Obamacare Forecast: Nope, Can’t Keep Insurance or Doctor and Working Less

Well, American voters DID want CHANGE, didn’t they? Problem is, like Congressional members and Mr. Obama – they passed the bill and saw what was really in it, failing to get the details of that wonderful “change” promised …

This video was brought to us by “Go Remy”, a parody of Dolly Parton‘s Nine to Five song of the same title in her comedy film.

And the Obama lies continue. And his czars follow suit. Let’s not let Congress off the list: Senator Harry Reid not only lied about Obamacare, but made a statement that those who have come forword to tell of their nightmare with Obamacare are liars! Year 2014 should be the year that American voters cleaned out Congress on both sides of the political aisle; especially the Senate. Let them join the unemployment line they created and perpetuate.

Democrat States It’s Getting Harder to Support Affordable Care Act

Ron Fournier, Obama supporter finds it harder to defend the Affordable Care Act …

Obamacare worksIt’s getting difficult and slinking toward impossible to defend the Affordable Care Act. The latest blow to Democratic candidates, liberal activists, and naïve columnists like me came Monday from the White House, which announced yet another delay in the Obamacare implementation. For the second time in a year, certain businesses were given more time before being forced to offer health insurance to most of their full-time workers. Employers with 50 to 99 workers were given until 2016 to comply, two years longer than required by law. During a yearlong grace period, larger companies will be required to insure fewer employees than spelled out in the law. …. Defending the ACA became painfully harder when online insurance markets were launched from a multi-million-dollar website that didn’t work, when autopsies on the administration’s actions revealed an epidemic of incompetence that began in the Oval Office and ended with no accountability. Then officials started fudging numbers and massaging facts to promote implementation, nothing illegal or even extraordinary for this era of spin. But they did more damage to the credibility of ACA advocates. Finally, there are the ACA rule changes—at least a dozen major adjustments, without congressional approval.

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Obamacare Revelations

It seems the government, unlike the military, has not learned about Keep It Simple. As the so-called Obamacare continues to roll along, it just gets worse and more lies about it revealed.

Reneta Adamson, Patriot Update wrote on January 1st 2014:

Constitution 101: Judiciary of the United StatesThanks to OBRA 93 (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) passed by congress in 1993 and TEFRA 1982 (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act) TEFRA liens may be placed on real property in local land recording office.  This prevents the gifting of a home to a non-disabled adult child or any other person before the state can file a claim against the property. …
When an individual has a private health insurance company, the company is paid premiums which offset the expense of insuring individuals.  When that individual dies the insurance company will not come take the family home. No one would want to buy health insurance from a company that would come after the estate. So why is it okay for the government to come after the estate of Medicaid recipients? You might think that it is okay because they do not pay premiums. Think again. Many, if not most, Medicaid recipients do pay premiums.

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Hidden Tax Added to Obamacare for 2014

Remember when Obama and co-socialists in Congress promised there would be no increase in taxes concerning Obamacare, and responsible/logical people wondered how it was going to be paid for? I know it is hard to keep track of all the Obama/Democrat/RINO broken promises, but this one will kick in on January 1st 2014. I hope you are keeping track of your representatives and senators who seek reelection – allowing the Affordable Health Care Act to pass in the first place and instead of budgeting spending, they raised the ceiling on spending that is already a mile high. It is expected, according to the following video to be a hidden tax raise of $100/year. This does not include their intended use of the IRS Gestapo in administering fines and other fees.

[Click to enlarge] - Source: Pinterest

[Click to enlarge] – Source: Pinterest

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Even The Uninsured Dislike Obamacare

The Affordable Health Care Act, alias “Obamacare”, spearheaded by Alinsky-Marxist Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetro; was supposed to help Americans to be able to afford health care insurance [and health care itself]. Insurance companies now charge more, if you can find a provider, and still only pay 80% of your hospital bill, or less depending upon what premium you could afford.

According to the New York Times, alias the Obama media outlet, in a recent poll states that even the uninsured hate Obamacare – more than the insured do.

Fifty-three percent of the uninsured disapprove of the law, the poll found, compared with 51 percent of those who have health coverage. A third of the uninsured say the law will help them personally, but about the same number think it will hurt them, with cost a leading concern.

As Keith Koffler points out at White House Dossier:

Someone’s going to have to pay for all these wondrous benefits. All the Free Gifts Obama is handing out. Even Santa’s elves have to put food on the table for their families. Obama Claus’s presents come with a price. The liberal intellectuals roaming the corridors of the West Wing actually do believe in Santa Claus. They think they can drop down the chimney and provide something for nothing, and if a bill somehow happens to come due, they can convince Beijing to cover it. … Once Obamacare is finished with the medical profession and the economy, even the uninsured will be worse off than before.

Obamacare Proves To Be Fraudulent and Wasteful

Not only has the so-called Obamacare begun as a failure in its initiation program, but as predicted, it has already become an avenue for fraud and taxpayer dollar waste … par to what the Obama administration is capable of. The truth was revealed

In a Fox News analysis:

The Obama administration gave states roughly $4.4 billion in taxpayer dollars to set up their own ObamaCare websites, according to a new analysis, in the latest revelation about the faucet of federal spending switched on by the 2010 passage of the health care law. … Some of the states even took federal money, then decided to let the federal site handle enrollment.

