Spring Planting 2013

Spring_April-2-2013_02As I demonstrate with the photo image [shot in morning of April 2nd 2013] I took with my camera left of this paragraph – “global warming” is total nonsense. Since the revelation through email from the leading organization behind this hoax, junk scientists blackballing fellow scientists who have demonstrated that global warming is not doomsday as the media so gleefully and diligently proclaimed – and Al Gore made millions off, plus an Oscar and a Nobel Prize. After the revelation from those emails between scientists were published, the progressives and others have changed “global warming” into another term – “climate change”.
Al Gore certainly deserves retribution for his charade.

Maggie, over at Maggie’s Notebook just posted something that may finally force junk scientists and the corporate media to fess up. Weather Channel founder who has been against the global warming hoax from the beginning, has found 30,000 scientists worldwide who will testify and sign a petition in an intended lawsuit against Al Gore for using the media misinformation and manipulation to make himself millions along with his globalist partners. Personally I would like some global warming where temperatures were above the high 30s/42[day] and 20s [night] on April 1st; enabling me to plant earlier than Memorial Day weekend. [May]

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Milwaukee County Sheriff Honors Oath of Office


 As the Obama government prepares to ban 158 firearms and magazines with over ten-round capacity, the DHS has ordered two billion rounds of ammunition reported to be hollow-point bullets. Maggie’s Notebook obtained a copy of the document, redacted and the wording or the amount of ammunition does not equate to the use of firearm qualifications for DHS officials. The document also shows that the DHS intended to prevent the public knowing they ordered enough ammunition for a five-year war based upon ammunition consumed in the war in Afghanistan.

Another document appears to reinforce the “Birthers” claim that BH Obama was not born in United States, discovered by Dan Crosby, The Daily Pen revealing a an INS port of entry on July 1 to 1961 and December 31, 1961 matching Barack Hussein Obama’s birth date of August 4, 1961.

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Peninsula Snow Storm – First in 2012

First real snowfall this year here on the Door Peninsula, with temperatures in December (and November) that were warmed than usual – global warming? Bring it on …

Icelandic Pony, Washington Island

Starting this morning, with a small amount beginning last night, the snow will steadily fall, estimated up to one or two inches per hour, with winds developing into gusts of 30 to 40 mph. Presently, the wind at the Lighthouse Journal is at 17 mph, gusting to about 20 mph. The storm is across the Great Lakes region and will end sometime in the early hours of Friday the 21st.

Black-Foot Ferret, Little Sturgeon, Door Peninsula

The Door Peninsula, Great Lakes region, and the western mountain states will surely have a White Christmas.

Bayshore Drive, from Egg Harbor to Sturgeon Bay

There is a travel warning so most of us that does not absolutely have to venture out that are not law enforcement, community services, and our friendly postal lady are content with watching the big snow flakes fall over the Door Peninsula landscape.

I would like to take this moment to wish everyone a …

and …
and remember

Searching For Truth Since 1999 – Myth Blaster and Lighthouse Journal Anniversary

Myth Blaster®1is a registered segment of this website for examining chain email for authenticity and just plain Truth; a smaller version of websites dedicated to the cause, like: TruthorFiction, Urban Legends(original at About), and Snopes. Break-the-Chainwas once a good source, but it has been tagged by Google Internet security as to be a “suspicious” website that “may harm your computer” as of February 5th. 2
UPDATE: Break-the-Chain website closed with the following farewell message:

Thank you for visiting BreakTheChain.org. I’m proud to have been your source for real, reliable information you can trust about e-mail rumors and hoaxes for nearly 13 years. Since we started on this journey together, many things have changed. Social media has replaced e-mail as the vehicle of source to share information with friends and family and more and more people have learned to question everything that they see online.It is with this knowledge that I decided to close BreakTheChain.org. I had a really good run and made a lot of great friends who understood what it meant to “don’t want the junk.” I think all my fans and regular visitors for your support. There are still lots of sites out there that can help you find out if that claim you’ve heard is true or a hoax, but I encourage you to also ask you friends and engage them to think about what they read online.

