State of Our Union: June 2nd 2013

  • State of Our Union: Fiscal Cliff Bill Passes Congress for Obama's Signature - and Income Tax Still in EffectTea Party News Network: Priorities: Fourth of July Cancelled for Military Bases While the Obamas Tour Africa on the Taxpayer Dime. Though we ask our soldiers to risk life and limb for their country, many soldiers will be unable to see the rocket’s red glare this year as we celebrate our nation’s birthday. But don’t worry; The Obamas are reportedly having a great time on their taxpayer-funded vacation to Africa. Fourth of July celebrations have been cancelled at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base and at the Army’s Fort Bragg. The fourth of July celebrations have also been cancelled at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia. The Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina have also cancelled their Fourth of July celebrations as well as the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii and New Jersey’s Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. All of the celebrations have been cancelled due to budgetary restraints. The Tea Party is a fiscally conservative organization and we advocate small, limited government. Though Senator Harry Reid and other hysterics would like to label us “anarchists” or advocates of no government, we are merely advocates of small government that makes good decisions with taxpayer money.

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Weird Science: Arguments Continue Over Who Is At Fault for Climate Changes

Bkgrd_ChimpTypingPeople are forgetting what was revealed in Climategate, 2009. Why do people gravitate toward the elite whose sole desire/purpose in life is to control others?

To provide an example that freedom can be lost no matter which traditional political entity is in charge, take a trip into cyberspace and visit Real Science and Steven Goddard. A parody website is also out there who frets over the fact that Mr. Goddard seems to be a mystery man, yet his name pops up when it comes to discussion of “climate change” formerly called “global warming” by the progressives.

I am a follower of his blog and the gist of his blog concerns climate change, his blog motto:

Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts. [Richard Feynman]

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Climate Change Enters the Picture Again

Tax CollectorGlobal Warming has been proven to be a fantasy, in respect to human footprints causing regional or global climate change; yet our government, and governments elsewhere are spending billions of dollars to combat something that cannot be changed. At least in known technology, which we can never reach as long as people pay attention to junk scientists. Of course, the progressives, when they are confronted with facts, instead of admitting that people were bamboozled by junk scientists and opportunists like Al Gore – changed the term from global warming to climate change – still blaming it all upon human footprint. Instead of looking to blame humanity, they should be looking to the source that definitely does have effects upon weather and other factors about the planet Earth – the Sun, which is a star in our solar system.

Don’t get me wrong, I am for cleaning up the air, but we often overlook how badly polluted so much water sources have become and we are not doing enough for that real problem. However, the sun’s recent hyper-activities is more likely to be at fault than emission controlled vehicles and aircraft that is being used today.

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Media Watch: Hurricane Sandy Becomes Model for Climate Change Argument

Martin Bashir at MSNBC uses Hurricane Sandy as an attempt to reestablish the “global warming” or “climate change” theory-turned-hoax. PBS (govt controlled entity) joined in when Tavis Smiley dreamed of Obama politicizing the storm as part of the traditional “October Surprise” rhetoric. Jennifer Granholmwas quoted:

there’s a clear link to climate change. … Is this a result, this disconnect, the result of the oil lobby successfully confusing the public? How do we convince the people that it’s real and that it’s caused by people?

That’s simple, Ms. Granholm – keep lying to the public, kill common sense, and hope you can dupe enough people to actually believe that climate change has not been occurring before even humans walked the Earth.
Of course, ALL the pundits and useful idiots are not paying attention to the NASA report of increased solar flare-storms that definitely has much to do with weather. 
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Global Climate and Earth’s Resources

Six thousand years ago the Sahara Desert was a lush tropical region abundant with rivers and its tributaries and lakes, as well as many species now found south of the great desert today. Ancient Egypt became a great civilization because of the Nile River with rich silt that grew enough food for the growing Egyptian population. The Sahara region became a desert because of a warming effect, which today alarmists would have one believe is a unique global phenomenon today introducing a forecast of doom upon the planet Earth. But warming and cooling has been part of Earth’s history long before the human species existed and life on Earth learned to adapt. It wasn’t easy, but things that are important in life usually work that way.

