Alert: Attempt to Frame Liberty Activists via Child Porn

The IRS scandal investigations is about using government authority to intimidate liberty activists and conservative non-profit groups. There is another dastardly deed playing out against liberty activists being accomplished via email, as relayed to me by Oath Keepers.

Luke Rudkowski, Founder of We Are Change received an email designed to trick him into opening attached jpeg files containing child pornography. The following video shows how he might make enemies by asking important questions about the Bildenburg Group who Alex Jones [Infowars and Prison Planet] has commended for behind the scenes reporting concerning issues like how the Federal Reserve has and is destroying our nation economically.

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Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath: Americans Helping Americans

Oklahoma Tornado_02

[AP photo]

Many people and groups have been collecting funds for the victims of Moore, Oklahoma in the aftermath of a deadly tornado storm, it might be an interesting bit of news that the Jewish community in the United States and branches across the globe have already sent out packages of food for the folks in that area. The National Council of Young Israel has delivered 20,000 pounds of food thus far to victims in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The main distribution point with the help of Agri Star Meat & Poultry is the Chabad Community Center for Jewish Life and Learning. The major funding central point is provided by Masbia in New York City [food relief service] that uses funds collected to pay for the trucking of the food from Agri Star facility in Postville, Iowa to Oklahoma. Masbia and the National Council of Young Israel worked together to cover the cost of food for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Alexander Rappaport, founder of Masbia stated:


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Info Highway: Domestic Threat and North Korea Rattles Its Sword

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedhand_point2Shepard Fairy is a graphic artist responsible for the Obama ‘CHANGE’ and ‘HOPE’ images and the Obama symbol designed to replace the traditional image of the American Flag. He has now produced a graphic, as reported by Tea Party organization and InfoWars as shown below that depicts those that protect Second Amendment rights are Satanists. Yet, the artist stated …

I’m not a big fan of the absurd abundance of guns in the U.S. … I’m also perplexed by the claim of much of the nation to have ‘Christian values.’ If God tells us to love our neighbor and not to take another human life, where do the assault weapons and piles of ammo fit into these ‘Christian values?”

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Info Highway: New Jersey Gestapo and State of Our Union

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedSnippets, March 22nd 2013

A ten-year-old boy posted a picture of himself holding a .22 semi-auto rifle on Facebook, which prompted an anonymous person to contact the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services hotline to report the incident. Child services and law enforcement without a warrant showed up at the home of Shawn Moore (father) and demanded that the father open his locked safe. New York Daily News reported:

I was told I was being unreasonable and that I was acting suspicious because I wouldn’t open my safe,” Moore said in the web posting. “Told me they were gonna get a search warrant. Told ’em go ahead.

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Info Highway: March 20th 2013 … GOP Establishment ‘Picks A Bunch of Losers’

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedSnippets and Breaking News for March 20th, 2013

hand_point2–  Smoking Gun … A hacker with the handle Guccifer reportedly distributed confidential memos sent to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that covered subjects concerning developments in Libya that included the Benghazi attack. Of course, Guccifer is a focus of a federal criminal investigation, but think of this: constantly both political parties promise government transparency and never follow through, so how can anyone get the truth out of a government who hides unconstitutional, criminal, and unethical actions? Congressional investigative committees, like the one concerning BenghaziGate is apparently at a standstill and fades quickly from view of mainstream media. The only time the corporate national media carries out a complete investigative report is when the person belongs to the Republican Party. As of yet, “Guccifer” has kept his/her identity shielded. The hacker primarily sent the documents to around two dozen US reporters and major Russian media organizations. Continue reading

Info Highway: Washington’s Birthday 2013

The value of liberty was thus enhanced in our estimation by the difficulty of its attainment, and the worth of characters appreciated by the trial of adversity.

Info Highway: Snippets, January 31st 2013

  • Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedJudge Rules on ICE Agent Lawsuit and John Morton Called to Resign
    Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has called for ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] Director, John Morton, to resign, stating that there can be no immigration reform as long as he is in charge. In 2010, 7000 ICE agents stepped forward and cast a vote of “No Confidence” in John Morton. In September of 2012, 75,000 ICE agents signed a petition protesting the Obama administration’s policy of prosecutorial discretion – if you are in US illegally, you can stay if you meet Obama’s Presidential Priority requirements and you will be released back into the community of legal citizens. Ten agents sued in October 2012 and on January 30th, 2013, a judge ruled the agents have standing to continue with their suit to overturn the Morton Memo on prosecutorial discretion and the DREAM directive on deferred action. Senator Sessions stated: What purpose is served to pass new laws if the ones we have are ignored by the officials charged with enforcing them. Not enforcing laws is against Article II of the US Constitution, the prescribed duties of the President of the United States and executive branch officers. Here are two quotes what agents had to experience daily: (1) The lack of technical expertise and field experience has resulted in a priority of providing bingo nights, dance lessons, and hanging plant to criminals, instead of addressing safe and responsible detention reforms …; (2) Unlike any other agency in the nation, ICE officers will be prevented from searching detainees housed in ICE facilities allowing weapons, drugs and other contraband into detention centers putting detainees, ICE officers and contract guards at risk. [Read More] … Inspector General Report

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