Obama Speaks Up About Trayvon Martin – And Information Jury Knew Becomes Public

BH Obama released a written statement concerning the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial and it is a statement that reflects that this president is not concerned about a nation divided, if he did he would not have made his “If I had a son” statement. Now he calls for people to accept the verdict, while his DOJ is seeking ways to enact revenge, requested by the racial organization of NAACP [founded by Mary “White” Ovington] …

And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher. But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.

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Florida’s Ballot Problems – Again: Allen West Fights

Florida has more problems with vote counting. Remember the same thing happened in presidential election year of 2000. Apparently, Florida has a corrupted vote-counting system and bureaucracy. Shady things have been going on in the case of West versus Murphy in Florida for a seat in the House of Representatives. Allen West ran for reelection.

The entire campaign was full of unpleasant situations, especially when it came to TV ads. In addition, someone printed Mr. West’s social security number on an anti-West pamphlet passed out to the public.

West Family

Mr. West has been accused of vile and unsubstantiated things all through the campaign. The most serious apparent abuse of vote counting procedures took place in St. Lucie County where the local supervisor, without proper authorization and integrity of the vote count by having observers – recounted the absentee ballot votes. Volunteers were ordered to hand copy ballots. Observers complained that the process was bias because they were not allowed to view those who were recreating ballots. One elderly observer was told to sit down, which did not give him the opportunity to observe, and when he asked why, was verbally abused and escorted away by a sheriff’s deputy by order of the Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher. He was chastised just for asking questions.

Despite all of those suspicious activities, a West Palm Beach Judge David F. Crow (same county the last vote-counting debacle occurred) denied Mr. West’s request to have a court intervene in the vote counting procedure.

In addition to all of this nonsense, suspicions concerning 8,000 military absentee ballots, picked up on the day after the election, was counted without observers, the area made off-limits to them. Unlike the damaged ballots aforementioned, the military ballots are just being counted and not reproduced. Yet, Mr. Snyder, who was present noticed that a worker was marking the ballots. It was brought to the attention of the staff leadership, but was ignored. Four military ballots in a row were invalidated with no explanation. Once again, Ms. Snyder asked why to Mrs. Bucher and she became hostile.

According to the Washington Times, Mrs. Bucher has been a problem throughout the process. Her actions and response to a court order to open polls to early voters was only to local Democrats. Republican observers were told that the vote count was going to be ended and they did not have to show up. Mrs. Snyder showed up anyway and saw that the counting was continuing. Bucher ordered ballot workers to reproduce some ballots that were already reproduced. No explanation for these activities were given.
An online video shows Mrs. Bucher rudely refusing to answer questions by local reporter Michele Kirk about the vote count. Supervisor Susan Bucher set the rule that the only person in her office allowed to speak to the media was herself – yet, answered questions with rudeness and/or silence.
The following video produced by BizPac Review is an example of how Democrats win elections. The person whistle-blowing on this video is Ellen Snyder
A disconcerting revelation was that teamsters showed up at the ballot counting events at the St. Lucie County poll office wearing T-shirts for Obama. Like the women in the interview, I want to know what teamster union thugs are doing at a ballot counting event?
People guilty of voter fraud should be given maximum jail sentence and first person to be arrested and put on trial should be S. Bucher at St. Lucie County poll office. In the meantime, a judge in Florida should be ordering ballots and machines confiscated for complete examination. Absentee ballots are more likely to be compromised. Our military men and women are serving our country and their ballots are being abused while they protect the freedom political criminals jeopardize.
Allen Westis a rising conservative star who should have been running against Obama instead of Romney, but instead vied for reelection in the state of Florida to the House of Representatives, of which the Republicans remain the majority. The Senate is still controlled by the Democrats with leadership like Harry Reid.
View Allen West’s stance on issues HERE. Allen West files lawsuit
Allen West is a refreshing member of the Republican Party whose principles are solid, uses common sense politics, and refuses to stand down to Democrat Party personal attack tactics. He is an avid supporter of the Tea Party movement and campaigns for our government’s reform to the constitutional republic that our Founders created. On more than one occasion, he has stood up against the Washington “Black Caucus” (there is a “Hispanic Caucus”, where is the “White Caucus”?)  Why do we have any caucus in our government based upon race?!? A caucus should be based upon an ideology, not skin pigmentation or race.
According to a report, Tea Party candidates in three states have lost the election. The Tea Party movement has been accused of racism, the Black Caucus declaring that the Tea Party folks want them hung, and all sorts of ridiculous accusations. Allen West is done with Washington DC’s Black Caucus. Racial caucuses in politics does not belong in our government anyway.
It is most interesting to know that Allen West had a marginal lead until St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections (Bucher) decided to “recount” thousands of early ballots. After the recount, Congressman West was losing by 2,400 votes. It is a case of a supervisor clearly ignoring proper rules and procedures – and again, why were union teamsters at the ballot counting?

