Congressional Elections and Voting Responsibility

This is the year that the Republicans can gain Senate majority, but the RINOs must go in order to do what is needed to be done and that list includes the Speaker of the House, Boehner.
The two major actions needed to be focused upon is the immigration amnesty issue and Obamacare – added to the TARP issue to institute a debt ceiling, stop the Internet tax bill and start doing something about Benghazi.

Ann Coulter wrote in her article that the last three items are not as important; but I disagree. In fact the list is not complete. Ms. Coulter seems to think that a senator or representative cannot walk and chew gum too. And if they cannot – they do not belong in Congress.
A Constitutional Convention needs to be enacted in order to repeal the 16th Amendment and get rid of the income tax system and the IRS power once and for all.
Right now, as Republicans are preparing for election or reelection, some are once again faking loyalty to the Tea Party cause. They did the same thing last election.
It is time that RINO Republicans who say one thing and do another become harder to find in the seats of Congress, and it is up to you, the voters to do it. Yes, Democrats have to be replaced, their political club is rift with corruption and there is not any among them worth the money they are paid. But Republican members need to perform some soul-searching and decide if they are going to be constitutionalists or just political whores and wind bags.
And, to Ms. Coulter: You may not think it is an important issue concerning Internet taxation by federal government, but it is not just collecting MORE taxes from already financially strapped America – it is about gaining control of the last bastion of freedom – the Internet.
There are many issues on the table because We the People have not taken our responsibility as voters seriously. We have relied too much upon the media, who indirectly decides who wins primaries and how elections turn out. It is way past the time that We the People need control, and that cannot happen when voters think it does not matter who they vote for because they are all crooks. That is a cop-out and admittance to the fact that if government is filled with corruption, ultimately the blame falls upon those who put them in office.
Voters should be as careful about voting as one would be purchasing an automobile or a home – you need to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Hillary for President? Think About It

Hillary Rodham Clinton was on the legal team that brought down Richard M. Nixon, but unlike her husband, he chose to resign instead of impeachment hearings. It was all over a cover-up and alleged targeting political opponents with the powers of the IRS. According to a poll, she leads at 61% for Democrat candidate of 2016. Frightening. She has been involved with a myriad of scandals across the span of her political (and legal) career on the coattails of her corrupt husband. She has taken a stand on her own, of course, as senator and then Secretary of State – but nothing to brag about there, except an obscure socialist book entitled It Takes a Village.
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Core of the Tea Party: What It Represents and What You Should Expect From YOUR Government

Listening to pundits and politicians, progressive that is, and reading commentary of fellow Americans who believe the media propaganda that the Tea Party movement is a racist and violent movement against government. In the case of the latter statement, that is in truth – Tea Party patriots are against any other government except that which the founders created by framing the Constitution of the United States as a constitutional republic based upon written law in those articles and amendments.

The Tea Party was organized to ensure that there is a return to that which was founded and worked so well in making America great and something its people can be proud of, but have failed for various reasons to keep it – as Benjamin Franklin pessimistically stated. So this is a type of follow-up of the last article, this time standing up to the progressive socialists and those who listen to them, whether they be pundits, politicians, or politically biased media …

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Was Obamacare Meant To Fail?

The accusation that Obama and his army of socialists had planned that the Affordable Care Act was not meant to work, is evident in what Keith Koffler wrote at White House Dossier

Health insurance premiums will soar during the coming months, right as the 2014 election season gets underway, as insurers grapple with the failed rollout of Obamacare, according to an explosive article in The Hill. Insurance industry officials tell the newspaper that premiums will double in some parts of the country, harming Democrats’ chances and hampering the next round of enrollment efforts in 2015. … Amazing. Truly incomprehensible. We were told we would save money – in the realm of $2,500 per family. And yet, it’s going to cost more. And that’s before insurers start cutting services and coverage in order to make up the money they are losing. The probable response here, given the Obama White House mindset, will be government mandates to force insurers not to raise rates. And then when the companies start to go out of business, calls for government to take them over. And eventually – particularly given that Obamacare is failing at its core mission of covering the uninsured – demands for a single-payer program.

