Save Our Republic: Society Needs to Reform Itself in Order to Reform the Government

In tying up the case of the Sandy Hook killer, disturbing evidence of his background has been released in a shocking and disgusting report; [Investigation Report DPS-302-E) which also reinforces that mentally disturbed people should not have access to their firearms. His mother paid the price for that mistake and not being a good parent by keeping tabs in what her child was up to, but unfortunately innocent children died too. And, of course, taking firearms from law-abiding citizens thinking that will solve the social issue – it certainly will not.

Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook certainly did her homework and wrote a compelling report on the matter. I found it also disturbing that a game software company would sell and distribute a game entitled School Shooting. Marketing products like that is certainly a travesty, and I also emphasize that parents know what they are viewing on the Internet and what their interests are. It’s called responsible parenting.

Warning: Visiting the links I have provided is disturbing, but the truth that our society has become decadent must be brought forward in order to fight against anyone who thinks pedophiles and other such degenerates of any society have rights to do such things. Maggie includes the spooky photo of an extremely disturbed and dangerous person, Adam Lanza.

Also read the report of how your tax funds pay for perverts to access Internet pornography at the local public library – In Orland Park, Illinois library (Chicago suburb) considers it their duty to give pedophiles and perverts their right to access.

More disturbing information HERE. Business Insider reported what they found on Lanza’s computer.

To further shock you at what kind of society we have, read about the environmentalist Vera Scroggins, a parental child ‘pleasuring’ advocate. She is one sick person.

Myth Blaster: Recognize This Guy? – Chain Email

trayvon-martin-george-zimmerman_Miami HeraldThe Trayvon Martin shooting case is sticky enough, with the prosecution reaching for straws in order to convict George Zimmerman for Second-Degree Murder, but the morons [and racists] in cyberspace are not helping matters much. Neither has the mainstream media in the whole reporting history of the case.

Now it has gone “viral” over the chain Email circuit that the 17-year-old had tattoos and looked more like a gangster than the innocent-looking youth the media presented [next to a not so good photo of Zimmerman].

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Info Highway: April 15th 2013 and Notes From My Desk

hand_point2– Senate Democrats are holding up a resolution to honor deceased Margaret Thatcher, who died at age 87. Apparently the tribute made by Obama and Bill Clinton was a front. The tribute cites M. Thatcher as a –

…life-long commitment to advancing freedom, liberty, and democracy and for her friendship to the United States.

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‘The Shadow of the Gun’ And Marxism is Upon Us

The US Senate seems to be coming to an agreement concerning the firearm ban that Senator Feinstein initiated, waiting for the opportune news headlines, to propose that would punish lawful citizens for the action of one person out of millions in the United States.

Obama File: Yet Another Scandal and LawsuitTeachers and professors are using our educational system to indoctrinate our children and the corporate media turns its head – focusing on hating firearms instead of those persons who use them as a tool for evil.

The real evil is the political tyrants and their mouthpiece in the form of mainstream national news. Today, headlines report about a standoff with a deranged person holding firefighters/medics hostage ending up with a SWAT team taking him out – but ignores at least five stories like the man who stopped a robbery in progress with a legally concealed firearm.

They claim it is because of “sensationalism”, but it really has to do with their personal views and ideology. Is it not sensational and commending that a fellow citizen stopped crime when law enforcement was not available or able to show up in time?

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Now, Tell Me About How Semiautomatics is the Problem …

The anti-fiream, anti-Second Amendment folks want to blame magazines that hold over ten rounds and semiautomatic “military” style of weaponry on horrific crimes — all the while punishing lawful citizens by taking away their Second Amendment rights in the name of reducing crime when it has been clearly proven otherwise.

I am talking about a mentally disturbed person living in a typical American dysfunctional family lifestyle killing his mother and dismembering her … read all of it at Maggie’s NotebookChildren need unified families, someone to mentor, someone to bond — both father and mother. It is long past due that our society realize that without a family nucleus, the nation crumbles. Between that and big government, the United States is in big trouble.

Maybe we should ban knives, hatchets, chain saws, automobiles – they all can be used by morons.

Result of Dysfunctional Family Environment

Obviously it is our society’s lack of morality, civic duty, family unity, et cetera that is the problem — coupled with the prolific use of mind-control psychotic drugs prescribed all too frequently to young people, to include members of combat teams in the US military.

Of course, the liberal court system will whine, caring more for the perpetrator rather than the victim and will never see a death sentence. Meanwhile, the taxpayer will pay for his upkeep including mental illness treatment. This bad egg is not fit for rehabilitation and if the whining liberals were so concerned – he should have been rehabilitated or given some serious mental care BEFORE this occurred. Is it not ironic that everyone says, after people like this commit horrific crimes, to include shooting up theatres, shopping malls, and schools that there was something wrong. So why didn’t somebody do something!