Economy, American Society, and Returning to the Basics

Back in April of this year, Rep. Allen West (FL) stated that he does not “regret whatsoever my comments about progressives being communists, I will keep calling a spade a spade”. Or a Christmas Tree instead of “Holiday Tree”. Mr. West, former US Army officer is tough and truthful, stating things that others are afraid to say. Communists have infiltrated the United States in the 1930s, encouraged by Joseph Stalin, the butcher of the Soviet Union, ally to Hitler until the latter broke the treaty between them that would carve up Europe between the two. Yet, FDR not only considered him an ally, but fondly referred to him as “Uncle Joe”. The demagogue of the Democrat Party ushered in socialist ideology within our government, stacked the Supreme Court to do so, and disregarded the limited powers of the Constitution of the United States. He, like Obama today, could not fix the economy or depression because he thought like a socialist and not adhering to the Founders’ constitutional republic.
Allen West video:

Allen West is a patriotic American – a person that associates truth, self-sufficiency, and integrity that should be the hallmark of all American’s virtues.

Election 2012: Mitt Romney Chose Paul Ryan, Wisconsin as VP Candidate

Mitt Romney has chosen his VP candidate to run for the White House Election 2012 – Paul Ryan (WI). Ryan is a seven-term congressman who has experience and has been rallying for budget-cutting plans. He is a candidate that searches for solutions, rather than complain how the problems happened.
Personally, my first choice was Allen West, who has shown he is not intimidated by the Press or Democrat hecklers or afraid to speak the truth. A retired colonel US Army, he has first-hand experience what the troops deal with; a benefit in terms of advice for a commander-in-chief who has no military experience on issues of national security and securing our borders.

On some of the pros of Paul Ryan, he is an intellectual who does not want to just use negativity against Obama, but show the voters that in order to seek true reformation there must be those who will provide alternate answers that previously have not worked. How much of this influence will help Romney, if elected, remains to be seen.  My main concern with Romney is that in the past he has been more attentive in trying to please everyone than doing the right thing – and instead of seeking other ways than government being responsible for private sector health care, he developed the “Romney Care” system. The other con against Romney is that he just doesn’t want to repeal ObamaCare, but seek an alternative. An alternative would be just as unconstitutional as ObamaCare – compromising the Constitution when it should never be compromised. Limited powers of government were instituted for a definitive reason, but in the past 50-100 years, we have gradually pushed away from those clear guidelines and foundation of good government; and that is what the major problem that led to the myriad of problems today. That and our sovereignty, has been jeopardized for other things.

Paul Ryan has been called the architect of the Republican plan to kill Medicare.
It was a great choice by the Romney PR folks to choose the USS Wisconsinas the place to announce Paul Ryan as VP candidate for 2012 in Norfolk.

True to form, the Obama lefties are heaping scorn on the selection of Paul Ryan as VP nominee by Mitt Romney. The Democrats are attacking Ryan over his budget proposal, saying, “It will end Medicare as we know it.”  The Democrats did that in raiding Medicare funds for Obamacare.  Medicare was already broke. The raid only made it worse. . . . That said, Romney made a good choice — a great choice in fact. It was a real indication to grassroots America that the Romney camp is willing to finally engage on the big issues that matter most in this election. It’s not quite enough to say that Obama has failed, we know that. Incumbent presidents should not win reelection with persistent unemployment over 8 percent and a staggering $16 trillion in debt. Clearly Obama needs to be fired. But what are you, the Republicans, actually for?  . . .  I can’t wait to see his debate with Vice President Joe Biden.  Ryan will mop the floor with him.  And, he will take the debate to the Democrats and their failed policies. The campaign has to be a referendum on Obama’s tenure in the White House.  The lying personal attack ads only serve as diversions from a discussion over the real issues: the economy, debt and jobs. There are poll indications that the attack ads are backfiring on Obama.  By all rights, they should. With Paul Ryan on board, the GOP can provide its vision of restoring the American Dream with sharper clarity. Read more on Newsmax.com: Grass Roots Must Unite Behind Paul Ryan

 I am proud to say that two of those selected on the VP choice list are from Wisconsin: Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.