And now to another matter

Here at Lighthouse Patriot Journal, I have endeavored to live up to my motto: Searching for Truth in a Sea of Misinformation®since 1999. Hopefully I will live long enough to see my endeavor to expand and remain on into the next decade of the 21stcentury.
I would like to take this moment to thank my readers, followers, and other occasional visitors who visit this website and the others listed on this website; or even those who drop me a line or two in an email to keep me abreast of what is happening in their lives or bits of information they wish to pass on. Sometimes they send me chain email to research for Myth Blaster®.
Southern Door County Sign [KAL Photo]
I have been blessed by a readership that is international, from many different geographical locations: from rural town in the Great Plains state of Iowa to the readers here in Wisconsin to the countryside of Upper State New York to the shorelines of California and Hawaii – and even in Alaska; 3to London, England, Ireland, Wales (maternal-side family there), and Scotland (maternal-side of family there as well); to South Africa and the island-nation of Japan; to Copenhagen, Denmark, once the central kingdom of the Vikings, who send me pics every once in a while of their beautiful country; to the Latin American nations of Brazil, Chile, and Central America to include the beautiful and friendly little nation of Belize; and our wonderful friends “Down Under” in Australia and New Zealand – all who drop me a line or comment at one of my websites and whose geographical locations are too numerous to list here.
Cave Point, Door Peninsula [KAL photo]
Some have become “Pen Pals” – three particularly from Europe across the “Big Water” – Scotland/England and Denmark; as well as a young couple in South Africa (one who is studying to be a physicist), who I have become so acquainted with these wonderful people I have offered to provide them a guided tour if they ever have a chance to visit the Door Peninsula. It would be a thrill and honor to do so.
Like the Disney song played at Disney World in one of its attractions: “It’s a Small, Small World” – the Internet has brought people from many places and walks of life. The Internet is the best thing that has happened to civilization since the Library of Alexandria 4and the classical ancient schools of philosophical thought there. The recent turmoil in the historical and wonderfully mysterious land of Egypt, making it too dangerous and distracting to visit in this moment of human history. Humans should spend more time in classic studies, knowledge, adventurous travel (here on Earth and on into the stars) rather than spend so much time, human life and energy on figuring out ways to take another nation’s real estate and exterminate each other. Sounds strange coming from an ex-combat soldier who served two tours in combat zones; but a real soldier trains for what is necessary to survive and win – but NEVER wishes for war. It is like the 2ndAmendment – better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.
But I digress …
Death’s Door Passage Ferry [KAL photo]
I also want to thank the sponsors and those that have been gratuitous enough to donate through my PayPal link to aid me in my endeavor to improve this and other websites, as well as possibly raise enough to fulfill my dream of a Lighthouse Journal Publishing Company, LTD here on the Peninsula. However, because of the economy – worldwide – this has reduced to a bare trickle. If you cannot afford to donate, the next time you shop at Amazon, do so through my webpage (no cost difference to you) and I will get four cents on the dollar. This helps with rising costs, like satellite-feed Internet service. 
The Door Peninsula, Washington Island (separated by Death’s Door strait), and other islands; as well as the historic lighthouses that dot the coastline of Lake Michigan attracts visitors from all over America and some foreign visitors. At the local orchard, my son had an interesting conversation from two lady visitors from Russia. I myself have met visitors from eastern Europe and Scandinavia, the latter probably visiting relatives for there are many family descendants here from Germany and Scandinavia.
Old Stone Quarry, Bayshore Drive [KAL photo]
If Peninsula residents’ occupation is not farming, local services, health care, fishing industry (recreational and commercial), or the minimal manufacturing here; they depend upon the seasonal business of retail and restaurants spread about the Peninsula in the different villages and towns, as well as other recreational activities and events. Even in the winter months there are Winter Festivals, ongoing this weekend, as well as the orchards, vineyards and wineries that attract thousands from May 1stto Halloween (October 31st), during the Fall Festival period of harvesting and the Harvest Moon. Of course, there are winter sports, events, and activities here as well; however, those are usually attended to by locals. 
Well, that covers my plug for the Door County Peninsula; except that if you visit, please stop in Sturgeon Bay on 14thStreet and visit the Habitat for Humanitystore and headquarters to make a purchase, just to say “Hello” or make a donation. Habitat for Humanityis a national and international endeavor to help people work their way into owning their own homes. It is a non-profit organization who, unlike welfare programs, help people help themselves. As Rick the director says: We provide a “hand up” not a “hand out– a phrase he uses on radio advertisement at our local WDOR(FM)radio station.
Thanks again for visiting this website.
Check out my other sites linked at the right scroll bar on this web page. 
1 Myth Blaster was originally Myth Buster until the Discovery Channel produced by Australia’s BT Productions initiated a science entertainment TV program called MythBusters and MythBusters Exposed that includes broadcasters like Discovery Channel Australia, Discovery Channel Latin America, Discovery Channel Canada, as well as Discovery Channel in the United Kingdom. The filming is based in San Francisco with some elements of production done in Artarmon, Australia. Special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman provide the elements of scientific method, testing and investigation to test the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, Internet videos and news stories. As of November 2011, all five MythBusters have appeared in shows and specials for Discovery’s Science Channel.
2 This depends upon the level you have set your computer security at and other factors. Malicious software at this sight includes 5 Trojans, 5 exploits (including 5 exploitative scripts), resulting in 8 new processes on a target machine and 4 instances of malicious software being downloaded and installed within a 90-day period, The malicious software to that date are: (1) boeingsmiles.com; (2) thefamily4life.org; (3) brainbin.com.
3 Alaskans seem especially interested in my website entitled Faded Glory Journal – probably because of its theme/content.
4 One of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, of which I have been blessed to visit the ancient ruins of the Temple of Artemis, Ephesus; Troy (Pergamum); Mount Olympia; and the region where the Hanging Gardens of Babylonia once stood to impress the ancient world. Unfortunately, and most disappointing, I didn’t get a chance to see Alexandria that included a Nile River boat ride south to the site of the summer palace of the pharaohs in Memphis (Yes, Memphis, Tennessee was named after it during a period in our architectural history and classical education enlightened students with that knowledge). Anyway, the trip was canceled because there was not enough bookings. 

