Federal Rule Established: Regulations and Law Do Not Apply to Federal Elite

Following the ploy of Hillary Clinton

“What difference does it make?”

who retired when the Benghazi scandal broke out and the media [some of them] finally revealed for what it really was … Lois Lerner, infamous IRS chief is retiring after pleading the Fifth Amendment recently in congressional hearings concerning illegal and unethical acts within the gestapo-like organization that most everyone hates is going to retire. Will she escape prosecution like Hillary? Probably, that seems the norm.

Meanwhile, Lerner will be collecting retirement out of the taxpayer funding of what is left in the treasury that isn’t an IOU; and that is the way the feds operate nowadays, it seems; especially within this administration. Eric Holder, despite solid evidence against him is still the US Attorney General, and no word about any congressional hearings to bring charges against him for perjury and his actions in “Fast-N-Furious” scandal.

Isn’t it nice when someone commits illegal acts and/or unethical actions can get out of it just by retiring?

It seems it is the norm for the feds to put themselves above the law – quite evident when recently Obama and Congress declared that they were, and those who work for them, are exempt from the outrageous requirements of Obamacare; something you and I will not be able to do if anyone can figure out how it is to work. Frankly, this is just another piece of evidence that proves that Obamacare is and will be a monstrous disaster; and apparently only We the People are going to suffer. Of course, We the People, those 65 million voters who did not commit voter fraud, deserve what they get. Unfortunately, the rest of us must suffer along with them.

The common remark in the Obama regime: “Scandal? What scandal?” Hillary: “A myriad of fantasy scandals …”

Meanwhile, the real enemy, working in subversive activities is being revealed and still the feds don’t shut down CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood and company. Too busy targeting constitutionalists like the Tea Party organization, perceived as the “real” threat.

Benghazi and Other Corruption Must Not Be Ignored

The myriad of scandals of the Obama administration continues with little repercussion and the head of the executive branch of federal government remains untouched, as well as the US Attorney General, some staff resigning or fired over issues like the IRS, violations of the Hatch Act, et cetera. One scandal that should have awoke apathetic American voters before the 2012 November election was the Benghazi attack of September 11th, 2012. That scandal must not, cannot be swept under the rug, for people died because those in charge ignored requests for increased security [Secretary of State: Hillary Rodham Clinton] and ignored by a president who ordered security forces request to come to the aid of the personnel at Benghazi were given the order to ‘Stand Down’, while the president that 65+ million voters [including vote fraud numbers] allowed this ineffective, corrupt individual continue occupying the White House – went back to sleep because his attendance at a campaign function in Las Vegas the following day had priority.

The media, called the ‘Press’ in the First Amendment have the right to freedom of speech, which means they should be the eyes and ears of the People, not the mouthpiece of propaganda for a corrupt, power seeking government. Whether the media, mainstream corporate, has chosen this position or has been coerced in it – this and other elements is the key steps toward a totalitarian government that resembles nothing what the Founders created.

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IRS Scandal Investigaton Continues – More Revelations

ron_paul_deskToday the hearings continue with investigation of the IRS in one of the biggest scandals to rock Washington, DC – which is hard to determine with all of the past scandals in just four years under the leadership of BH Obama. The Daily Caller just released a story of an IRS lawyer stating that the scandal was overseen by DC – and is naming names. The lawyer is Carter C. Hull, who is retiring and who implicated the IRS Chief Counsel’s office that was headed by an Obama appointee: William J. Wilkins and Lois Lerner. The investigation committee wants to know how high the scandal went. And during the investigation it was found that banks can deduct foreclosure costs, but individuals cannot.

This is a good testament against the income tax system with tyranny and corruption guiding it.

Yet, still, after being declared unconstitutional in 1911 – we are stuck with this overbearing, intrusive, unfair, inefficient, and tyrannical form of taxation.



Barack Obama’s “Change” – Plan B

The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible.
George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796

An example of what Tahir Square - Egypt - No Obama Signour first president meant about not getting involved with foreign politics. The gist of it is that the United States has only one persuasion to foreign national governments – it’s money, and Barack Obama and his insistence in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood that has been the backbone of Jihad for centuries since it evolved from its origination in Saudi Arabia. Great celebration is in Tahrir Square while another Egyptian government falls, with anti-Morsi people enthusiastic. Meanwhile, murder, mayhem, rape and/or looting continues.

