Retired USAF Colonel Explains What Should Have Happened at Benghazi

If you were President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of US Armed Forces and responsible for embassies and ambassadors around the world, would you put a Las Vegas fund-raiser in more importance than saving US personnel in Benghazi?

That is exactly what this pretender to the office of the President of the United States did. He gave the order to “stand down” and went back to bed in order to get rest for his next day fundraiser in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Obama killed those US citizens as if he held the weaponry in his hands that killed them. After hours fighting against an Islamic fascist mob, the personnel in Benghazi were killed by a mortar round that directly hit them on the roof they had chosen to make as their last stand – probably wondering where the US cavalry was to their rescue. Nixon was considered for impeachment hearings for lying, trying to destroy evidence, and using the IRS against his political enemies. Despite the serious travesties of that president, he did not make any order that killed anyone. Instead of undergoing impeachment, and admitting his guilt, he resigned as President of the United States. BH Obama has committed more serious transgressions, along with his corrupt staff, like Eric Holder, and now with the IRS scandal, even Senator Reid is crying “foul”!

So why is this pretender still sitting in the Oval Office? VP Joe Biden is no peach either, making public statements that make one wonder if he is mentally stable. It would be for the safety and protection of We the People to impeach both Obama and Biden, as well as make accountable corrupt officials like Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and the leadership of the IRS in a trial that will prove their guilt and put them where they should have been already – incarcerated into a federal prison. Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State, overseeing embassy and diplomatic corps matters – and she should have ensured that the president make a commitment to provide security for her personnel. Her response during hearings indicate her cold approach to the loss of US citizens to those who wage war against the United States with impunity because our government will not recognize it for what it is: DECLARED WAR. Our government has made political bedfellows by the very organizations whose agenda is subversion and global theocratic domination – and our government is aiding them in disturbing ways.

Colonel Phil “Hands” Handley is a USAF pilot, now retired, who wrote an excellent article at Front Page Magazine of what, in part, should have occurred in Benghazi in aid to US personnel being attacked on US diplomatic property.

As evidence unfolds, the Benghazi incident is increasingly disturbing. What is Congress waiting for? Impeachment hearings need to be scheduled as soon as possible. How much scandalous evidence must there be? No one is above the law.

The following disturbing video of a testament against Obama’s character in 2007 reinforces my demand that ALL candidates for public office provide a complete background check before qualification as a candidate for the office of federal [and state] government agencies. In the video, Larry Sinclair made a public testimony concerning BH Obama, alias Barry Soetero, and his sordid criminal background. The following video once worked, but YouTube made it disappear, along with the person’s account. I will leave it here anyway – hopefully enough people saw it before it was removed. It is a real testimony.

Every person in a leadership position, especially in the military [commander-in-chief] should be held accountable especially when their orders causes unnecessary death, injury and destruction. Worse, is when that leadership covers up the details of what happened, never made a public announcement as to why he ordered a stand down, when he should have sent every available unit to the scene – protecting Americans and property of the United States. Indeed, any act against an embassy or diplomatic real estate or diplomats themselves is internationally considered an act of war. It should be noted that the Libyan government and its security forces did nothing to protect those fighting in that Benghazi compound that fatal night. Imagine if some nation’s embassy on US soil suffered the same occurrence and local law enforcement, state militia and federal forces did nothing to protect the embassy and its occupants? First of all, it would not have happened – and most certainly there would have been action taken immediately if it did occur.

As Hillary Clinton infamously stated in regards to the lives of the Americans in Benghazi, some Americans apparently have the same attitude: “What difference at this point does it make?

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