Yet, we should be concerned about the quality and non-pollution of our fresh water because it only consists of 3% of the Earth’s water content with 97% being salt water non-potable and useless for growing food. Modern science has found ways to make food from the natural plant resources in oceans and seas, like algae, kelp and seaweeds; but this cannot be used if the oceans and seas become polluted.
Water found beneath in the ground, even found desert, arid regions ground water is also in jeopardy because of modern civilization polluting the precious resource. Wells are polluted by farmer’s improper collection of manure, which has been corrected by building holding tanks to prevent it washing into streams and into underground systems that the Earth sucks up like a big sponge. 33% of fresh water on Earth is found in subterranean caverns and pools.
Earth’s atmosphere must also be protected. We are finally realizing that building great cities with little or no plant life, nature’s own air purifier; CO2 being used by plants and in return produces oxygen. So it would be prudent for humans to ensure there is enough of plant life, especially trees even in cities.
Civilizations have disappeared because of not using local resources properly or ignorantly polluting that which they had. This is, of course, a concern today just as it was then, but the difference is that today it has become a political tool because politicians and others with ulterior motives know that fear and doomsayer rhetoric will encourage the people to agree with their goals.
Recently so much dialogue, protests and people believing the alarmists follow those that would doctor scientific data, and in some cases, actually make it up. A computer model can only be as accurate as the data it receives.
We must continue to strive to invent clean and economical means of providing heat, electricity and the rewards of civilization, especially as the world’s population grows. Population, overpopulation, is also an issue. There is only so much room for people and so much land to grow food necessary to sustain that population.
It is not up to the governments of the world to make all of this work, it is the people and the ingenuity of the private sector that will find the best answers; combined with scientists who are more concerned about solving the issues than receiving notoriety and making life better for all. Governments who have statesmen and stateswomen who responsibly pass legislation that private sector businesses do not further pollute. It is far easier and faster to prevent the pollution than to clean it up – the recent Gulf oil spill attests to that.
Governments preach about the Green movement but have laws that hinder people from using alternate energy and coupled with bureaucratic red tape, people who have the incentive to use wind and solar energy as an alternate to expensive carbon fuel. It is time that governments owe up to their preaching of alternate energies instead of playing games with the people and sidling up to the trough offered by unions, tax schemes – like cap-and-trade.
Until we find the means to reduce further the need for crude oil for energy, America must continue to strive to be self sufficient concerning crude oil and responsibly, with level heads, address issues concerning the use of it. Safety measures to prevent pollution should be in place and required of all those who make a living by gleaning black gold from the ground and the seas of the world. We have a great source of energy that has been around for eons, the Sun, a star that if properly and practically harnessed would produce energy that is cheap and clean. It will be here the life of this planet. Without out it or if it eventually changes to a superstar and ends its life as all stars are destined to end; people of this planet need to harness its energy.
We would probably need crude oil for lubrication and other products invented by scientists, like plastics and other products that may be invented in the future – but we would no longer be dependent upon burning carbon, like coal, that pollutes the air we breathe. 
The western world is presently being assailed by religious fanatics, whose goal is world theocracy that governs people like they were governed in the medieval period of human history, and it is being financed primarily with crude oil and illegal cultivation and trafficking of plants that produce highly addictive and dangerous heroine. America should no longer become hostage to foreign oil and its prices. If the price of crude oil is reduced, we could make high-strength plastic timber that could be used to build homes and buildings that are less combustible and build furniture with artificial looking wood that still shows the beauty of natural wood grains – and there would be no need to cut forests except to prevent dangers of forest fires. Managing forests across the world and reintroducing forests in other places would increase the quality and oxygenation of the atmosphere. Crude oil prices would be reduced enough to become a cheap commodity once an alternative energy or series of alternative energies were produced that people could afford to use.
We are at the beginning of the 21st Century and we should already be on the road towards more efficient and affordable energy with methods of production and inhabiting this planet that does not pollute it. This can be the age of renewable resources that will help civilization just as the industrial and the computer age has done. We are a resourceful species, but we must use those resources responsibly and approach it with fact and true science.
Politicians whose answer is taxes and cap-and-trade schemes are not the answer – but the ingenuity of the people who strive to make their lives better and the lives of all.
Earth will never be the perfect utopia, just as humans are not perfect; but there is no reason we cannot strive to make the best possible world for all who live within it. Humans must make education a priority and shun away those who strive to deceive for political or personal reasons, using fear of a doomsday future as their tool. 

