In the News and Commentary – November 22nd 2013

In the News and Commentary:

 Democrats, Republicans Failing to Live Up to Brands by Jonah Goldberg The Iraq war was sold, at least at times, as a war that would find weapons of mass destruction, end quickly, pay for itself and usher in a new era of democracy for an Iraqi people who would be grateful for being liberated from a tyrant. Suffice it to say that the Bush administration didn’t check every one of those boxes. … Liberals have been pushing for some version of universal, single-payer health care for over a century. … Americans blame the parties for a lot, but a lot can be blamed on Americans. … In the aftermath of Iraq and Afghanistan, many Republicans are growing more skeptical about the national security state and foreign interventions. If Obamacare continues to unravel, it will be interesting to see if Democrats undergo a similar readjustment, and stop over-promising and under-delivering.

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James Holmes’ Lawyers Plead Not-Guilty Due to Insanity while Zimmerman Trial Approaches End

[AP/Yahoo] – James Holmes in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting trial pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. To me, accepting a plea of insanity is itself insane, making as much sense as charging a person who commits a violent act under a ‘hate crime’ law. One does not commit violence against another because they ‘like’ them. Degrees of homicide has been established because of varying circumstances of intent, as well as manslaughter for those who inadvertently because of careless actions cause the death of someone; but to plea insanity to escape death penalty or some leniency of the court is ridiculous.

Why should taxpayers fund the cost of keeping a person around for life in prison when a dog can be sentenced to death just for injury of a person by biting?

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ODESSA Files: Obama Legacy – Fraud, Corruption and More Fraud

hand_point2Fox News

A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found guilty on all counts. Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr.  was found guilty of felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud and forgery, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe was found guilty of felony forgery counts and falsely making a petition, after being accused of faking petitions that enabled Obama, then an Illinois Senator, to get on the presidential primary ballot for his first run for the White House. Morgan was accused of being the mastermind behind the plot.

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Will Senator Feinstein and Associates Create a Bill to Ban Pressure Cookers?

lighthouse9_animatedBefore I begin with the Boston Bombing incident, I would like to thank fellow Americans and those in Congress for their efforts that paid off by trashing the bill in the Senate against the Second Amendment. While the diehard, useful idiots, cried out in the senate building: Shame on You! – the shame is upon them and anyone who initiated the bill [Senator Dianne Feinstein] and those other politicians who trashed their oaths of office in supporting it.

In view of the fact that people were killed by two bombs set off by two immigrant “refugees” who used pressure cookers to make the bombs, one would think that Senator Dianne Feinstein is now working on a bill to ban pressure cookers. After all, an eight-year-old child was killed in that horrific blast, and like the Sandy Hook incident – the object used must be banned. In the case of the Sandy Hook incident, evidence points out two semi-auto pistols were used because the “assault” weapon was left in Adam Lanza’s mother’s vehicle, who he murdered before going to the school. Whatever be the case, the media will not rectify their errors in jumping to conclusions without significant evidence in their zeal to report news against the Second Amendment.

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Corporate Meda: Bias and Manipulation for Political and Mogul Use

lighthouse9_animatedThe media, US mainstream corporate national media, is not just bias, but manipulates information according to their will, most often in the name of sensationalism, rather than journalism, which according to them makes the news. I would like to see a reputable source to perform a national survey on that subject. I think people would rather have accurate news and news reporting that does not just provide criminals the headlines.

What about the “unsung” heroes [and heroines] who save the day using their Second Amendment rights?[See: The Armed Citizen]

It won’t happen because corporate media moguls want, like our present government, to take away firearms from lawful citizens in the false assumption that it will reduce crime.

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Media Watch: Hurricane Sandy Becomes Model for Climate Change Argument

Martin Bashir at MSNBC uses Hurricane Sandy as an attempt to reestablish the “global warming” or “climate change” theory-turned-hoax. PBS (govt controlled entity) joined in when Tavis Smiley dreamed of Obama politicizing the storm as part of the traditional “October Surprise” rhetoric. Jennifer Granholmwas quoted:

there’s a clear link to climate change. … Is this a result, this disconnect, the result of the oil lobby successfully confusing the public? How do we convince the people that it’s real and that it’s caused by people?