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What Happened to We the People and Our Republic?

I wonder and worry greatly about turns of events and the direction that fellow Americans are allowing our nation to slip into.

Stories about FEMA camps and Islamic training camps in the United States is looked upon as misguided conspiracy theories. Oh, how the People so forget and pay little attention to history.

The first people, truly the first Americans, once erroneously called Indians (Indians live in India) – were forced unto reservations, their children put into schools that were nothing but indoctrination institutions. Then, the Imperial Japanese government decided to make an air attack and destroy the US Navy and cripple our abilities to fight against fascism and theocratic dictatorship. Soon after, Japanese immigrants, who were naturalized Americans who had rights and liberties under constitutional law like every American – were taken from their homes and put into internment camps. How could that happen to American citizens? In addition, American society posted racist signs in their business establishments mostly saying: No Japs here. Worse, it took decades before the US government reimbursed those Japanese Americans who had lost homes and businesses, not to mention income they were earning.

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A Not-So-Transparent President (and Congress)

Obama-HaloWhen Obama ran for president in 2008, one of his unfilled promises was a more “transparent” government, which he accused the Bush administration of failing to do. Those who are associated with Obama have, more or less, promised the same thing. While the Democrats were wrong about fabrication of intelligence reports to get Congress to approve the Iraq War, the Bush administration’s NSA was also intrusive and many were against the so-called “Patriot Act”, legislation whose name was changed in order to make congressional members feel they were “unpatriotic” if they did not pass it. However, the transgressions of Bush and company pales in comparison of the unconstitutional, unethical and downright corrupt executive administration under the reign of BH Obama. Bush did not put any great effort in correcting domestic issues, as well as his Republican counterparts in Congress – like work at repealing the 16th Amendment and getting rid of the income tax system: forever. That alone would have helped the economy greatly, and contrary to congressional believe, also aid the federal government economically. Promises made at the GOP convention were never enacted, and Bush, like previous presidents, did not enforce immigration laws while talking of amnesty law and other factors that would never help the situation. The most under-handed thing that Bush did was secretly hold meeting concerning the forming of a North American Union with Canada and Mexico – clearly violating our sovereignty; thinking they could devise a system that would not fail as the European Union did. The way our armed forces is evolving, our future sovereignty is raised in extreme doubt – as well as the quality and professionalism of troops.

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Reformation: Reforming Society and Government

Since this is the year of congressional elections voters should be researching and investigating those who want your vote, either for election or reelection.

The object is reformation, and the reformation is not just political, but society included. What has been continually used in politics and society is obviously not working, and despite this the same approach and mindset is made. It is insane, as Albert Einstein stated in so many words, to expect different results with the same ideas and actions that caused the results that is not working.

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Sorry Not a Good News Week …

hand_point2I am sure that many can see how liberal-progressive socialists cannot prevent from being hypocrites and how their policies always fail. Hollywood, according to the Daily Caller, is demanding to be given a tax break from oppressive taxation upon the “rich” – despite reelecting “make the rich pay their fair share” Jerry Brown as governor. California has lost key big-money businesses in various industries because of their oppressive taxation and several times, which includes previous terms held by Jerry Brown, periods of near bankruptcy of a state that was once the fifth wealthiest/productive in the world. Yet, the Rolling Stone make him to be the savior of California. Its decline was due to the transformation into what Victor Davis Hanson called in his book: Mexifornia. A failing socialist-welfare state that is chasing away all that once made it successful thanks to socialists like Brown and company. Governor Brown’s answer to the economical disaster is to build a train. It may reduce the horrible congestion of LA traffic, but how would it help California in terms of economics?

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No Restitution and Few Limitations for This Administration

King Barack IWhat we have here is a failure to communicate failure to adhere to an oath of office … failure to listen to We the People.

The foreign policy of this president has long been ridiculed – and disturbing in several ways.

Troops are fighting against Jihadists and the US Armed Forces via the Pentagon is falling short in common sense, as in the case of all the warning signs being ignored and a US Army officer killed and wounded people on a US military installation within the United States.

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