Hillary Clinton: First Woman President?

maoclintonandleninobamaHillary Clinton is a scary person, categorized as a “meanie” (and worse labels) by those who worked for her when she was a First Lady, revealed by former Secret Service agents and staff. She has been deeply involved in scandal after scandal and other people go to jail, but she remains unscathed. She was behind the Travelgate scandal. Her first scandal was Whitewater, and there is a long list that follows her whatever part she plays in politics and business.

She intends, as she has dreamed since her twenties when she made a political pact with her future husband, a marriage that was more self-serving, to succeed in her quest for power. Hillary has always considered political power and it is the driving force in all of her political actions and ideology. She has accused her political opponents of the very ideology, actions and agenda she maintains. People have ignored her involvement in scandals and painted her as the faithful wife during her husband’s scandals – even when he clearly committed adultery. She just didn’t fire the White House travel office staff, people who served several presidents, both Democrat and Republican; but she and her husband used the IRS and Justice Department framed those government employees of the White House.

The following is an excellent video that puts this progressive socialist under political microscope, and as one witness constantly states in the video: When investigating scandals, invariably Hillary’s involvement becomes clear. She is a notorious part of the circle of corruption that exists in Washington DC. She enjoys leadership, but refuses to take responsibility. Hillary and the commander-in-chief are guilty for their action and non-action in dealing with the American interests in the Middle East and the especially the tragedy of Benghazi – yet neither have the ethic or moral integrity to recognize it and will do anything to prevent restitution. That incident alone is certainly grounds to ensure that neither the president and former Secretary of State and their associates ever hold a public political office ever again.


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Constitutional Republic Replaced with Executive Monarchy

georgewashington_04George Washington had the opportunity to be a king, monarchy of the newly founded United States of America. But he didn’t because he knew throughout history that a monarchy or any type of leadership of a country that was not elected would end up like Britain in the 18th century.

John Locke was a British philosopher, an Oxford academic and medical researcher. He was considered a genius of his time (b. 1632, d. 1704). He was influential to the American colonist leadership, especially Thomas Jefferson.

Many are familiar with the Federalist Papers, written in pseudonym by Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and John Jay. Not as many are familiar with the Anti-Federalist Papers, a collection of articles written in opposition to some of the content of the Federalist Papers and questions concerning some ratifications of the articles of the US Constitution of 1787. Technically the Federalist Papers were afterthought and after-action reports to clarify why the articles of the US Constitution were written as they are. The Anti-Federalist Papers were also written under pen names by George Clinton, Robert Yates, Samuel Bryan and possibly Richard Henry Lee or Mercy Otis Warren with speeches inserted by Patrick Henry and Melanction Smith.

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From My Desk: Boston Bombing, Decaying Detroit Glimpse of Future America, and Tax System

hand_point2– I have not written much about the Boston Bombing incident, the media is in a flurry of speculation after President Obama admitted it was an act of terrorism. The death toll moved from two to three, as Fox News reported on April 15th.

Tax CollectorThe day it occurred could be speculation, for it is Tax Day – a day that Americans should not, and no longer want to worry about. The Fair Tax Act [H.R. 25] has languished in Congress since 2002, more focused upon an expensive and intrusive health care bill, more intrusive and expensive government, and firearm bills that will eventually lead to firearm confiscation from lawful citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights. Bill Maher explicitly stated was bullsh*t, expressing the progressive idea of what rights should be allowed and those not allowed. The selection is up to the progressive elite. The same progressive talking head clearly made statements revealing his anti-Semitism – the same folks who accuse the Tea Party and NRA of “racism” because they insist upon constitutional rights.

Like the Oklahoma City bombing, the media tried to connect Timothy McVeigh with American militia radicals, but the militia organization he had briefly belonged to kicked him out because he was too radical.

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Heeding the Warning Signs

constitutionallawThis essay represents what I call “brain food”, a presentation that asks questions and makes points, but ultimately it is a brain exercise for fellow citizens who have fallen under the spell of indoctrination by those who have gained power over our constitutional republic. It is an exercise of common sense and self-education.