State of Our Union: Why isn’t there a ‘White Caucus’ in Washington?

Star Parker, author of Uncle Sam’s Plantation wrote about the vote to find Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress and questions the reaction of the “Black Caucus” –

Why is the Black Caucus trying to make this about race?
My question is why is there a caucusformed in Washington based on race?
Why isn’t there a “White” Caucus?
Oh, forbid such a thing every even being suggested.

This is why unity in America, among Americans, can never take place. It is because too many Americans feel the need to separate each other because of skin pigmentation, ethnic background, and what type of music we listen to – if one can truly consider “rap” real music.
If one looks at the Black Caucus membership, names and affiliations leap from the list:
Emanuel Cleaver, Democrat, Missouri; who stated on CNN and MSNBC to Al Sharpton (Mr. Racist) …
This is partisanship at its most base level.
E. Cleaver, Black Caucus Sociocrat-Racist

Well, Mr. Cleaver, I think that the Black Caucus is racism at the most base level.

See the linked video in previous article concerning Allen Westsitting before a Black Caucus committee.
Of course, the ruckus is over the Attorney General’s clear violation of the law, making himself above the law, not just because of his position, but because of his race. In other words, hiding behind the color of skin when confronted with overwhelming evidence that he is in charge of a corrupt arm of the Obama government. You know, the ATF, who enforces such draconian taxes like the tobacco tax that is 75% more than what the market value price. Just because government wants to tell people what to do with their bodies or clearly make the people agree with government consensus by taxing the crap out of a product they don’t like (those operating the government) – the same people who cry foul against those against mass abortion and who claim it is the woman’s choice because it is her body.
Taxation was designed by the framers of the Constitution to raise revenue to operate the government – and it clearly states so. However, politicians have found a way to engage social engineering by using government power to levy taxes in order to get We the Peopleto do their bidding.
Richard Nixon was looking at charges for impeachment that BH Obama is/has been committing since he swore the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States – which he has violated several times with the help of his cronies in Congress, backed up by the unions that have infiltrated our government and control government employee concerns.
AsStar Parkerstated in her article at Townhall:
Whether there is a fire here remains to be seen. But there is plenty of smoke.

Allen West would say: “Stop blowin’ smoke up my butt“. 
Of course, socialism defender, like Huffington Post considers Allen West “Islamicfobic” and identifies a CAIR fundamentalist a “moderate Muslim” in the same article.
Are these people for real?
The Democrat Party has gone down in history as the most corrupt and destructive political organization in the history of the United States.
The history and facts are quite clearly damning.
The DNC is guilty of everything they continually accuse the opposition – and then some. Deceptions and lies are the norm for these people.

Obama File: Legacy of Anti-Semitism

In an added light upon President Obama’s anti-Semitism, Mitt Rodney scheduled a trip to Israel, which brought to the forefront that President Obama has avoided visiting Israel even when he was visiting Middle East nations, a crucial ally in the region. Bloggers on the Internet and other sources have pressed the point that Obama is a closet Muslim, attending Muslim school while overseas and registered as a Muslim. When he returned to US and moved to Chicago, marrying Michelle, they attended the infamous racist church of Reverend Jeremiah White for the next twenty years.
Primary “Black” Muslims in America, the only nation that uses skin pigmentation to distinguish themselves within a religion, are anti-Semitic. A prime example would be the Nation of Islam

As with so many other things, BH Obama is not what he has painted himself in order to become a senator and then President of the United States. There are gaps and mysteries up to the point of time he became a community organizer. Except for being a lawyer and teaching constitutional law at a university – he had no real qualifications as a senator and especially as President of the United States. Although he studied political science, his experience with foreign affairs and duties as commander-in-chief were extremely limited.

