New Big Brother System Approved: National License Plate Database

TSA Insaneness

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Big government is seeking new ways to keep tabs on citizens. Not just for criminal activity, but anyone or any organization that counters government policies or disagrees with the developing Big Brother system. Since the UK has already begun such things through what is called National License Plate Recognition Database, a citizen could be on a terror watch list just for being part of a protest/demonstration or belong to an organization seeking a constitutional government like the Tea Party movement. Sound familiar? This was what the IRS and NSA scandal was all about.

After the feds studied the system already in place in the UK, Homeland Security hit the news, at least covered by a few media sites, certainly not the Obama propaganda machine (corporate media networks) like CBS, ABC, NBC, MSN.

I guess the federal study is over because the system is to be activated. As usual, it is under the pretense to fight against terrorism. When the government considers a peaceful organization like the Tea Party entity as radical, subversive, racial, and anti-government – the enemy of the state – then this is just another method to keep tabs on that organization and any private citizen they deem fit to put under surveillance. It is not only tyranny, but costly; when a government is so deep in national debt already.

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IRS Scandal: The Lies and Corruption Continues Despite Obama Denial

Maggie’s Notebook spotlights the testimony of Cleta Mitchell who reveals lies upon lies concerning the IRS scandal that continues despite denial by executive branch. …

The lying has not stopped. I represent one TEA Party group, TEA Party Patriots, who applied in December of 2010, they still don’t have their (c)(4) status. There are lies upon lies in this ugly episode. The Commissioner of the IRS lied to Congress, lied…I believe it was this Committee in March of 2012 or April 2012, he said there was no targeting.How many communications from the IRS to Congress, who inquired about this status of application and whether there was targeting — how many communications were there, in which agents of the IRS told Congress that there was no targeting? Those are lies. Lying to Congress is a crime. The Department of Justice has refused to investigate who it was that was responsible for releasing the confidential tax information of Koch Industries to the President’s Economic Advisor who in turn released it to the press. Or who released the National Organization of Marriages tax returns? I represent NOM. We sued the IRS to try to get to the bottom of why our confidential tax information was made available to our political opponents. Where’s the FBI, in investigating? That’s a criminal offense. It’s a criminal offense to also for the IRS to release the confidential donor information of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and the Republican Governor’s Public Policy Council — conservative organization’s donor information was released by the IRS — that’s a criminal offense. Who’s investigating that?


Secretary Sebelius Says She Does Not Work For YOU

Yes, folks, one of Obama’s “chosen ones” has declared that she does not work for the American people, she works for President Obama.

True, she was not elected to be head of the runaway train called Obamacare – but she has had three years to ensure it is ready as of October 1, 2013. As expected, the system is not ready and nor will it ever be a benefit to the American people.

Senator Roberts is one of the Congress demanding that Secretary Sebelius to resign. Citizens are demanding that Obamacare be put in the trash where it belongs.

The only ones who will benefit will be insurance companies and the federal government being in charge of 18% of the economy of the United States – YOUR health care. Look how well they have operated Social Security, Medicare, and promised benefits to veterans of foreign wars.

Outrageously, Obama has declared his staff and Congress has planned not to comply with the bill that other Americans are expected to adhere to:

This president has lied every step of the way – and certainly does not answer to the American people – as Secretary Sebelius has openly stated in a recent interview:

The following people should also resign: BH Obama, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, John McCain, Eric Holder, John Kerry, and the list goes on …

Congress Exempt from ObamaCare Rules

Hold onto your seat for this one …

The audacity of those people on Capitol Hill is reaching a climax. Everyone, I mean everyone needs to be tying up the phones of their legislators in Congress and their fax machines.

While Obamacare has not even kicked in yet, health insurance premiums are already rising. And because Nancy Pelosi and her democratic-socialist comrades and GOP RINOs passed the bill and then stated they could read it to see what it states. Well, apparently they didn’t read it even after it passed. Understandable because it is a LONG bill that is filled with lawyer style gobble-gook and does absolutely nothing that Obama and friends promised it said it would do. In fact, if it does kick in, it will strap Americans with at least $2,300 a year more cost than previously – which means that what was predicted will come true. In addition, the corrupt IRS will have its hand in it; this corrupt administration will have its hand in it.

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IRS Scandal Investigaton Continues – More Revelations

ron_paul_deskToday the hearings continue with investigation of the IRS in one of the biggest scandals to rock Washington, DC – which is hard to determine with all of the past scandals in just four years under the leadership of BH Obama. The Daily Caller just released a story of an IRS lawyer stating that the scandal was overseen by DC – and is naming names. The lawyer is Carter C. Hull, who is retiring and who implicated the IRS Chief Counsel’s office that was headed by an Obama appointee: William J. Wilkins and Lois Lerner. The investigation committee wants to know how high the scandal went. And during the investigation it was found that banks can deduct foreclosure costs, but individuals cannot.

This is a good testament against the income tax system with tyranny and corruption guiding it.

Yet, still, after being declared unconstitutional in 1911 – we are stuck with this overbearing, intrusive, unfair, inefficient, and tyrannical form of taxation.



Zimmerman Trial Verdict: Not Guilty – But Not Free

George Zimmerman has been acquitted: Not Guilty of Second-Degree Murder and Not Guilty of Manslaughter charges. The six women jurors deliberated for 15 hours over two days before the verdict was reached about 10pm, Saturday. The prosecution’s case was weak and fortunately the jury provided a benefit of doubt, and considered that the forensic evidence showed that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor, beating on Zimmerman, who did not pull his firearm from the holster until Martin had his hands near where he carried his concealed carry firearm. Yet people are sad that he was not convicted. Racism has been prevalent throughout this trial – Zimmerman, in the eyes of media [thanks to them the fervor] and with the aid of stupid remarks from President Obama [a president should never interfere with such a civil case], immediately Zimmerman was deemed a racist. Congressional members were just as guilty of prejudicial remarks.

No one considered that Zimmerman had not only been a member of a community watch, but also reportedly helped young people of the community who were black. It did not matter to the general black public. It did not matter that the media at first painted Zimmerman as white, and later found he was Hispanic – mostly because of his non-Hispanic surname, Zimmerman. The media and the president is to blame for any repercussions of the verdict delivered by the jury.

After 15 months he is a free man, but is he? Throughout the ordeal, George Zimmerman was guilty until proven innocent. A little different from what the law reads.

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Selective Spying: All But the Real Enemies

Your phone calls, Flickr stream, Facebook and most likely what was spent on your Visa is fair game to the NSA. As Patriot UpDate wrote …

If the FBI guy who got the tip-off from Moscow about young Tamerlan had been sufficiently intrigued to want to visit the Boston mosque where he is said to have made pro-terrorism statements during worship, the agent would have been unable to do so without seeking approval from something called the Sensitive Operations Review Committee high up in Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. The Sensitive Operations Review Committee is so sensitive nobody knows who’s on it. You might get approved, or you might get sentenced to extra sensitivity training for the next three months.

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