Myth Blaster: Truth About ANWR (Revisited)

This article concerns an old argument, yet an old argument that requires solving, especially in the aftermath of the ClimateGate revelations and other ‘gates’ opened up in the post-ClimateGate period between last November and now.
The subject is from an email that has been circulating for some time to demonstrate how special interest groups in the name of the health of global environment has not only stuck their noses in a matter that seems to be beyond their ability to grasp, but alter or make up the facts that substantiates their venomous advocacy against America becoming self-sufficient when it comes to crude oil production. Rather than transcribing the email here, I will just direct you to a site that has already published it, including the photos in the circulated email.
It is at Heritage blog publishing dated June 29th 2008, as well as at Canada Free Press. Pretty pathetic that nothing was done about this since 2006, it is 2010 and still they listen to the environmentalists who should undergo psychoanalysis in order to possibly understand their reasoning.
So based upon the subject and the email of the Comparison of ANWR and environmentalist and government advocacy individuals and groups against drilling in Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, other sites where at least 34 billion barrels of oil just sits waiting to be tapped; as well as off shore drilling prospects that China has taken advantage of off the coast of Cuba – here is the analysis and assessment of the email …

Myth Blaster Verdict:
TRUE – with exception concerning local residents’ statement.
The ANWR is an acronym for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge located in Alaska.
It is an area that consists of 18,286,482 acres in the region of Alaska known as the North Slope. The site of the proposed oil drilling location is in a geographical area called the Coastal Plain in the northwestern tip of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The history of the region can be found at Wikipedia.
Snopes disagrees on the issue and the only source they provide is from The Wilderness Society concerning oil spill issues – with the link going to the home page.
The couple publishing Snopes has been known to be bias on certain subject material. More Americans agree with the folks fighting Congress, the EPA and government agencies siding with self-indulgent environmental organizations and independent radicals – but Congress is only listening to the junk scientists and environmental wackos these days. 
Pictures shown by those opposing Americans becoming self-sufficient and less dependent upon foreign oil are pictures of the ANWR, but in areas that are not in the vicinity of the proposed oil drilling site. 
A clear demonstration of the leftist misinformation brainwashing. Here is a picture that environmentalist depicted of the portion of ANWR that is not involved with any oil drilling:
The portion where proposed drilling in ANWR is coastal tundra – here is a reality photo:
Helicopter in photo above is area where proposed drilling it to take place. 
And the notion that wildlife is in danger if ANWR is drilled at proposed site? 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words [Prudhoe Bay drill site]:
If oil drilling was a problem, Alaskans would not want it – there are already drill sites at Prudhoe Bay Oil Field (17% of domestic crude oil production), Sourdough Oil Field, Kuparuk Oil Field and Kaktovik sites. The caribou herds don’t seem to mind. Alaskans know what is good for Alaska and the central, federal government has no constitutional right to interfere with state business; unless it is against the articles in the Constitution of the United States that directs our government in what powers they have and don’t have.
The Democrats, President Obama and Marxist-Progressives in Congress say they want to create jobs, yet they continually say NO to prospects that will create them, or make job creation in private sector more difficult with their oppressive and often unconstitutional legislation; as well as those among them who must have their noses in everyone else’s business.
It is true that 75% of the Alaskan voters had opted for oil drilling. It is unclear about the statement concerning the statement local residents because the area is tundra and a national state park. Maybe they are referring to the herds of caribou that cross the area from time to time.
Oil drilling today leaves a small footprint in visibility of the environment. 
The Alaska oil tanker disaster was caused by a First Mate who was intoxicated on his watch – caused by human error – not the standards and practices of an oil corporation, Exxon in this case. Remember this: Oil companies detest oil spills: (a) it is wasteful of their product; (b) the cost in fines and clean up is horrendous on the profit margin; and (c) bad publicity.
For the seventh time a bill has come up in the House of Representatives of the US Congress to drill at ANWR, as well as proposed bills to drill offshore in US territory. As a side note, offshore rigs withstood Hurricane Katrina, while refineries in Louisiana were damaged. By not drilling ripe spots for crude oil, it will eventually bubble to the surface in various amounts, causing – yes, you guessed it – pollution! Ever hear of the Tar Pits in California?
Environmental issues are always important to any nation. I personally would like the scenery of nature to always be around, as clean an air as naturally possible, and water an important resource to be kept clean for obvious reasons. More vegetation equals cleaner air, because combined with the rain process it is a natural cleaning component as well as producing oxygen for all living things on Earth.
However, I am for protecting the environment by using common sense. We have found that climate alarms, environmental alarms, and so on are politically motivated and pioneered for people that seem to be not all there – and basically have no common sense.
America’s dependence upon foreign oil has invited several problems to occur, and here is a few:
By purchasing the majority of America’s crude oil from the Arabs, the United States is financing the very enemy we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Part of the major problem with the economic crisis has to do with inflation or holding back on crude oil purchases from foreign nations.
It concerns a national security issue in that dependence upon foreign oil provides certain nations to use crude oil as a tool in their endeavors to see America buckle or use it as a method of blackmail.
Alaskans should have a say about economical development in their state – not the US Congress. It’s something called state rights in the articles of the Constitution of the United States.
I rest my case. Some people just can’t handle the truth.
Write to your representatives and senators and tell them it is time to favor America’s well being, rather than their political games.
[Special thanks to Joan Bartelson]
Further Reading and Bibliography:
History of ANWR … Wikipedia
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ClimateGate: Still the Progressive Sociocrats Continue Their Rhetoric