To put it bluntly – BH Obama’s whole campaign from his slogan of Change You Can Believe In down to his personal philosophies, affiliations, and underlying racist tendencies, he certainly has not been a president who promised to unite America in terms of racial/ethnic diversity. In fact, he has further alienated groups of people and increased animosity between social classes, especially the 48% who pay little or not taxes versus the rest of the population that picks up the tab. This does not mean that I am against providing a helping hand or in better terms a boost for those whose lives have been devastated by turn of events and circumstances; but definitely against those who expect citizens who make more than they do pay all the taxes – AND provide financial support for their social-welfare programs.
In only 100 days into his term as President, BH Obama demonstrated what kind of president he was to be, as Ben Shapiro wrote on May 6th, 2009 at Townhall:

One hundred days into Barack Obama’s presidency, he demonstrated cowardice abroad and demagogic tyranny at home. On the 105th day of his presidency, he demonstrated his clear-cut anti-Semitism. . . . Rahm Emanuel, the president’s hatchet man, delivered a message to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. According to the Jerusalem Post, Emanuel stated, “Thwarting Iran’s nuclear program is conditional on progress in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.” The message is clear: America will bar any action against Iran unless Israel makes concessions to the Palestinian Arab thugs who seek to eviscerate all Jewish presence east of the Mediterranean.
Emanuel isn’t the first Obama lackey to link American opposition to Iran with Israeli concessions. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Congress, “For Israel to get the kind of strong support it’s looking for vis-a-vis Iran, it can’t stay on the sidelines with respect to the Palestinians and the peace efforts.” The two issues — Iranian nuclear development and the Israeli-Arab conflict — “go hand in hand.” . . . The Obama administration knows this. They simply don’t care. Their position is clear: America’s ally, Israel, is no longer valuable. Sacrificing it in order to win Obama global popularity points is a worthwhile pursuit. The Obama administration offers Israel a choice between being a victim of suicide via territorial concessions to the Palestinian Arabs, or a victim of homicide via Iran. And the Obama administration forces that choice so that Obama can smile and wave at cheering throngs of Jew-hating maniacs who populate the Muslim world. This is anti-Semitism at its finest. Not even in the heyday of the Carter administration did such anti-Semitism find expression in American foreign policy. . . . Obama is concerned when a Muslim state populated by radical Muslim sympathizers makes territorial concessions to those radical Muslim sympathizers. He is concerned that those Muslim terrorists will be within 100 miles of a Muslim capital. And he is worried that Muslim terrorist attacks on Muslims will escalate. Yet Obama advocates for territorial concessions by Jews to radical Muslims. He presses Jews to hand over territory not 100 miles from the capital, but constituting half the capital itself. He knows that each time Israel has made territorial concessions, Muslim terrorists have upped the ante — most recently in both Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. And he knows that the Palestinian Arabs have never and will never lay down their arms. Yet he threatens Israel with allowing its nuclear annihilation if Israel refuses to authorize euthanasia.
During the election campaign, I wrote that Obama was “the most dangerous candidate for the state of Israel since its creation in 1948.” I wrote, “Any American Jew who votes for Obama ought to be ashamed of him or herself.” My words were not strong enough. Any Jew who continues to support Obama’s foreign policy should turn in his badge as a Jew — that means you, Rahm Emanuel. And all Americans who support Israel must stand up against a president who values the genocidal murderers in Muslim lands over our democratic allies in the Jewish State.

In December of 2011, Obama’s US ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, told a conference hosted by the European Jewish Union that –
Israel is to blame for growing anti-Semitism harbored by people of Muslim faith.

According to the account in the Israeli paper, “The legal experts at the event were visibly stunned by Gutman’s words, and the next speaker offered a scathing rebuttal to the envoy’s remarks.” 

