Spring Planting 2013

Spring_April-2-2013_02As I demonstrate with the photo image [shot in morning of April 2nd 2013] I took with my camera left of this paragraph – “global warming” is total nonsense. Since the revelation through email from the leading organization behind this hoax, junk scientists blackballing fellow scientists who have demonstrated that global warming is not doomsday as the media so gleefully and diligently proclaimed – and Al Gore made millions off, plus an Oscar and a Nobel Prize. After the revelation from those emails between scientists were published, the progressives and others have changed “global warming” into another term – “climate change”.
Al Gore certainly deserves retribution for his charade.

Maggie, over at Maggie’s Notebook just posted something that may finally force junk scientists and the corporate media to fess up. Weather Channel founder who has been against the global warming hoax from the beginning, has found 30,000 scientists worldwide who will testify and sign a petition in an intended lawsuit against Al Gore for using the media misinformation and manipulation to make himself millions along with his globalist partners. Personally I would like some global warming where temperatures were above the high 30s/42[day] and 20s [night] on April 1st; enabling me to plant earlier than Memorial Day weekend. [May]

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The Wonderful Tomato Plant

Beefsteak Tomatoes
This article is about tomatoes, something I grow in several
varieties and my wife prepares for storage by canning to have over the winter
You may know that the tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable;
considered a vegetable used in salads, sliced for sandwiches, and used to make
sauce for pasta dishes – thanks to the Italians and the Chinese. The Italians
developed wonderful sauces, once they discovered the use of tomatoes, to go along with the Chinese invention of noodles
back when Marco Polo was exploring
and obtaining cultural knowledge from the east, particularly China. The
Italians not only developed sauces to go with those noodles, but made a variety
of shapes and sizes from the pasta dough that we can find in grocery stores

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Spring Perennial Bulb Plants

Spring planting has been initiated here at the Peninsula, culminating traditionally Memorial Day weekend and a plant sale at the local agricultural center as well as nurseries around the county.

Suggested spring/fall bulb planting for perennials follows with description of plants I suggest. This list is perennials that bloom early spring to early summer. Hardiness Zone for these plants is 5 to 9. Zone 4 if you plant deep enough and mulch heavily in fall to protect bulbs from deep freeze. I always cut back the leaves in fall to a 3-5 inches above ground.

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Growing Bamboo on the Peninsula

Atlanta Zoo Panda

When I lived in Georgia, I grew the bamboo plant. The Atlanta Zoo had pandas to view for a short time, loaning them from China. Bamboo green shoots are the main food source for Panda in the wild.
Bamboo is grown all over the world, spread from Asia, where in China the bamboo plant was used for making papyrus-type parchment paper and the shoots were cut and sharpened to make pens dipped in ink for writing – as long ago as 7,000 years. Bamboo is used for many things – furniture, flutes, and garden stakes – and even home building.

Bamboo is a perennial evergreen plant whose biologic family is Poaceae, the true grass species. Its subfamily name of Bambusoideae comes from the word describing the plant given ages ago. No other plant grows as quickly as the bamboo, in some species, it has been recorded to grow 39 inches in a 24-hour period. If you plant bamboo in the spring, by June they will be full grown.
Bamboo is not only used as building material, in South Asia, South East Asia, and East Asia, but it is also an important food source for the young green shoots are eaten as vegetables – often used in oriental salads and other vegetable dishes.