State of Our Union: Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Dangerous

The week before Independence Day, I was in discussion with a young man, whose name and place is withheld, did not know the significance of the year 1776.

After getting over the shock of how the this generation is so out of touch of what their rights are and why they must be maintained and protected.

In the following video, Mark Dice pretended he was obtaining a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights, favor the Patriot Act, and promote the ‘New World Order’. It is not only shocking, but brings tears to my eyes ….

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ODESSA Files: BH Obama – Yet Another Broken Promise

Many promises have been broken since 2008 by BH Obama, but the most tragic is how he has not taken care of the victims who still suffer from the Fort Hood terrorist attack – and insults them by dubbing it a workplace violence incident, as if the US Army major was just a disturbed individual who got violent at the “workplace”.  When he began to open fire upon people at Fort Hood he cried out in Arabic an Islamic jihad phrase and it has been conclusively shown that he had ties with terrorist organizations and members of such. In the following video, the CIA director has recognized it as an act of terror, but the President of the United States, commander-in-chief, has not. To make it worse, those people who survived are still suffering.

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ODESSA Files: Scandals, Scandals, and More Scandals

Scandals of the Obama administration is just piling up and it seems the mainstream media just does not care – and Obama has proven how far his corruption can go. If Congress does not do what he wants, use executive orders. If there are political enemies, in this case, the Tea Party movement organization, use the IRS, Gestapo of the US government, to punish them. Taxation in the Constitution, as well as discussion in the Federalist Papers and correspondence of Thomas Jefferson and other Founders clearly state that taxation is for funding government operation – NOT to punish a sector or individuals in society.

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ODESSA Files: Threat of the Dragon

People’s Republic of China is hardly a republic, remaining communist despite the fall of the Soviet Union, which fell because of mostly economic infrastructure failure. China did not do so because the leadership craftily has not relied upon just military might but other tactics like destroying other economies, while building up their own as well as cyber warfare that includes stealing inventions and designs from other countries in order to quickly increase its power. The People’s Republic of China was established on October 1st, 1949, which was transformed from the Republic of China [January 1st 1912] and before that the Qing Dynasty, the first unification of China being in 221 BC under the Qin Dynasty.

China has a constitution, but nothing like what Americans know as a constitution that has been amended several times.

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ODESSA Files: Noose of Truth Tightening in Benghazi Scandal

Barack Obama should have listened to his own advice given a while back …

The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are the people with something to hide.

The latest excuse for lack of security requested is beyond imagination – budget cuts. It won’t work, the budget cuts took place AFTER the request. Since when does the Obama administration and his cronies in Congress worry about the budget. His promise of reducing debt and at the same time admonishing GW Bush for climbing national debt [which is true], he increased national debt more in four years than Bush did in eight. It is clear that both sides of the political aisle have spending problems – and continue to spend with either the idea they can spend their way out of debt or continue to increase the tax burden upon citizens in order to match their overspending. When they do cut, they cut the wrong programs and continue to funnel US taxpayer funds to foreign nations, people, and organizations. As if we do not have enough military bases around the world, the plan is that when troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan, four bases will remain occupied by US military personnel. The same administration that has been planning cuts of national defense. The national security of the United States is more important than protecting other nations who do not appreciate it.

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ODESSA Files: Boston Bombing – Yet Another Bad Mark

Let me start by saying – BH Obama and his VP need to be impeached immediately – and put Holder and Hillary in jail.

Between “Fast-N-Furious”, Benghazi and now Boston Bombing, this administration preaches about how much they care about security, so much so they are willing to remove our rights and liberties, and then this …

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Odessa Files: Obama Agenda and Legacy of the United States

Captain of the USS America is IncompetentThis article is nothing you have not seen or heard before, however, this article puts events, ideologies and policies into historical perspective in order to awaken American citizens to the clear and present danger that the New World Order big government presents.

I certainly do not put the blame of the origins of this calamity upon Barack Hussein Obama, much as he blames everything he is responsible for and promised to do upon previous administrations despite having four years (soon eight) to reverse our economic crisis and put the United States back on track as a great nation. This is something that has progressed in increments for decades beginning with the Woodrow Wilson administration. However, he has been allowed, with help of members of his political affiliates that are both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, the accelerating factor towards the fall of our constitutional republic to be replaced by tyranny and a welfare state that can only fall to the glee of its enemies.

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Light Side of Lighthouse: The Joke is on Obama and Biden

Captain of the USS America is IncompetentSurfing through sources, I ran across an article written by Keith Koffler, and while I was almost falling out of my chair with laughter, I realized it could be believable with the Prez and VP acting like class clowns in the White House …

President Obama today announced that if the sequester is allowed to go into effect, the planet will become defenseless against asteroids. “If Republicans are foolish enough not to give into my demands – I mean, not to agree to a balanced approach – asteroids may plunge to the earth and wreak widespread destruction across our great land,” Obama said during an appearance today in the White House briefing room. “Let me be as clear as possible: The sky is falling.” Obama explained that the sequester would force the Air Force to furlough servicemen and women charged with using laser weapons to shoot menacing asteroids out of the sky. …

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Comments Upon the Coronation Speech of Barack Hussein Obama

BH Obama made his coronation speech, of which I did not view, but instead retrieved transcriptions. Others did, however.
Charles Krauthammer, Fox News and Washington Post contributor called it an ode to big government with progressive themes as subject material. Krauthammer stated:

I thought it was an amazing speech and historically very important. This was really Obama unbound. And I think what’s most interesting is that Obama basically is declaring the end of Reaganism. This speech today was an ode to big government. It was a hymn to big government.

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