And why shouldn’t this be the attitude of the US Department of State when Hillary Clinton has also proved herself anti-Semitic. Of course, CNNtried to denounce that image. Both Obama and Hillary have received large amounts of donations from anti-Semitic organizations – some being foreign organizations.
Questions arose in March of 2011, according to The Hill and Newsmax.
Apparently, candidate Mitt Romneyis intending to turn that situation around by visiting Israel before elections – something Obama hasn’t done in his entire first term of four years.
It is just another notch in the stick of transgressions that will make BH Obama go down in history as the worst president, even beating Jimmy Carter record. Pretty pathetic when there has been 44 presidents.
Actually, Carter was inept, not corrupt, and tended to appease dictators and tyrants instead of drawing lines and a firm foreign policy; but in the case of BH Obama, his administration is full of corruption and corrupt individuals from the very beginning, like appointing a person to the US Treasury, in charge of IRS, who didn’t pay his taxes, not what was due, as an example of the beginning of Obama’s term. And now a serious scandal concerning his attorney general whom he refuses to fire and any allegations based upon documented proof is met with media bias and cries of racism– because Holder is “Black”.
As with is the case too often throughout society, cries of racism appears even when cold, hard facts are presented and often a person is caught in the act of some crime or corrupt action. What they are trying to tell us is that African Americans – “Black” Americans cannot be accused or prosecuted because of their skin pigmentation and their victim attitude of being descendents of slaves and victims of civil rights issues of the past.
This is one person who will not fall into the category of being afraid to show/tell the truth regardless of race, religion, age, or gender. Congress has not prepared impeachment proceedings or even hinted about it just because of that fearful racism syndrome. 
Of all the eligible Americans out there, like Allen West, why on earth did the American people choose this imposter, if then intended to vote for someone to become the “first Black President”?
In regards to Allen West, they certainly cannot claim racism when he presents the travesties this president commits:
It certainly would be a plus for Mitt Romney to choose Allen West as his VP in this campaign to oust the dictatorship of Obama the Imposter, and not because of his skin pigmentation or race.
Allen West is a retired Army officer, extended knowledge of the terrorist and Middle East situation, including Islamic fundamentalist history. He is bright and intelligent and insists that government should operate within the concrete foundation and principles of the Constitution of the United States. He is a man of action, not just words.
Of course, people of his race often refer to him as an “Oreo” or traitor to his race. But those slurs come from those who have been political slaves to a party that once favored slavery and tried to prolong its existence, i.e., Lincoln and Douglas Debate.
[See video at end of article]
Of course, the Democratic Party would never admit this. They pander, like the Carpetbaggers of the post-civil war America, for votes and financed by big business and trade unions, like what they constantly accuse the competition.
Unless we can wrestle control of our education system from the progressives, BH Obama is going to have a legacy that people today refuse to believe – or are afraid to.
History, historians seeking the truth, reveal much more than the American media has for a long time.
Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, does not qualify to be entered in my series of Wicked People in History; but if I choose to start a series of Corrupt People in American History, he will be on the long list.
And … if We the People are ever going to be united as citizens of the United States, we really have to put aside “Black” this and “White” that, and interstate prejudices and all the other syndromes Americans have developed over time. 
It is We the People who will put America back into greatness as the republic for which it was formed – not a democracy, not a theocracy, or a socialist nanny state — but a REPUBLIC.
Hope everyone had a great and safe Independence Day.

 If American citizens whose ethnic background matches Allen West — he represents what Martin Luther King said when he stated that a person should be judged by his character and not the color of his skin … and Mr. West certainly would have promoted pride in his American ethnic background, truly giving the status as “First Black American President“.
But instead the people chose the Imposter.

Indeed, Allen West is a “rising star” — a representative of Tea Party and other freedom pursuing organizations that want our government to promote our nation as the republic for which is was founded and adhere to the limitations of the articles and amendments of the US Constitution. As Mr. West said: the Constitution and the Declaration was to promote the welfare of the People – not PROVIDE welfare for the People and take away their rights in the name of Big Government.
Why didn’t the GOP political establishment push for this man to be on the ticket of the primary election 2012? Is he “too radical” like the media and establishment proclaimed about Ron Paul?
Make this man the VP so he can instill and side with Mitt Romney to ensure that the presidential candidate doesn’t waiver in this fight for true reformation of our government and instill self-reformation of the American people to once again be proud to say: “I am an American of the United States of America and swear to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States and its amendments.
We the People must also look for candidates like Allen West in order to clean out Congress of the “business as usual” politicians who cater to special interests, unions, and the status quo. We don’t need “moderates”, we need patriot constitutionalists in Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House. Make the separation of powers once more the solid basis for a government that checks and corrects itself under the power of the People. We need congressional members who are not afraid to stand against corruption and anti-constitutionalism no matter what political club they belong to. The United States of America was not founded to be a democracy or a socialist nanny state — but a Republic.
We the People can do it – but we need to ignore the media and the political elite that has slowly taken over every aspect of American society that has lost its character, integrity, and pride. 
Learn and know constitutional law. Start reforming our society by instilling the basics of virtue within our families — family units that stick together and raise children by example.
The family is the core of any nation, as We the People are in unification; for if that core is corrupted and dissolved, the nation will surely fall afterwards.
Watch video when Allen West confronts the Black Caucus.
Watch/listen video: Obama is a Marxist.
Watch video: Allen West Talks About Tea Party. [unfortunately in the middle there is a problem with audio, but you can still hear what he is saying]
Watch video: Resurrecting the American Spirit.