Opening day of the 2010 Winter Olympics will be in Vancouver, Canada starting February 12th with alpine skiing and ski jumping events. Problem is there isn’t any snow yet in Vancouver. Of course, global warming was to blame.
Five days ago: Record snowstorm in Washington, DC and eastern part of the United States paralyses travelers. Time reported:

Snowstorm: East Coast Blizzard Tied to Climate Change.

I told you a while back when all this global warming nonsense flooded the media, later changed to a different term after real scientists showed up junk scientists to the convenient generic term of climate change; that sociocrats and junk scientists would be covering their tracks and changing their terms in order to save face after being found out. If the weather gets warmer or colder, the sociocrat progressives can still say they had warned everyone.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote a column [two years ago] claiming that the anemic winters in the Washington DC area was due to global warming.
Not enough snow, too much snow, ice caps melting, glaciers getting larger. To the environmental junk scientists and sheeple – either way it doesn’t matter because the United Nations said its so, junk scientists said its so, politicians said it so and Al Gore got an Academy Award for his documentary and a Nobel Prize for saying its so.

Truth revealed through Climategate doesn’t matter to these people – and they convincingly act like they are intellectual and even science savvy. Simple high school science can blow the global warming theory out the window at the outset; especially their CO2 rhetoric. Keep an eye on the 24-hour animated chart at the top of the side column at this website – it shows mean average temperature increments as well as carbon dioxide levels and other important information fed directly from global weather and temperature systems.
The following items have been blamed by the environmental whackos that give conservationists a bad name, allegedly caused by global warming: the Atlantic Ocean’s salt content has decreased; the Atlantic ocean is more salty; the Earth has slowed down in its axis spinning; the Earth is spinning faster; fish are getting bigger; fish are getting smaller; and even beer brewing has been affected.
The once prodigious Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) within the United Nations that won a Nobel Prize in 2007, whose members have been charged with cooking their data books, has been exposed. But we still see and hear statements made in favor of the Al Gore global warming and IPCC climate change syndrome. Inaccurate claims in a report by IPCC in 2007 stated that the Himalaya glaciers are melting, crop loss and starvation in Africa, Amazon rain forest depleting, and hurricanes and earthquakes are all because of the sociocrat declared global warming/climate change consensus.
The cap-and-trade system initiated in Europe has failed to do what it was professed to do and President Obama and fellow sociocrats in Congress want to follow suit. It and other malarkey plans would do nothing to change the weather, but would cost trillions of dollars to an already damaged deficit problem in the United States. It would just make those in business and investors of, like Al Gore, richer at the taxpayers’ expense. That funding could certainly go to something more useful. NASA is forced to postpone their plan to send a manned exploration team to the Moon because of the economy.
Aren’t real scientific endeavors more important than junk science theory consensus? 