It is not semiautomatic firearms whatever way they look or magazines — it is our society and the government that has come to control it.

Those we elect to operate our government think they can legislate crime away — even legislate away climate changes.

I have come to the conclusion that the world has gone mad — thanks to government and those who think self-discipline, values and morals are out of vogue.


Info Highway: February 24th 2013

News Snippets:


– As reported previously at Lighthouse Patriot Journal – taxpayers are paying for expensive “Cultural Sensitivity” training and required for every executive branch department that merely equates to racism. Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook informed me that the issue was discussed on the Bill O’Reilly interview with Alexis McGill Johnson who is in the process of turning those tapes over to the Judicial WatchThomas J. Fitton. See Tom Fitton on video – CLICK HERE. Those mandatory classes given by racist Samuel Betances cost taxpayers $2.8 million. How would you like to give classes and make $2.8 million in one year? Why do government employees have to take such classes? It is because the government must indoctrinate EVERYONE – our children and those employed in the bloated federal government system that still exercises political correctness with statements like “Pilgrims were illegal aliens”.

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State of OUR Union: Constitutional Govt Cannot Exist Without a Supportive Society

We the Peoplecreated and live in a society in a growing majority who:
  • Insist that citizens do not have the right to bear arms and defend themselves against violent criminals and persons with lethal intent; yet blames firearm ownership of instigating the type of mentally unbalanced person or persons who commit crimes like in Aurora, Colorado and Newton, Connecticut – and other recent similar incidents. They believe that only law enforcement (and military) should own certain weapons they designate, when in fact that law enforcement officers usually show up after the dirty deed is committed. Senator Feinstein’s list of proposed banned firearms (and her bill itself) is based upon her screening photos of different firearms legally for sale and how “dangerous” they look. A musket is dangerous if not handled properly or used lawfully. In addition, because of firearm design changes over the history of the United States (and world), anti-firearm activists actually believe that the Second Amendment only pertains to muzzle-loading firearms used in the period.

  • Christian owned companies, like Hobby Lobby and Mardel religious books are being forced by the federal government to provide health care that requires employee health-care plans to provide insurance coverage for the morning-after pill and similar emergency contraception pills. Our society has allowed the election of politicians who appoint judges and justices who do not uphold the Constitution and its amendments, in this case, specifically, the First Amendment religious rights to exercise beliefs and doctrine of religions. The Supreme Court ruled on December 28th in the Hobby Lobby and sister-company Mardel that they must provide employees with access to copay-free contraception as part of its health-care plan. Hobby Lobby is willing to pay a million dollars a day in defiance by declaring civil disobedience for religious liberty. As represented by the majority vote to keep President Obama in office, along with his political colleagues, who suppress rights of many for the rights of a few – disregard constitutional law in just mandating such laws, and have transgressed against their oaths of office in both the Supreme Court, the executive branch (president) and the legislative branch (Congress). The people by majority of vote in election 2012 have agreed to this unconstitutional policy and behavior of this administration and this Congress. 

  • On December 28th, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who was condemned for being an activist and prejudice towards matters concerning Hispanic radical organizations and not conforming to constitutional law, denied the Hobby Lobby and Mardel religious book company a request for an injunction while their lawsuit is pending. She stated that the stores failed to satisfy the demanding legal standard for blocking the requirement on an emergency basis – despite the mandate obviously being unconstitutional and against the First Amendment. Sotomayor stated that the companies may still challenge the regulations in the lower courts. US District Judge Joe Heaton stated that churches and other religious organizations have been granted constitutional protection from birth-control provisions but that Hobby Lobby and Mardel are not religious organizations” – despite being owned by Christians who are exercising their religious beliefs. Judge Heaton’s ruling claims that individuals are not authorized exercising religious beliefs, only religious organizations. The First Amendment disagrees. Individuals own Hobby Lobby and similar businesses, and it is their right not to conform to unconstitutional mandates. Government controlled health care in itself is unconstitutional.

The majority, according to Election 2012, agrees that increasing taxes on the wealthy, now approaching 50%, is the solution for diminishing the national debt, when it is reckless SPENDING that has caused it. The majority of our society now believe after years of rhetoric from the Democrat Party and socialist organizations that the wealthy must pay for their income distribution policies and programs. On the percentage basis of the tax system the wealthy automatically pay more in dollars, however, if the issue is about how much the wealthy pay, then it is time to get rid of deductions within the income tax system – not have a progressive tax or increase taxes upon a portion of Americans who make a definitive amount yearly. An example of wasting tax payer dollars, in recent news, CNS News reported that the Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, has announced a $2.2 million grant to be used in strengthening budding labor unions in Haiti and Peru. …

    The taxpayer money will fund projects organized by the AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center, which aims to build a global labor union movement.

