Reflections Upon the State of OUR Union

Anyone who wishes for armed conflict or war is either fooling themselves or a liar – or both.

Alex Jones is a patriot and a constitutionalist, who has been on the band wagon to wake people up to where the United States is heading. He often loses it concerning the outrageous acts of federal [and some state] government, or rather those who have been elected to operate on our behalf as ‘We the People’.

Constitutionalists like Bill Whittle and Glenn Beck converse in a more calmer state, but I believe they may get the message across [and warnings to Americans] than someone who loses their temper – not that Mr. Jones does not truly believe that We the People must insist upon reformation and the return of what government is and represents as created by the Founders. Of course, Mr. Jones’ confrontation with authorities, acting as a media form, has a right to be angry at the establishment created by apathetic citizens allowing political prostitutes to run their government.

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Info Highway: Random Thinking and Snippets on February 4th 2010

Snippets & Random Thoughts on a wintry day ….

hand_point2       Barack H. Obama, as his predecessor, promised bipartisanship and unity, but that is not evident. Racism and Marxist/political ideology dominates over statesmanship. When the campaign is over, the elected official, whether president or congressman/woman require by the Constitution and congressional ethics that they perform their jobs in a stately manner. His speech at State of the Union was an hypocritical abomination.