What It Will Take To See True Reformation?

Save the Republic Several times I have pointed out that if the People want to reform government and return to constitutional law, society needs to reform itself first.
Jeff Jacoby wrote in How Unborn Babies Become ‘Clinical Waste’ , this revelation comes from The Telegraph in UK, but it certainly applies here in the US who have adopted socialist statism over what used to be the best system of government ever in human history …

“The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found. Ten [National Health Service] trusts have admitted burning fetal remains alongside other rubbish while two others used the bodies in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants which generate power for heat. . . . At least 15,500 fetal remains were incinerated by 27 NHS trusts over the last two years alone, Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ discovered.”
At Addenbrooke’s, a hospital in Cambridge, England, the fetuses from 797 miscarriages and abortions were burned in a facility designed to generate electricity and heat. …

From a strictly utilitarian point of view, why not? Not only did the hospital save £18.50 per cremation, it helped cut energy costs as well. It doesn’t make any difference to the fetus how it’s disposed of. Why should it make a difference to us? The answer used to be self-evident: Human beings are more than mere flesh, more than just one organism among all other organisms. Death doesn’t transform us into “clinical waste,” suitable for recycling or fueling an industrial heating system. …
But we live a dehumanizing age. Our culture makes it easy to scoff at the quaint notion that in every human being is a spark of something divine. … The same influential thinker argues that there is nothing inherently wrong with breeding children in order to harvest their organs, or with permitting disabled infants to be killed for up to a month after birth. Anything can be rationalized, including the money-saving convenience of heating hospitals with dead fetuses. Our humaneness is rarely more than a thin veneer, and it takes less effort than most of us realize to peel it off, releasing the barbarism beneath.

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Constitutional Republic Replaced with Executive Monarchy

georgewashington_04George Washington had the opportunity to be a king, monarchy of the newly founded United States of America. But he didn’t because he knew throughout history that a monarchy or any type of leadership of a country that was not elected would end up like Britain in the 18th century.

John Locke was a British philosopher, an Oxford academic and medical researcher. He was considered a genius of his time (b. 1632, d. 1704). He was influential to the American colonist leadership, especially Thomas Jefferson.

Many are familiar with the Federalist Papers, written in pseudonym by Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and John Jay. Not as many are familiar with the Anti-Federalist Papers, a collection of articles written in opposition to some of the content of the Federalist Papers and questions concerning some ratifications of the articles of the US Constitution of 1787. Technically the Federalist Papers were afterthought and after-action reports to clarify why the articles of the US Constitution were written as they are. The Anti-Federalist Papers were also written under pen names by George Clinton, Robert Yates, Samuel Bryan and possibly Richard Henry Lee or Mercy Otis Warren with speeches inserted by Patrick Henry and Melanction Smith.

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Telling It Like It Is


I have been to the jungles so thick with hard woods and vines our machetes became nicked from trying to cut it through. Tolerating swarms of mosquitoes, wading through putrid swamp waters as poisonous snakes swam by. Sleeping in humid jungle so thick that even in daylight the light was colored dark green; the night so dark and ominous with every creature found in nightmares coming out to feed. The humidity like a smothering blanket that quickly turned steel to rust.


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Info Highway: July 27th 2013

  • OUR TAX DOLLARS [American Spectator]: The federal government, through the CIA intends to investigate the effects of human engineering on Earth’s environment …the study will be run by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and will take 21 months to complete. Edward Price: It’s natural that on a subject like climate change the Agency would work with scientists to better understand the phenomenon and its implications on national security.
    This study by the federal “intelligence” committee was first proposed in 2008 – all during the Obama administration.
    Meanwhile: Mexican invaders continue to pour over our borders and those who came to US uninvited [filling our jails and prisons from violent crimes] continues unabated, subversive Reconquista and Islamic subversive organizations [Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic training camps] continue to operate as well as increase of insertion of Mexican drug cartel operatives continue. What was that about national security? Climate change is a national security priority over “phenomenon” just described? So-called climate change is a theory, subversion activity is fact – at last count there are 35 Jihad-Islamic training camps in United States. The worst enemy in US is ourselves headed by the federal government ignoring true threats. Madness continues with those “serving” in the federal government in the forefront.