During the course of the history of our government there have been those whose original purpose was not inherently evil when it comes to their elected tasks; they just did not stick to tried and proven principles – US Constitution and Bill of Rights – but instead thought they came up with a better mousetrap. This movement did not truly become evil until those organizing this assault upon rights and liberties Of the People became systematic and with a long-term agenda used by Marxists like Lenin and Stalin. That agenda was to place government in a powerful position, operated by a selected elite, in order to control the people. They craftily started with the federal education program taking advantage of that entity’s control over what is taught to children of the United States, slowly eroding those principles that made our nation so great in so many ways. The gist of that greatness, inspiration and fortitude, is because of the People, not the minority of self-esteemed elites who believe they can control other people’s lives for their own good.

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Election 2012: Snippets – August 5th 2012

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedJonah Goldberg:
This is shaping up to be the second election in a row that’s about someone who isn’t on the ballot: George W. Bush. . . . If Bush-bashing was really hurting Obama’s numbers, he’d stop doing it. Instead, he relentlessly insists in ads and speeches that Mitt Romney represents a return to the Bush years. . . . Romney hasn’t helped matters. When asked by NBC’s Brian Williams to explain how his plan differs from Bush’s policies, Romney offered up familiar talking points that could have come from Bush himself. . . . Romney needs to explain to voters why he’s not Bush 2.0. Republican politics have been off-kilter for several years now because a large segment of the conservative base does not look back fondly on the Bush presidency. The mainstream media’s various narratives about the Tea Party ignore a vastly more significant and powerful motivation than the various bigotries and conspiracy theories typically ascribed to them. The Tea Party feels the GOP under Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” gave up the store to big government.

Info Highway: July 23rd 2012

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedBoth Romney and Obama have been spending record amounts in the presidential campaign. The high cost has been largely due to an agenda of sifting out dirt to find on each other and negative campaign ads for the presidential as well as other election candidates throughout the nation. I change channels when I see campaign ads. First, they are not informative from whichever side of the political aisle they come from, and secondly, they usually insult my intelligence. If enough Americans switch channel and start ignoring the costly propaganda advertisements, maybe it will lead to reform in the atmosphere of election campaigns. As far as the media, well it will take a great effort to reform those entities. They may start by insisting that journalist and media colleges and schools start teaching ethics in broadcasting and news reporting – what the media is for: objective and informative (with truth) and leaving opinions and conjecture to the op-ed reports and programs.

Info Highway: February 27th 2012

It’s been a long time since I did News Snippets – a means to get out to readers tidbits of what is going on with my commentary.
So here goes:
John Randsom reports from TownHall column …

Remember that $23 billion that the US government –a.k.a. you- is never going to see back from General Motors? Well, General Motors has done so well this year in fact, they have enjoyed record-breaking $9 billion profits that next week they’ll be giving out $7,000 in bonus checks to 47,500 UAW workers who already make about $116,000 dollars per year in total wages and benefits (with about $58,000 of that in just wages and the rest in benefits). It’s good to be the 99%: You get a fat $7k bonus, plus $100k+ a year. Too bad GM is so broke that they can’t afford to pay the US government back the $23 billion they still owe us. Maybe the next time they make record-breaking profits? I guess some get to be more 99% than others. … Only unions would complain that the UAW’s 99%’s average wage of $60,000 per year (*2 for benefits) is “belt tightening.”   The average wage including benefits for the rest of us 99%ers comes out to just 54 percent of what the bailed out, union auto workers make. Let that be a lesson to you: Every industry can have record profits too if they just get an $80 billion, largely forgivable, tax-free “loan” from the Obama administration. Resistance is futile. If regular suckers like you and me tried to skip out on the tax liability of a $23 billion gift, we’d have to get the best advice lawyers can give. … Thanks to your generous contribution to Public Auto-Making, the United Auto Workers is training 100,000 people for what they call “The 99% Spring.” … Maybe you’ll get one of their free, eco-totes to carry your groceries in while using public transportation or a poncho that can double as a tent when you occupy the local city park.

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