Larry Elder vs Piers Morgan: Guns and Racism And Continued Government Unconstitutional Acts

Piers Morgan makes a fool of himself who wants people to believe that guns make people bad. Larry Elder confronts him concerning his book entitled: Dear Father, Dear Son. …

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Info Highway: April 12th 2013

Banner_ManLookingDown_animatedhand_point2– Obama’s new budget proposes changes to Social Security and Medicare as part of the alleged entitlement cuts.
All my life, since 16 years old I have put money into Social Security and Medicare. Social Security is NOT an entitlement and neither is Medicare [not to be confused with Medicaid]. People put money from their wages and salaries into both systems expecting to get something when they retire. It is a system where individuals put money into the “retirement” system and have NO control over it, not even allowed to leave as part of one’s estate if they die before they get a chance to collect; because the government is the beneficiary. We cannot retire when we want or need to [like not being able to get a job] or get penalized before a certain age if we collect social security and still have to work [if work can be found] because government and the Federal Reserve has caused inflation.

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Corporate Meda: Bias and Manipulation for Political and Mogul Use

lighthouse9_animatedThe media, US mainstream corporate national media, is not just bias, but manipulates information according to their will, most often in the name of sensationalism, rather than journalism, which according to them makes the news. I would like to see a reputable source to perform a national survey on that subject. I think people would rather have accurate news and news reporting that does not just provide criminals the headlines.

What about the “unsung” heroes [and heroines] who save the day using their Second Amendment rights?[See: The Armed Citizen]

It won’t happen because corporate media moguls want, like our present government, to take away firearms from lawful citizens in the false assumption that it will reduce crime.

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