George Zimmerman Trial Update – July 3rd 2013

The prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial is reaching for straws as it hopes through school records and applications that he was a wannabe cop who became increasingly frustrated by incidents of crime in his gated community. The prosecution maintains that when Zimmerman saw Martin he profiled the teenager and followed him, which led to a confrontation and ended up with Martin being shot to death. The prosecution, after obtaining permission to obtain and submit school records of Zimmerman, also stated that part of the course curriculum included how to be a good witness.


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Trial of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman

The trial of George Zimmerman is not going according to the racial lynch mob and the prosecution.

Mr. Zimmerman’s testimony remains consistent, as Fox News story unfolds that includes a video of Zimmerman and his recorded testimony. It could have been a clear-cut self-defense, and even the arresting law enforcement officer wanted to only charge him with manslaughter, but the prosecutor would have nothing but murder based on a “race hate” incident.

Remember, the mainstream media instantly put the story into an incident where a “white” person was stalking a “black” person and killed him in cold blood. Suddenly the story changed when Zimmerman was found to be Hispanic [his father was Caucasian, mother Hispanic]. Despite Zimmerman having the right to defend himself, not just by Second Amendment law, but by the laws of Florida – the racial lynch mob organizations and media will have none of it. All because they are anti-firearm zealots.

It is the same media reporting that painted Paula Deen a racist, and falsely stating she had used the “N” word during an interview or in cyberspace the rumor floated around she said the “N” word on Food Network TV.

The racial lynch mob is out to find racism even if it is not there, and only on one side of the racial divide. For example, Trayvon Martin calling Zimmerman a “Cracker”.

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Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath: Americans Helping Americans

Oklahoma Tornado_02

[AP photo]

Many people and groups have been collecting funds for the victims of Moore, Oklahoma in the aftermath of a deadly tornado storm, it might be an interesting bit of news that the Jewish community in the United States and branches across the globe have already sent out packages of food for the folks in that area. The National Council of Young Israel has delivered 20,000 pounds of food thus far to victims in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The main distribution point with the help of Agri Star Meat & Poultry is the Chabad Community Center for Jewish Life and Learning. The major funding central point is provided by Masbia in New York City [food relief service] that uses funds collected to pay for the trucking of the food from Agri Star facility in Postville, Iowa to Oklahoma. Masbia and the National Council of Young Israel worked together to cover the cost of food for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Alexander Rappaport, founder of Masbia stated:


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Fall of the Republic: Do You Realize How Many Rights and Liberties Have Been Lost or Weakened Thus Far?

preamble_to_the_united_states_constitution1Americans have been steadily losing their property rights, one of the key elements of the US Constitution and its amendments, deemed important to the Founders because of tyranny experienced under British rule.

Thomas Jefferson, 1788:

It astonishes me to find … that so many of our countrymen … should be contented to live under a system which leaves to their governors the power of taking from them the trial by jury cases, freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of commerce, the habeas corpus laws, and of yoking them with a standing army. This is a degeneracy in the principles of liberty … which I would not have expected for at least four centuries.

When the US Constitution was drafted, approved and finally ratified by the states of the Union, it was assumed that the description of specific powers granted to the government would leave no doubt, as to what the government could do and could not. The absence of powers over the rights of the people should have kept them protected. The Founders decided to be specific and add to the Constitution ten amendments to declare the Bill of Rights. The Constitution details the powers authorized by the federal and state governments and the Bill of Rights is a guarantee of those rights as part of the US Constitution.

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Will Senator Feinstein and Associates Create a Bill to Ban Pressure Cookers?

lighthouse9_animatedBefore I begin with the Boston Bombing incident, I would like to thank fellow Americans and those in Congress for their efforts that paid off by trashing the bill in the Senate against the Second Amendment. While the diehard, useful idiots, cried out in the senate building: Shame on You! – the shame is upon them and anyone who initiated the bill [Senator Dianne Feinstein] and those other politicians who trashed their oaths of office in supporting it.

In view of the fact that people were killed by two bombs set off by two immigrant “refugees” who used pressure cookers to make the bombs, one would think that Senator Dianne Feinstein is now working on a bill to ban pressure cookers. After all, an eight-year-old child was killed in that horrific blast, and like the Sandy Hook incident – the object used must be banned. In the case of the Sandy Hook incident, evidence points out two semi-auto pistols were used because the “assault” weapon was left in Adam Lanza’s mother’s vehicle, who he murdered before going to the school. Whatever be the case, the media will not rectify their errors in jumping to conclusions without significant evidence in their zeal to report news against the Second Amendment.

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Odessa Files: DHS Still Not Revealing Truth

Culture of CorruptionThe culture of corruption in the Executive Branch is alarming, yet there isn’t a congressional committee engaging in swift action. BH Obama and Eric Holder lied and covered up the “Fast and Furious” affair. Then the Benghazi disaster, for which evidence points to facts that Ambassador Stevens was part of a gun running operation that went wrong. Odd that the Turkish representative left unarmed and about an hour later all hell broke loose. Odd that Secretary of State, H. Clinton did nothing to save them and BH Obama went back to sleep, the orders were for no support to defend the Ambassador or the personnel with him. People died and were severely wounded and even congressional investigators cannot get anything out of the survivors who were secreted away in Michael Reese hospital. All of this occurred before presidential election, yet not enough citizens were aware or alarmed to not allow re-election of Obama.