Sailing and Cruising the Great Lakes and Beyond

Death’s Door off Washington Island
Warm weather brings the sight of watercraft on Lake Michigan around the Door Peninsula and Washington Island of different sizes and class of vessels from yachts to skiffs. All over the Great Lakes summer brings the sight of vessels, the lakes being formed long ago when the Ice Age was ending and glacier melting caused receding to form the largest series of freshwater lakes in America and the world. Cold and deep, the Great Lakes has also a history of tragedies and shipwrecks. The St. Lawrence Seaway connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean for those adventurous vessel owners.
Commercial fishing has been one of the major industries on the Peninsula as well as all over the Great Lakes region, and the depiction of a mariner standing with a farmer is on the Wisconsin state flag.
All summer visitors and vessel-owning residents sail or motor the waters of Lake Michigan from and to the Peninsula, Washington Island, navigating the treacherous waters of the Death’s Door passage between Door Peninsula and Washington Island where a ferry runs on a tight schedule all year long; as well as visitations to points of interest to see the lighthouses and the historic Rock Island. 

Egg Harbor-East; photo by KAL-2011
The DCS&PS [Door County Sail and Power Squadron] is one of 445 charters across the United States whose members involve themselves with community service, continuing education, and social activities. It was chartered in 1954 as the Sturgeon Bay Power Squadron, but the name was changed in 2001 to reflect its county-wide membership.
The DCS&PS activities include vessel safety checks that are courtesy inspections to verify the presence and condition of safety equipment required by state and federal regulations for owners of vessels from ocean-yachts [built and repaired here in Sturgeon Bay by Peterson Builders] to rowboats. The inspections cover life jackets, engines, fire extinguishers, running lights, flares, general cleanliness and tidiness.
The DCS&PS examiner also makes recommendations and discusses safe boating practices. Owner whose vessel passes the safety check receives a signed check sheet and an inspection sticker after passing the inspection that is approved by the Coast Guard. The owners, after passing inspection, get a discount on boat insurance. Free vessel safety checks are available all summer at marinas in Sturgeon Bay, Egg Harbor, Baileys Harbor, and Fish Creek. Check with your marina for exact dates.
The DCS&PS is involved in partnership with the Door County Maritime Museum, Quarterdeck Marina, and Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club for projects and fundraisers like the Annual Classic & Wooden Boat Festival, as well as waterfront cleanup at Sunset Park, Sturgeon Bay on 3rd Avenue. The squadron also works with the local fire departments to demonstrate the correct use of flares and how to properly use a fire extinguisher for various on-board fires.
The ABC-3, America’s Boating Course, is offered to the public at a fee once or twice per year. It has become popular in Door County, especially since Wisconsin law requires that anyone born on or after January 1st, 1989, at least 16 years old, may operate a motorboat only if he/she has completed a boating safety course accepted by the Wisconsin DNR. The course is eight hours.
The ABC-3 basic course can be followed [voluntarily] by five advanced courses that include seamanship, basic piloting, advanced piloting and more. The courses start with the basic seamanship course that teaches about water safety and knowing about buoys and navigation rules. The next series of courses include paper chart navigation, the use of charts to plot a course and figure distances using coordinates and navigation tools that has been used since the days of Christopher Columbus. The course series teaches how to navigate by the sun and stars using a sextant, as well as advanced navigation like GPS and other electronic equipment and offshore navigation.
Two-hour seminars are available that cover boat handling to using a marine radio and five elective courses that includes weather, marine electronics, engine maintenance, ans sail/cruise planning.
The weather course is important for water safety, whether taking short cruises or long ones, for the Great Lakes is infamous for its sudden bad weather that can put an inexperienced and uninformed vessel operator into some serious and life-threatening situations. Many shipwrecks lie on the bottom of the Great Lakes of all sizes, some dating back to the ancient native canoes and early exploration vessels before America was settled. The courses are definitely worth the time and money, as well as interesting. Cruise courses teach navigation at various levels for navigating American waters in the Great Lakes, Florida, and Mississippi River.
Instructors for the cruise planning are Andrea and Jim Jauqet who are experienced navigators who took their 35-foot sailboat to the Mediterranean Sea and left it there. Each summer since then they have been to different foreign ports. They are a great source of knowledge and provide helpful tips for long cruises, such as coating eggs with Vaseline, which allows them to stay fresh for weeks in tropical weather.
If you would like additional information about DCS&PS, its courses and activities, contact JoAnne Rosenfeld at 920-559-7530 or send email to: luvboston@gmail.com or visit their website.

