CNN: Mouthpiece for the Democrats – Not the People

What is it with CNN? 
The fiscal cliff is being blamed solely upon the Republicans … no mention by Timothy Stanley of how America arrived at the fiscal cliff in the first place.
GOP is not going to agree to the Obama economic plan where the rich get tax hikes and the arena is open for continued overspending by Congress. What good is it to raise taxes in the pretense of paying down the national debt when spending continues that put America in that position in the first place? Raising taxes has never reduced the national debt; it just encourages continued and increased spending. Both sides of the political fence is to blame; however, when this truthful approach is given as to how to truly fix the national debt problem – suddenly it is the GOP’s fault because they will not give in. That is not compromise. To a Democrat, compromise is political opponents giving in to their agenda/policies.
CNN points fingers, but does not go over the details in the fiscal cliff fix budget proposal. If they did, Americans would see just who is more to blame. Besides – who has been in office the last four years and allowed the national debt to increase more than the Bush administration did in eight years?
Reality check here. 

Pointing fingers may (or may not, if not truthful) will NEVER solve problems. Addressing the issues, solving the problems, and ensuring that the same thing does not occur again. That is what those damn morons in Congress are paid (overpaid) to do – and protect the Constitution of the United States For the People.

Persons elected for public office are NOT employees, therefore they are not authorized to receive government (taxpayer) retirement or health care benefits. That is one way to reduce the national debt.
Here is an example of the moronic remarks CNN mouthpiece, Stanley wrote:

Step forward John Boehner and the House Republicans, who could not agree on a tax rise on the rich and so have permitted taxes to jump on everyone. Over the fiscal cliff we go. And should the markets tremble and the economy rupture in the new year, we’ll know who is the real author of our Armageddon. Not some Mayan priest but the GOP.

Right, and its the GOP’s fault for Obama’s blameless administration record filled with scandals and outspending the Bush years in the last four years. Government in general is to blame because they do not restrict its power to constitutional law, operated by people who think they can run your life better than you can. And if you don’t – it’s none of their business anyway. Freedom of Choice like all freedom has a price – and that price is RESPONSIBILITY for our choices. In the case of Obama reelection and kept political prostitutes in Congress – Americans who didn’t vote for him/them are strapped with the same punishment as those that did.
That is as believable as the Mayan Calender prophecy.