Gallery of Constitutionalists and Patriots


hand_point2 Dr. Larry P. Arnn Research Director, Constitutional Scholar, Heritage Foundation and Claremont Institute board member, member of the International Churchill Society, and President of Hillsdale College

hand_point2  Patriot Nurse I am an RN that took the painful route and endured 4 years for my BSN. I’ve worked in different areas of medicine but really enjoy maternal and newborn health. *~ I am a prepper. I am a woman. I am free and will stay that way.

hand_point2  Sarah Palin … Governor of Alaska, key member of Tea Party.

hand_point2  G. Edward Griffin … Lecturer, historian, Constitutionalist. The following videos are lectures given by Mr. Griffin …

hand_point2  Maggie M. Thornton … author/publisher of Maggie’s Notebook. Recipient of the Paul Revere Award.

hand_point2  Ron PaulDedicated doctor of medicine who has been fighting Congress and the system in Washington since the 1980s to restore the constitutional republic and who was thrown under the bus by the GOP political establishment in favor of their poster boy, Mitt Romney, who talks the talk but does not walk the walk. The Republican Party no longer stands for and against progressive democratic-socialism because they are too busy “compromising” and not standing up for the principles of the US Constitution. The following is Dr. Paul’s retirement speech to the US Congress, pleading for fellow congressional members to begin the process of true reformation …


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