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Wisconsin – America is Watching

Every election campaign the same thing is said from the Republican camp, the conservative movement; but America still remains in trouble. Its citizens are losing rights and liberties from legislation and executive orders, but just at a faster rate because of the Obama administration. If you look at the results and/or accomplishments, even when GW Bush was in office – any improvement is negligible and only has slowed down the destruction of our constitutional republic as it was created.

Glenn Beck spoke about the first annual gathering of FreePAC in Dallas, Texas concerning an organization called FreedomWorks:

What FreedomWorks is doing is the first ever global Tea Party event and their asking 9/12ers, and Tea Party activists, and people that just believe in freedom to get together, and work together, learn together, link arms…it is going to be a historic event…grab your tickets and do it now.

The GOP is not as conservative as advertised, looking at it as a whole. There are too many RINOs – and the GOP establishment poster boys for nomination in the primary elections are RINOs, too often not following through with their promise of reformation of our government. I realize that too much rests upon the executive branch by the American people, only because of the pompous hoodoo that the people have come to believe.
What we need are constitutional conservatives. The general public, the conservatives and moderate liberals, just don’t trust Mitt Romney. He has to often said one thing and did another or changed his mind about his views for whatever reason. Changing views or plan of action when the atmosphere or times change is acceptable. That is comprising.
But the Constitution should not be compromised and should be the foundation and principles of every piece of legislation to reach the voting floor. Indeed, there should be a constitutional committee that screens each and every bill proposed for a vote to become legislation, for it constitutionality.
In elections, name calling is not the adult way to conduct oneself, in fact it is not the way in any circumstances in a civilized society. But every election we are lambasted with TV and radio ads doing just such a thing, and although the Democrats have the worst record, the Republicans are often to blame as well. Problem is that too many Americans, because they rely on emotion instead of logic, pay attention to the crud. I may watch it, but take little salt in any TV/radio campaign ad that isn’t informing me what the candidate intends to do if elected. A good example is the campaign against Governor Scott Walker, a recall vote, that is costing taxpayers’ money because government union workers don’t want to pitch in for their own retirement benefits. Now instead of getting it free with their good wages, they have to pay into the program like the rest of us.
He is being lambasted for working with Wisconsin businesses to improve the situation here in Wisconsin, which in turn creates new jobs and brings those laid off back to work. What do the campaign ads from union thugs and Sociocrats say? Walker is in cahoots with business. You know, the usual Marxist rhetoric that has been political propaganda tool for well over fifty years now. FDR used it.
Wisconsin was drowning in debt until the governor’s fiscally conservative measures erased Wisconsin’s $3.6 billion deficit. Rather than adopting the Democratic Party’s “cure-all” prescription of raising taxes, Walker lowered them, signing a property tax freeze and lowering school property taxes. Wisconsin is expected to have a budget surplus by 2013. Governor Walker made tough decisions during tough economic times. Walker’s proposal allowing union participation to be voluntary and requiring union workers to contribute to their generous benefit plans sent Wisconsin state senate Democrats reeling – literally. Once they realized Walker wasn’t going to back down, they absconded to a neighboring state in a childish display of political theatrics.
Once it was enacted, the bill President Obama once described as “an assault on unions,” became a pathway to independence. Wisconsin schools and local governments were given the freedom to live within their means when they were granted the ability to hire, fire and compensate based upon performance. The nonpartisan group, Wisconsin Taxpayer’s Alliance, reported that the savings from employee benefits “allowed districts to reduce costs” allowing districts like the Kaukauna school district to control their own destiny and convert a $400,000 deficit into a $1.5 million surplus. Walker’s success in Wisconsin is a threat to labor unions, Progressives and the Democratic Party. According to the New York Post, New York unions are sending resources “to oust the union-busting Walker on June 5 and stop the anti-union movement from spreading to other states.” …
A win for Walker will be a win for the rest of us because his policies could serve as an antidote to the economic contagion spreading across this country. No matter who wins in Wisconsin on June 5th, or in Washington this November, our economy will not improve without making tough choices. Either way, the job requires a strong leader and skillful surgeon, and Governor Scott Walker has proven he is up to the task.
The figures and statistics are on Scott Walker’s side.
Keep Walker in and elect more like him – elected officials who actually do something.
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Wisconsin Recall: We the People vs Unions and their Puppets