    This is all part of the globalization movement that Bush and now Obama are pushing for. In recent news, it was announced that the United States will continue to contribute one-fifth of the United Nation’s regular budget, approved by the assembly without a member recorded vote. That comes to $5.4 billion in the next two years to an organization whose agenda is to become the world government body by members who are not elected by any people of any nation and counters the Constitution of the US and its amendments. American society approves of this behavior and agenda for the state so by whom they elect for president and members of Congress. In turn, judges and justices are appointed that will lean toward political philosophies and the policies of the present administration rather than based upon what the US Constitution actually states. In addition, certain judges and justices are coming out in the open and denouncing the Constitution they swore to uphold and protect when taking their oath of office, like Justice Ginsberg when interviewed by Egyptian TV.
    Solis stated that the taxpayers’ money:

    grant will help organizations in Haiti and Peru engage in productive, effective negotiations and employers on behalf of vulnerable workers.

    This issue is not just representative of a government that uses taxpayer funds for foreign matters and benefit of other nations, but also demonstrates the bankrupt policies of the foreign affairs of the United States in which it interferes with internal affairs of other nations. The United States government has contributed 22% of the total regular budget every year to the United Nations since 2000. It is no wonder our national debt is so high. Just like citizens and parents within our society should be exercising themselves as role models, that is what we should be doing nationally and internationally. A role model does not have to interfere with internal affairs of other nations nor economically support it using taxpayer dollars. Technically, our government is expanding its income and wealth redistribution policies to other nations – with our tax money. This is nothing new with government and here is another example of wasting taxpayer dollars – and this is only ONE department out of many: Labor Department awarded $35 millionto address child labor in seven countries in Africa, Latin America, and Indonesia. All are methods and agendas to expand US labor unions worldwide – a private entity that government has no business mandating policies and legislation for, much less taxpayer funding. American society allows this because of who they choose to elect to operate OUR government.
    • The decline of the American family has greatly caused the decline of American society, and in turn, advocates or produces candidates for public office who have reduced family values and civic-moral obligations towards the Constitution of the United States. It is proportionate to the rate of illegitimacy, which in turn government promotes mass infanticide in its abortion program, divorce, and unmarried couple households that do not adhere to the principles of responsible parenthood as well as producing generations of those who know nothing but a dysfunctional family environment and no responsible role model to follow. A weak family unit will cause the decline in established traditions and social conduct, weakening society and, in turn, weakening the nation as a unified people. In addition, the poverty level illustrates the decline of the family and increase in single-parent families facing financial difficulties in an economic environment caused by a government that has gone beyond constitutional limits established and have promoted, through social programs and social engineering programs, failing in their social experimentation. With poverty, crime increases. Families that stay together, linking marriage and a two-parent family nucleus is more healthy than divorced and single-parent households. A study by the Columbia University shows that single-parent households have a higher fatality rate than traditional two-parent households. Laws through intrusive legislation has created an atmosphere or attitude toward marriage in general as negative, and promoting divorce as primary solutions to marital issues. Problems of child abuse happen more frequently in single-parent households than the traditional married two-parent household. Step-parent abuse is also more frequent than traditional family nucleus in studies within the United States as well as Canada and the United Kingdom. The psychological health of children is reduced by dysfunctional family units reported in studies dating from 1990 and beyond. The factor of suicide rates also are affected in divorced families and dysfunctional home environments. The importance of fathers in a household has been shown to be a strong point in any society. Researchers have found that just like mothers, fathers make major contributions to a child’s development. Households with fathers are also less likely to experience juvenile criminal behavior. The family crises focuses upon lack of fatherhood, and the American society’s failures focus upon the strength of the family nucleus, and ultimately, individuals from that society are elected into office at local, state, and federal levels – thus the government cannot reform without society reforming with it. In order to do so, Americans must insist that our government return to the established constitutional republic created by the founders; as well as return the importance of strong family units, responsible role models for children, and a functional atmosphere that is strengthened by the importance of character and values that constitute a healthy and established society. The decline of America in many factors is the result of the declining family – that contributes to society and the maintenance of a government. For example, in recent mass murder tragedies, the problem solving issues are focused upon firearms, when in fact, it is society that requires to be examined carefully and Americans unite in order to improve it – raising generations to have values, a code of principles, and respect and maintain constitutional law.
    • Too many people in American society denounce capital punishment for capital crimes, but at the same time complain about overcrowding prisons, and yet agree that government should continue to encourage and maintain alarming abortion rates caused by a declination of American society in several ways, as well as increased control over children in their education and standards of living life. It is a society that states it is okay to murder pre-born infants by tens of thousands because it is the right of the mother to control or do whatever to her body. At the same time, these people deny the right of citizens to purchase tobacco products without paying 100% tax rates (should be no higher than any sales tax rate anywhere), and insist they cannot exercise their rights in private businesses that has no smoking restrictions or even, in a recent case within one’s own private home and property. Meanwhile, alcohol remains a problem concerning alcoholism and drunk driving; yet we know what prohibition does because we have been through it before. These are issues for the society to address – not government. Invariably, government messes things up because it looks upon the issue from a collective frame of mind rather than individually, just as individual freedom has been established by the amendments to the US Constitution.
    All these controversies are because of a majority of the population that has contributed to the decline of American society, its standards of education, lack of maintaining role models within families, and not responsible or critical in who operates our government – paying too much attention to political clubs called parties. The first and foremost loyalty should be to our family units and the Constitution of the United States and its amendments. Any politician who complies and agrees with that deserves public office. It is not the quantity of legislation passed, but the quality of legislation that is paramount in effective and efficient government. Too many laws, too many regulations that intrude upon the right of freedom of choice; however, that freedom must be met with the responsibility of accepting the results of our choices and actions – in government and within our society.
    Is there ever a perfect society or government?
    Of course not, but it should not deter us in any endeavor to logically and constitutionally get those two areas back on track, and hold onto traditions and principles that established a great nation like the United States. The People did this, not the government as an elite entity. Two things made the United States a great nation: (1) its vast natural resources, (2) the People who exercised individual freedom and worked as a family unit in obtaining what is important in life, respected the unity that makes nations strong, disciplined and caring families; and respected principles of value, moral, and civic duties and conduct. 

