What is the Truth Behind Liz Wahl’s Resignation?

President Putin certainly upstaged President Obama on several occasions. Could that be the element behind Wahl’s resignation?

Liz WahlRecently, Liz Wahl, American news anchor in Russia made a sensational move against manipulative and bias media by quitting her job on live TV in protest of President Putin’s order to send troops to the Ukraine. She also accused the state-run Russia Today of smearing the United States to make the Kremlin look good.

Politico Magazine:

Id looked the other way as the network smeared America for the sake of making the Kremlin look better by comparison, while it sugar-coated atrocities by one brutal dictator after another.

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Democratic-Socialists: Spending and Increasing Taxes For a Better Economy

In October 2013, the Heritage Foundation, a think-tank organization, stated that President Obama (do not leave Congress off the hook) raise taxes to the tune of $3 trillion.

It must be kicking in because my Internet company just added $2 increase in federal/state taxes amount over what I paid last month. Rates on many things go up, while people are still out of work, or have reduced hours, and most can’t make enough to match the rising costs. And this is before the Obamacare system fully kicks in.

Joe Biden, the moron vice president who makes moronic statements (which the corporate Democrat-Socialist controlled media blew off) as the likes of Nancy Pelosi, who one time caught in an open mic describing the signing of the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (March 23rd, 2010): This is a big fucking deal. Yeah, like FDR’s New Deal and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Joe Biden is what Dan Quayle was to Republicans in political history. Here is a Joe Biden classic about government overspending:

There will be a huge increase in murders and rapes if the federal government doesn’t spend more money to help the economy.

Obviously, Biden is well-tuned in using the Marxist-Socialist tool: fear to get followers and party-loyalists.

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Media Bias: Coverage of Latest Obamacare Bungle Just a Hiccup – Obama Continues to Rewrite AHA

270760The corporate Democrat mouthpiece media has, as of February 11th, to provide a single full report on how President Obama has bypassed Congress and changed (again) the ObamaCare mandate delay. Technically, he has rewritten the bill passed by Congress and signed by him. Frankly, I wonder how Obama can stand having the Affordable Healthcare Act named after him and continue on its slide into disaster. Millions have been wasted on the website that includes a scandal (another one). If Congress was doing their job, they would be providing an outcry over ObamaCare from sea to shining sea, and putting together a committee to repeal the bill, which the Supreme Court did not do from the get-go.

The federal government screwed up the first major socialist-welfare program initiated by FDR called the Social Security “Trust” Fund – robbed over decades to cover spending in other areas, Bill Clinton actually telling Americans there was a “surplus” and everything was rosy. Then when GW Bush becomes president it became his fault for all the problems that Clinton had lied about – like the economy. Not that GW Bush can get off the hook for the inaction he took by getting rid of the income tax system or at least pushing Congress to do so. Another hallmark program by the progressive big government slowly declining and getting deeper in debt over the decades, for which Obama and friends (on both political sides of the aisle) have accelerated.

If a government cannot put together, or ensure that a company who got the website (with no competition) that charged tens of millions of dollars and ensure that it will work properly – how in the Hell can anyone believe that unlimited government should be in charge of an important aspect of our life: healthcare. We already have them controlling our income, the auto industry, and financial institutions. Now wait, the financial institutional honchos operate the Federal Reserve System, another great idea of the progressive of all progressives in the 20th century (next to FDR) – Woodrow Wilson.

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Liberal-Progressives: Diversity Does Not Mean Unity

Those that deem themselves liberal are not truly enacting the true, original meaning of the word. Their hypocrisy and political ideology is more accurately progressive, which is short for progression towards socialism and communism.

Diversity is a key word used often by liberal-progressives, but their policies and actions prove far removed from the true meaning of the word. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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US Soldier Killed on Street by Racists

I want to know why President Obama, the commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces did not address this incident like he did when Trayvon Martin died?

Soldier-Veteran stabbed to death on the way to party to celebrate leaving service.

I’ll tell you why, because the racist lynch mob only looks out for one side of the racial divide. So much for racial unity promised by Barack Hussein Obama.

What has the US become where a soldier is in as much danger as he is when serving his country?

State of Our Union: September 8th 2013

Mitt Romney‘s father, George Romney stated after touring Vietnam in 1965 that it was morally right and necessary to help South Vietnam in the fight against communist forces of North Vietnam backed by Chinese communists. Two years later, Romney senior recanted his support for the war but claimed that he had been hoodwinked. Mitt would follow his father’s footsteps when running for president of changing mind and policy in midstream depending upon which way the political wind is blowing when it came to national healthcare via ‘ObamaCare‘ that he implemented in Massachusetts and declared he was against it in election 2012.

johnkerry.jpgJohn Kerry not only is hypocritical, but a serial liar. It began when he joined forces with the likes of Jane Fonda to protest the Vietnam War and provided congressional testimony with false accusations of American military atrocity. Kerry was mentored by Senator Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy and joined the ranks of the rich and powerful (it helped to marry Heinz heiress) of the Democrat political machine. Kerry voted for the war against Saddam Hussein and his murderous thugs and then after Bush received congressional approval, joined Democrats to say that We were misled. We were given evidence that was not true. Of course, he was referring to the WMDs that UN inspectors claimed could not be found; but US and British intelligence [and spy satellites] showed that Saddam had moved his chemical weapon stock to Syria via truck convoy and possibly to Iran where warplanes had already been spirited away when realizing that US was resolved to free Kuwait. Of course, no one is admitting that those chemical weaponry recently used in Syria were most likely a portion of what came from Iraq. Thus the turn-around politics of John Kerry, coupled with his false congressional testimony about Vietnam, as well as other untruths make Kerry a typical Democrat serial liar.

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Dysfunctional Insanity Continues with No Relief in Sight


After a congressional assessment of the southern border of the United States, security is still lacking despite congressional approval of a reinforced and new security fencing along the border has failed to be built as agreed during the Bush administration. With Obama’s ridiculous policies, like the DREAM Act, enforced despite congressional disapproval, more illegals are encouraged to cross the border, especially when they find out about Obamacare. Obama and friends in Congress have provided immunity to federal employees  and themselves when it comes to the workings of Obamacare [Affordable Health Care Act], after finding out that their national health care program will cost a lot and do nothing they promised it would. Obamacare will be available to illegal immigrants who are exempt from fines and foreign nationals at taxpayer expense. The DHS, under the leadership of Janet Napolitano, [she stated 2010 DREAM Act had strong bipartisan support] – she should have resigned three years ago. Americans were assured that the border is more secure than ever before. Lies. The White House and DHS has revealed they have a plan in the form of a three-tier system in cooperation of Mexico in boosting security on US border and extending more than 100 miles north of Mexico’s border with Guatemala and Belize. The object is to curb human trafficking and drug running.

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