The day to vote to either recall or retain Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin is approaching soon – Tuesday, June 5th. I have already given an overview as to who and what organizations are behind this ridiculous election where voters have to go back to the neighborhood voting places and vote again. I believe that most will still choose Scott Walker.

Do Wisconsinites really want to “turn back the clock” and have a Governor like Jim Doyle who raised taxes $1 billion that included state fees that were raised 38%?
Do we really want to see more jobs lost because businesses are taxed so heavily that they would rather move out of state?

Do we really want to see corruption return, as in the Doyle-Casino scandal (which disappeared off the net when he was reelected – Wisconsinite voters have short memories)?

Those protesting against Walker to be recalled are puppets (“useful idiots”) of the trade unions that are behind this campaign against our governor who is doing what he said he would do when he asked We the People to vote for him.
The video after this article will plainly show that government workers, whether it be state or federal, have had it good and now that cutbacks must take place to reduce government cost – they don’t want to pay for their own retirement programs. Governor Walker made sure that cuts were made in this way to prevent any layoffs, which would increase unemployment, of government employees.

The biggest culprit in this bizarre scenario is the Teachers’ Union. First, unions are a private business institution that has no business getting involved with government operations – but that is exactly what they have been doing since politicians allowed them to interact through government employee system. It has been standard practice to ensure wages and salaries were offered to government employees and provide essential benefits in order to obtain and retain good, competent employees. But experience dealing with some of them demonstrates a different picture.

Government employees, as the video and an article by Kyle Olson points out, make more money than the average worker, has better benefits than the average worker – and it is paid, large part, by the workers representing 86% of the private sector working class to pay government employees in Wisconsin that only represent about 14%.
Unions also raise the cost of government, as demonstrated in the private sector, unions have bankrupted companies and corporations because union workers want more and more money, which in turn, a portion goes to the unions. On an average, the union worker pays out about $1,000 per year to trade unions.
How would you like to have paid holidays for every government declared holiday? Government workers are usually the only ones that get paid time off for every government declared holiday.
Teachers start at a wage that private sector workers must earn after years of employment – and they only have to work nine months out of the year.

Compared to the producer class, Milwaukee’s teachers are getting a pretty sweet deal. When school is in session, teachers work almost 4 hours less each week than the standard private sector employee does. And instead of getting the usual two weeks off each year, Milwaukee teachers enjoy nearly 14 weeks vacation. All told, the typical producer-class employee works well over 600 hours a year more than the typical government school employee. You would think with this workload, total compensation for government teachers would be a lot less than for private-sector workers. But when you add salary, retirement and health benefits, a first-year teacher’s total compensation is almost $56 per contracted hour worked. For a fifth-year teacher, it’s over $60 an hour. A tenth year teacher, more than $66 an hour. And teachers can retire sooner, too, at age 57. … Producer-class workers earn less than $735 a week. For a typical 40-hour week, that works out to just over $18 an hour. … Next time you see government employees demanding that you sacrifice even more for them, remind them that a public servant is supposed to serve the public, not turn the public into their servants.

Governor Walker is not catering to Wisconsin businesses and corporations for personal gain, he is trying to keep business here and get more business to come here – which means MORE JOBS.