That’s simple, Ms. Granholm – keep lying to the public, kill common sense, and hope you can dupe enough people to actually believe that climate change has not been occurring before even humans walked the Earth.
Of course, ALL the pundits and useful idiots are not paying attention to the NASA report of increased solar flare-storms that definitely has much to do with weather. 
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Catherine Moy Tells Her Story

Animated Lighthouse I received this e-mail, published here in its entirety, from Catherine Moy, recently mentioned in one of posted articles, co-author of American Mourning. It is an important message because it counteracts against misinformation concerning Operation Iraqi Freedom and our troops. Catherine does not just relate the tale as a reporter, but at a personal level, from same town as Cindy Sheehan. Please take a moment to read about her efforts and her partner, Melanie Morgan, who put together an organization, called Move America Forward, and put her book on your purchase list.

My name is Catherine Moy and I’m a columnist at Cindy Sheehan’s hometown newspaper, The Vacaville Reporter. The truth that I’ve come to learn about Cindy Sheehan is a far cry from the story you’ve heard reported in the mainstream media, and with your help we will set the truth free.I’ve teamed up with my friend Melanie Morgan (Chairman of Move America Forward, radio host on KSFO 560 AM – San Francisco, and columnist for WorldNetDaily) to tell the American people the truth about Cindy Sheehan and the anti-war movement. This week we’ve released the book, “American Mourning” that chronicles the actions of Cindy Sheehan and contrasts them with the story of another Gold Star Family who lost a son in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Only, in the case of this other family (Joe and Jan Johnson of RomeGeorgia), they become patriots who honor the service of their son.
The day I heard that Iraqi terrorists killed Casey Sheehan, I was sickened.
I thought first of his parents, Pat and Cindy Sheehan, who lived in 
Vacaville. I knew the pain of a parent who loses a child. My little brother, Tommy, died suddenly when he was 8. My mom and dad were forever broken.
I wrote a column that was really an open letter to the Sheehans telling them how sorry I was and how I felt a bit of guilt because I support the war in which Casey died. One of my close friends handled the funeral for the Sheehans, caring for Casey’s body and soul until the day he was lowered it into his grave.
A few months after Casey died on 
April 4, 2004, Cindy Sheehan and her daughter, Carly, became die-hard anti-war activists. I know now that the John Kerry presidential campaign hooked up with the Sheehan women and used them for national commercials against the war and against President George Bush. You can watch this commercial for yourself right here.
I was torn again. Something in my gut told me that Cindy was on a misguided mission. I thought it wrong to attack our Commander in Chief who was trying to protect Americans during wartime. I decided to write a column pointing out my opposition to Cindy’s antics and spoke with my husband about it. I knew it would be controversial. Vacaville residents treated the Sheehans as royalty after the death of their son. But that didn’t matter – I am not one to run from controversy if in my heart I know what I am doing is the right thing to do.
I wrote that column, and it was the first such column from a professional journalist criticizing Cindy Sheehan. I even pointed out that the premise of Cindy’s media spectacle was based on a false pretense. Sheehan and her supporters complained end
lessly that President Bush would not meet with this Gold Star Mother. The truth, however, was that Bush and Sheehan had already met.
Cindy Sheehan didn’t want the public to know the truth about that, but our newspaper reported it anyways and the Drudge Report picked up the report and broadcast it to the world.
The hate-mongers from the left came up with all kinds of hate mail. I was not deterred and never have been when it comes to the truth.
Cindy responded to my columns about her by calling me names and telling me not to pray for her. She said she was no longer a Christian. Hate spewed from her in several e-mails to me.
When I found out about Move 
America Forward’s “You Don’t Speak For Me, Cindy” caravan I was elated. I was proud to stand among the crowd when the caravan made its stop in VacavilleCalifornia. I then traveled to Texas and joined the caravan once more for the final leg into Crawford.
After Crawford, I told Melanie we should write a book about everything that had happened. We both knew so much about the controversy. I had followed Cindy since the beginning, and her group, Move 
America Forward, put together the tour supporting our troops that responded to Sheehan’s anti-American protests.
We agreed to do it. Our research led us to Justin Johnson, a close Army buddy of Casey who died six days after Casey. Justin’s father, Joe, was proud of his son, President Bush and the War on Terror. He joined up and went to fight the terrorists who killed Justin and Casey.
Melanie and I knew that we had one of the greatest American stories ever told: Two buddies who died defending America
 and whose parents took polar opposite routes in their actions in their mourning. That is the short story of the birth of American Mourning.
I invite you to read the story for yourself. The book is filled with so many things that have never been reported – things that will shock you about Cindy Sheehan… things about Joe & Jan Johnson will inspire you, and give you hope for our nation and the determination for so many military families to stay focused on the work that must be done to defeat the terrorist threat.
Thank you for reading my note to you. I hope you will take the opportunity to pick up a copy of “American Mourning”.
Kindest Regards,

Catherine Moy
Co-Author, American Morning
Vacaville Reporter