Curing the Health Care Crisis the Republican Way?

Obamacare worksIf I had all the money I funneled into healthcare insurance policies and never used it – I would have enough to pay for anything that may happen; in-patient or out-patient with some left over for retirement supplement.


Because those in government would not have access to it.

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Democrat States It’s Getting Harder to Support Affordable Care Act

Ron Fournier, Obama supporter finds it harder to defend the Affordable Care Act …

Obamacare worksIt’s getting difficult and slinking toward impossible to defend the Affordable Care Act. The latest blow to Democratic candidates, liberal activists, and naïve columnists like me came Monday from the White House, which announced yet another delay in the Obamacare implementation. For the second time in a year, certain businesses were given more time before being forced to offer health insurance to most of their full-time workers. Employers with 50 to 99 workers were given until 2016 to comply, two years longer than required by law. During a yearlong grace period, larger companies will be required to insure fewer employees than spelled out in the law. …. Defending the ACA became painfully harder when online insurance markets were launched from a multi-million-dollar website that didn’t work, when autopsies on the administration’s actions revealed an epidemic of incompetence that began in the Oval Office and ended with no accountability. Then officials started fudging numbers and massaging facts to promote implementation, nothing illegal or even extraordinary for this era of spin. But they did more damage to the credibility of ACA advocates. Finally, there are the ACA rule changes—at least a dozen major adjustments, without congressional approval.

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Hidden Tax Added to Obamacare for 2014

Remember when Obama and co-socialists in Congress promised there would be no increase in taxes concerning Obamacare, and responsible/logical people wondered how it was going to be paid for? I know it is hard to keep track of all the Obama/Democrat/RINO broken promises, but this one will kick in on January 1st 2014. I hope you are keeping track of your representatives and senators who seek reelection – allowing the Affordable Health Care Act to pass in the first place and instead of budgeting spending, they raised the ceiling on spending that is already a mile high. It is expected, according to the following video to be a hidden tax raise of $100/year. This does not include their intended use of the IRS Gestapo in administering fines and other fees.

[Click to enlarge] - Source: Pinterest

[Click to enlarge] – Source: Pinterest

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Even The Uninsured Dislike Obamacare

The Affordable Health Care Act, alias “Obamacare”, spearheaded by Alinsky-Marxist Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetro; was supposed to help Americans to be able to afford health care insurance [and health care itself]. Insurance companies now charge more, if you can find a provider, and still only pay 80% of your hospital bill, or less depending upon what premium you could afford.

According to the New York Times, alias the Obama media outlet, in a recent poll states that even the uninsured hate Obamacare – more than the insured do.

Fifty-three percent of the uninsured disapprove of the law, the poll found, compared with 51 percent of those who have health coverage. A third of the uninsured say the law will help them personally, but about the same number think it will hurt them, with cost a leading concern.

As Keith Koffler points out at White House Dossier:

Someone’s going to have to pay for all these wondrous benefits. All the Free Gifts Obama is handing out. Even Santa’s elves have to put food on the table for their families. Obama Claus’s presents come with a price. The liberal intellectuals roaming the corridors of the West Wing actually do believe in Santa Claus. They think they can drop down the chimney and provide something for nothing, and if a bill somehow happens to come due, they can convince Beijing to cover it. … Once Obamacare is finished with the medical profession and the economy, even the uninsured will be worse off than before.

Obama Plays Golf While Government Shuts Down

President Obama has shutdown executive branch services, but not the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base. To show how the commander-in-chief takes care of the troops that he expects to face dangers in his continued involvement in Middle East problems, the grocery store [PX] on that base is closed due to government shutdown. Service members and their families must shop off post and pay more for their groceries.

This president punishes others when he does not get his way, as congressional members, specifically in the Senate continue to support his outrageous spending, incompetent foreign policies, and continue a law that should never have passed – Obamacare. The federal government does not listen to the People because they are not capable of controlling their own lives. More people would have health insurance, paid for by employers if there wasn’t any income tax system, replaced by FairTax [ending the reign of the IRS] or even a flat tax [not more than 10% and no progressive tax]. Obamacare is going to force to let a percentage of their employees go and may even put businesses [small businesses] out of business, as well as increase the cost of health care and health care insurance. How does this help?

The people did not want [majority] Obamacare anyway. Senator Ted Cruz wants to make changes to the bill, but it is best to ditch it and never allow it to return.

The economy would be better off if: (1) Income tax system is replaced, (2) Obamacare legislation repealed, and (3) a bill/amendment passed that ensures a balanced budget occurs fiscally and reduces spending, especially overseas.