    Fair Tax Act: Answer to Several Issues

    Campaign rhetoric in this presidential debate concerning taxes is about middle class burdened more than the other classes. It is also an argument against the Fair Tax Act, which is untrue, and apparently, congressional members do not understand the consumption flat tax system being proposed. This alternate to the unfair, intrusive, and inefficient means of federal (and some state) taxation has been proposed since 1999. A system analyzed and approved by leading economists in the United States.

    At the beginning of each congressional session, the Fair Tax Act was re-introduced year after year since 1999. Georgia Senator Saxby Chamberliss helped sponsor the bill in the Senate as Fair Tax Act of 2011 (S. 13) and Georgia Rep. John Linder (who co-authored a book on the subject) in the House (HR 25). Still not passed after all that time with continued bickering over the income tax system, sponsorship has been growing as voters have also began to look for constitutionally minded politicians. Senator Chamberliss is also the senator that has dispelled the Obama myth that al-Qaeda is on the run and we are winning the war against Islamic fascism. It is a grab of desperation to depict accomplishment over the past four years of the Obama team in the White House. As Front Page Magazine stated:

    Bin Laden may be dead, but Al Qaeda isn’t.

    The Fair Tax would repeal all taxes on individual and corporate income, payroll, self-employment, capital gains, gifts and estates and use a national personal consumption tax in its place. This requires the repeal of the 16th Amendment. What should perk up American taxpayers ears is that it would also abolish the Internal Revenue Service that would be placed by a simple, less bureaucratic, less powerful collection-audit agency of the executive branch. Passing the Fair Tax Act would mean that Americans will keep their entire paycheck and only pay federal taxes based upon consumption or purchases of goods and services. It is a win for the taxpayer AND the government.
    Under the current system, based upon income tax that has progressive rates, the cost of compliance that includes audits, administration, and enforcement, totals to more than $265 billion per year. This includes the salaries of those hired to run the system that even they do not fully understand. Complication is one of the main negative sides of this draconian tax system. It is estimated that $350 billion per year in taxes is never collected, so this adds to the cost of the system. The government also spends to collect taxes that have been unpaid either inadvertently or purposefully. The system is so complex few understand it – and it constantly changes, which increases the complexity.
    The other problem with the income tax system is that millions of people contribute little or nothing in taxes by the year’s end – receiving most or all of what was deducted from payroll checks during the course of the year. Those who receive “earned income credits” and/or additional child tax credits are the percentage of people who either pay no tax after deductions, and in some cases, actually receive refunds larger than what they paid in.
    The Fair Tax closes loopholes that all citizens gain in different tax brackets – including the wealthy. In the income tax system, it all depends upon deductions as to what percentage of income is paid after refunds. Legal deductions can allow a person who makes $20 million per year pay less percentage of tax than a person who makes $500,000 per year. It depends upon tax credits and deductions. Remember this: when a tax system is based upon percentage, it means the more one makes the more they pay in taxes, so there is no need for a “progressive” tax rate to make things “fair”. If there are NO deductions, everyone pays the same rate except the poor income folks with the “Prebate” clause.
    Another failure of the income tax system is not collecting tax on the “underground economy” – wages earned and not declared; mostly by illegal immigrants who work for cash so as not to be detected and who have not procured fraudulent identification. It is estimated that up to $1.5 trillion is lost each year. With the Fair Tax there will be an added estimate of 40 million foreign tourists who would pay taxes into the federal system through purchases made while visiting. That is not occurring with the income tax system.
    The Fair Tax would be based upon a flat tax system that will only be changed by a two-thirds majority of Congress, which is the same rule applying to adding, changing, or rescinding an amendment to the US Constitution.
    Laurence Kotlikoff
    The thing that hurts getting more sponsors and people to realize how much better the economy, more efficient the government tax collection would be, and other factors is the proposed 23% flat tax rate. However, those people do not understand the hidden or embedded costs presently in place that calculates to just over 22% found through a study by the Beacon Hill Institute in Boston. Laurence J. Kotlikoff, a professor of economics at Boston University, worked on a number of papers and studies concerning the Fair Tax. According to the research, each product sold, like a vehicle, there are hidden embedded costs that increase the price of the product. Those costs include payroll taxes for building the vehicle and taxes on the shipment of and distribution of the product. Those hidden, embedded costs would no longer exist under the Fair Tax system. That means that a $10,000 vehicle, despite the flat Fair Tax, would cost the same under the new tax system.
    Another argument against the Fair Tax is that it is a regressive tax that is claimed to be a burden on the poor or middle-income citizens. That is why there is a Prebateclause within the proposed Fair Tax Act bill. This is a way of reimbursing tax cost for necessities of life like food. The Prebate is a monthly refund on taxes paid out for those necessities. This is the same program for poor income families presently getting annual refunds under the earned income credit. However, the Prebate pays out monthly, not at the end of the year. Therefore, the rate of tax for poor and middle-class income families would be 11.5% and not 23%. That is below the 15% tax bracket they are paying out in income tax now.
