Obama File: Pictures Reveal Barack Obama’s Record as President

They say a “picture is worth a thousand words” – how about several?

Honors the American Flag and Anthem

Obama Stimulus: Cash For Clunkers
Obama Doesn’t Heed Americans
Ties with ACORN Scandal

Associations with Corrupt Politicians
Nobel Peace Prize – For?
Foreign Campaign Funds
Association: Islamic Fundamentalists – Campaign Contributors
Obama Condom Program
Obama National Security
Obama Airport Security
Typical Day at Oval Office
ObamaCare Legacy
Sworn to Uphold Constitution
Backed by Chicago Political Machine
Reduced Bush’s Deficit as Promised
Foreign Policy Expert
Diplomatic Relations
US President with Dignity
Obama Youth Programs
Promised No More Transparent Govt
Stands Against Unfair United Nation Policy
America First Policy
Takes Constitution Seriously
Optimistic: Voters Will Have Short Memory


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  1. […] Our nation requires solid leadership like Margaret Thatcher provided for the United Kingdom and Ronald Reagan provided for the United States – not a female version of Barack Obama. […]

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