ODESSA Files: Scandals, Scandals, and More Scandals

Scandals of the Obama administration is just piling up and it seems the mainstream media just does not care – and Obama has proven how far his corruption can go. If Congress does not do what he wants, use executive orders. If there are political enemies, in this case, the Tea Party movement organization, use the IRS, Gestapo of the US government, to punish them. Taxation in the Constitution, as well as discussion in the Federalist Papers and correspondence of Thomas Jefferson and other Founders clearly state that taxation is for funding government operation – NOT to punish a sector or individuals in society.

The IRS has singled out conservative groups in their scrutiny using strong-arm tactics that could only be initiated from the Oval Office. As Front Page Magazine reported:

…President Obama has been playing Chicago-style Saul Alinsky hardball with political activists on the Right provides more fodder to Obama critics in Congress – some of whom are now taking a hard look at impeaching the president and removing him from office. Some commentators draw parallels with President Richard Nixon, noting he came dangerously close to impeachment for unleashing the IRS on his enemies. …

It has been denied by the IRS officials that orders had come from the Oval Office, but it is not likely that the IRS would do this on their own. World Net Daily:

Jay Selulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice … “We knew from the very start that this intimidation tactic was coordinated and focused directly on specific organizations.

Americans are still waiting for government officials to hold officials accountable for Benghazi, Libya, Fast-N-Furious, Pigford, as well as other scandals dating back to his first year in office. For example, the IRS most likely leaked confidential donor information showing Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC used to smear Romney as anti-gay.  With the growing list of corruption and scandals, even the Marxist supporting media is beginning to change its attitude toward Obama.

Ezra Klein, Journolist, [Wonkbook blog] has worked feverishly to kill negative stories about Obama administration and continues to lie to protect Obama and company.  However, the Washington Post reported that she stated:

The IRS was wrong to target the tea party. They should’ve gone after all 501(c)4s. … If it discriminated against tea party groups that attempted to register as 501(c)4 social welfare organizations, then that’s a grave offense, and it needs to be investigated thoroughly and dealt with severely.

Obama, of course, blamed it on others, just as Klein did, stating it was unsupervised rogue employees in the IRS office in Cincinnati. Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] also blamed the campaign finance system for the IRS scandal. But the truth is coming out – Obama knew it when he denied it previously.

They can blame anyone, righteously even, but the President of the United States is ultimately responsible for the actions of his charge, the executive branch of government.

Meanwhile, Obama addressed the Benghazi controversy as a sideshow and denies any cover-up by his administration.



Obama and company, people like Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton are representative of the Culture of Corruption that permeates our government into the fabric of our individual lives and indoctrinating our children in government-controlled schools with the help of the NEA. Holder is being investigated for another breach in his authority, part of the circle of corruption that infests the federal government in his unconstitutional interference with news media telephone records. How many hearings will it take to fire this dangerous, corrupt person?

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  1. AS long as we continue to believe there is no problem, no issues will be solved. As long as Americans vote for the same type of politician [regardless of party] there will be no reform or concrete solutions to the problem. Look at any problem, and despite the misdirected finger pointing, it always leads back to government … like following a money trail.
    No stonewalling, no more incomplete answers, no more misleading responses, no holding back witnesses, no matter how senior their current or former positions — we need full transparency and cooperation.” -Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

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