Invasion, Subversion, and Racism

Fast-Furious-MovieThe GOP political establishment is just as much the problem as the Democrats when it comes to securing our national border and not rewarding people for breaking our immigration laws. Indeed, with the amount of illegals that cross our border yearly it could technically and rightfully be called an invasion. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has called for the House Republicans to stand up against the GOP House leadership (Boehner always giving into the progressives) and pointed out that the House “principles” are the same as what was passed in the Senate by the Gang of Eight senators.

Illegal immigrants first break our immigration laws and when they arrive they also commit document fraud, another federal offense; and because those immigrants do not go through the required process, criminals and subversives cross over among those “seeking a new life”. In today’s topsy-turvy world of the United States government and policies, Mexican invaders have the right to break immigration laws in the name of international “human rights”. Indeed, this is the stance of the Mexican government whose immigration laws are more strict than ours. The Mexican economy thrives as millions of dollars a year are sent to Mexican relatives from illegal aliens working and living in the United States.

The request by the ICE to Republicans to consult them before making a decision did not happen. Once again they do not follow political platform or promises in getting rid of “anchor baby” clause. So this year of congressional elections, I present you the name that joined the Gang of Eight and helped bring another disaster upon We the People, legal citizens, of the United States: Senator Marco Rubio (FL), John McCain (AZ), Lindsey Graham (SC) and Jeff Flake (AZ) – all RINOs who compromise the US Constitution and ignore the traditional principles and political platform of the Republican Party, the “Party of Lincoln”.

Under S.744, crime does pay. Criminals will be rewarded with US citizenship, something that once meant something more than being on the dole of government. Crime will increase, without a secure border – more invaders will come knowing they will eventually get amnesty, and the drug cartel will get a bigger hold in the US – all the while destroying traditions of American culture and subverting the constitutional republic.

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US Soldier Killed on Street by Racists

I want to know why President Obama, the commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces did not address this incident like he did when Trayvon Martin died?

Soldier-Veteran stabbed to death on the way to party to celebrate leaving service.

I’ll tell you why, because the racist lynch mob only looks out for one side of the racial divide. So much for racial unity promised by Barack Hussein Obama.

What has the US become where a soldier is in as much danger as he is when serving his country?

Regulatory Nightmare: Federal and State Governments – and Where is the Outrage?

President Obama in 2010 announced:

Where Congress won’t act, I will.

A clear indication that he may talk about the Constitution and profess to be an ‘expert’ – but he clearly will not abide by its articles if it does not suit his political agenda and personal desires.

An over-sized regulatory government has been progressively in the works within the federal government, as well as some state governments – and it is not necessarily just the fault of the Democrat political faction. Alexis de Tocqueville who traveled from France to the United States to study its unique form of democracy and wrote a book on his findings, wrote:

In a Democracy, the people get the government they deserve.

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Alert: Attempt to Frame Liberty Activists via Child Porn

The IRS scandal investigations is about using government authority to intimidate liberty activists and conservative non-profit groups. There is another dastardly deed playing out against liberty activists being accomplished via email, as relayed to me by Oath Keepers.

Luke Rudkowski, Founder of We Are Change received an email designed to trick him into opening attached jpeg files containing child pornography. The following video shows how he might make enemies by asking important questions about the Bildenburg Group who Alex Jones [Infowars and Prison Planet] has commended for behind the scenes reporting concerning issues like how the Federal Reserve has and is destroying our nation economically.

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Zimmerman Trial Verdict: Not Guilty – But Not Free

George Zimmerman has been acquitted: Not Guilty of Second-Degree Murder and Not Guilty of Manslaughter charges. The six women jurors deliberated for 15 hours over two days before the verdict was reached about 10pm, Saturday. The prosecution’s case was weak and fortunately the jury provided a benefit of doubt, and considered that the forensic evidence showed that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor, beating on Zimmerman, who did not pull his firearm from the holster until Martin had his hands near where he carried his concealed carry firearm. Yet people are sad that he was not convicted. Racism has been prevalent throughout this trial – Zimmerman, in the eyes of media [thanks to them the fervor] and with the aid of stupid remarks from President Obama [a president should never interfere with such a civil case], immediately Zimmerman was deemed a racist. Congressional members were just as guilty of prejudicial remarks.

No one considered that Zimmerman had not only been a member of a community watch, but also reportedly helped young people of the community who were black. It did not matter to the general black public. It did not matter that the media at first painted Zimmerman as white, and later found he was Hispanic – mostly because of his non-Hispanic surname, Zimmerman. The media and the president is to blame for any repercussions of the verdict delivered by the jury.

After 15 months he is a free man, but is he? Throughout the ordeal, George Zimmerman was guilty until proven innocent. A little different from what the law reads.

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Zimmerman Trial Update: July 9th 2013

[AP/Yahoo] Finally an expert with gunshot wounds testified that forensic evidence is consistent with Zimmerman’s account of what happened on a rainy night when Martin was shot to death.

The witness was Dr. Vincent Di Maio

…said that the trajectory of the bullet and gun powder on Martin’s body support Zimmerman’s version that Martin was on top of him …The pathologist also said it was likely Martin was conscious for 10 to 15 seconds after the shooting as a reserve supply of oxygen ran out of his body and during that time it was possible for him to have moved his arms. Zimmerman’s account that he had placed Martin’s arms out to his sides after the shooting contradicts a photo taken after the shooting that shows Martin’s arms under his body … Di Maio also explained that if clothes taken into evidence are wet and packaged in plastic bags, and not paper bags, it can ruin the samples … Defense attorneys believe DNA evidence found on Martin’s hooded sweatshirt and undershirt was degraded since the clothing wasn’t packaged properly.

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