Blue Slipping and Constititional Powers

The Senate immigration-amnesty bill has not been sent to the House, the theory is that Senator Harry Reid knows it is unconstitutional because all bills pertaining to revenue must originate in the House. Hmm …

Beginning in 2012, this issue was brought up regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare] bill that passed Congress – which originated in the Senate; yet the Supreme Court only questioned the part of the IRS imposing a tax for those that did not comply; which is a direct tax, which is unconstitutional, which means the income tax system being a direct tax forced out of the wages [stolen] and salaries of Americans is also unconstitutional.

This whole scenario is an example of how Supreme Court justices pick and choose and alternate their “interpretation” of constitutional law – and part of the reason of the growth of big government and corruption within our federal system.

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IRS Cannot Be Abolished Without Repealing the 16th Amendment

The following is a comment I left at Sodahead concerning the IRS and income tax system. It has to do with abolishing the 16th Amendment and getting rid of the most feared and hated agency of the federal government. It is time to end income tax at federal AND state levels. There are states that are doing just fine without it, and those states do not charge sales tax on FOOD. Levying income AND consumption tax AND excise tax and fees is DOUBLE TAXATION – taxation issues like this encouraged American colonists to declare independence.

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Feds Need to Focus Upon Important, Threatening Issues

The people we elected, or rather were elected, have a job to do, and one of them is not getting entangled in same-sex marriage issues. We have a myriad of problems that are endangering not only our way of life, but most likely the very existence of our nation and the world too many have come to take for granted.

Marriage laws are initiated, enacted, and enforced at state government levels. The reason is: it is not within the enumerated powers limited to the federal government. Anything that does not concern federal government should be delegated to state governments and, in turn, delegated to county from the state as necessary.

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End of Our Republic or Beginning of a Reformation Revolution?

Since the election of 2012, I am reading and hearing those that did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama are left with the sense of losing an election and the beginning of the end of the United States, as it was founded and how we have known it. The end of the way 56 men dreamed of it becoming in 1776, a constitutional republic, and how the United States came to be such a great power in not just in terms of military, but in science, education, industry, and trade. Contrary what BH Obama stated before his reelection, our great accomplishments was because of the People, not the government operated by those elected from among us.

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