Now that the Funeral Is Over …

It appears that Nelson Mandela [and his wife] were not the angel and “God’s gift” to mankind after some serious research by various people …

Mandela and Fidel Castro

N. Mandela and Fidel Castro

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Info Highway: Political Plots and Media Bias Heighten

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedhand_point2  – During the GW Bush administration the media and the Sociocrats demanded that the “Gitmo” Guantanamo Bay prison be closed, for various reasons including unsubstantiated claims that prisoner abuse was going on. The contention was that it was “unconstitutional” to detain prisoners without a trial; an obvious clue to those people not knowing what is in the articles of the Constitution or its amendments and that it applies to the People of the United States, not prisoners of war.

Last week, NBC Today correspondent Michael Isikoff reported there was to be plans for renovating the prison that Obama promised to his voting fans would be closed down in 2009. It seems it did not matter to Obama fans whether he kept campaign promises or ever follows through on what he claims to the public. Of course, the dirt bag detainees hoped to get released. Technically, they should have been released from the end of a short rope. Under the terms of the international agreement for prisoners of war and combatants and non-combatants – saboteurs do not have the privilege of the rights of a trial (military tribunal) and those found guilty of crimes against humanity receive death sentences as in the Nuremburg Trials. Since civilized nations have declared war on Islamic fascism and acts of terrorism, it is justified in using the term “war” and thus the prisoner of war statutes apply. Thus, civic judiciary has no jurisdiction on the matter, and that is why there is a Gitmo POW containment facility.

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Abuse of Executive Authority and Power Continues

chicago-politics-inkedDuring campaign for Election 2008, BH Obama severely criticized that George W. Bush was bypassing the checks and balances of Congress provided by the US Constitution and complained about the lack of a transparent government.

In Obama’s first term, was less emboldened in his abuse of executive power and transgressions against limited powers enumerated in the US Constitution, but became emboldened when American voters provided him a second term despite the Benghazi scandal and the open mike incident in which he made the comment that when he was reelected he would have a better opportunity to meet the desires of the Russian president. BH Obama’s foreign policy would undo the work of Ronald Reagan and others in dissolving the Soviet Union and its tyranny, insulting allies and catering to rogue nations and enemies of the free world.


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Obama Regime: What is OUR Government Up To?

DHS Armored Vehicles in American StreetsThe federal government’s executive branch has repeatedly violated ethics and constitutional law. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered two billion rounds of ammunition, of which at least 450,000 are hollow-point, as well as the same rifles on Senator Feinstein’s ban bill to the amount of 7,000 AR-15/M-16 rifles (over what they have presently in their armory) – and as well as armored vehicles used in war zones like Afghanistan.

The following are links to reports of purchases of ammunition and weapons by various executive branch agencies and departments, as well as other alarming preparations – preparing for what? …

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Border Security Act of 2006 Still Not Completed

Keith Koffler, veteran White House reporter demonstrates that the Chinese can build a better border security wall than the United States. The Wall of China is 6.7 times longer than the one required on our southern border to prevent invasion of uninvited citizens, mostly Mexicans …

By contrast, a mere 651 miles of fencing has so far been “completed” on the Mexican border – and that’s under a very loose definition of “fence.”

In the DMZ, border between North and South Korea, the US has been there for over 50 years, presently with 30,000 troops stationed there.

Why are we guarding another nation’s border, spending funding and utilitizing manpower when we cannot secure our 1,670 mile border here in our homeland?

Bill Whittle provides a video presentation of the “Miracle Man” we know as Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Sotero. Here it is, and truly it is a “miracle” …


Tell Me Now, How Does Obama’s Administration Work Differently Than Bush Administration?


On the Coronation of Lord Obama  Check out the Foxhole posting: Obama Plans to Scour Your Finances.

Peninsula News - Mother's Day and Emergency Landing

On the Coronation of Lord Obama   Looks like the Marxist tool of Obama is going to backfire on him … The Hill. …

With Obama’s poll numbers dipping to near 50 percent, Republicans have seized on the issue, criticizing the president for canceling the tours as a stunt to hurt Congress, where lawmakers have long arranged White House tours for their constituents. … The canceled tours prompted a pointed question to Obama from House Administration Committee Chairwoman Candice Miller (R-Mich.) during the president’s meeting with House Republicans on Wednesday. Miller asked why Obama put an end to the tours instead of just cancelling the congressional Christmas party or the congressional picnic.

Peninsula News - Mother's Day and Emergency Landing

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