Inflation and More Flagellation from the Prophet of Doom: Rev. Al ‘Pinocchio’ Gore

100-dollar-bill_animated No one needs to be reminded that a full-blown inflation process is underway in America and according to media reports in other areas of the world as well. The price rise for this year shows an average across the board by more than 8%. Flower and rice is up 13% and climbing. Milk, cheese, bananas, peanut butter up 10%; while eggs have jumped up 30% this year. Beef prices are up 4.8% and chicken, traditionally the more affordable meat is up 5.4%. And the bad news is that this inflation will not pass, and economic reports state that instead it will be accelerating. Usher in from inflation to recession, the prelude of depression, which occurred in 1896 [depression], 1930 [depression], and 1980 [recession]. I know, you don’t need to hear this statement of doom with the doomsday climate “experts” hitting the headlines constantly, but this is actually causing problems economically as well as other factors, and the primary cause indicates the government itself. 
Everything going up except the wages, and some folks without jobs.

Global_Warming_Gore_Fire Rev. Al Gore has added a place to visit his prophetic rhetoric in cyberspace: – I guess this “We” site is supposed to solve the global climate “crisis”, sustained who mean to take more funds from the common folk (taxpayers) of the world. Meanwhile, people are starving by real climate problems – drought. Of course, this is all the fault of the global warming phenomenon. This site is introduced by a video of Joylette P. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as the “presenter” of The Climate Project, another paid useful idiot belonging to what Mark Alexander calls “Village Idiots”. (While you see the term “Village Idiot” all over cyberspace – Mark Alexander is the originator). It begins with this text:

We are millions of people speaking up for solutions. We can solve the climate crisis if we take action now. …

They have a link to click on entitled “We are Succeeding” – which if they do they world will certainly head faster to a world economic depression. They have the mainstream media and socialist mouthpieces called “bloggers” to help indoctrinate (or try to) more people in their realm of Utopian fantasy. The “About Us” page begins:

The We Campaign is a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection – a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Nobel laureate former Vice President Al Gore. Our ultimate aim is to halt global warming

Of course, Reverend Al Gore of the Church of Climate Alarmists fails to tell you the trillion dollar business deal he has cooking under the banner of the Global Warming rhetoric, which according to Al Gore and others like him is the “gospel truth” and there is no longer an argument or any different opinions or facts will be accepted. This is the kind of government that Rev. Gore would like to see around the globe – a know all entity that refuses anything that is presented as factual or at least against what has been mandated by the elite. Something for folks to look forward to, if people like Gore get their way.
The Nobel “laureate” is pushing for yet another failed global treaty in the form of a petition.
Joseph Romm wrote [mind-changing indoctrination from Huffington Post] in his article The Cold Truth About Global Warming

The more I write about global warming, the more I realize I share some things in common with the doubters and deniers who populate the blogosphere and the conservative movement. Like them, I am dubious about the process used by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to write its reports. Like them, I am skeptical of the so-called consensus on climate science as reflected in the IPCC reports. Like them, I disagree with people who say “the science is settled.” But that’s where the agreement ends.
The science isn’t settled – it’s unsettling, and getting more so every year as the scientific community learns more about the catastrophic consequences of uncontrolled greenhouse gas emissions.

