George Zimmerman Trial Update – July 3rd 2013

The prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial is reaching for straws as it hopes through school records and applications that he was a wannabe cop who became increasingly frustrated by incidents of crime in his gated community. The prosecution maintains that when Zimmerman saw Martin he profiled the teenager and followed him, which led to a confrontation and ended up with Martin being shot to death. The prosecution, after obtaining permission to obtain and submit school records of Zimmerman, also stated that part of the course curriculum included how to be a good witness.


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Trial of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman

The trial of George Zimmerman is not going according to the racial lynch mob and the prosecution.

Mr. Zimmerman’s testimony remains consistent, as Fox News story unfolds that includes a video of Zimmerman and his recorded testimony. It could have been a clear-cut self-defense, and even the arresting law enforcement officer wanted to only charge him with manslaughter, but the prosecutor would have nothing but murder based on a “race hate” incident.

Remember, the mainstream media instantly put the story into an incident where a “white” person was stalking a “black” person and killed him in cold blood. Suddenly the story changed when Zimmerman was found to be Hispanic [his father was Caucasian, mother Hispanic]. Despite Zimmerman having the right to defend himself, not just by Second Amendment law, but by the laws of Florida – the racial lynch mob organizations and media will have none of it. All because they are anti-firearm zealots.

It is the same media reporting that painted Paula Deen a racist, and falsely stating she had used the “N” word during an interview or in cyberspace the rumor floated around she said the “N” word on Food Network TV.

The racial lynch mob is out to find racism even if it is not there, and only on one side of the racial divide. For example, Trayvon Martin calling Zimmerman a “Cracker”.

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Florida’s Ballot Problems – Again: Allen West Fights

Florida has more problems with vote counting. Remember the same thing happened in presidential election year of 2000. Apparently, Florida has a corrupted vote-counting system and bureaucracy. Shady things have been going on in the case of West versus Murphy in Florida for a seat in the House of Representatives. Allen West ran for reelection.

The entire campaign was full of unpleasant situations, especially when it came to TV ads. In addition, someone printed Mr. West’s social security number on an anti-West pamphlet passed out to the public.

West Family

Mr. West has been accused of vile and unsubstantiated things all through the campaign. The most serious apparent abuse of vote counting procedures took place in St. Lucie County where the local supervisor, without proper authorization and integrity of the vote count by having observers – recounted the absentee ballot votes. Volunteers were ordered to hand copy ballots. Observers complained that the process was bias because they were not allowed to view those who were recreating ballots. One elderly observer was told to sit down, which did not give him the opportunity to observe, and when he asked why, was verbally abused and escorted away by a sheriff’s deputy by order of the Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher. He was chastised just for asking questions.

Despite all of those suspicious activities, a West Palm Beach Judge David F. Crow (same county the last vote-counting debacle occurred) denied Mr. West’s request to have a court intervene in the vote counting procedure.

In addition to all of this nonsense, suspicions concerning 8,000 military absentee ballots, picked up on the day after the election, was counted without observers, the area made off-limits to them. Unlike the damaged ballots aforementioned, the military ballots are just being counted and not reproduced. Yet, Mr. Snyder, who was present noticed that a worker was marking the ballots. It was brought to the attention of the staff leadership, but was ignored. Four military ballots in a row were invalidated with no explanation. Once again, Ms. Snyder asked why to Mrs. Bucher and she became hostile.

According to the Washington Times, Mrs. Bucher has been a problem throughout the process. Her actions and response to a court order to open polls to early voters was only to local Democrats. Republican observers were told that the vote count was going to be ended and they did not have to show up. Mrs. Snyder showed up anyway and saw that the counting was continuing. Bucher ordered ballot workers to reproduce some ballots that were already reproduced. No explanation for these activities were given.
An online video shows Mrs. Bucher rudely refusing to answer questions by local reporter Michele Kirk about the vote count. Supervisor Susan Bucher set the rule that the only person in her office allowed to speak to the media was herself – yet, answered questions with rudeness and/or silence.
The following video produced by BizPac Review is an example of how Democrats win elections. The person whistle-blowing on this video is Ellen Snyder
A disconcerting revelation was that teamsters showed up at the ballot counting events at the St. Lucie County poll office wearing T-shirts for Obama. Like the women in the interview, I want to know what teamster union thugs are doing at a ballot counting event?
People guilty of voter fraud should be given maximum jail sentence and first person to be arrested and put on trial should be S. Bucher at St. Lucie County poll office. In the meantime, a judge in Florida should be ordering ballots and machines confiscated for complete examination. Absentee ballots are more likely to be compromised. Our military men and women are serving our country and their ballots are being abused while they protect the freedom political criminals jeopardize.
Allen Westis a rising conservative star who should have been running against Obama instead of Romney, but instead vied for reelection in the state of Florida to the House of Representatives, of which the Republicans remain the majority. The Senate is still controlled by the Democrats with leadership like Harry Reid.
View Allen West’s stance on issues HERE. Allen West files lawsuit
Allen West is a refreshing member of the Republican Party whose principles are solid, uses common sense politics, and refuses to stand down to Democrat Party personal attack tactics. He is an avid supporter of the Tea Party movement and campaigns for our government’s reform to the constitutional republic that our Founders created. On more than one occasion, he has stood up against the Washington “Black Caucus” (there is a “Hispanic Caucus”, where is the “White Caucus”?)  Why do we have any caucus in our government based upon race?!? A caucus should be based upon an ideology, not skin pigmentation or race.
According to a report, Tea Party candidates in three states have lost the election. The Tea Party movement has been accused of racism, the Black Caucus declaring that the Tea Party folks want them hung, and all sorts of ridiculous accusations. Allen West is done with Washington DC’s Black Caucus. Racial caucuses in politics does not belong in our government anyway.
It is most interesting to know that Allen West had a marginal lead until St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections (Bucher) decided to “recount” thousands of early ballots. After the recount, Congressman West was losing by 2,400 votes. It is a case of a supervisor clearly ignoring proper rules and procedures – and again, why were union teamsters at the ballot counting?