Even The Uninsured Dislike Obamacare

The Affordable Health Care Act, alias “Obamacare”, spearheaded by Alinsky-Marxist Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetro; was supposed to help Americans to be able to afford health care insurance [and health care itself]. Insurance companies now charge more, if you can find a provider, and still only pay 80% of your hospital bill, or less depending upon what premium you could afford.

According to the New York Times, alias the Obama media outlet, in a recent poll states that even the uninsured hate Obamacare – more than the insured do.

Fifty-three percent of the uninsured disapprove of the law, the poll found, compared with 51 percent of those who have health coverage. A third of the uninsured say the law will help them personally, but about the same number think it will hurt them, with cost a leading concern.

As Keith Koffler points out at White House Dossier:

Someone’s going to have to pay for all these wondrous benefits. All the Free Gifts Obama is handing out. Even Santa’s elves have to put food on the table for their families. Obama Claus’s presents come with a price. The liberal intellectuals roaming the corridors of the West Wing actually do believe in Santa Claus. They think they can drop down the chimney and provide something for nothing, and if a bill somehow happens to come due, they can convince Beijing to cover it. … Once Obamacare is finished with the medical profession and the economy, even the uninsured will be worse off than before.

Big Government Grows Bigger

In the third quarter the economy allegedly grew 3.6% while government continues to grow.

Even a liberal professor is sounding the alarm, speaking to Congress. If you think this growth has only occurred during Obama’s reign, think again. The IRS has become a fourth branch, an added entity to the constitution’s established three branches intended to oversight each other.

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Obama Express: If BH Obama had a Grocery Store, it would “look” like this …

If Obama had a grocery store, it would look like this:

After Obama the Great’s election, a small grocery store in Florida changed its name to Obama Express in 2009. Hail to the Chief!

Other stores across the country followed suit.

Nine in Baltimore, Maryland is under investigation and being accused of illegal trafficking of Obama food stamps, the one named Obama Express is among them.

This is no small-time thievery. The alleged stolen amount totals to $2 million! How much was funneled to subversive Islamic fascist groups?

Save the Republic – NOW

Since the United States Congress does not have the intestinal fortitude to create articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama [as well as the VP and members of his cabinet and agency heads], I have put together a list of articles of impeachment of my own, enumerated in the Klein and Elliott book Impeachable Offenses:

  • Obamacare: unconstitutional – illegally bypasses Congress, infringes upon states’ rights, and provides unauthorized expansion of an already powerful entity – IRS, known as the prime element of the American Gestapo. [See Veterans Today and an organization entitled that is nothing more than a ‘tree hugger’ group, not addressing the real issues: American Gestapo]. Continue reading

Price to Be Paid for Incompetence

John Kerry was a big mistake on the part of BH Obama [among many mistakes] when he chose him to be Secretary of State, as with most of those he has chosen for his cabinet and department/agency heads. Indeed, Eric Holder is still the US Attorney General despite committing perjury before a congressional hearing in the investigation of the ‘Fast-N-Furious‘ operation/scandal and has yet to divulge full information concerning the actions, or rather non-actions of the President and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who bailed out when the scandal of Benghazi broke out. John Kerry stated when taking office he would ‘get to the bottom of Benghazi’ – we are still waiting; too busy seeking to bomb Syria.

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State of Our Union: September 8th 2013

Mitt Romney‘s father, George Romney stated after touring Vietnam in 1965 that it was morally right and necessary to help South Vietnam in the fight against communist forces of North Vietnam backed by Chinese communists. Two years later, Romney senior recanted his support for the war but claimed that he had been hoodwinked. Mitt would follow his father’s footsteps when running for president of changing mind and policy in midstream depending upon which way the political wind is blowing when it came to national healthcare via ‘ObamaCare‘ that he implemented in Massachusetts and declared he was against it in election 2012.

johnkerry.jpgJohn Kerry not only is hypocritical, but a serial liar. It began when he joined forces with the likes of Jane Fonda to protest the Vietnam War and provided congressional testimony with false accusations of American military atrocity. Kerry was mentored by Senator Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy and joined the ranks of the rich and powerful (it helped to marry Heinz heiress) of the Democrat political machine. Kerry voted for the war against Saddam Hussein and his murderous thugs and then after Bush received congressional approval, joined Democrats to say that We were misled. We were given evidence that was not true. Of course, he was referring to the WMDs that UN inspectors claimed could not be found; but US and British intelligence [and spy satellites] showed that Saddam had moved his chemical weapon stock to Syria via truck convoy and possibly to Iran where warplanes had already been spirited away when realizing that US was resolved to free Kuwait. Of course, no one is admitting that those chemical weaponry recently used in Syria were most likely a portion of what came from Iraq. Thus the turn-around politics of John Kerry, coupled with his false congressional testimony about Vietnam, as well as other untruths make Kerry a typical Democrat serial liar.

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Wake Up Citizens: There Is No “Hope” for “Change”

Remember how, starting in 2007, BH Obama [and friends] promised that his healthcare plan would reduce $2,500 in their health insurance premiums? Just in case, here s a series of campaign propaganda video snips of Obama leading his push his [and associates in Congress] “Affordable” Health Care Act, a vast scam that has all the earmarks of a socialist scheme to nationalize healthcare and put the government in charge of your healthcare and other aspects of your life:

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State of Our Union: No Sunlight Appearing Amongst the Clouds

The Constitution of the United States is an awesome piece of work. However, it is a shame they did not include term limits for the legislative branch of government, like an amendment has done for the office of the President of the United States. But in serving two terms, even that limited term can be dangerous, as the person occupying the White House has demonstrated during his time in Washington. A lot of damage can be done in eight years, and much damage had been done before the first year ended in the Obama administration.

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Dysfunctional Insanity Continues with No Relief in Sight


After a congressional assessment of the southern border of the United States, security is still lacking despite congressional approval of a reinforced and new security fencing along the border has failed to be built as agreed during the Bush administration. With Obama’s ridiculous policies, like the DREAM Act, enforced despite congressional disapproval, more illegals are encouraged to cross the border, especially when they find out about Obamacare. Obama and friends in Congress have provided immunity to federal employees  and themselves when it comes to the workings of Obamacare [Affordable Health Care Act], after finding out that their national health care program will cost a lot and do nothing they promised it would. Obamacare will be available to illegal immigrants who are exempt from fines and foreign nationals at taxpayer expense. The DHS, under the leadership of Janet Napolitano, [she stated 2010 DREAM Act had strong bipartisan support] – she should have resigned three years ago. Americans were assured that the border is more secure than ever before. Lies. The White House and DHS has revealed they have a plan in the form of a three-tier system in cooperation of Mexico in boosting security on US border and extending more than 100 miles north of Mexico’s border with Guatemala and Belize. The object is to curb human trafficking and drug running.

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George Washington and Ron Paul Are Correct: No More US Involvement in Foreign Conflict

Joseph Klein at FrontPage Mag explains why the United States, especially Muslim butt-kissing Obama needs to stay out of foreign affairs concerning internal strife, except in diplomacy. He wrote:

President Obama’s misguided attempt to bend Egyptian political affairs in the Muslim Brotherhood’s favor is unraveling the carefully nurtured military and economic alliance between the United States and Egypt, which has served for decades to stabilize that vital part of the Middle East. First, after throwing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak under the bus, the Obama administration did everything it could to portray the Muslim Brotherhood as a worthy organization committed to democratic principles of governance. The United States was seen by many secular Egyptians, including those who spearheaded the original revolution that led to Mubarak’s overthrow, as helping to unfairly tip the scales in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates.

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