I was raised by parents that told me that doing the right thing is much harder than following the crowd and doing the right thing. It isn’t always popular, but in the long run more satisfying to do what is right.
I must confess that I voted for the other Republican candidate in the last election for governor; but, I am sure going to choose Scott Walker this time. He is doing what he said he was going to do – that in itself is a good thing. Are jobs picking up as fast as we like? No. But it is better than it was last year, and it will get better if we keep a steady course and do the what is right.
Contrary to the opposition’s propaganda, Governor Walker did not eliminate collective bargaining. Linda Chavez told the real story in recent article:

The Wisconsin recall election of Republican Gov. Scott Walker is not going quite like the unions and the Democratic Party expected. Back in 2011, many pundits thought that the governor had overreached when he took on public employee unions, restricting — though not eliminating — collective bargaining rights. But he did so because he inherited a state in dire financial shape with a deficit of $3.6 billion and public employee pensions and benefits that threatened to bankrupt the state. When a Republican-controlled legislature tried to pass legislation to rein in the abuses, Democratic representatives literally fled the state to make a vote impossible. As a result of some clever parliamentary footwork that separated fiscal items in the bill so that a quorum would not be required to pass the legislation, Walker managed to get the bill passed. The unions sued, unsuccessfully, and the bill became law, incurring the wrath of Wisconsin’s powerful unions — public and private sector. … Even in a heavily union state like Wisconsin, union membership is tiny compared to the total labor force. And when it comes to public employees, most taxpayers realize that they are actually footing the bill for salaries and benefits, which more often than not exceed their own. When many workers have no health insurance, they may feel chagrined at having to fork over more taxes to pay for Cadillac policies for union members whose own healthcare contributions are much smaller. When most employees get two weeks paid vacation if they’re lucky, they may resent paying full time salaries to teachers who work only nine months a year and spend only five hours a day in the classroom with week-long holidays, professional development and snow days off. … If Walker does survive the recall election June 5, it will put the state of Wisconsin in political play for the GOP in the presidential election. It seemed unlikely that Wisconsin, which went for President Obama by 14 points in 2008, would be a tossup this year. But the Republican base has been energized by the unions’ attempt to oust Walker. Independents, and even some fiscally conservative Democrats, may also jump ship from Obama in the fall. If so, the electoral map looks better for Mitt Romney, which is why some in the Obama campaign are worried that their friends in the labor movement may have overreached.

Unions must be booted out of government business. Their power and corruption is quite evident here. Unions from other states have even funneled money to Wisconsin unions because this is now a national issue. Americans, politicians, and union bosses are watching for different reasons, but same purpose – to see where this goes and to mark it as a turning point.
This isn’t just about Scott Walker, this is about unions strong-arming American workers, taking away their freedom of choice, and, like a parasite, killing its host.
And teachers who keep asking for more and more benefits and larger salaries are part of an important element that makes a nation great or not – educating the leadership and voters of the future; yet compared to other nations we have been steadily falling from the fifth spot towards the 25th spot on the list of best educated individuals and best educational institutions from kindergarten to colleges and universities. It is a travesty and detrimental to America’s future. Progressives want to keep the people ignorant and only know what they want them to know; and accuse their opposition with anything they can think of, most of which they have or presently are committing themselves.
The following important and factual video was produced by EAGF(Education Action Group Foundation), for whom Kyle is founder and CEO, that is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that promotes sensible education reform. Please watch this, it isn’t too long, but most important. And after watching it, I hope you understand why Scott Walker needs to remain Wisconsin’s governor. Recall elections are designed to be used against elected officials who are not performing their jobs. Governor Scott Walker is being recalled for performing his job. That statement only should open a few eyes.

Please go to your voting polls, if you are a registered Wisconsin voter, and vote to keep Scott Walker. And, if you didn’t vote for him before or didn’t bother to vote – please attend and show the unions and selfish government workers that We the People are not going to take nonsense from the minority that is supposed to be public servants.

The sooner voters do the right thing, the sooner Governor Walker can get back to what he was elected for.
Thank you in advance for your vote for Governor Scott Walker.

Peninsula Fishing: Skipping Technique

Taking a break from the political dialogue, I turn to one of my favorite past times: angling. …
Lure skipping is a technique used in tournaments and by sports fishermen all over the country, which affords the angler to cover water quickly and take advantage of the predatory nature of certain fish species, like bass and pike. I have, on a couple of occasions, caught perch when using this technique as well as, much to my surprise, Rapala lures. 