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Democrats Shut Down Govt – Not the GOP

Obamacare was a lie and so is the reason for the shutdown of government.

The GOP congressional members voted to pay everything except Obamacare, which means it is the senate and White House that is holding things up. The Senate refused to pass the budget bill because it excluded Obamacare funding. Yet, they certainly didn’t have qualms about exempting themselves and government workers from the Obamacare regulations.

So, in reality, Senator Reid and President Obama have refused to accept money required to run the government because the Obamacare funding was left out. So who is truly to blame for this shutdown nonsense.

And speaking of nonsense … the memorial public places in Washington DC are shutdown, not just shutdown concerning services, but people are forbidden to enter. Bill Clinton certainly did not do this when the government was shut down in 1995 – he merely temporarily discontinued services – not forbidding the public to view various monuments and enter parks in the Capital.

Obama has shown to be a spoiled child when he does not get his way, and vindictive, he will do things for spite – no matter who it hurts.

Veterans have been refused to visit the memorial parks because they have been cordoned off. Congress members have threatened to bring wire cutters and ceremoniously cut the cordoned areas so people can visit THEIR capital monuments. Isn’t Obama and company something. Those monuments were built and paid for by American citizens and now they are being refused to enjoy them.

When is this pompous, vindictive, childish person going to be impeached? I hope citizens have learned their lessons and get rid of congress members who play political games instead of doing their job, what the American people pay them to do and expect them to abide by their oaths of office.

Federal Rule Established: Regulations and Law Do Not Apply to Federal Elite

Following the ploy of Hillary Clinton

“What difference does it make?”

who retired when the Benghazi scandal broke out and the media [some of them] finally revealed for what it really was … Lois Lerner, infamous IRS chief is retiring after pleading the Fifth Amendment recently in congressional hearings concerning illegal and unethical acts within the gestapo-like organization that most everyone hates is going to retire. Will she escape prosecution like Hillary? Probably, that seems the norm.

Meanwhile, Lerner will be collecting retirement out of the taxpayer funding of what is left in the treasury that isn’t an IOU; and that is the way the feds operate nowadays, it seems; especially within this administration. Eric Holder, despite solid evidence against him is still the US Attorney General, and no word about any congressional hearings to bring charges against him for perjury and his actions in “Fast-N-Furious” scandal.

Isn’t it nice when someone commits illegal acts and/or unethical actions can get out of it just by retiring?

It seems it is the norm for the feds to put themselves above the law – quite evident when recently Obama and Congress declared that they were, and those who work for them, are exempt from the outrageous requirements of Obamacare; something you and I will not be able to do if anyone can figure out how it is to work. Frankly, this is just another piece of evidence that proves that Obamacare is and will be a monstrous disaster; and apparently only We the People are going to suffer. Of course, We the People, those 65 million voters who did not commit voter fraud, deserve what they get. Unfortunately, the rest of us must suffer along with them.

The common remark in the Obama regime: “Scandal? What scandal?” Hillary: “A myriad of fantasy scandals …”

Meanwhile, the real enemy, working in subversive activities is being revealed and still the feds don’t shut down CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood and company. Too busy targeting constitutionalists like the Tea Party organization, perceived as the “real” threat.

Benghazi and Other Corruption Must Not Be Ignored

The myriad of scandals of the Obama administration continues with little repercussion and the head of the executive branch of federal government remains untouched, as well as the US Attorney General, some staff resigning or fired over issues like the IRS, violations of the Hatch Act, et cetera. One scandal that should have awoke apathetic American voters before the 2012 November election was the Benghazi attack of September 11th, 2012. That scandal must not, cannot be swept under the rug, for people died because those in charge ignored requests for increased security [Secretary of State: Hillary Rodham Clinton] and ignored by a president who ordered security forces request to come to the aid of the personnel at Benghazi were given the order to ‘Stand Down’, while the president that 65+ million voters [including vote fraud numbers] allowed this ineffective, corrupt individual continue occupying the White House – went back to sleep because his attendance at a campaign function in Las Vegas the following day had priority.

The media, called the ‘Press’ in the First Amendment have the right to freedom of speech, which means they should be the eyes and ears of the People, not the mouthpiece of propaganda for a corrupt, power seeking government. Whether the media, mainstream corporate, has chosen this position or has been coerced in it – this and other elements is the key steps toward a totalitarian government that resembles nothing what the Founders created.

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Congress Exempt from ObamaCare Rules

Hold onto your seat for this one …

The audacity of those people on Capitol Hill is reaching a climax. Everyone, I mean everyone needs to be tying up the phones of their legislators in Congress and their fax machines.

While Obamacare has not even kicked in yet, health insurance premiums are already rising. And because Nancy Pelosi and her democratic-socialist comrades and GOP RINOs passed the bill and then stated they could read it to see what it states. Well, apparently they didn’t read it even after it passed. Understandable because it is a LONG bill that is filled with lawyer style gobble-gook and does absolutely nothing that Obama and friends promised it said it would do. In fact, if it does kick in, it will strap Americans with at least $2,300 a year more cost than previously – which means that what was predicted will come true. In addition, the corrupt IRS will have its hand in it; this corrupt administration will have its hand in it.

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