Mark Alexander’s “You MIght Be a LIberal” (“Progressive”) List

Winston Churchill understood, like later Margaret Thatcher preached about socialism and Marxism:

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. … Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.

Churchill didn’t trust Stalin for he knew the only reason why he joined the Allies instead of the Axis is because Hitler reneged upon the treaty between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union to carve up Europe between them.

Franklin D. Roosevelt called Stalin “Uncle Joe” and copied the idea of our progressive tax system from Karl Marx. Eleanor Roosevelt was an unashamed socialist. Meanwhile, all through the 1930s and beyond, Stalin has operatives and spies working at infiltrating in the unions that FDR supported, as well as within the branches of government that later Joe McCarthy would uncover and be demonized for it by those involved within the Democrat Party. Unfortunately, the British did not pay heed to Churchill and they continued their march towards socialism calling it democracy. It was easy for FDR to preach the welfare state rhetoric because his wealth came from financial inheritance. His vice president, Henry Wallace, was not just a socialist, but an open communist; and if Harry Truman had not been picked as VP for his fourth term, chosen because FDR feared he would not get reelected if he kept Wallace – the United States would have had its first communist president.
Democratic Socialists have been calling conservatives NeoCons for a while now, but Mark Alexander at Patriot Post has been using the term as an accurate description of progressive Democrats by changing one letter: NeoComs. Useful idiots is an older description for followers.
Just as during the Cold War, while fighting against communist global domination, people who called themselves Americans were either sympathizers or selling out their country; so it goes in the current fight against Islamic Jihad – only it is worse because Islamic Jihad training camps are operating here in the US without interference from the so-called Homeland Security. Meanwhile, TSA is harassing citizens and scaring children with their nonsensical security procedures.
Back in 2011, Mark Alexander warned of the rising populist socialism amidst the progressive liberal movement.
Recently, April 2nd, 2014, he published in his column an article entitled: You Might Be a Liberal If … I will provide a few excerpts, but change liberal to progressive because liberals are not what the original intent of the description was, just as “moderate” Republicans are not true conservative constitutionalists. Of course, this whole concept comes from Jeff Foxworthy and his list of “You might be a Redneck, if” dialogue. So, her goes – You might be a Progressive if:

…feel that voter fraud is a form of “social justice”.
…are certain that any criticism of Obama is rooted in racism.
…believe that Bill Maher and Jon Stewart are “journalists”, and everything on MTV and in the New York Times is “journalism”.
…rail against racial discrimination but staunchly support Affirmative Action.
…believe CNN and the New York Times are objective, but Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are biased.
…feel George Soros is a benevolent patriarch but the Koch brothers are evil incarnate.
…support redistribution of wealth, as long as it’s not your wealth.
…believe that our Constitution is “living” but unborn children are not.
…are tolerant of diverse opinions as long as they do not divert from your own.
…want the government out of our bedrooms unless they’re providing free birth control and abortions.
…feel people who are opposed to the redefinition of marriage, as Barack Obama was when elected, are bigots.
…feel the free market is where one goes to collect government handouts.
…have no idea that Franklin Roosevelt’s “principle on taxation” was plagiarized from Karl Marx.
…believe that Che Guevara is a saint.
…have joined Al Gore’s cult of earth worshippers and feel “global warming” is all man-made.
…believe Oprah should be Obama’s running mate in this third term.
…believe the phrase “separation of Church and State” is in the Constitution. [It is mentioned by Thomas Jefferson in his personal writings]
…feel that an open border with Mexico will provide you job security.
…believe Jihadist Muslims are misunderstood peaceniks but Christians are cutthroat terrorists.
…protest against state censorship unless it’s directed at anything “conservative”.
…feel it’s OK to mandate Ids to withdraw your own money from your own bank while it’s racist to require IDs to vote.
…believe that parents should provide permission slips for middle-school field trips but not abortion referrals.
…believe that “clinging to guns and religion” is subversive anti-American behavior.
…trust that Obama’s IRS enemies list is fully justified. [It was not okay when Richard “Tricky Dicky” did it, for the Democrats called for impeachment hearings]
…feel the primary objective of ObamaCare is to provide “affordable health care” to the uninsured.
…didn’t know there are now 20 million more uninsured Americans now than when Obama took office.

And so it goes …

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