    I believe it would be less complicated if food were exempt of ANY taxes, like here in Wisconsin, with housing purchase tax exempt as well. Then there would be no need for a bureaucratic “Prebate” check.
    It seems that the major concern of the Fair Tax among citizens is based upon little trust in the government. Passing the Fair Tax Act would mean the repeal of the 16th Amendment and opponents do not believe that all the taxes based upon income would be repealed. House Resolution 25 has a clause to prevent that from happening. During the six-year limit required for the repeal of the 16th Amendment, the collection of the repealed income tax is suspended. It is because repealing an amendment to the Constitution is not an easy task, nor should it ever be. Repealing the 16th Amendment would require three-quarters of the states’ approval.
    The people who are for passing the Fair Tax Act come from all walks of life and transcend the political ideology consisting of liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and others. It is because this legislation is not about politics, it is about an American cause that would be better for taxpayers, and unbelievably, better for government making its tax collection more efficient and less costly to enforce. Another side benefit is that it puts more government power back to the People, where it belongs and how its Founders established it. It is a taxation that provides better representation – the invisible schematics being removed that is within the complicated tax system in place now. Instead of tens of thousands of pages for the tax system, there would be less than 1,000; estimated to be less than 500 pages. That is the same pages as a hardback novel.
    With the increasing power and intrusion of the IRS agency of the federal government, one would think that the phones at congressional offices would be ringing off the hook to pass HR 25/S. 13. I believe it is mostly because fellow citizens do not fully understand what the Fair Tax Act would do, and that includes their representatives and senators within Congress.
    The legislation was not put together overnight, hurriedly as so many laws are passed in Congress, but went through committees with leading economic experts evaluating it, as well as extensive research as described above.
    During this campaign year, Mitt Romney was accused of cheating in his annual tax configuration for paying an effective tax rate (after deductions) of 10% to 13% over the course of the past five years. They did not reveal the huge percentage of his income going to charity, tax deductible – far greater a percentage than his accusers. Obama and company lied in 2008 and lied for four years.
    It is not because he cheated. It is because the present tax system allows it.
    This class warfare, class jealousy rhetoric will no longer be present in election campaigns once the income tax and its deductions are GONE.
    It is the same for corporate taxes. The highest present rate is 25%, higher than any other nation in the world – but not ALL corporations pay that rate, and a few have paid zero. This is referred to as “corporate welfare”, and it is.
    It is because of what the politicians call “incentives”. What is boils down to is favoritism. The Fair Tax will end all of that. Taxes will be paid on purchases, goods, and services. No hidden tax and equal tax rates – no IRS looking over your shoulder. Your paychecks, money YOU earned, will be yours. What you make “gross” will be what you take home, unless you have payroll deductions YOU have sanctioned.
    The Fair Tax will also do away with invisibility of the present tax system – people will actually see how taxes are paid. Employers will no longer have the added cost of being an unpaid tax collector for the government; which means they will have more funds to obtain better health care packages for their employees – another big issue in this campaign for president and congress.
    The Fair Tax will benefit ALL American citizens and will add a tax base that is not under the present tax system as aforementioned – tourists visiting the United States. It is a win for the People and a win for the government, and once it is established, it will help the economy, not hurt it.
    No more talk of raising taxes because it will not happen. Which means there is another benefit: government will finally be forced to budget as to what comes in instead of looking for new ways to tax or raising those already in place. All those hidden taxes like those on your telephone bill will disappear – with one flat tax added. You will see how much taxes are and only have to watch how the government spends it.
    That is probably why so many politicians are not jumping for the chance to change the system. Those are the politicians that need to find another job – and YOU the voter must ensure that they no longer sit in Congress. The president is always solely blamed that is mostly the responsibility of Congress to enact. We the People need accountability and efficiency in OUR government.
    The Fair Tax is one way of doing so.
    The other way is Congress demanding a complete audit of the Federal Reserve System and taking charge of what the Constitution holds them responsible for – our currency. [This Week: Federal Reserve was recently an attack site for terrorist]
    Along with cleaning up our government, We the People need to clean up our society as well, like strengthening the family structure through family values tried and proven through ages of human history. This comes to my mind after reading an update on the self-destructionof Britney Spears. We the Parents are responsible for future adults that will decide the fate and the quality life in America. It is about time that parents take back control and raising their children responsibly, and stop letting government and others influence and/or control them. They need to be taught the basics virtues, understand and armed with knowledge of Constitution and its amendments, and realize that those virtues provide the most rewarding aspect of life. We cannot expect our government to reform if society does not reform itself with it. Those people who we elect come from the very same society. Corruption produces corruption and that spells disaster.
    And that ends my soap-box moment for the day …

