. Some things fall into the gray areas, despite what the political establishment wants you to believe.
Dwelling on the past is not healthy or helpful in dealing with the present. Yet sometimes we must look back to see where we are heading, reflect what brought us to the present.
In that respect, one can see the importance of historical knowledge, what was successful before can continue to be successful. The gist of the major issues and problems today are because we have fallen away from solid and wise values, common sense, and constitutional law.
The Constitution of the United States and its amendments, written in clear and concise articles, applied no matter how civilization may progress in terms of technological advances and increased knowledge not known in the past. It provides wisdom and foresight in dealing with the present and the future.
Tyrants cannot be successful if a society does not allow their foothold. The Founders were correct in that if a society’s values (and morals) degrade, so does the republic degrade and fall into ruin.
We were a model of how a republic should be.
It is time to return to that state of mind – from coast to coast, border to border and into the hearts of every American citizen and those who wish to be. Values, morals, and common sense, never to perceive as “old school” – the Golden Rule not be outdated; for when it does, society is only fooling itself and falling into the grip of selfishness and susceptible to tyranny.

Passing Thoughts: July 21st 2012

  • How can it be racial profiling when the illegal immigrants are the majority violators of crossing our borders without permission or invitation or without a visitation visa? The majority of Hispanic illegal immigrants are from Mexico – fact. Sheriff Joe in Arizona is being attacked for enforcing the rule of law, something the federal government hasn’t done in decades. The federal government’s interference with sheriffs who uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law are united as a sheriff’s posse across America and invites citizens to join in the effort to teach and enlighten Americans in the studies of the Constitution and its amendments.

  • Is it racially motivated if a minority commits a crime and justice is demanded?
  • Why are clandestine subversive Islamic training camps, reportedly numbering 35 across America still in operation since 2004? Survival and Minute Men type paramilitary groups that have been established in preparation of a possible foreign or domestic attacks have been harassed and interrupted, but when it comes to Islamic guerrilla training on US soil, no action has been taken. Local law enforcement state that citizens of America are operating the compounds within their rights. Local citizens are concerned and have reported a substantial amount of gunfire and explosions coming from the privately owned paramilitary compounds and videos have been taken of their training events that include car jacking and other violent activities that are recognized as terrorist/subversive training operations.
Racism has had its share on the American scene, but today, the cry of racism is heard when people get caught disobeying the law or committing transgressions against ethical behavior.
Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar told Newsmaxthat he would support a lawsuit blocking the Obama administration from initiating its plan to grant amnesty to certain children of illegal immigrants. He stated:

You know this is an overreach by the president in regards to the privileges of Congress and Congress only.

Iowa Rep. Steve King has said he would sue the White House to block the immigration plan which affects illegal immigrant children who came to the United States before their 16th birthday. The executive order on June 15th was part of the DREAM Act that did not pass Congress – popular among Hispanics who have lived here illegally and subversive/racial groups like La Raza.