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More Information About Zimmerman Case and More Senseless Repercussions

Here is some information that could not be released until the Zimmerman trial was over – and the media has ignored from the beginning. They were so busy trying to make Zimmerman appear as a racist and Martin a victim of racism that they did not bother to get any objective details. Check out:

What Obama Can Learn from a Legal Intern by Keith Koffler

Photo of George Zimmerman’s Black Great Grandfather at CF News-13. Remember, the media did not talk much about Zimmerman’s Peruvian mother.

And the racial lynch mob does not accept the verdict, as Bruce Thornton explains at FrontPage Mag entitled Race-Industry Leeches.

And, rightfully so, NBC is being sued by Zimmerman for editing 911 Call and should sue the media [CNN] for displaying his social security number during a trial broadcast.

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Obama Speaks Up About Trayvon Martin – And Information Jury Knew Becomes Public

BH Obama released a written statement concerning the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial and it is a statement that reflects that this president is not concerned about a nation divided, if he did he would not have made his “If I had a son” statement. Now he calls for people to accept the verdict, while his DOJ is seeking ways to enact revenge, requested by the racial organization of NAACP [founded by Mary “White” Ovington] …

And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher. But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.

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‘The Shadow of the Gun’ And Marxism is Upon Us

The US Senate seems to be coming to an agreement concerning the firearm ban that Senator Feinstein initiated, waiting for the opportune news headlines, to propose that would punish lawful citizens for the action of one person out of millions in the United States.

Obama File: Yet Another Scandal and LawsuitTeachers and professors are using our educational system to indoctrinate our children and the corporate media turns its head – focusing on hating firearms instead of those persons who use them as a tool for evil.

The real evil is the political tyrants and their mouthpiece in the form of mainstream national news. Today, headlines report about a standoff with a deranged person holding firefighters/medics hostage ending up with a SWAT team taking him out – but ignores at least five stories like the man who stopped a robbery in progress with a legally concealed firearm.

They claim it is because of “sensationalism”, but it really has to do with their personal views and ideology. Is it not sensational and commending that a fellow citizen stopped crime when law enforcement was not available or able to show up in time?

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Now, Tell Me About How Semiautomatics is the Problem …

The anti-fiream, anti-Second Amendment folks want to blame magazines that hold over ten rounds and semiautomatic “military” style of weaponry on horrific crimes — all the while punishing lawful citizens by taking away their Second Amendment rights in the name of reducing crime when it has been clearly proven otherwise.

I am talking about a mentally disturbed person living in a typical American dysfunctional family lifestyle killing his mother and dismembering her … read all of it at Maggie’s NotebookChildren need unified families, someone to mentor, someone to bond — both father and mother. It is long past due that our society realize that without a family nucleus, the nation crumbles. Between that and big government, the United States is in big trouble.

Maybe we should ban knives, hatchets, chain saws, automobiles – they all can be used by morons.

Result of Dysfunctional Family Environment

Obviously it is our society’s lack of morality, civic duty, family unity, et cetera that is the problem — coupled with the prolific use of mind-control psychotic drugs prescribed all too frequently to young people, to include members of combat teams in the US military.

Of course, the liberal court system will whine, caring more for the perpetrator rather than the victim and will never see a death sentence. Meanwhile, the taxpayer will pay for his upkeep including mental illness treatment. This bad egg is not fit for rehabilitation and if the whining liberals were so concerned – he should have been rehabilitated or given some serious mental care BEFORE this occurred. Is it not ironic that everyone says, after people like this commit horrific crimes, to include shooting up theatres, shopping malls, and schools that there was something wrong. So why didn’t somebody do something!

It is not semiautomatic firearms whatever way they look or magazines — it is our society and the government that has come to control it.

Those we elect to operate our government think they can legislate crime away — even legislate away climate changes.

I have come to the conclusion that the world has gone mad — thanks to government and those who think self-discipline, values and morals are out of vogue.