From My Desk: Boston Bombing, Decaying Detroit Glimpse of Future America, and Tax System

hand_point2– I have not written much about the Boston Bombing incident, the media is in a flurry of speculation after President Obama admitted it was an act of terrorism. The death toll moved from two to three, as Fox News reported on April 15th.

Tax CollectorThe day it occurred could be speculation, for it is Tax Day – a day that Americans should not, and no longer want to worry about. The Fair Tax Act [H.R. 25] has languished in Congress since 2002, more focused upon an expensive and intrusive health care bill, more intrusive and expensive government, and firearm bills that will eventually lead to firearm confiscation from lawful citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights. Bill Maher explicitly stated was bullsh*t, expressing the progressive idea of what rights should be allowed and those not allowed. The selection is up to the progressive elite. The same progressive talking head clearly made statements revealing his anti-Semitism – the same folks who accuse the Tea Party and NRA of “racism” because they insist upon constitutional rights.

Like the Oklahoma City bombing, the media tried to connect Timothy McVeigh with American militia radicals, but the militia organization he had briefly belonged to kicked him out because he was too radical.

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Corporate Meda: Bias and Manipulation for Political and Mogul Use

lighthouse9_animatedThe media, US mainstream corporate national media, is not just bias, but manipulates information according to their will, most often in the name of sensationalism, rather than journalism, which according to them makes the news. I would like to see a reputable source to perform a national survey on that subject. I think people would rather have accurate news and news reporting that does not just provide criminals the headlines.

What about the “unsung” heroes [and heroines] who save the day using their Second Amendment rights?[See: The Armed Citizen]

It won’t happen because corporate media moguls want, like our present government, to take away firearms from lawful citizens in the false assumption that it will reduce crime.

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