2014: Will This be the Year FairTax is Passed?

Election 2012 - Tax Reform Not Campaign Issue, AgainTax CollectorHighly unlikely that the FairTax would pass with the present population in the US Senate and BH Obama as president … But this IS a congressional election year and there is enough on Obama administration for impeachment proceedings, just the Benghazi tragedy would do it.

It’s tax season. The yearly nightmare of trying to figure out the system and how to deal with the paperwork. Tax preparers, like parasitic vultures, are ready to charge you for preparing something no one should have to do.

The original sponsor of the FairTax in 1999 was the former representative of Congress from Georgia, John Linder, who up to the end of his time in Congress constantly tried to get the FairTax bill through Congress. He no longer is a member of Congress, but his crusade still goes on, as an article he wrote for Townhall.com demonstrates. It is probably the most extensively researched bill ever introduced to Congress in decades. Mr. Linder ensured that he got input from leading economists and co-authored two books about it. It has become widely supported, at least by the People – but still languishes in Congress. The main culprit in this legislative quagmire [a term that Democrats gave for the Vietnam War they initiated] is the business-as-usual, progressive-RINO US Senate. The bill would revolutionize the way government is funded that has been going on for 100 years, increasingly getting worse for taxpayers.

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Obama Plays Golf While Government Shuts Down

President Obama has shutdown executive branch services, but not the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base. To show how the commander-in-chief takes care of the troops that he expects to face dangers in his continued involvement in Middle East problems, the grocery store [PX] on that base is closed due to government shutdown. Service members and their families must shop off post and pay more for their groceries.

This president punishes others when he does not get his way, as congressional members, specifically in the Senate continue to support his outrageous spending, incompetent foreign policies, and continue a law that should never have passed – Obamacare. The federal government does not listen to the People because they are not capable of controlling their own lives. More people would have health insurance, paid for by employers if there wasn’t any income tax system, replaced by FairTax [ending the reign of the IRS] or even a flat tax [not more than 10% and no progressive tax]. Obamacare is going to force to let a percentage of their employees go and may even put businesses [small businesses] out of business, as well as increase the cost of health care and health care insurance. How does this help?

The people did not want [majority] Obamacare anyway. Senator Ted Cruz wants to make changes to the bill, but it is best to ditch it and never allow it to return.

The economy would be better off if: (1) Income tax system is replaced, (2) Obamacare legislation repealed, and (3) a bill/amendment passed that ensures a balanced budget occurs fiscally and reduces spending, especially overseas.

Reasons For Serious Reformation of the Federal Government

How much scandal, anti-constitutional and anti-United States acts, policies, and agendas does it take for the US Congress and the American citizens to realize that Obama and associates are detrimental to the future of the United States of America? Indeed, considering the past two administrations, how much does it take for the American people to demand that We the People return to control our government as prescribed by the US Constitution and elect individuals who actually believe in the Constitution and respect its limitations of power of the federal government and adherence of state governments to the unionified laws of the Constitution?

Beginning with the most recent:

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Information Highway: April 21st, 2013 – Legislation, Congress, and Taxation

hand_point2Fairfax, Virginia – On April 8th, 2013, PoliceOne, an online law enforcement magazine blew the Obama and company’s claim that most of thedumb-and-dumber law enforcement officers across the nation were in favor of the Manchin-Toomey-Schumer Senate bill [S.22] that did not achieve majority votes to pass. The law enforcement website did this with a Gun Policy & Law Enforcement Survey conducted between March 4th and March 13th, 2013. Verified police professionals of different ranks and department sizes responded with a total of 15,595 filling out the survey, either currently active officers [76.2%] or retired officers [18.7%] with 5.2% neither active or retired. The department sizes ran from 1-25 personnel [18.1%] to over 1000 [19.3%]. It shows that law enforcement officers do not support President Obama’s gun control agenda or that of his political associates like Feinstein, Boxer, Menendez, Coons, Cardin, Blumenthal, Gillibrand, Wyden, Reed, Carper, Schumer, Cardin, and Mr. Whitehouse whose constituents need to replace in the next election. It was named the Gun Show Background Check Act of 2013 that required registration of Gun Show Promoters with the Attorney General [“Fast-N-Furious”] and included background checks [only criminal background, mental health not included] and would have made it illegal to transfer a firearm to a family member. [Sec. 932]

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Info Highway: April 15th 2013 and Notes From My Desk

hand_point2– Senate Democrats are holding up a resolution to honor deceased Margaret Thatcher, who died at age 87. Apparently the tribute made by Obama and Bill Clinton was a front. The tribute cites M. Thatcher as a –

…life-long commitment to advancing freedom, liberty, and democracy and for her friendship to the United States.

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Info Highway: Offshore Banking

Offshore Banking_04Recent news reported that data has been leaked from offshore banks revealing who is hiding money in banks outside their native countries.

What is the big deal about offshore banking?

Offshore banks are banks located outside of the depositor’s country and typically in a tax haven or low-tax jurisdiction. People put their money and gold in such banks for various reasons: (1) privacy and secrecy, started in 1934 [Swiss Banking Act]; (2) low or no taxation; (3) easy access to deposits in terms of regulation; (4) protection against local, political, or financial instability.

In some cases, it is a means to launder ill-gotten wealth.

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Common Sense: Changing the Approach of Problem Solving

If the federal income tax were the only tax levied by Congress, maybe the issue would be moot. If the present income tax system has been changed to a flat tax with NO deductions and only on income and not the death tax, interest or dividends this also would not be an issue.

The previous article addressed the problem that politicians do not stop campaigning for their political club after elected their political-social club and their political ideology is foremost in their minds instead of constitutional law and their oath of office.
Now that it is the time of year that most every American dreads – filing out ridiculous tax forms which affords some people to get more breaks than others and still others who get back most or all of what they paid by government stealing it from their earned paychecks – trying to make sense of the complicated system. While fearing to make a mistake that would mean the IRS would add a penalty plus interest on any amount underpaid, armed with unconstitutional power that is reminiscent of the Gestapo where your bank accounts could be frozen, lean put on your home and anything of value before being found guilty in a legal court of law.