Keeping an Eye on the Ball – Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin was introduced to America as a refreshing new face in the Republican Party, with an impressive, if not controversial tenure as Governor of Alaska, she was bound to make enemies in her zeal to reform and stamp out corruption and wasting tax dollars. But her legacy is not over. She has slipped in amongst disconcerted conservatives who have formed their own coalition against the two-party traditional system rife with good old boy mentality and a political monopoly – and representing the concept of what made Sarah Palin a rogue. Democrats and Republicans will be at each others throat at the drop of a hat, but when it comes to a third party candidate or independent – they will stand together to prevent the breaking up of their monopoly – and in this political fray the rights and liberties are disintegrating into a collective environment and a mentality where political party supersedes anything – the welfare of the American people, it’s sovereignty and the very existence of the nation as a republic and world power.
Sarah Palin is rugged, yet feminine, she’s like a neighbor but knows her way around political byways. She may make errors in political discussions but remains resolved in principles, American tradition and the founder’s concept of a republic and seeks to destroy corruption no matter where it originates. Sarah is firm in standards, but compassionate when the time calls for it. Her home life is pretty much like across America, her family important and their future guarded.

She may have accepted the tag of being a rogue, but her patriot protection of the Constitution, people’s rights and tried and proven American traditions has made her one of the people.
C. Edmund Wright wrote at American Thinker in his article Hating Sarah, 11/29/2009, describing this new phenomenon, a refreshing breeze and one of the symbols of the SAR – Reform America movement that the Democrats (and their media lackeys) scoff and the GOP is uncomfortable about:

The Alaska Governor is far more than someone who appeals to the (conservative) base; she is someone who can make the base appeal to America. This compact yet comprehensive diagnosis was made in the early hours of the Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) outbreak, when Sarah Palin was first being introduced to the nation. It still rings true as the Jurassic media continues a childish obsession with someone who does not control a single government lever. …

To corroborate and condense the many valid commentaries out there on the Palin effect, allow me to submit diagnosis PDS 2: 

The persistence and even growth of Palin’s popularity and impact on the national discussion now makes unavoidable the reality of the elitists’ worst fear: that there are more of us than there are of them. And we now realize it. … Part of it is fear that she will indeed hold public office again.  But it goes even deeper than that. …

Palin and Reagan are similar in that they both can use a few simple words and communicate more truth to average Americans than the media elites can with rambling professorial or lawyer speak.  When she told Charlie Gibson that “you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska,” she refers to a profound sense of reality one automatically gets when you see your mortal enemy every single day. … Her comment about the Soviet Union would be no different than Joe Biden claiming he has a deep understanding of Amtrak service into Wilmington and how to fleece taxpayers for his transportation. When Reagan quipped “tell ‘em the bombing starts in five minutes,” he spoke volumes about the good guys, the bad guys, our relative capabilities and our moral imperative.  Brevity is the soul of wit — and does not require a teleprompter. Many Americans understood the genius in that so-called off-handed comment instantly.  Oh, so did Gorbachev. But to liberals uncomfortable with the idea of America having any moral imperatives or to moderate pundits and strategists afraid to choose corn flakes without referencing a focus group report, such certitude based on common sense and love of country is unsettling. … They are the self proclaimed best and brightest and there are more folks who believe that than who believe otherwise — or so they think. … When Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf was rolling through Iraq in Gulf War I, George Bush 41 was feared with a 90% approval rating.  Then he stopped Norman from stormin’ and misread his own lips on taxes and faded into an abyss with only 38% of the vote in 1992

And of course, we saw the elites fear and hate Bush 43 the Cowboy as he enjoyed approval ratings over 80% for months.  Under fire, he forgot that most people love cowboys and he hung up his hat and spurs.  Thus he limped into history with barely one in five Americans’ approval — ironically discrediting a conservative movement he never believed really existed. So while the elites eventually beat back Gingrich and the Bushes, they seem to know they will never do that to Palin.  They never could do it to Reagan either.  Like Reagan, Palin seems to arrive at her beliefs with too much foundation to ever rattle.  That gives power to her spoken and written words that other Americans can sense. Yes, there are more of us than there are of them.  Sarah Palin has reminded us — and them — of that fact.  And it drives them bananas.

Mr. Wright has written the best analysis of Sarah Palin I have yet to read.
I haven’t had the opportunity to read Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue: An American Life, but I am sure it will be a better insight on who or what she is all about.
The media have ganged up on her and the political elite in power have publicly ridiculed her, but it is not because of her ineptness. Mr. Wright was correct. The media, along with Democrats, tried to make President Reagan look the buffoon – but he maintained his cool and his character and just returned shots back in satirical humor. But anyone knowing him beyond the façade of congeniality, there was a sense of purpose – and nothing was worth losing integrity and honor. No, Ronald Reagan or Sarah Palin are not super heroes, they are just exceptional human beings that maintaining truth and honesty far outweigh any head games the opposition can think of – even within their own ranks of political entities; and truly believe and live the code they represent of virtue, honor and country is still or can still be the American way.
For whatever personal reasons, be it quest for power or believing in Utopia, Americans have slowly given in to the undermining agenda of socialism and communism and giving it another name or coined phrase doesn’t change the gist of its political philosophy. The concept of a republic and the philosophy gathered from classic education is what aided the founders of this nation to do the remarkable things they did. They too were not super heroes, but they strived to be so, humbly and with purpose, through their perseverance in creating and maintaining a republic that would last and would be a role model for the rest of the world to emulate.
Keep an open eye upon Sarah Palin – she, and those with true hearts, may be the true hope and the spearhead to achieve the goals of those who are advocating a second revolution, a revolution of reform not against the government but those who have abused it for far too long. One in which will transform America into a reformation age, instead of a paragraph or two in the book of world history.
With the release of Sarah Palin’s book – which hit the charts as a bestseller immediately – she still remains a threat to the progressive establishment of socialism in America. The fading away of American traditions in favor of modge podge of cultural groups and the republic-killing concept of multiculturalism, believing that political correctness and hate crime and hate speech laws will alter the dark side of human behavior, that guns create crimes, the Constitution is flexible and a living document and that tradition and history must be tossed aside for the new even when the old proved to be the most workable. All this and completely ignoring the reality that it is the morality and the honor of virtue that stems back the tide of corruption and crime – that which they so vehement against in the name in which they deem is liberalism.
The progressive-liberal-socialists are continually whining about smear campaigns, but, after analysis and examination one can readily see, time after time. they wrote the book on the subject and most outrageous accusations that they themselves are guilty of.
Sarah Palin has been getting bad reviews, mostly from the normal progressive crowd, but reality is what Mr. Wright wrote about her in one of his articles:

It is pretty obvious that the liberal media’s reaction to Sarah Palin is driven by their two camps: those who don’t understand herand a small but growing number who do and are scared to death. 

 Indeed, it is pretty obvious from the very day it was announced she would run as Vice President of the United States. They didn’t care nothing about her principles or character – they had to put a media blitz on her tail and destroy her image. 
Sarah Palin is a survivor.