    Former US Marine Sings 4th Stanza of National Anthem

    A former Marine was videoed at a Tea Party gathering, who sings a stanza of our national anthemthat many Americans did not know existed. Check out this YouTubevideo:
    While the video scripts the words of the 4th stanza of our National Anthem, here are the words:

    O, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand,
    Between their lov’d homes and the war’s desolation;
    Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land
    Praise the Pow’r that hath made and preserv’d us a nation!
    Then conquer we must, when our cause is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust”
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

    In an age where the mention of “God” is forbidden because it may “offend” someone or, as some believe, does not belong anywhere in established traditions that concerns government – this man brings tears to one’s eyes.
    The following is a good example of how our society has become bankrupt in terms of values and just plain ethical behavior – a moral issue or not.
    Read Outside the Beltway and see how Generation X has come to believe that profanity should be part of our culture; when in fact, it only demonstrates how our society has become intellectually deficient.
    While it is okay to use profanity in anything written, the word “God” as in “God We Trust” is forbidden.
    If America wants government to be reformed, we must first reform ourselves and insist upon the traditions and standards that made this nation great in the first place. If you haven’t noticed, our nations standards have gone down the tubes that coincides with corruption of the federal and some state governments and provides the assumption that ethics and values are “old fashioned” just as they assume our Constitution is.

    State of Our Union: American Society and Need for Reformation

    Looking at today’s congressional members, one can see that they have not geared their education and ideology upon the foundation of our Republic, like that of Thomas Jefferson:
    To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.

    As Linda Chavezrecently wrote about the political tool called “class warfare” or developing society to be brainwashed into practicing class envy – which is all it really is, Chavez wrote:

    Senate Democrats passed a so-called middle class tax cut [last] week on a mostly partisan vote, but the move was more political theater than tax legislation. For months, the Democrats, with President Obama leading the charge, have hammered home that they want to preserve lower tax rates for those Americans earning less than $250,000 a year and help pay for lost federal revenues by making wealthier individuals pay higher taxes. … But who are those ‘wealthiest Americans’ the Dems keep citing? Illinois businessman Wilson F. Hunt Jr. recently passed on to me the details of how his small business, which he owns with his wife, will be ensnared in this scheme to soak the rich. Last year, his company reported $1.5 million in 2010 income. But because his company elects to pay taxes as a Sub-chapter S Corporation, all the company’s profits are reported on the couple’s individual income tax returns as the sole shareholders in the company. They paid almost $1.1 million in taxes in 2010, yet the couple paid themselves only a combined salary of $189,000. The rest of the income was put into retained earnings, which the company could then use to expand its business the following year. Hunt explains it this way: ‘In order to earn a salary of $189,000 and continue growing our business last year, we had to pledge our house and most of our personal assets to a bank as collateral on a business loan. If the business were to fail, we could lose our home and life savings.’ Yet the Democrats vilify people like him as the rich out to cheat the middle class. … We shouldn’t envy people like Hunt; we should thank them for helping build an economy that makes us all better off. But don’t try to convince Democratic politicians — they’re too busy stoking class resentment to appreciate that some of those ‘millionaires’ are the ones out there actually creating jobs.
    In all the rhetoric of Democrats and the help of “moderate” Republican RINOs, their policy and propaganda of “fairness” is not only unfair, like the tax code system; but destructive to more than just the wealthy – their greed for power and subjugation of the American people have now crossed over into more than the “wealthy” class. The middle class is now getting hurt, the small businessman who contributes greatly because of their numbers to the employment of fellow Americans.
    Republican Party members and those who support them need to insist that along with fighting against democratic-socialism, they must also clean out those that call themselves moderates. In reality, they are not in tune with the political platform of a constitutional democratic republic – for which the party’s name named itself in the late 1700s when the Constitution was finalized and ratified.
    Arnold Ahlert wrote about America’s ideological bankruptcy that has pushed our nation toward economic bankruptcy …
    Economically speaking, no solution to the problem could be simpler than the most obvious one: spend less than one takes in, and start paying down the debt. Politically speaking however, the entire Democrat party and half of the Republican one are dedicated to the idea that dependency on the state is directly correlated with their ability to maintain power. A substantial number of clueless and/or self-entitled Americans are on board, and nothing assuages their sense of clueless self-entitlement more than the notion that someone else is not paying their ‘fair’ share. Understand how remarkable that kind of thinking is. Not only have such Americans been alleviated of the guilt and shame of living off someone else’s effort, they have been told they have every reason to be self-righteous about it. Barring a sea change — or a watershed election — thoughtful Americans must face a sobering reality: the ideological bankruptcy of progressivism leads directly to the economic bankruptcy of the nation. Progressives will continue to lie and tell the nation it isn’t so. Unfortunately for all of us, the math never lies.
    Aftermath of Aurora, Colorado incident:
    In regards to mass shootings and the media-political panicked rhetoric – America is not the only place this occurs. It also occurs in nations with strict gun controls like Germany, Norway, Australia, Canada, and Great Britain; as Michael Filozof pointed out:
    The numerous journalists who think that we need to enact ‘sensible gun laws’ like ‘other countries’ should be reminded that mass shootings have occurred in Germany, Norway, Australia, Canada, and Great Britain, even after gun control laws far stricter than those in the U.S. were enacted. … The lesson of the ‘Batman’ shooting is this: where there is a large sheep herd, the wolves will always thrive. Do we want to be sheep, or not?
    By now the script should be familiar. A bombing or a mass shooting occurs and the media immediately look for a simple cause. Invariably, they turn to talk radio or some other conservative pit of ‘intolerance.’ … What is always left out of this familiar scenario is an in-depth discussion of evil. Politicians and commentators almost never speak of evil as something that resides deep inside the human heart. All humans possess the capacity for evil. While it rarely rises to the level of mass murder, the capacity for doing great harm to other human beings lurks within each of us. This is what theologians mean when they speak of a ‘fallen’ humanity. Violent movies like ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ do not make all people emulate the Colorado shooter, anymore than a movie about love causes people to love one another. … Sometimes there are no ‘solutions’ that can forestall an evil act. … Calling on [a] Higher Authority is the proper and perhaps only counter-force to this and other expressions of true evil.
    Peggy Noonan explains how it is the nature of some humans that cause acts of evil, and taking away means of self-defense from the rest of the populace will not deter them:
    The unstable are not entertained by darkness. They let it in. They are inspired by it. Sometimes they start to live in the movie in their heads. ‘I am the Joker,’ the shooter is reported to have told the Aurora police. … Some of the sadness and frustration following Aurora has to do with the fact that no one thinks anyone can, or will, do anything to make our culture better. The film industry isn’t going to change, the genie is long out of the bottle. … A particularly devilish injustice is that many of the wealthy men and women of the film-making industry go to great lengths to protect their own children from the products they make. … One thing about good parents these days is they always look tired. A lot have hard lives — two jobs, different shifts, helping with homework, cleaning the house. But they also have the exhausted look of hyper vigilance. Once parents could take a break at night, park the kids in front of the TV and let the culture baby-sit. Not anymore. Our culture, they know, is their foe.