Romm continues with the arctic sea loss charts, but as others, he fails to check the history of the arctic and the ever-changing climate conditions elsewhere. He also doesn’t mention the record cold temperatures in areas of the globe this year. Actually the most catastrophic occurrence that could occur globally would be a massive ice agestarvation would definitely reduce the world population. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, so would a drought. But the last time in Earth’s history where there was such a warm period, plant life was prolific (making today’s plant species look like dwarfs) and the animal life was enormous. We call their fossilized remains “dinosaurs”.
I have said all along that we need to continue our watch on the environment and make corrections to human contribution to air and water pollution – two things that allow life on this planet. But when someone refers to “greenhouse gas” – I instantly am reminded that water vapor from the activities of the star we call the Sun is involved, and that we need that water vapor for a healthy planet. What we need is logical activity to promote the healthy planet that the Green Earth people are having an orgasm about.
And when someone uses the United Nations as a source of scientific reports, one merely has to remember the recent decades of corruption and noxious gas that has emitted from that entity designed to be a world body organization, with intentions of becoming a world government. It wasn’t too long ago that United Nation members were involved in the Food for Oil program, receiving money from under the table from the treasury of Saddam Hussein – and thus was discovered the reason for the United Nations not wanting to take action against that butcher despot.
Rush Limbaugh stated once on his radio show that if you wanted to find the foundation behind an idea or movement – follow the money; especially if you suspect an underlying reason or agenda behind the movement – the tool in this case is carbon credits. This global warming crisis smells and is as dangerous as methane gas – which the Earth also produces naturally, not just human activity or rather mammal activity – remembering the government taxpayer funded study on cow flagellation (farting). And Gore? He and his organization has recently spent $300 million on an advertising blitz to home in on receptive Village Idiots who are ready for his indoctrination.
And by the way – Senator Obama stated that if he becomes president he’ll provide a position for Al Gore as the Secretary of Climate Change government agency – yep, gotta keep making our government bigger and more bureaucracy. That’s the ticket! If you think we have economic problems now, wait until he becomes president with a Democratic and RINO Congress we have. 
LINKS TO RESEARCH:The Real Inconvenient Truth: Some facts about greenhouse and global warming –
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Global Warming Issue: NASA/GISS Data Incorrect

Pundits, politicians and the media thought they had a reputable entity to back up their global warming diatribe – NASA. Michael Fumento states in his article Global Warming and James Hansen’s Hacks in which he tells readers that we should look more closely …

In retrospect, you knew there would be trouble when you put the people responsible for the Space Shuttle program in charge of tracking U.S. temperatures. So perhaps it shouldn’t have come as a big surprise when it was revealed that NASA committed a bit of an oopsie regarding data constantly used by the mainstream media and other global warming proponents. If you follow the global warming debate, you “know” that nine of the ten warmest years recorded in the U.S. lower 48 since 1880 have occurred since 1995, with the very hottest being 1998. But whaddya know! Those figures are wrong. Data from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) now show the hottest year since 1880 was 1934. …Indeed, four of the 10 hottest years were in the 1930s, while only three were in the past decade. The real 15 hottest years are spread over seven decades. …

Rush Limbaugh was incorrect in saying the new figures are “just more evidence” that “this whole global warming thing is a scientific hoax.” Conversely, global warming hotheads are also wrong in insisting the revelation belongs in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

The GISS, which is directed by global warming guru James Hansen, is saying likewise. … the GISS ignores the tremendous emotional impact it’s had in practically claiming each year is hotter than the one before. …

But, notes Canadian mathematician Stephen McIntyre, who exposed the false figures, “The Hansen error … has a significant impact on the GISS estimate of U.S. temperature history … Is this important because we’re a major world power or that we produce the best fried chicken? No, it’s important because we have a far more sophisticated system of temperature monitoring than countries with far larger land masses. Hence, data from each of these nations affect the global model more than the American data. 