And the Insanity Continues: June 2013

Today I have a listing of general news and events …

hand_point2  The Obamacare System is Collapsing – Floyd Brown … it’s collapsing before it can be implemented. … It’s so complex and byzantine that the government is struggling to implement the law. … The full implementation of Obamacare is supposed to happen January 1, 2014. But how are the 45 million uninsured Americans supposed to sign up if there isn’t a place to sign up? … Health insurance rates are doubling, tripling and even quadrupling. [no source given] Aetna has announced that it’s pulling the plug on California. … Opponents of Obamacare don’t have much courage. If they did, Obamacare would already be gone. … The best plan of action is not to aid Obama and try to fix it piecemeal. Allow it to fail in full view so voters become committed to total repeal.

hand_point2  Supreme Court Ruling You Didn’t Hear About – Marty Biancuzzo: In Houston, Texas, a citizen was not read his Miranda rights and the court used the Fifth Amendment rights against him. The US Supreme Court ruled against the defendant, Mr. Salinas; who went to the police station voluntarily when officers asked to speak to him. The Supreme Court ruled that Salina’s silence could be used against him because of one key factor: When police ask potentially damaging questions, merely keeping your mouth shut is not the same as invoking your right to remain silent. According to the Supreme Court if you speak any words when being questioned, you lose your Fifth Amendment rights. Is it not despicable that the justices in our Supreme Court knows less than the common citizen? It is not that they do not know the Bill of Rights, they pick and choose what they want to pay attention to, like the other two branches of government.

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Keeping An Eye Upon the Enemies of the Republic – A Full-Time Job

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedObamaCare [Affordable Care Act] – a program that was originally initiated by Hillary Clinton and became obsession with BH Obama in his first term was supposed to be not one dime to the deficit or even more fantastic only cost the “rich” in terms of taxation, et cetera is now a train wreck according to Senator Harry Reid. Typical of the democratic-socialist party, Reid, Obama and associates see problems as the behemoth social program is costing far more than they told the American people, and with hidden aspects that will hurt everyone – blames it on the Republicans who did not vote for the law. Obama promised to protect the Middle Class from over taxation, but he lied about that also as we can see real world results.

If a consensus or referendum vote were taken across America, it would not have passed. Now Reid and company are demanding more funding so the unconstitutional legislation can continue.

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Corporate Mainstream Media: No Outrage About Abortion Clinic vs. Sandy Hook Tragedy

obama-abortionMurdered children [infants] does not qualify for big news and extensive coverage for corporate mainstream media, unless it is caused by a mentally disturbed person using firearms. Neither did it inspire President Obama to go about the country in a campaign against abortion clinics, with only a remark from the White House that the abortion trial was unsettling made ten days ago.

In the corporate mainstream media news centers, more time was spent on airport delays due to traffic controller furloughs that Obama ordered because he was forced to budget because of those mean conservatives in Congress – while recently approving $500 million of taxpayer dollars to Egypt. That nation, whose people attacked our embassy and burned the American flag, is receiving not only cash, but tanks and planes and other instruments of war, while Obama and friends work hard to disarm lawful citizens back home.

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Info Highway: April 12th 2013

Banner_ManLookingDown_animatedhand_point2– Obama’s new budget proposes changes to Social Security and Medicare as part of the alleged entitlement cuts.
All my life, since 16 years old I have put money into Social Security and Medicare. Social Security is NOT an entitlement and neither is Medicare [not to be confused with Medicaid]. People put money from their wages and salaries into both systems expecting to get something when they retire. It is a system where individuals put money into the “retirement” system and have NO control over it, not even allowed to leave as part of one’s estate if they die before they get a chance to collect; because the government is the beneficiary. We cannot retire when we want or need to [like not being able to get a job] or get penalized before a certain age if we collect social security and still have to work [if work can be found] because government and the Federal Reserve has caused inflation.

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Odessa Files: Truth About Abortion Clinics – Government Sanctioned Mass Infanticide

Not much to say in this article, I rarely write about abortion, but certainly have opinions – both emotional and logical about the subject. I do believe strongly that government has no business entangling itself in such matters, and worse, making it so easy to just walk in and have it done – without parental knowledge or consent.

However, the following video is behind-the-scenes look at the government managed and control of infant death clinics. It is so compelling and damning that I had to share it.
Government began with required sex education classes that soon led to what is happening today. Abortion is money, and as I have stated before, if you want the source or reasoning, follow the money trail.
The particular clinic being depicted in this video had on the average, 20 to 30 abortions an HOUR! We have become a throw-away society in materialistic terms, but this is throwing out the lives of infants like they were pieces of garbage, and in order to get the funding (money) they would lie and convince patients they should get an abortion for there is no other way.