    While government strips away the society’s responsibilities and sense of social behavior that praises honor, integrity, and character; all the while demeaning and persecuting Christians and others whose family values are traditionally in tune with the international “Golden Rule” – they continually blame everyone and everything, but themselves.
    Never before has an administration taken such a bold step to strip Americans of the freedom of conscience — a right for which, over the centuries, many Christian martyrs have laid down their lives, and which our Founding Fathers took great care to protect in a First Amendment that expressly guarantees the free exercise of religion. As the Founders understood, no government has legitimate authority to take this right away, because it does not come from government. It comes from God. The very purpose of government is to protect this right. A government that seeks to strip it away from the people is by that very process stripping away its own legitimacy. What we are seeing from the Obama administration today — in its attack on religious liberty — is simply evil. When government seeks to compel individuals to act against their consciences and to engage in activities that, if willfully done, would imperil their immortal souls, there is no other word for it.
    So let us mention the hypocrisy of democratic-socialists who call themselves “progressives”:
    President Obama is not charging Nidal Hasan, the accused Fort Hood killer, with violation of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (UVVA). This law was passed and signed in 2004. After the highly publicized conviction of Scott Peterson in California for the murder of his wife and her unborn child, the law was named the Laci and Conner Peterson Unborn Victims of Violence Act. There would seem to be no possibility of controversy in charging Hasan with violating UVVA. After all, it is indisputable that one of those killed was pregnant at the time of her death. Nor did the mother, Army Private Francheska Velez, contemplate an abortion. There would be no question of her exercising ‘choice’ in this matter. In fact, her last words, most poignantly reported, were: ‘My baby! my baby!’ It was for just such heinous crimes that the UVVA was passed. It covers only those instances where a crime of violence is committed on federal property, or where other crimes covered by the federal code are being committed. … Hasan was assigned to Fort Hood. So were all those who died. There could be no question of UVVA not applying in this case. … The failure to charge Nidal Hasan with violation of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act is another instance of this president’s failure to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed.
    While the laws made such as UVVA, the government sanctions mass murder in the name of abortion that represents the right of a woman to have control of her body – yet, tell those who use legal tobacco products that they do not have control of their own body. Society, by implementing family values and teaching children that just because others do something does not mean it is right or good for anyone, whether in physical, mental, or moral issue has far better and long-term effects for generations to come than political correctness and government intervention that is not constitutional. People make up society; people must ensure that society remains ethical. If generations are born into dysfunctional family units, without learning values and guidelines of good character – then that society reaps what it sows. The Founders knew this, as John Adams wrote in letters that government could not remain “good” if society is morally bankrupt. It is how they established the foundation of the Constitution of the United States – based upon moral and natural laws that were solid and survived civilizations.
    Ponder this: [John Stossel]
    Over the past few decades, America has locked up more and more people. Our prison population has tripled. Now we jail a higher percentage of people than even the most repressive countries: China locks up 121 out of every 100,000 people; Russia 511. In America? 730 . . .  I am not saying that America is like Stalin’s Russia, but consider the federal laws we have. The rules that bind us now total more than 160,000 pages. The Congressional Research Service said it was unable to count the number of crimes on the books. Yet last week the feds added or proposed another thousand pages. States and cities have thousands more. … Governments at all levels have long been in the business of forbidding conduct that violates no one’s rights and piling on complex laws to govern conduct that might harm someone. And they keep passing more. They have created a byzantine maze of criminal law that is so incomprehensible that even legal specialists don’t agree on what the rules specify. Then ambitious prosecutors ruin lives enforcing those laws. The prosecutors and lawmakers say this is for our own good. No, it’s not.
    So, is it because Americans have lost their sense of values, thereby not teaching their children the importance of those values?
    Is it because our society has become a society whose family unit, along with those values, have crumbled and promote a “only me” mentality?
    Is it because we have too much government intervention where it does not belong through a myriad of laws that contradict the limited government requirement of our Constitution?
    It is a combination of these things – and if you want real change, we need to stop and regroup and reform ourselves.
    If Americans want to see a reformed government, then they must vote responsibly – not because someone speaks well, looks good, seems to be a nice guy or an icon for a particular race or ethnic group – but because of that person’s character and views on constitutional law. Those views should be based upon facts, not media propaganda, or the flimsy facade of political party loyalty or because a person is “popular”. The media makes a candidate “popular” – so indirectly they are manipulating your sense of responsibility as a voter.