While John Kerry was aboard his yacht at Nantucket, Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, as useful as a tick on a dog’s ear, was on the telephone being as incompetent as usual. He was trying to urge Egypt’s army general to perform a “peaceful” transition. Obama, former community organizer and incompetent senator, is surrounded by staff that is as incompetent as he is.


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IRS Cannot Be Abolished Without Repealing the 16th Amendment

The following is a comment I left at Sodahead concerning the IRS and income tax system. It has to do with abolishing the 16th Amendment and getting rid of the most feared and hated agency of the federal government. It is time to end income tax at federal AND state levels. There are states that are doing just fine without it, and those states do not charge sales tax on FOOD. Levying income AND consumption tax AND excise tax and fees is DOUBLE TAXATION – taxation issues like this encouraged American colonists to declare independence.

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Info Highway: June 15th 2013

  • Button_NowThatsBreakingNews_animatedPatriot Post asks Is Snowden a Patriot or a Traitor? … [also see: It’s the Profiling, Stupid!] … Snowden: I have done nothing wrong. – Patriot Post: That must be why he fled to Hong Kong – a rather ironic choice for a lover of “privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties” given that the city is a Special Administrative Region of Communist China.
  • National Review Online, Mark Steyn: [quote from Politico] … Jeff Duncon (R-S.C.) toured a federal law enforcement facility in late May and noticed agents training with the semi-automatic weapons at a firing range. They identified themselves as IRS … When I left there, it’s been bugging me for weeks now, why IRS agents are training with a semi-automatic rifle AR-15, which has stand-off capability. Are Americans that much of a target that you need that kind of capability? I think Americans raise eyebrows when you tell them that IRS agents are training with a type of weapon that has stand-off capability. It’s not like they’re carrying a sidearm and they knock on someone’s door and say. ‘You’re evading your taxes.’ Of course, we all know that DHS lied and covered up the fact they ordered a billion rounds of ammunition and multitude of AR-16s (automatic). This is the same administration who told the American people that they do not need AR-15s (semi-automatic) and similar firearms. Let me clue them and anyone who parrots their BS – lawful citizens have the right to “keep and bear” the same firearms that government officials and law enforcement are allowed. Why do tax collectors need to be armed and trained? The IRS and income tax should have been dissolved decades ago and now this branch, the most feared and hated of big government, is arming and training itself for WHAT? A paranoid government is a tyrannical government – knowing full well that the People will only take so much abuse.

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Americans Should Be Outraged – Demand Justice

Of all the scandals floating around Washington, congressional committees busily trying to sort it out, the two most serious are: Benghazi incident and the IRS scandal. The first has to do with the death of Americans serving our country and the other is a well-established and most hated/feared agency in the federal government.

The Benghazi tragedy occurred before election day 2012. So it makes me wonder why after all this time why nothing is being done about it. It has been clearly established that the order to “Stand Down” was given more than once, after repeated requests for assistance as three brave men fought off overwhelming odds in terms of numbers and firepower for SEVEN HOURS!

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State of OUR Union: June 3rd 2013

John Stossel [Gas Myths] A Testament that it is government that is cheating Americans, not oil companiesThe oil business is fiercely competitive. If one company charges a penny too much, other companies steal its business. Apple’s profit margin is about 24 percent. McDonald’s makes 20 percent. Oil companies make half that. Per gallon, Exxon-Mobil makes about 7 cents. Governments, by contrast, grab about 27 cents per gallon. That’s the average gas tax. If anyone takes too much, it’s government. … Almost no one seems to speak up for a true free market in energy, with competition, innovation and unfettered consumer choice. People say regulation is needed to counter industry ‘greed.’ But if anyone’s greedy here, it’s government — and unlike oil companies, government doesn’t have to work hard and compete to give you good service at the lowest possible price. Government just sits there, telling companies to charge less, telling car companies to make smaller and more dangerous cars, mandating and subsidizing alternative fuels like ethanol — and then telling us that we benefit from the politicians’ efforts. The truth: We rarely benefit.

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