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Spring Planting 2013

Spring_April-2-2013_02As I demonstrate with the photo image [shot in morning of April 2nd 2013] I took with my camera left of this paragraph – “global warming” is total nonsense. Since the revelation through email from the leading organization behind this hoax, junk scientists blackballing fellow scientists who have demonstrated that global warming is not doomsday as the media so gleefully and diligently proclaimed – and Al Gore made millions off, plus an Oscar and a Nobel Prize. After the revelation from those emails between scientists were published, the progressives and others have changed “global warming” into another term – “climate change”.
Al Gore certainly deserves retribution for his charade.

Maggie, over at Maggie’s Notebook just posted something that may finally force junk scientists and the corporate media to fess up. Weather Channel founder who has been against the global warming hoax from the beginning, has found 30,000 scientists worldwide who will testify and sign a petition in an intended lawsuit against Al Gore for using the media misinformation and manipulation to make himself millions along with his globalist partners. Personally I would like some global warming where temperatures were above the high 30s/42[day] and 20s [night] on April 1st; enabling me to plant earlier than Memorial Day weekend. [May]

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Americana: Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier

This patriot needs little introduction because he is the one of the best known historical figure and folk hero in American history …

Davy Crockett_03David “Davy” Crockett [August 17th 1786 – March 6th 1836] was a frontiersman, soldier and politician. He was dubbed the King of the Wild Frontier and legendary tales followed after his death and even during his lifetime. He was a representative for the state of Tennessee in the US House of Representatives, served in the Texas Revolution and died at the Battle of the Alamo.

Growing up in the eastern part of Tennessee, he gained a reputation for storytelling and his hunting prowess. After being commissioned as a colonel in the militia of Lawrence County, Tennessee, he was elected to the Tennessee state legislature in 1821. In 1826, Crockett was elected to the US Congress, where he strongly opposed many policies of popular President Andrew Jackson, especially the Indian Removal Act, which caused his defeat in the 1834 elections. Angered he departed to Texas a Mexican governed state and in early 1836, he became a part of the Texas Revolution and was killed at the Battle of the Alamo in March of 1836. He was a living legend to Americans that became popularized in tales in almanacs and subject material for stage plays.

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Violence in New York

Andrew Cuomo - Governor-NewYorkThe state of New York, where the Second Amendment means nothing and its judiciary system is so liberal and corrupt it must make law enforcement officers purely frustrated. Its governor, Andrew Cuomo [history of big government politics] whose photo at the left looks more like a mob leader rather than governor of a state pushes for more oppression against citizens defending themselves. In the Reuters photo [left], he personally involves himself in a recent four-person murder. When searching the murder suspects apartment they found a cache of guns and ammunitions, a perfect photo-op and media event to reinforce his draconian anti-Second Amendment laws. Because of an incident in another state [Connecticut] whose firearm laws prohibit Second Amendment rights, which afforded Adam Lanza to kill children, and faculty at a Sandy Hook school with no effective resistance, it provided yet another excuse to take away rights of lawful citizens to defend themselves without repercussion from anti-constitutionalists. All mass shooters have chosen “Gun Free Zones” [legislation that should be delegated to state governments] to commit their insane acts, in a movie theater, shopping mall, or and public schools. People like governor Cuomo just do not get it. His new law expands the already oppressive assault upon firearms by banning weapons on the Feinstein bill  that proposes to ban 158 firearms and limiting ammunition capacity of firearms. In addition, because of corruption and coercion – a person could be wrongfully accused of being mentally ill.

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China: The Sleeping or Pretending To Sleep Dragon and Obama

Defend ConstitutionPutting all the recent mass shooting together and into prospective, the final analysis is: the federal and state governments (and municipalities) is the underlying cause that no one at Sandy Hook school was afforded the opportunity to defend themselves, despite a heroic moment when the school’s principal tried to disarm the lunatic assailant without being armed. It failed and little children died. The same federal government who let the same firearms they intend to take away from law-abiding citizens for defense (158 banned firearms that include pistols, rifles, and shotguns), be taken across our southern border (whose security fence system is still not completed after being approved during GW Bush administration) in the hands of drug cartels and criminals. That fiasco program was called Fast and Furious and the Attorney General responsible (Eric Holder) still has his job.

A second case against the federal government under questionable reasons why it continues to assault the inalienable rights of the Second Amendment is that this White House administration is responsible for the deaths of Americans at Benghazi. As the following video of a news broadcast reveals, investigators have had trouble getting cooperation from Obama and associates; unlike Reagan who dealt with the Iran-Contra Affair immediately as soon as it was discovered.

State of OUR Union: Jesse Ventura Interview with Alex Jones

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