Invasion, Subversion, and Racism

Fast-Furious-MovieThe GOP political establishment is just as much the problem as the Democrats when it comes to securing our national border and not rewarding people for breaking our immigration laws. Indeed, with the amount of illegals that cross our border yearly it could technically and rightfully be called an invasion. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has called for the House Republicans to stand up against the GOP House leadership (Boehner always giving into the progressives) and pointed out that the House “principles” are the same as what was passed in the Senate by the Gang of Eight senators.

Illegal immigrants first break our immigration laws and when they arrive they also commit document fraud, another federal offense; and because those immigrants do not go through the required process, criminals and subversives cross over among those “seeking a new life”. In today’s topsy-turvy world of the United States government and policies, Mexican invaders have the right to break immigration laws in the name of international “human rights”. Indeed, this is the stance of the Mexican government whose immigration laws are more strict than ours. The Mexican economy thrives as millions of dollars a year are sent to Mexican relatives from illegal aliens working and living in the United States.

The request by the ICE to Republicans to consult them before making a decision did not happen. Once again they do not follow political platform or promises in getting rid of “anchor baby” clause. So this year of congressional elections, I present you the name that joined the Gang of Eight and helped bring another disaster upon We the People, legal citizens, of the United States: Senator Marco Rubio (FL), John McCain (AZ), Lindsey Graham (SC) and Jeff Flake (AZ) – all RINOs who compromise the US Constitution and ignore the traditional principles and political platform of the Republican Party, the “Party of Lincoln”.

Under S.744, crime does pay. Criminals will be rewarded with US citizenship, something that once meant something more than being on the dole of government. Crime will increase, without a secure border – more invaders will come knowing they will eventually get amnesty, and the drug cartel will get a bigger hold in the US – all the while destroying traditions of American culture and subverting the constitutional republic.

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Eric Holder: Choosing Sides

Fast-Furious-MovieThe Knockout Game was created by an element of the black society, which, as the liberal-progressive, corporate media does – was significantly suppressed. When a white youth mimicked the violent activity, it was not handled by local law enforcement, but was elevated to federal level – thanks to Eric Holder. According to the demented white youth that was arrested for performing the Knockout Game, he did it in defiance against the new racist game played by black urban youth. Forbid that any such violent activity should be considered racist, unless the act was committed by any other ethnic/racial group other than “blacks”.

In came the Internet, who not only made video-taped incidents of the Knockout Game viral, but showed that it was something more than a small element or minimum incidents. Allen West and other responsible Americans with darker skin pigmentation than Caucasians, spoke up and against the racial atrocity. Greta Van Susteren pleaded for Obama to bring the serious issue up and speak up and against the Knockout Game. Holder’s response was to press federal charges, the only time during the myriad of Knockout Game incidents [one that caused death] when it was a white person involved.

The media does the same for political scandals, non-stop against any political entity or individual that is involved in scandal, but no investigation or cry of “foul” if it involves the Democratic Socialist Party of United States, commonly known in short terms, “Democratic Party”. Sometimes the corporate mainstream media is forced to cover issues.

According to Before Its News, the Knockout Game is what the media calls it – the black youth who invented it and do it called it the Polar Bear Hunting game; and one can see why the media didn’t use the original term.

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In the News and Commentary – November 22nd 2013

In the News and Commentary:

 Democrats, Republicans Failing to Live Up to Brands by Jonah Goldberg The Iraq war was sold, at least at times, as a war that would find weapons of mass destruction, end quickly, pay for itself and usher in a new era of democracy for an Iraqi people who would be grateful for being liberated from a tyrant. Suffice it to say that the Bush administration didn’t check every one of those boxes. … Liberals have been pushing for some version of universal, single-payer health care for over a century. … Americans blame the parties for a lot, but a lot can be blamed on Americans. … In the aftermath of Iraq and Afghanistan, many Republicans are growing more skeptical about the national security state and foreign interventions. If Obamacare continues to unravel, it will be interesting to see if Democrats undergo a similar readjustment, and stop over-promising and under-delivering.

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Info Highway: July 27th 2013

  • OUR TAX DOLLARS [American Spectator]: The federal government, through the CIA intends to investigate the effects of human engineering on Earth’s environment …the study will be run by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and will take 21 months to complete. Edward Price: It’s natural that on a subject like climate change the Agency would work with scientists to better understand the phenomenon and its implications on national security.
    This study by the federal “intelligence” committee was first proposed in 2008 – all during the Obama administration.
    Meanwhile: Mexican invaders continue to pour over our borders and those who came to US uninvited [filling our jails and prisons from violent crimes] continues unabated, subversive Reconquista and Islamic subversive organizations [Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic training camps] continue to operate as well as increase of insertion of Mexican drug cartel operatives continue. What was that about national security? Climate change is a national security priority over “phenomenon” just described? So-called climate change is a theory, subversion activity is fact – at last count there are 35 Jihad-Islamic training camps in United States. The worst enemy in US is ourselves headed by the federal government ignoring true threats. Madness continues with those “serving” in the federal government in the forefront.