Techniques and Tackle
I have used spinning tackle, for the most part, when using the skipping technique; but also use, from time to time, used a bait caster, particularly the one with a “flipping” switch that quickly adjusts the tension for that type of fishing. Many may believe that skipping is more apt to get a hit by a largemouth rather than a smallmouth bass; but I have proven differently here on the Peninsula. While living in Georgia, I used this technique whenever I came upon a promising area to use it.
Andy Montgomery, pro-angler uses a Team Daiwa Zillia (6.3:1 gear ratio) baitcaster. He sets the tension knob so bait drops slowly without backlashing, and sets the magnetic dial to 10. It isn’t the best for distance in casting, but there is less line entanglement issues. The more experience the angler has, the less resistance required, and more distance in the flipping-skipping action is achieved.
Flipping/skipping requires a modified underhand cast, and because of the shorter distance, you can use the side swing-underhand cast. The flatter you can cast, the better your lure will skip.
For smallmouth bass found in this area of Lake Michigan, I use the local standard tube bait that resembles crayfish, a favorite delicacy of bass species fish.
Plastic lures attached to jigs allows skipping to be more productive. Montgomery suggests using the Strike King Rage Craw. Choosing a natural color is essential to me, and seems to get more bites than other lures and combinations.
Target Areas
Skipping allows baits to be cast in tight places around cover areas, but also can be used in brush piles and rip-rap structures, like that found at the Old Stone Quarry in Sturgeon Bay. Pike can be caught using this technique. Docks lower to the water can be difficult when skipping, but is productive being the less fished area.

State of Our Union: Sheriff Joe Arpaio vs Federal Tyranny

Sheriff Joe Arpaio fights Federal Tyranny
Eric Holder, being under investigation for his “Fast and Furious”scandal, is spearheading a Justice Department witch hunt against Arizona, Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio who is also a member of the CSPA(Constitutional Sheriff’s Posse Association) of which I also am a member of and began a group representing Door County, Door Peninsula Patriots, still trying to get the DC sheriff office to respond. Unfortunately, this federal witch hunt is costing Maricopa County taxpayers money.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he has been known to be a no-nonsense law officer that has upheld the tradition of law enforcement and has been in law enforcement for at least 50 years even at the federal level. He has also been the target of several politically left special interest groups, the ACLU, and now the Obama administration’s Justice Department. 

Katie Pavlich, news editor and darn good investigative journalist, wrote at Townhall:
President Obama’s Justice Department, led by Attorney General Eric Holder, is attacking Arizona again. This time, they’re going after popular and duly elected Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is known as one of the only sheriffs in the country to enforce all illegal immigration laws. What is DOJ planning to sue Arpaio over? They are accusing him of racial profiling, of course. The DOJ has also requested officials be sent to oversee actions taken by Arpaio’s deputies during traffic stops to ensure profiling doesn’t take place and that civil rightsaren’t violated. Arpaio isn’t buying it.
The feds are planning to sue Sheriff Arpaio and his office for alleged civil rights violations that include racial profiling of Hispanics. What the Obama administration is doing, as with suits against the state of Arizona is violating state rights as well as an attempt to take federal control of the county of Maricopa. It is all political, as well as unconstitutional in respect to federal authority and limitations imposed upon the federal government in accordance to the United States Constitution. Sheriff Arpaio and the state of Arizona are victims of big government, which has expanded greatly from the presidency of Bill Clinton, escalating in the past three and a half years of Obama’s regime.
The CSPA is an organization whose main mission is to educate Americans and encourage them to know everything there is to know about constitutional law, the laws that protect their rights and liberties like freedom of choice and property rights.
Chuck Norris wrote in his column about the history of the sheriff:
For many, the term sheriff conjures up images of the Old West. A few may consider a sheriff some form of outdated and obsolete political office. But for me and countless other patriots across our nation, a sheriff is the epitome of good and necessary county law enforcement. As documented on the Durham County website, the position of a sheriff originated in England 1,000 years ago, known then as a shire reeve, who was “the steward of the king’s estates, guardian of the peace, judge and jury of the Shire County (county court) and was the local agent of the king in military affairs. The king also appointed him as the chief police magistrate.” In the U.S., the office of sheriff was first established in Virginia in 1634. On Oct. 9, 1662, the General Court of Virginia called Capt. Samuel Stephen “to be a commander of the southern plantation” … Despite how you feel about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s personal conduct, government suspicions or severity of criminal discipline, there is no doubt that the feds entanglements into his affairs are a massive overreach of local and state laws and jurisdictions. It is pathetic that President Obama himself as well the entire left-wing progressive establishment is in a multi-million dollar smear campaign to discredit and take down Sheriff Joe, as his own re-election website proclaims, “because I have led the fight in Arizona against illegal immigration.”

George Soros, funding supporter ofBarack H. Obama and corresponding leftist organizations has become a part of this campaign against Sheriff Arpaio. At Truth Alliance, it was revealed that Soros pledged $10 million to defeat Sheriff Arpaio. keep in mind that it is the democratic-socialists who are constantly harping about the “evil” wealthy individuals and business entities – a class envy political tool right out of the “divide and conquer” chapter of Marxism.