“Many of the stations in ChinaIndonesiaBrazil, and elsewhere are in urban areas,” observes McIntyre. This can produce hotter temperatures, yet some of the major trackers of the data from these countries, including the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, make no attempt to adjust for monitor placement errors. …

Thus if the U.S. model, by far the most accurate one, became the model it would be a gut punch to those claiming we must take drastic, horrifically expense measures right now to ameliorate warming. Therefore, for the GISS to say this “only” affects the U.S. data is rather like a used car salesman insisting, “This automobile defect is trivial; it only affects steering and braking.” …

McIntyre discovered an error in GISS records for the years 2000 through 2006. In simplest terms, they hadn’t been adjusted to compensate for the location or time of day where the data was gathered. Nobody at GISS ever correlated those newer figures with the older ones until McIntyre did, even though later Hansen admitted it was “easy to fix.” McIntyre published the data on his own website and got the agency to admit it was wrong and post new figures.

Yet the GISS did absolutely nothing to alert scientists or the public to the new figures. This though it has published five global warming press releases so far this year, each one alarming. It took the blogosphere and radio talk show hosts to publicize the new figures even as the mainstream media initially ignored it.

Ultimately the greatest importance of all of this is that it strongly appears to substantiate the intuitive belief that, with scientist-politician Hansen at the helm the GISS, whose data are far more important to modeling global temperatures – and hence global warming policy – that it lets on, is not a neutral collector and disseminator of statistics but rather a politicized mouthpiece.

And that is the gist of it, isn’t it. Politicians are willing to allow junk scientists and their false science persuades the American people and the people of other nations to pay the heavy price (their tax funds) of their false science, when such funding could be used for other things.
I am not denying that there are changing patterns in climate; this has been going on for as long as Earth’s history. And during that history there have been major changes – over longer periods of time that what the politocrat-scientists claim. Looking at the studies of CO2 and examining the climate during the period when dinosaurs roamed the Earth – is global warming so bad? Plant life was prolific, and had to be to feed the huge plant eaters that roamed at the time. Of course, there were violent changes and weather patterns then as well – some being catastrophic volcanic activity. Many ships of the seas went down in violent storms during hurricane season in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of the newly found Americas. Was that global warming? In fact, records show that during the medieval age there was a warming in Europe. The ice caps were in place then and they no doubt would have seen massive ice pieces the size of a small country drifting away from the massive ice shelf to turn into icebergs and eventually move to warmer seas where they melted – with no perceptible notice of any change to coastlines. However, there were changes in coastlines, some of it caused by the force of the tide and other reasons because of the slow process of land silting – the opposite effect of what “experts” say will happen to our blue planet. The historic city of Ephesus has a dock that sits on dry land with the sea almost two kilometers away – because of silting. In other areas along the Mediterranean Sea there are ruins of Roman towns that once were on dry land under the sea along the coastline.
Maybe, in the future, the arctic ice will melt away revealing the land mass that was once there before it became buried under miles of ice and snow, as it was revealed by Peri Reis’smap. And not many have considered that it is the Earth’s sun, a star, is the cause of these fluctuations in climate involving the sun’s influence. It is an astronomically scientific fact that the sun, a star, will end up burning up eons from now. Is this a human factor is it just the natural way of the universe?
Yes, we need to use logical conservation and keep our world as ecologically balanced as possible, but we need to laugh the politically motivated scientists off the stage, those who come up with “theories” that are presented as facts, and those who would use the media and other informational sources to make the public believe that their falsely based “data” requires spending and using human resources for an endeavor that is not as important as other issues on the table.
And, when all is said and done – If the climate is truly changing so drastically – What in the name of science could anyone do about it? The data shows nothing in terms of human interference in climate, nor does it show that we should do anything more than plan on a possibility of our coastlines to change. They have been changing all along anyway.
It’s time to laugh the clowns off the stage before this nonsense becomes US policy, much like the European nations have fallen under the sway of junk scientists, and before we allow our governments to waste more tax dollars on politically motivated alarmism.
Note: Also see Randy Hall‘s article that explains the situation and that the facts are being ignored at