Curing the Health Care Crisis the Republican Way?

Obamacare worksIf I had all the money I funneled into healthcare insurance policies and never used it – I would have enough to pay for anything that may happen; in-patient or out-patient with some left over for retirement supplement.


Because those in government would not have access to it.

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Putin, Obama, Israel, Oscars – Lions and Tigers, Oh My!

President Obama has skipped another national security meeting, according to Weekly Standard.

JoeBiden_TheGaffeMachineHis domestic scene is a shambles with Democrat Socialists pushing to make the public like Obamacare with Joe Biden out like he was an insurance agent canvassing. During his display of stupidity, in front of KTVK-TV cameras, while visiting a Pancake House in Scottsdale, Arizona, he stopped at the interest and sat down with a woman named Jackie visiting from Canada, and stated:

Everybody young signs up for health care. It’s affordable. You can get subsidies to do it, and it’s in your interest. And if you don’t even want to do it yourself, do it for your parents. Give them peace of mind.

Perplexed, the Canadian said:

I just didn’t know if I should just say ‘I’m sorry.

Can Our Constitution Survive?She also added that she was for health care reform and hoped it worked for people in the United States. Unfortunately, Obamacare is not a “fix” by any means, and certainly not “reform”. It is control over one of the most important aspects of the private sector – soon to be nationalized near you.


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New Big Brother System Approved: National License Plate Database

TSA Insaneness

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Big government is seeking new ways to keep tabs on citizens. Not just for criminal activity, but anyone or any organization that counters government policies or disagrees with the developing Big Brother system. Since the UK has already begun such things through what is called National License Plate Recognition Database, a citizen could be on a terror watch list just for being part of a protest/demonstration or belong to an organization seeking a constitutional government like the Tea Party movement. Sound familiar? This was what the IRS and NSA scandal was all about.

After the feds studied the system already in place in the UK, Homeland Security hit the news, at least covered by a few media sites, certainly not the Obama propaganda machine (corporate media networks) like CBS, ABC, NBC, MSN.

I guess the federal study is over because the system is to be activated. As usual, it is under the pretense to fight against terrorism. When the government considers a peaceful organization like the Tea Party entity as radical, subversive, racial, and anti-government – the enemy of the state – then this is just another method to keep tabs on that organization and any private citizen they deem fit to put under surveillance. It is not only tyranny, but costly; when a government is so deep in national debt already.

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Hidden Tax Added to Obamacare for 2014

Remember when Obama and co-socialists in Congress promised there would be no increase in taxes concerning Obamacare, and responsible/logical people wondered how it was going to be paid for? I know it is hard to keep track of all the Obama/Democrat/RINO broken promises, but this one will kick in on January 1st 2014. I hope you are keeping track of your representatives and senators who seek reelection – allowing the Affordable Health Care Act to pass in the first place and instead of budgeting spending, they raised the ceiling on spending that is already a mile high. It is expected, according to the following video to be a hidden tax raise of $100/year. This does not include their intended use of the IRS Gestapo in administering fines and other fees.

[Click to enlarge] - Source: Pinterest

[Click to enlarge] – Source: Pinterest

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Obamacare Proves To Be Fraudulent and Wasteful

Not only has the so-called Obamacare begun as a failure in its initiation program, but as predicted, it has already become an avenue for fraud and taxpayer dollar waste … par to what the Obama administration is capable of. The truth was revealed

In a Fox News analysis:

The Obama administration gave states roughly $4.4 billion in taxpayer dollars to set up their own ObamaCare websites, according to a new analysis, in the latest revelation about the faucet of federal spending switched on by the 2010 passage of the health care law. … Some of the states even took federal money, then decided to let the federal site handle enrollment.

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Secretary Sebelius Says She Does Not Work For YOU

Yes, folks, one of Obama’s “chosen ones” has declared that she does not work for the American people, she works for President Obama.

True, she was not elected to be head of the runaway train called Obamacare – but she has had three years to ensure it is ready as of October 1, 2013. As expected, the system is not ready and nor will it ever be a benefit to the American people.

Senator Roberts is one of the Congress demanding that Secretary Sebelius to resign. Citizens are demanding that Obamacare be put in the trash where it belongs.

The only ones who will benefit will be insurance companies and the federal government being in charge of 18% of the economy of the United States – YOUR health care. Look how well they have operated Social Security, Medicare, and promised benefits to veterans of foreign wars.