If you read about complaints, the people complaining do not live in Maricopa County; and if anyone would be qualified to complain would be county residents who have consistently reelected Sheriff Arpaio because he has kept crime down, rooted out illegal immigrants, and treats his prisoners like criminals they are instead of a resort for those who commit crimes. He has save the county money, but will several lawsuits that constantly pop up from the political left, it is costing money for court defense. Of course, the sociocrats think nothing of wasting taxpayer funds on such things, and Obama wants it make it look like he is doing something in the last year of his tenure as President of the United States.

Soros funded organizations are embedded deep within the Obama administration:

  • In Jan. 2010, 60 influential black leaders condemned Sheriff Arpaio in an ad sponsored by Center for Community Change (an organization supported by $1,715,000 from Soros in 2010 alone).
  • In December 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice accused Sheriff Arpaio of civil rights violations, discrimination and racial profiling against Latinos.
  • In January 2012, President Obama appointed another new czar as the director of his Domestic Policy Council, Cecilia Munoz, who previously served on three heavily funded George Soros organizations’ boards: his Open Society Institute, the Center for Community Change (mentioned above) and most recently worked for the open-border lobbyist group who fights for mass immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens, the National Council of La Raza (an organization supported by at least $362,000 from Soros in 2010 alone).
  • In February 2012, Janet Murguía, the National Council of La Raza’s president and CEO, officially “demand[ed] that Arpaio step down immediately” and “resign as sheriff of Maricopa County.”

It is all over the fact that the Democratic Party doesn’t want to enforce immigration laws and ignore the thousands of illegal aliens that stream across our southern border.

They also have the help of the mainstream media, like MSM bias. Using racism (like they do with blacks), the Obama administration whose rhetoric in campaign 2008 was unity, is, as socialists do, “divide and conquer” in political game-tactics. They have no inclination of “uniting” America, unless Americans all “unite” under their socialist political platform of the big government welfare state.
And the infiltration of our government system gets deeper and deeper. In 2009, Congress had the right to disqualify Judge Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice nominee because: she advocated open borders, drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, and a member of the racist organization called the National Council of La Raza, who is part of a subversive movement to take back alleged stolen territory (Aztlan) for Mexico. Sotomayor was also notorious for her sexist remarks, like that in a Berkeley speech.
Samuel Adams stated:

Let us remember that if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it.

The sheriff of the many counties across America stand for law and justice and is the first line defense for Americans to protect their liberties and ensure that constitutional law is adhered to. Support your local sheriff, and if he is not constitutionally minded – elect someone who is. Like Sheriff Arpaio, they must stand up against the federal government interfering with state rights and sheriffs who perform their duties. Illegal immigrants have been a burden to American taxpayers for a long time, as well as increasing crime where Chicano and other violent, subversive groups are located. Now, because of the lameness of our government, that includes George W.Bush administration, we now have the Mexican drug cartel in cities across America, a federal Justice Department involved in unlawful activities, and a compliant foreign policy with Mexico and its corrupt government. Mexico’s economy has received a boon from all of this – billions of US dollars are sent to Mexico via Mexican nationals working and living here in the United State that stimulates their economy; while We the People pay for social programs that aid people that break our laws.
If you want to paint all of this as racism, join the socialists who use that as a means to still the outrage from citizens who are sick of people coming here who do not assimilate, cause trouble, and refuse to obey our laws. Legal and illegal immigration are two separate issues, as the political left will try to confuse the issue with. Traditionally, immigrants came here to assimilate and become American citizens and raise their children as patriotic, law-abiding citizens. Unfortunately, that is not the case for too many uninvited people crossing our southern border.
The Hispanic immigrants who came here with intention of becoming Americans and obeyed our laws are part of our rich history; in fact, there were Mexicans of the Texas Republic who stood and fought against the oppression of Mexico in the Mexican-US War and died bravely at the Alamo. Immigrants from everywhere have served loyally and bravely in our armed forces for as far back as the American Revolution. 

Hispanic Texans fought at the Alamo


We are a nation of immigrants and native Americans, but we are unified under one flag, one language, and a sovereign nation of people who should stand together. If anyone else complains about us, let them return back from whence they came. Immigration doesn’t mean We the People must change our traditions, way of life, or constitutional republic for anyone.

It is about time that We the People make those in Washington, DC and our state governments to understand and address this important issue by enforcing our laws and pass an amendment to the Constitution of the United States that forbids immigrants that are illegal to stay here just because their children are born here. It is just another diversion to circumvent our laws.

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