Mark Alexander’s “You MIght Be a LIberal” (“Progressive”) List

Winston Churchill understood, like later Margaret Thatcher preached about socialism and Marxism:

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. … Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.

Churchill didn’t trust Stalin for he knew the only reason why he joined the Allies instead of the Axis is because Hitler reneged upon the treaty between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union to carve up Europe between them.

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Hillary Clinton: First Woman President?

maoclintonandleninobamaHillary Clinton is a scary person, categorized as a “meanie” (and worse labels) by those who worked for her when she was a First Lady, revealed by former Secret Service agents and staff. She has been deeply involved in scandal after scandal and other people go to jail, but she remains unscathed. She was behind the Travelgate scandal. Her first scandal was Whitewater, and there is a long list that follows her whatever part she plays in politics and business.

She intends, as she has dreamed since her twenties when she made a political pact with her future husband, a marriage that was more self-serving, to succeed in her quest for power. Hillary has always considered political power and it is the driving force in all of her political actions and ideology. She has accused her political opponents of the very ideology, actions and agenda she maintains. People have ignored her involvement in scandals and painted her as the faithful wife during her husband’s scandals – even when he clearly committed adultery. She just didn’t fire the White House travel office staff, people who served several presidents, both Democrat and Republican; but she and her husband used the IRS and Justice Department framed those government employees of the White House.

The following is an excellent video that puts this progressive socialist under political microscope, and as one witness constantly states in the video: When investigating scandals, invariably Hillary’s involvement becomes clear. She is a notorious part of the circle of corruption that exists in Washington DC. She enjoys leadership, but refuses to take responsibility. Hillary and the commander-in-chief are guilty for their action and non-action in dealing with the American interests in the Middle East and the especially the tragedy of Benghazi – yet neither have the ethic or moral integrity to recognize it and will do anything to prevent restitution. That incident alone is certainly grounds to ensure that neither the president and former Secretary of State and their associates ever hold a public political office ever again.


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What Liberal-Progressives Say …

Liberal-Progressives, who are not as “liberal” as they pretend to be, say:

  • Conservatives do not care about the environment. False. We do care about the environment, it is just that we look at it from either out-of-the-box or from a logical view – or both. We do not believe in junk science, where flawed data from one researcher becomes scientific truth instead of an hypothesis. Like the global-warming crowd to those that insisted the world was flat, and some even insisting it is so despite facts presented to them. Scientists that reputed the flawed hypothesis-come-true data concerning climate change, which was the new description of global warming after revelation from the Climate-Gate scandal; blaming something that has been natural since the Earth’s development began on human footprint. Indeed, in looking at it logically, since the Industrial Age began, humans have put a negative impact upon Earth, polluting air, water and land. However, that has been recognized decades ago and Republicans and Democrats alike saw the need for legislation that would not only stop the pollution, but clean up the mess. Like space exploration, it was money well spent until environmental activists saw a way to make millions of dollars tugging on the strings of emotion and consciousness. Remember how people lost property rights because of an obscure owl? Well, it turned out to be a different story. And that is an example of how liberal-progressives when their data and facts are exposed, how they fudge the numbers and information in order to remain in the “right” or politically correct. In summation, liberal-progressives draw no lines as to how far to take things and refuse to logically discuss anything unless it agrees with what they believe or what the establishment wants them to believe. Conservatives love nature too, and many are anglers and hunters; so that is important to them. Progressive politicians want you to believe that if they control people through legislation and regulation than the global warming problem will disappear. Since they have taken control of our educational system, there will be a growing amount of people who believe progressive politicians. The educational system must be controlled by a union of parents (citizens) and teachers that is not corrupted by socialist politics and parasitic trade unions.

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Progressive Anti-Americanism Taints Independence Day

Tea Party_04In an after-action report of the latest Independence Day celebration, despite pleas of unity and waking up to the fact that today we are experiencing reasons why in 1776 we declared independence from the mother country of England. Yet there were those who marched carrying US flags flown upside down [according to Flag Etiquette, meaning “distress”] and spasmodic rhetoric from socially superiority group painted the United States as racist and imperialistic. The commemorated not the celebration of the birth of our nation, but instead commemorating their hatred for it. It was not a demand that the United States government stop interfering with the affairs of other nations and getting involved, but condemning our country as imperialistic – grossly untrue, because if that were so we would be accumulating other nations as satellite states or colonies. Racism does exist, but it is because of society’s insistence upon multiculturalism, pockets of diversity that shred the threads of unity; where immigrants do not come here to assimilate into our culture, but create a mini-nation within a nation using the nation they left as a model making one wonder why they came here in the first place.  Racism still exists because descendants of former slaves refuse to relegate that fact to history and move forward with intent of unification, not segregation that MLK worked so hard to eliminate.
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