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Obama Speaks Up About Trayvon Martin – And Information Jury Knew Becomes Public

BH Obama released a written statement concerning the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial and it is a statement that reflects that this president is not concerned about a nation divided, if he did he would not have made his “If I had a son” statement. Now he calls for people to accept the verdict, while his DOJ is seeking ways to enact revenge, requested by the racial organization of NAACP [founded by Mary “White” Ovington] …

And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher. But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.

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Zimmerman Trial Verdict: Not Guilty – But Not Free

George Zimmerman has been acquitted: Not Guilty of Second-Degree Murder and Not Guilty of Manslaughter charges. The six women jurors deliberated for 15 hours over two days before the verdict was reached about 10pm, Saturday. The prosecution’s case was weak and fortunately the jury provided a benefit of doubt, and considered that the forensic evidence showed that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor, beating on Zimmerman, who did not pull his firearm from the holster until Martin had his hands near where he carried his concealed carry firearm. Yet people are sad that he was not convicted. Racism has been prevalent throughout this trial – Zimmerman, in the eyes of media [thanks to them the fervor] and with the aid of stupid remarks from President Obama [a president should never interfere with such a civil case], immediately Zimmerman was deemed a racist. Congressional members were just as guilty of prejudicial remarks.

No one considered that Zimmerman had not only been a member of a community watch, but also reportedly helped young people of the community who were black. It did not matter to the general black public. It did not matter that the media at first painted Zimmerman as white, and later found he was Hispanic – mostly because of his non-Hispanic surname, Zimmerman. The media and the president is to blame for any repercussions of the verdict delivered by the jury.

After 15 months he is a free man, but is he? Throughout the ordeal, George Zimmerman was guilty until proven innocent. A little different from what the law reads.

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Zimmerman Trial: Jury to Deliberate

Soon after closing arguments are finished, the jury in the Zimmerman trial will begin its deliberation. During the deliberation the main elements/questions of the trial must be considered based on evidence presented:

  • Whose screams were heard on the 911 calls? At the beginning, the Martin family were unsure of whose voice was on the recording of cries for help, but later, after a meeting with the family as a collective, they changed that to stating that it was definitely Trayvon Martin. Friends of Zimmerman state that it was the voice of George Zimmerman. No voice print expert was ever produced during the trial to investigate by voice pattern who was crying for help, and the judge would not allow anything found on Martin’s cell phone that could be used for evidence of Martin’s possible intentions or his background of being violent or criminal activities.
  • Who was on top when the shooting occurred? Neighbors saw the struggle in the darkness, but the question was who was the aggressor, the one on top of the other beating the person on the ground. Jonathan Good, who had the best view, stated he saw a person in dark clothing straddling someone in red or white clothing and was using his fists in a downward, pummeling motion on the person on the ground. Zimmerman’s injuries indicate that he was the one pummeled with fists.

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Myth Blaster: Recognize This Guy? – Chain Email

trayvon-martin-george-zimmerman_Miami HeraldThe Trayvon Martin shooting case is sticky enough, with the prosecution reaching for straws in order to convict George Zimmerman for Second-Degree Murder, but the morons [and racists] in cyberspace are not helping matters much. Neither has the mainstream media in the whole reporting history of the case.

Now it has gone “viral” over the chain Email circuit that the 17-year-old had tattoos and looked more like a gangster than the innocent-looking youth the media presented [next to a not so good photo of Zimmerman].

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Progressive Anti-Americanism Taints Independence Day

Tea Party_04In an after-action report of the latest Independence Day celebration, despite pleas of unity and waking up to the fact that today we are experiencing reasons why in 1776 we declared independence from the mother country of England. Yet there were those who marched carrying US flags flown upside down [according to Flag Etiquette, meaning “distress”] and spasmodic rhetoric from socially superiority group painted the United States as racist and imperialistic. The commemorated not the celebration of the birth of our nation, but instead commemorating their hatred for it. It was not a demand that the United States government stop interfering with the affairs of other nations and getting involved, but condemning our country as imperialistic – grossly untrue, because if that were so we would be accumulating other nations as satellite states or colonies. Racism does exist, but it is because of society’s insistence upon multiculturalism, pockets of diversity that shred the threads of unity; where immigrants do not come here to assimilate into our culture, but create a mini-nation within a nation using the nation they left as a model making one wonder why they came here in the first place.  Racism still exists because descendants of former slaves refuse to relegate that fact to history and move forward with intent of unification, not segregation that MLK worked so hard to eliminate.
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