Outrageously, Obama has declared his staff and Congress has planned not to comply with the bill that other Americans are expected to adhere to:

This president has lied every step of the way – and certainly does not answer to the American people – as Secretary Sebelius has openly stated in a recent interview:

The following people should also resign: BH Obama, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, John McCain, Eric Holder, John Kerry, and the list goes on …

Obama Plays Golf While Government Shuts Down

President Obama has shutdown executive branch services, but not the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base. To show how the commander-in-chief takes care of the troops that he expects to face dangers in his continued involvement in Middle East problems, the grocery store [PX] on that base is closed due to government shutdown. Service members and their families must shop off post and pay more for their groceries.

This president punishes others when he does not get his way, as congressional members, specifically in the Senate continue to support his outrageous spending, incompetent foreign policies, and continue a law that should never have passed – Obamacare. The federal government does not listen to the People because they are not capable of controlling their own lives. More people would have health insurance, paid for by employers if there wasn’t any income tax system, replaced by FairTax [ending the reign of the IRS] or even a flat tax [not more than 10% and no progressive tax]. Obamacare is going to force to let a percentage of their employees go and may even put businesses [small businesses] out of business, as well as increase the cost of health care and health care insurance. How does this help?

The people did not want [majority] Obamacare anyway. Senator Ted Cruz wants to make changes to the bill, but it is best to ditch it and never allow it to return.

The economy would be better off if: (1) Income tax system is replaced, (2) Obamacare legislation repealed, and (3) a bill/amendment passed that ensures a balanced budget occurs fiscally and reduces spending, especially overseas.

Scandals Piling Up With No Impeachment Hearings in Sight

socialist-teapartyThe president, well at least the person occupying the White House, claims that the investigations into scandals are ‘phony’. He says the Republicans are making something out of nothing … like the Democrats did when preparing impeachment proceedings for President Nixon? Like the Democrats declared that impeachment was in order when GW Bush waged a war in Iraq with Congressional approval or when Congress passed the Patriot Act and President Bush signed it? When GW Bush went along with Senator Ted Kennedy‘s “No Child Left Behind” educational system fiasco? When GW Bush initiated the bailout program that spun national debt further into the rabbit hole, with the approval of the Democrats; who expanded it and union power/corruption under the Obamanomics programs? If you want to see the future of America take a serious look at Detroit and the state of California.

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Reality: What A Concept, Wading Through the Muck of Information

Spy vs Spy, MAD magazine, Antonio Prohias

Spy vs Spy, MAD magazine, Antonio Prohias

In my youth I was a fan of Mad magazine published by EC Comics. In Issue #60, dated January of 1961, Spy vs. Spy© debuted as a wordless comic strip created by Antonio Prohias, a Cuban cartoonist who faced threats of arrest and execution by the newly ordained communist leader, Fidel Castro. It is the false accusation that Prohias was considered a spy by the Castro regime that initiated the cartoon series. The cartoon depicted one spy dressed in black and another dressed in white constantly trying to do each other in.

Fast track to the 1990s when Prohias retired because of his health and died at age 77 in February 1998. The strip continued with writer Duck Edwing and artist Bob Clarke, and in magazine #356 (April 1997), Peter Kuper took over as writer and artist. The characters, including the Grey Spy added in 1962 (female) became a Sunday comic strip released in 2002 and in 2004, the characters were used in television commercials for Mountain Dew soft drink. Milton Bradley produced a Spy vs. Spy board game and video games were produced in three formats, one being Nintendo. In 2005 video games, Red and Blue Spies appeared and between 2006 and 2009 a series was published entitled Spy vs. Spy Jr. depicting spies as children.


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Americans Should Be Outraged – Demand Justice

Of all the scandals floating around Washington, congressional committees busily trying to sort it out, the two most serious are: Benghazi incident and the IRS scandal. The first has to do with the death of Americans serving our country and the other is a well-established and most hated/feared agency in the federal government.

The Benghazi tragedy occurred before election day 2012. So it makes me wonder why after all this time why nothing is being done about it. It has been clearly established that the order to “Stand Down” was given more than once, after repeated requests for assistance as three brave men fought off overwhelming odds in terms of numbers and firepower for SEVEN HOURS!

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